Bilderberg 2014: Dollar Devaluation On The Agenda?

The Russians and the Chinese have been attacking the dollar with the help of nations from Asia and Latin America to Africa and the Mideast. I would describe their efforts as Chinese Water Torture with one blow falling after another steadily undermining the benefits of the US being allowed to print dollars and buy electronics, oil, food, clothes and cars with I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes.

The Chinese at the Beijing Conference in 2010 promised $100 billion in investments in Africa. The US countered this strategy by killing Libyans and stealing their 144 million ounces of gold and $98 billion in bank deposits. Which strategy do you think is more popular with Africans? America raised on a busted flush and helped France invade Mali to steal their gold.

Russia and China have been making deals with other foreign nations. England and Germany have already set up direct relations with the Chinese so they could exchange British pounds and German euros for yuan without going through the US dollar. Russia is helping Iran by buying their oil and evading dollar transaction fees. They are gradually replacing the dollar as the international reserve currency. In 1945 if someone in France wanted to buy food from Brazil, they had to use dollars. The Petrodollar was an arrangement which required nations from Europe to China to Latin America to buy oil from Saudi Arabia with US dollars. No more. People all over the world are refusing to pay in dollars.

America took over the British Empire by entering World War I to make the war last long enough to bankrupt England and followed up by entering WW II after the German military tried to surrender in March of 1939 and the Japanese Emperor did the same as early as 1936.

Wassily Leontief won a Nobel Prize for his input output analysis of the U.S. economy back in the 1930s. He discovered that America had 31 basic industries. Americans extracted natural resources and with their skilled labor made products of value. Wages were so much higher than Europe that America had to invent labor saving machinery. After WW II studies using Leontief”s economic model concluded that America could support a population of 150 million. After that they would have to lower wages every time they added another million people. The Federal Reserve printed dollars instead of finding new industries or stopping the post war flood of immigrants. The Federal Reserve also printed dollars to pay for the occupation of nations all over the world for the benefit of the New World Order corporations. These are the 147 corporations that control 20%  of world trade  and the major international banks. They support trade treaties that put companies with political connections above our national laws regulating labor, the environment, safety, health and consumer affairs.

Some Americans as far back as the 1960s realized that this post war Empire was incompatible with the freedoms they had during the Republic. Empires do not have citizens. They have slaves.

Some blame President Nixon for taking America off the gold standard. America was overpopulated and had too many foreign wars and occupations to do anything but print dollars to make up for the trade and budget deficits. President Nixon founded the Environmental Protection Agency on December 2, 1970 in order to use it to steal land from us to use as collateral for Chinese trade surpluses and America budget deficits even before his famous trip to China in 1972. Nixon was never a political conservative. He was a crafty and intelligent member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Trade with China grew gradually until the 1990s. After Reagan Wall Street decided to go full out to destroy America as an independent nation. 12 million jobs and 56,000 American manufacturing plants were sent overseas. Jobs were created in the Bubble economies of subprime mortgages and the dot com frauds. When these Bubbles burst, college graduates woke up to find there were no jobs for them.

The Bilderberg Society is an annual meeting of billionaires that discusses an agenda arranged in advance until agreement is reached so that the ruling elite can get their Minions to work cooperatively towards the goals of the ruling families. David Rothkopf wrote of the 30 ruling families and their 6,000 Minions in his book Superclass. One of the founders of the Bilderberg Society was Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. He remained silent at the meetings. He had prepared the agenda. He listened as the invited participants discussed what he wanted them to agree to. I once wrote that there are six levels of the America government. On the A level are the Decision Makers like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

Level B is the Secret Government or the Minions who carry out the decisions from above. These are the people who manufactured the Gulf of Tonkin event which was used by President Johnson and Secretary of Defense McNamara to justify taking America into the Vietnam war. American Presidents and British Prime Ministers are on the C Level with the other hired help. You and I are on the F Level. F stands for those who are to be Flogged to be encouraged to work harder to support the Five Levels Above them. The Decision Making A Level wanted the Vietnam war so they could make money selling drugs to Americans as their ancestors had done to the Chinese people during and after the Opium Wars. What most Americans did not realize in the 1960s was that they were being treated like colonial natives just as His Majesty’s Jewish Government had done to the Chinese in the 19th century.

The Bilderberg Society will be meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark from Wednesday May 29 to Sunday June 1, 2014. I have followed them for several years and have published annotated members lists of previous meetings. I will do so again as soon as I get a 2014 list. The Bilderbergers are Bankers. They understand that the dollar cannot remain as the world’s international reserve currency. They have been, as I showed previously, been behind the rise of China. Their ancestors helped Mao take over China. The Japanese Emperor had offered to pull out of China in the 1930s in order to negotiate peace with President Roosevelt. The Ruling Elite wanted World War II. They wanted to expand Communism into eastern Europe, China and French Indo-China. And they wanted Israel to have enough war refugees to populate their Zionist enclave.

Jim Rickards is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and has advised the Pentagon since 2001. He participated in War Games designed to simulate America on the Day After the Dollar Dies. He has said the dollar will face a series of devaluations ranging from 20 to 30% each until it is devalued a total of 80%. This will make imported things more expensive. As Rickards explained, this will make imported cars, clothes, electronics and food 500% more expensive. What he did not say was that people overseas could buy the food off our store shelves until the people in America rebelled and said No. This is why I have been predicting Nationwide Food Riots. I also said Hyperinflation would begin only after the dollar was devalued.

I have concluded that the dollar will be devalued by at least 20% after the Bilderberg Conference in Copenhagen. You might want to follow press stories in the first week or two in June. I should point out that this Copenhagen meeting will be taking place after the Russian-Chinese Summit which will be making a series of financial and trade announcements. This will follow the Shanghai CICA conference of 40 Asian nations earlier in the month of May. The Chinese want to make this a more spectacular event than in the past as they will chair this meeting.

The Chinese have not announced their gold holdings since April of 2009. They might make an announcement in April or May prior to the Bilderberg meeting. They could astound the world with the amount of gold they do own. It is rumored to be between 5,000 to 10,000 metric tons. The Bankers of Wall Street and the City of London have cooperated with the Chinese to manipulate the price of gold and silver to make the dollar, the pound and the euro look good by allowing China to buy our gold at bargain basement prices.

Jerome Corsi who is Jewish has been writing of Chinese acquisition of American property and companies. Dr Jim Willie has been writing about it as well. I wrote earlier of Willie’s claim that the Chinese plan is to buy up property and get free trade zones all  over America. They are preparing for the Day After the Dollar Dies. They want to hire what will soon be cheap American skilled and professional labor. This could make the Chinese America’s largest private employer. They could use their Treasury bonds and cash to buy more American homes and real estate to make them America’s largest land lord. And they could buy up bank stock which will allow them to vote to take over the Federal Reserve which is owned by member banks.

The Bankers have prepared for collapse by moving the assets they want to keep out of their corporate shell so they will not lose them when they go bankrupt.

When they do bankrupt their banks, the Bankers might need to steal your deposits. The banks seized the assets of depositors in Cyprus. Courts have ruled against depositors in Europe and America. What people need to realize is the relation of fractional reserve banking to Bail ins or the seizure of deposits. If an elderly woman deposits $,1000 in her account, the banker can loan out $10,000. So ask yourself what happens after the bank seizes her deposits. They will have her savings but they will also have a $10,000 loan that could fail. A Bail In theft of deposits would be guaranteed to fail a lot of business loans because nobody would have any money to spend at local stores or to hire either contractors or professionals.

The Bilderbergers are Bankers. They have protected their personal assets from bankruptcy. They have moved their most profitable and valuable assets into non-banking corporations and moved their exposure to Credit Default Swaps into government insured sectors.  They know when the dollar is to be devalued so they can make money on both its rise and decline. They created the Federal Reserve system in 1913. It gave the banks the right to charge us interest on money they created out of nothing which transfers all wealth from us to them.

The Bilderbergers are Bankers. They know that compound interest on debts created from nothing will accumulate exponentially until there is a Mountain of Unpayable Debt. They know this will slow the economy down. A Depression is a period of time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled. Bankers will allow you to choose between deflation and inflation to cancel the trillions of dollars they fraudulently created and have convinced the politicians they own to make you pay. Americans are familiar with 1930s style foreclosure on farms and home mortgages and the calling in of business loans. This contracted the Money Supply and starved at least 3 million Americans to death. Germans are familiar with the Hyperinflation of their currency in 1923. I have told the story of the German farmer who paid off his farm loan by selling two eggs.

There is a third way to cancel debts. The Babylonians had a mathematical formula that told them when it was time to cancel debts to restore the economy. We could have worldwide Debt Cancellation as an alternative to economic collapse, mass starvation and wars.

But that is a forbidden topic at Bilderberg meetings. They will be coordinating their response to the decline of the dollar and the increasing supply of debt based money. I am thinking the Bilderbergers will decide to announce a series of Dollar Devaluations at the Copenhagen meeting.

The Bilderbergers have decided to Hyperinflate the dollar into zero value. This will confiscate all of our pension and savings while simultaneously cutting our wages. This is designed to drive us into Debt Slavery. I will conclude today’s essay by citing something I have said before.

The Fundamental Fact of Your Existence as a modern man or woman is that the bankers of New York and London want to reduce you to Debt Slavery.

Accept that fact and move on to the solution.

That is their plan for you.

What is your plan for them?

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Blood Moons, Quakes, Volcanoes, 20 Fukushimas And Tesla

I would like to begin by stressing the solution to the potentially catastrophic problems I will describe today. I have two audiences. Those Inside Government and those on the outside. The solution to all the problems I will be describing is to release the scientific works of Nikola Tesla and all improvements make to his experiments since his death more than 7 decades ago. Tesla invented alternating current generators and a lot more. When he died, the Secret Government seized 155 box and crates of his notes and lab equipment. They have spent hundreds of billions of dollars since then perfecting his rather brilliant work and other advanced areas of science.

It is time that all scientific knowledge not of a military nature held by the Secret Government be released.

April 15, 2014 will be the first in a series of four Blood Moons spaced roughly six months apart with no partial lunar eclipses in between. We have not had four Blood Moons in succession in the past 300 years. A Blood Moon is a total lunar eclipse. The moon will appear to be burnt reddish orange in color as the moon will be completely in the earth’s shadow. This will be the first of several Blood Moons in the 21st century.

Of more interest to me is the peculiar behavior of buoys in the South Pacific near Australia. Buoys go into event mode when they detect large changes in water columns. This allows scientists to track tsunamis after an earthquake. Tsunamis travel at 500 mph (805 kmh). In the video below buoys 3,450 miles (5,552 kilometers) apart went into event mode within 20 minutes of each other after that recent April 12th Solomon Islands earthquake. Waves cannot travel more than 10,000 mph. By comparison the buoys near Tonga took 13 hours to go into event mode after the 8.2 Chile earthquake of April 2nd. The video does point out that scientists previously had to remove one buoy from their reporting list because it revealed that the Indo-Australian plate is breaking up. This is not good news for anyone living near the Pacific Ocean.

We have had 5 major 7.0 or greater earthquakes so far in April. Some say quakes occur more frequently in those months when Mars is closest to earth. Mars is close to earth now as it was during the Fukushima quake of March 11, 2011. Mars can explain why we have so many quakes this time of year.  But why so many more now than before?

Stan Deyo has noted that the earth’s core is now releasing more Helium and Hydrogen Sulfide. Hydrogen Sulfide gas was smelled by the people of Pompeii before the volcano at Mt Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. The people of southern California can smell Hydrogen Sulfide coming from the four volcanoes near the Arizona border at Salton Sea.  The federal government has detected releases of Hydrogen Sulfide near a rather large sinkhole adjacent to a combined energy storage facility and nuclear waste dump in Louisiana. A lot of Methane gas has been released at that sinkhole and at areas nearby. Methane by itself can be a problem for human and animal life as large and sudden releases of Methane from the earth in the past have created extinction events over hundreds of square miles for life forms requiring oxygen.

I have been watching that sinkhole in Jefferson parish (county) Louisiana for more than a year. The United States government in its infinite wisdom has stored 18.8 millions barrels of butane and propane in salt caverns adjacent to a cavern used to store nuclear waste. Methane and Hydrogen Sulfide are naturally filling up nearby salt caverns. The combination of butane, propane, Hydrogen Sulfide and nuclear waste are all a Hollywood script writer would need for a dirty bomb. This is an area where a sinkhole is swallowing up trees into its ever expanding lake.

Louisiana is on the Mississippi river and is directly south of the New Madrid fault zone. Historically, America’s largest series of quakes were the four on the New Madrid fault that occurred in the 53 days from December 16, 1811 to February 7, 1812. Two of those quakes reversed the flow of the Mississippi river. The Mississippi is the fourth longest river in the world.

I also keep an eye on the numerous quake fault lines in California, the subduction zone off the coast of the Americas and the Juan de Fuca plate off the coast of Washington state. Stan Deyo is expecting a 9.0 or greater earthquake in the Pacific Northwest and also strong quake activity in southern California. Most people do not realize that Reno Nevada is 25 miles west of Los Angeles California due to earth changes.

The Smithsonian reported 5 new and 7 ongoing volcanic eruptions for the past week. Nobody knows the real number of active volcanoes because most are at the bottom of the oceans.

I would like to repeat for the benefit of new readers America’s infrastructure problem relating to earthquakes. The southern California section of the San Andreas fault has not erupted in over 300 years and is long over due. Los Angeles has several other fault lines. A major quake could rupture the gasoline, oil, natural gas, water and sewer lines in addition to collapsing the freeways and hospitals. That means 20 million people would have no water, no electricity, no sewers, no food, no medical facilities and no way out. Thanks to the federal government there are more than 100,000 heavily armed gang members in Los Angeles. There is a nuclear reactor at San Onofre in Dan Diego county five miles from the North American subduction plate. If the San Onofre reactor melts down after a major quake, all 20 million people in southern California will be fighting to get out.

Nationwide America has 800,000 miles (1,287,475 Kms) of water pipes and aqueducts.

The US has 600,000 miles (965,606 Kms) of sewers.

The US has more than 300,000 miles (482,803 Kms) of natural gas pipelines and 150,000 miles (241,402 Kms)  of crude  oil and gasoline pipelines.

The New Madrid fault zone is in the center of the US so earthquakes in that area could disrupt water, natural gas, sewer and oil lines in addition to the electrical power grid.

The US has 2 nuclear power plants near fault lines in California and 11 near the New Madrid zone. What happens if Spent Fuel Pool 4 at Fukushima collapses? The Canadian scientist David Suzuki said it would destroy life in Japan and make life unbearable in California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. So what happens if a series of quakes in California, Washington, Asia and the New Madrid zone erupt over the next few years causing 6 to 8 Fukushimas in the US and an equal number in Asia?

1816 was a year without a summer due to the eruption of Mt Tambora in the Dutch East Indies. This one volcano sent so much ash into the air that sunlight was blocked, temperatures were lowered and food production was curtailed. There was also minimal sunspot activity at the time which is another source of Global Cooling. Eyjafjallajökull and Katla volcanoes in Iceland are covered in ice. The Katla volcano erupted in 1918 and sent so much ice into the air that it flooded the trenches on the battlefields of WW I. There are several other potentially active volcanoes around the world capable of a major sunlight blocking eruption.

We could easily have another Year Without A summer in 2015 if not 2014. The Sun is producing a minimal number of sunspots. We are also in a period where the number of major earthquakes and volcanoes seems to be increasing. Additional ash could block the sun and curtail  food production. There were only a little over a billion people in 1816 but today there are more than 7 billion. (Note: China under reports their population by at least 300 million.)

Releasing Tesla Free Energy and other scientific advances would mitigate an otherwise Life Eliminating Event caused by a period of increasing earthquake and volcanic activity during a time of decreasing Solar output. Twenty Fukushimas would be a Life Eliminating Event.

Free Tesla Energy needs to be deployed now so we can start taking nuclear power plants offline first near earthquake fault lines and then everywhere. Tesla Energy would be locally distributed so we could start dismantling long power lines. We could replace natural gas and gasoline with nearly free electricity. Cheap electricity will allow us to desalinate water on a scale sufficient to expand agricultural output. And cheap energy would also make it profitable to raise food year round in green houses and in aquaponics tanks in soon to be cooler climates. We will need the additional food because another Maunder minimum like the last one would decrease solar activity and food output but unlike then we now have six billion more people.

As I said, I am addressing these words to those Inside the Government as well as those of us on the outside who have friends and relatives in the military, the police and the security services. I doubt that any member of the 30 families mentioned by David Rothkopf will defect to the side of humanity. But they have 6,000 Minions and millions in the Secret Intelligence and Scientific Services who could join in a Conspiracy For Good to release the technology we desperately need. If the economy approaches a point of desperation, this could force the US military into a coup to stop Wall Street and the City of London from launching World War III. That could compel the release of the scientific knowledge we must have if we are to survive.

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This video is from a young fellow in Florida whose investigations I follow. I challenge mainstream news and science to provide a better explanation for the mysterious buoy activity after that earthquake near the Solomon Islands on April 12th.


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Fukushima Spring: 50% Genetic Damage found at Trader Joe’s

This was written by an online friend best known to her followers as Rad Chick. I posted it here because she has written something you need to know.


Fukushima Spring 50 percent Genetic Damage found at Trader Joe's


Perusing the floral section in the supermarket is usually the first thing on my grocery list these days. For the past 3 years I have documented genetic damage not only plants growing locally in SE Michigan, but in domestic and imported plants, fruits, and produce being sold to the public. Some of my best finds have come from items grown along the Pacific Coast, and this week a recent shipment of spring bouquets and potted plants at Trader Joe’s proved the same is still happening, as I suspected it would.

First, I comb through the bouquets, camera in hand. I look at the most obvious part of the plant, the flower head IMG_20140401_172905including petals and center. If I can spot a mutation, I check the stem and related leaves included. I look for color anomalies as well, as we know from past research mutations in color genes is another known effect of exposure.


During normal plant growth, the cells are self-organizing and grow in a symmetric pattern, following the Fibonacci Sequence of phyllotaxis. Phyllotaxis is the study of fractions and spirals in plants, which includes fruit and flower number, divergence angles, and petal numbers and formation. This pattern allows the plant to use the least amount of energy needed for amazingly rapid growth to maturity. Once the plant has reached it’s full potential, the perfect geometry of a plant allows it to absorb the sun’s rays and collect rainwater as efficiently as possible, channeling it to the stem for spiralslogarithmicnourishment. Plato, Fibonacci, and Johanes Kepler all made contributions to the discovery and application of the Golden Ratio in nature. It appears in many aspects of our everyday world, including hurricanes, ram horns, spider webs, and snail shells, and even in the arrangement of our facial features. Also, take a look at our galaxy from above…we live in a Fibonacci Sequence. Our world is filled with many mysteries that scientists and mathematicians alike are working to figure out if this was just a coincidence, or something else. For whatever reason, it’s how normal plants grow, and it is also how we distinguish the normal from the mutated.

Damage to the DNA of the plant cells will disrupt this geometric growth pattern, leading to any number of mutational expressions such as conjoining, fasciation, gigantism, albinism, or other anomalies. These are known effects from decades of experimentation and research in areas of previous radioactive contamination, such as the areas around the Chernobyl accident and Three Mile Island.



After sorting through bouquets, I move on to the potted plants. Gerbera Daisies in the past have yielded a surprising number of mutations in flower heads, stems, and leaves, and this week was no different. I suspect this is because they are closely related to Sunflowers, or Helianthus annuus , which are notorious for their ability to remove radioactive Cesium from soil. This particular batch of Gerberas came from British Colombia, Canada. The domesticated cultivars are mostly a result of a cross between Gerbera jamesonii and another South African species Gerbera viridifolia.  It is the fifth most used cut flower in the world (after rosecarnationchrysanthemum, and tulip). It is also used as a model PART_1396493009579organism in studying flower formation. Out of 18 potted Gerbera’s on this particular day at Trader Joe’s, more than half of the plants had some obvious evidence of mutation in just the blooms alone. I would venture to bet that if walked into your local Trader Joe’s today and looked carefully at their Gerbera Daisies, that you would have similar findings. If you do, please takes some pictures and share them with us on our new Mutation Map Project. Their colorful beauty also makes them a favorite eye-catching post for people sharing mutation images on social media, and increasing the awareness of genetic damage that is occurring.

I also found mutations in one of my favorite flowers, the perennial desert Sun Star, or Ornithogalum Dubium (which I purchased, and which now sits on my desk). This particular batch was imported from Monrovia, California, where Trader Joe’s also receives much of its vegetables supply including lettuce, kale, celery, and asparagus. They also source these same items from Mexico, which is the only produce I will buy from their store. I would prefer to get mine from Chile or Argentina, but I would have to go to a different store for that, and on this particular day I didn’t have the time, as my main concern was securing a few bottles of their Salsa Verde, which happens to be phenomenal.


Nature does geometry precisely and efficiently and without much effort, unless genetic damage interferes with the expression of its growth patterns. Considering that Cesium and other man-made toxic isotopes have been found  in US soil, including the Emerald Triangle of Humboldt County — where a large proportion of Medicinal Marijuana is grown – this is quite concerning. Not just for people who are eating produce from the west coast, but for those who are already sick and may be using cannabis to treat severe medical conditions, including cancer.

Using the Precautionary Principle we can further surmise, if you actually care about what you eat and what you feed your family, that unless food is being specifically and rigorously tested for radioactive contamination, any food grown here must be considered suspect, and that is especially true if this food will be eaten by pregnant women, children, or people who are already sick and immune-compromised. As of right now, the only food being checked is by individuals and independent evaluation without any help from our government agencies, although this has always been the purpose of their existence. Instead, they have become gate-keepers of damaging corporate-controlled science, and the gates remain currently closed to evidence or concern about food chain contamination from radioactive fallout. Even a Canadian high school student was able to recently prove in an award-winning science fair project, that Canadian grocery stores are selling contaminated produce to unsuspecting consumers. She will be attending the Canadian Nationals next month in Windsor Ontario to showcase her research. This may become one of the most important high school science fair projects in history, considering the  global implications of nuclear fallout working its way through our food chain.

Canadian kid


Over the past 3 years we have been collecting images of mutations in the news, as well as images taken by observant and curious volunteers. We have currently 1340 images in our archive, which will be placed on a map created at Climate Viewer News to track these finds, and more easily correlate their occurrence with weather patterns, and nuclear facilities across the country. In addition to plants we have received images of seeds, squirrels, moths, butterflies, pillbugs, spiders, and birds exhibiting color disruption (mainly albinism) and other curiosities. The images can also be saved and shared by scientists and grad students who undoubtably will be reporting on this as the years progress. At least 2 grad students have already sourced images from this collection to write their final thesis.

To access the map and upload images of your own, go here:



Currently I have placed one beta test image of a Purple Coneflower (Echinacea) with fasciation on the Mutation Map as an example. The rest of our archive will be uploaded in the coming weeks and months, as time allows.

We also encourage people to use their full name if they wish to receive credit if their image is used elsewhere, such as in a scientific journal, lecture, or publication. Out of 1340 submissions so far, only 2 people insisted on keeping their name private.

To see some of this collection you may also visit Mutation Watch on Facebook, which has been our current mode of collection. We will continue to administrate this page as well as the map, and encourage people to share these images on social media. Unfortunately the number of submissions during the growing season was in excess of 10 a day in 2013, and in the interest of time-management and helping keep RadChick’s sanity intact, Jim Lee volunteered to create this crowd-sourced data map to significantly decrease the amount of labelling and archiving that needs to be done, and to properly categorize the enormous amount of submissions in a format that is easily accessible. Please consider contributing news reports as well, such as the recent stories of conjoined grey whale calves in Baja, and news of the horrific rise in mutations occurring  in babies born in South Africa.

Conjoined baby gray whale calves, Baja California

Being a resident of Michigan after a long winter, the promise of warmer weather and springtime flowers is a welcome change, although these changes in our environment certainly are not. If mutations are happening in the DNA of plants, it’s happening in the people, too. For every mutation that is visible, there are 10 more that are not, but will express theselves in future generations. We continue to search for labs or individuals with the proper equipment to test these specimens, to determine whether this is primarily radioactive fallout, chemical interference, or a synergistic effect of both. But unless you have access to equipment priced at hundreds of thousands of dollars, accurate testing will be impossible. Even world-renowned animal and plant geneticists who have done extensive studies on the Chernobyl mutations have told me “Good luck getting these plants tested” as the quarantine of information on Fukushima Fallout has spread like a silent, unwanted plague, and government scientists seem to be most infected. Testing of individual specimens may or may not yield hard incontrovertible data, as the plant DNA may have been affected from gamma or beta radiation lying around in soil in close proximity to the plant, and not necessarily uptake into the plant structure itself. At any rate, we will keep collecting these images, and continue our search for mutations, as well as finding honest scientists that can assist us in figuring out what has happened to our biosphere to cause this, at what it means for future generations. This is one way to be part of the solution, as we search for ways to mitigate the radioactive fallout from the Fukushima accident, and other nuclear problems.

Here are more images of what I found at Trader Joe’s this week:

(This is a rotating gallery of images best viewed at the source which I have listed below.)

*Note from RC: I do not wish to single out Trader Joe’s as the sole source of selling mutated plants, as I have checked out numerous other grocery chains all with the same findings…mutated flowers being sold in stores is widespread, and has been confirmed by other researchers in multiple states and locations. However, I have had numerous conversations with the managers at Trader Joe’s including corporate management, and each time I have been met with contempt and disregard for trying to approach them on this subject, even when showing them obvious mutations in produce they are selling, such as celery and fruits, and radiation burns on apples from Washington State. The same has occurred when inquiring about the testing of fish and seaweed products, until fall of last year, when their rhetoric changed but appeared to be heavily censored. At that time, I was told Trader Joe’s is now testing all seafood products, and “Everything is fine”… although further questioning about how this was being conducted, at what part of the distribution process, and with what instrumentation could not be answered. Neither could any data by any type of isotopic analysis, which should be public knowledge in my opinion, or at least shared when specific inquiries are made. I have given them ample opportunity for addressing these issues and they continue to minimize and deny any and all concerns about the safety of the food they are selling in regards to this issue. In discussions with the management of other grocery chains I have been met with far more concern, and often a candid and honest discussion of how to implement widespread food testing without adding further to costs of food distribution. I know this is being thoroughly investigated at least at one large grocery chain, and I hope to see this (for now nameless) grocer implement widespread testing soon, and do so publically. In time, I expect this type of testing will become mandatory, as more people become aware of this situation and demand that it be done, because this issue is not going to go away in our lifetimes.  Unfortunately we may be years away from that type of transparency, and the contamination issues have now been continuous since March of 2011. It also reasons to follow if any large chain implements a radiation testing protocol, that other stores will follow suit, as the competition in grocery chains is fierce in the effort to find, keep and maintain its consumer base.

Fibonacci in nature

Stay ahead of the rads on the RadChick Radiation Research and Mitigation page.

Please help us grow our Mutation Map ~ It is the first of its kind ever created, and will be an important future reference for scientists, geneticists, researchers, and inquisitive plant and planet-loving people alike. Eventually we hope to include mutation images from Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Rocketdyne/Simi Valley, and Hanford.

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This is the link to this article which was originally written by Rad Chick. It was designed to fit her web page and has that gallery of mutated plants. She has a series of other articles of interest as well. She is a wonderful woman and a great resistance fighter.


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Healthcare Reform, Insurance And Self-Determination

Healthcare in America before and after Obama has been organized for the benefit of Big Pharma and Wall Street. Americans paid $3.8 trillion last year for healthcare but they get less than any industrialized nation. America has 31% of the total population of the 34 most industrialized nations. The US has 38% of live births but 60% of all the infants in the 34 industrialized world who are born and die in their first 24 hours do so in the USA.

We do have talented doctors and nurses who are equipped to save lives but the cost is prohibitively high and the overall results are meager.

Before addressing how we should address healthcare reform I would like to discuss what makes Americans so unhealthy and how we can improve their general level of health.

Americans are the second most obese people in the world. Food brands with apparently identical products on store shelves in Canada, the US and Europe actually differ in their contents. American salt companies began adding Iodine to salt in 1924 when it was determined that it would increase IQ. The Communists discovered that it would be easier to control prisoners in Siberian camps if they added fluoride to their water. The practice was brought to America by Sigmund Freud’s nephew Edmund Bernays, the public relations man who convinced women to smoke. Iodine was taken from the salt after fluoride was added. Fluoride and bromide are in the same chemical family as Iodine. Bromide was added to baked goods and bread. The addition of fluoride and bromide combined with the removal of iodine lowered IQ scores and increased bone cancer, thyroid and glandular problems. Many nations have banned fluoride.

MSG does not have to  appear on American food labels. It is known to cause headaches, nausea and weight gain. Aspartame has 92 known side effects. Aspartame does cause craving for carbohydrates and thus weight gain.

More recently GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) have been added to the diet. GMO food fed to lab animals caused very large tumors in the first generation. By the third generation the few survivors were sterile and diseased runts. That is why nations like China have been sending GMO food back to America and that last returned shipment was animal feed. The Chinese won’t even feed their animals what Americans eat.

The first step in reducing the cost of healthcare would be to eliminate the things added to our food and water and vaccines that are known to make us sick. We might also consider a ban on aerial spraying known as chemtrails. This program sprays 20 million tons of aluminum oxide, barium oxide and strontium oxide on human beings, plants, trees and the water we all must drink.

The next step is fixed price lists from all doctors, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and labs. Currently, hospitals can charge you $100,000 for something they charged someone else $100. Oncologists routinely charge their patients 3 to 4 times what chemo drugs would cost at a competing pharmacy.

The next step is to increase the number of people treating patients to increase competition. I would like to increase the number of nurse practitioners. This will bring down fees. It will also allow us to more quickly get alternative treatments to patients. Nurse practitioners are the key to getting doctors to changing their practices.

Of course to offer innovative treatments to improve health and to bring down costs, we will have to know what works and what does not work. We will need an authoritative governing body to examine all medical practices. At what levels should high blood pressure and cholesterol medications be administered? Go to Australia and to Europe and to Asia. If their doctors get better results by not administering blood pressure medications at lower levels than their American counterparts, then insurance companies should not cover medication at those levels. I would let the patient take the medication if he is willing to pay for it himself out of his pocket after being warned there is no proven benefit but there are serious side effects. Go down the list of over prescribed medications. Eliminating half or more of prescription drugs will greatly improve health and reduce costs.

The next step is to never accept data from a pharmaceutical company as to the safety and efficacy of any given treatment. We should test even existing drugs against home remedies. If a Type II Diabetes medication does no better than Vitamin D3 and cinnamon, then remove that medication from insurance coverage. Give the patient the option of buying the pill with his own money after being told it is of less value than a home remedy and has serious side effects. I would also like to see tests of chemo and radiation against Sodium Bicarbonate and DCA (Dichloroacetate). The public will just about rebel when they learn that the butchery of chemo and radiation was a waste of time and effort that needlessly harmed millions of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, children, other relatives and friends.

Of course all these actions should be happening simultaneously in real time. I have not mentioned it before but we need what I would call a Council of Smart Guys who would be intelligent men and women capable of thinking outside the box. The Smart Guys need to be empowered to go through the bureaucracy making changes. Though I think we should more formally call them Presidential advisers. America has more than 30 million federal, state and local workers who will resist radical change especially when some of the things they do like spying on the public and groping our genitals at airports will no longer be allowed. We will need to reorganize government employees to deliver better services at lower costs.

The American dollar will go through a series devaluations which will end our ability to run trillion dollar budget deficits. And we will also need to balance our payments with foreign countries. Imported goods might increase 200 to 400% in price. We won’t be able to afford idiots in government. Millions of people will lose their government jobs.

I said something in my last essay that people did not understand. We can spend money into circulation without charging interest. I mentioned the need to invest in infrastructure. I would like to give the states 100 billion dollars a year to spend on infrastructure  and to match that with another 100 billion in federal spending. This is to cover schools, roads and bridges so as to eliminate state and local bond issues. The goal would be to eliminate property taxes.

I emphasized that spending 500 billion dollars on investments would produce more benefit than transferring  500 billion dollars to pay for healthcare or Social Security retirement. In economic there is something called a Multiplier Effect. If you add 500 billion to consumption, that is different than adding the same amount to investments. The Multiplier Effect will turn that $500 billion in investments into trillions of additional GDP. I would prefer to invest all of that annual increase in the Money Supply in investments rather than give it away in transfer payments which would not increase the GDP. If we add trillions to the GDP, we will increase productivity, wages and tax collections.

I would like to release all of our scientific advances to new corporations which would receive patents and billions in credits to increase investments and jobs in America. These would be growth stocks. The shares would be given to people who could benefit from owning stocks that would double 7 times in the 15 years before they retire. That is 12,800% for the benefit of California public school graduates. We absolutely must provide retirement income for the next generation of retirees. And we must have enormous economic growth to make jobs for younger generations who are not acquiring relevant work skills for the modern world.

I cannot emphasize enough that we must invest in things with tangible results for growth. We have Tesla Free energy or nearly Free Energy so we don’t nee a lot of Green Energy projects. We don’t need to build high speed rail lines. The military already spent 2 trillion dollars on underground bases with connecting rail and road lines. Just open them to the public and let the military use their atomic powered drills to complete the system. Our new transport system will open lots of jobs to veterans.

Now we are ready to talk about self-determination. Adding people to government payrolls was the favorite means of taking power from you and giving it to Wall Street. Under Obamacare everyone in the government above the level of janitor can get access to your medical records. We could pass a law making it illegal to be in possession of someone’s medical records if you are not a caregiver or have a signed release from the individual involved or from a court in case of a lawsuit. We could do that but with more than 30 million employees we have no ability presently to stop the government from walking all over us.

That is one reason why I oppose adding 2 million people to the list of government employees just so we can nationalize healthcare. Great Britain kills 130,000 patients a year by withholding food and water. We need to give you more power to determine your future not less.

I applied the principle of self-determination to retirement funds when I said we need to move economic power away from Wall Street to you. Begin by abolishing all pensions for younger people. A pension is a promise to pay someone something 20 or 30 or 40 years from now. Instead pay the present value of all future pensions into an account in your name at a cooperative trust under your control in your community.

I would allow these cooperative trusts to have credit unions so you could have a separate checking account and a low interest credit card. You could get small loans. And you could get insurance as I said before. All profits from these enterprises are to turned over to your retirement accounts.

These cooperative trusts could offer home and auto insurance and even health insurance. We might still have banks and insurance companies that would cater to businesses. Of course bankers would only be allowed to loan out depositors money. Fractional reserve banking which allowed a banker to loan out ten dollars for every dollar in deposit should be banned. Large insurance funds and banks presently control what passes for a government. The idea of self-determination is that we should have control of our assets. Most of the assets of bankers and other criminals should be seized to provide for our retirement because they stole tens of trillions of dollars from us. If we get 90% or more of the financial assets under our control, then power will permanently shift away from New York and the City of London to us.

I would recommend that your local cooperative association have reinsurance on all risks through a nationwide association of trusts so that no one local trust is bankrupted by a flood, a fire, an earthquake, a tornado or a hurricane.

The health insurance card you get locally should allow you to seek care anywhere in the country. That should be easy to arrange because all of the cooperative trusts will need a national association to provide reinsurance. You might even have a limit on accumulated insurance reserves in reinsurance set asides so excess reserves beyond a trillion or so dollars are distributed back into our retirement funds.

Individual trusts can either just insure everyone in their local group or hire doctors and nurses to provide services. Or they could compromise and just operate a few satellite clinics and a local hospital with an emergency room. Hospitals and clinics could be built without resorting to bond sales because the $200 billion in infrastructure money should be sufficient to cover it.

The principle of self-determination requires that I do not interfere in your local association’s decision as to the path they want to take. They should only be stopped if they embezzle funds or engage in other criminal activity. That is why I oppose National Health Service. They have no right to take our money and use it against us by blackmailing us with our medical records or denying us the life saving tests and treatments we need. In England a young woman with severe headaches was denied access to a specialist and to tests until it was too late to save her from a brain tumor. She did not live long enough to reach anywhere near her 30th birthday. That kind of maltreatment is cheap but does anyone really want it?

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The Counterfeiting Cannibals of Canal Street

I am writing about the Bankers who are driving 7 billion people off a cliff towards the certain destruction of our economic life. Money is a difficult subject to understand but I think it is worth the effort if it prevents Wall Street and the City of London from starving half a billion people to death and risking World War III for the rest of us.

I want to start with a simple but basic equation: M x V = P x T. The Money Supply M times the Velocity V or the number of times money changes hands in a year equals Prices times Transactions. We are already in a Depression. The real inflation rate in America is 8.5% so even if economic growth is 1.5% the economy is contracting 7% a year. Native born Americans under 55 have lost 4.9 million jobs since 2007. Depressions used to be called Monetary Contractions. Real wages are contracting. We have doubled the number of people receiving Disability since 2007 because the government needs to hide millions of unemployed people.

Under our present system Bankers are allowed to charge us interest on money they created out of nothing. The Bankers create our money as a loan at interest. The Federal Reserve makes paper money and charges us interest for the privilege of using it. Banks create checking account money when we sign loan papers and promise to pay interest. If we never borrowed money, there would be none and we’d be walking around with bushels of wheat to barter for things. Notice though that when we repay a loan we are contracting the money supply.

Another point of interest is that when we default on a loan or the bank forecloses on a farm or a house that the money supply also contracts. That’s what happened in America in 1933. Homes and farms were foreclosed. Loans were called in. Businesses shut down and were boarded up. As these loans were cancelled, the Money Supply contracted. At least 3 million Americans starved to death because the Federal Reserve and the banking system would not create enough money to do business.

Depressions are created in the West by the accumulation of Unpayable Debts. The economy slows down because everyone has trouble either making interest payments or collecting what is owed them from someone with too many loan payments. The Depression in the US in 1933 cancelled Unpayable Debts by defaulting on loans. In 1923 Germany Hyperinflation cancelled debts. One man paid off his farm loan by selling two eggs. Germany did not create enough money to do business until Hitler became Chancellor. In America the Federal Reserve and the Treasury did not create enough money to do business until the war in Europe started. Let me repeat that more than 3 million Americans starved to death while we waited for the Federal Reserve and the Treasury to what they were supposed to do which is to create a sufficient amount of money to do business.

We need to talk about the fractional reserve banking system. If Mrs Smith deposits $100 in her account, her bank can loan out $1,000 because they are allowed to loan out ten dollars for every dollar on deposit. Take another look at that M x V side of the above equation. Suppose there is a Bubble in housing and six trillion dollars are loaned out based on $600 billion in deposits. The Money Supply will increase by a net total $5.4 trillion. That increases the M x V side of the equation must now equal the P x T side. The Price of housing and building supplies goes up which encourages a whole new wave of speculative buyers to rush into the market thus further increasing the number of Transactions. This is called a Bubble. They are inherent in factional reserve banking. The problem is that Bubbles burst and millions of people are financially ruined.

When people have trouble making their mortgage payments, they can lose everything in foreclosure. That is the end of the Bubble. It is also called a Monetary Contraction or Depression. Notice what happens when ten million homes go in to foreclosure. On the way up a $30,000 deposit became a $300,000 home loan. Suppose the home is sold at auction for a $100,000 loss to the bank. Multiply that $100,000 times ten million homes. The resulting trillion dollars is subtracted from M x V. This a serious Monetary Contraction which explains why the banks are terrified of foreclosing on loans where there is no recovery at auction.

Now we are ready to understand reform.

If Bubbles are created by fractional reserve banking, then we ought to ban it. Henceforth, only government should be allowed to create paper currency and checking account money. And do so without charging interest. Suppose we wanted to create money without inflating prices. I would recommend that Money M be increased at the same rate as Transactions T. If the ratio between the two is constant, then we will have price stability. In current terms we could safely increase the American Money Supply by $550 billion dollars a year.

We need to repair America’s aging infrastructure. We have 1,700 dams and levees in desperate conditions. We have thousands of bridges and an unknown number of roads, sewers, water treatment facilities and other basic structures that need either repair or replacement. I propose that we give $100 billion a year to the states based upon their  population so a state with 6 million citizens would get 2% of that money or $2 billion a year. This will create jobs.

Economists all agree that if we increased spending on investment by $400 billion a year that we would create more jobs than if we just gave that money as a transfer payment to programs ranging from Food Stamps to Healthcare. What I propose is that corporations of sufficient size go directly to the newly revised Federal Reserve and get zero interest loans of $100 million or more provided it is for an investment on American soil that increases productivity. Raising output eliminates bottlenecks and inflation. Small businesses and farmers can go to either the Small Business Administration or the Department of Agriculture to expand output. Instead of interest a fee would be paid as is the custom in Muslim banks. The actual money for these loans would come from the Federal Reserve but the fees would be collected by reformed banks who would be in charge of the loan process and the collection of payments.

In a year when the first payments are received this money can all go to fund transfer payments for Social Security and Healthcare.

I should point out to new readers that these corporations would be unlike today’s if I had my way. If we had a military coup, our soldiers could invade offshore bank havens to seize the assets of both War and Banking Criminals. That would include stocks, bonds, real estate and bank deposits. These funds plus all the money held by tens of thousands of government agencies listed at would pay for Debt Cancellation. Government debt should be made illegal. The savings on interest payments plus full funding of pensions and $100 billion a year in revenue sharing for infrastructure should be sufficient to ban property taxes which in some states are called school taxes.

My regular readers know that I would like to give every adult citizen $20,000 in grants from those seized assets to be used to pay off debts or to fund retirement or make a down payment on a home. I would also recommend that we take all of the scientific advances made by the Secret Government and give those patents to new corporations along with loans in the hundreds of millions if not billions. Shares in these new technologies should be distributed to people of a certain age who would benefit the most from stocks whose value would double 7 times in 15 years.

I believe the Secret Government has planes that fly 40,000 mph (64,373 kmh) and new materials that withstand that much friction. They have a superconductor and free or nearly free energy. The latter should be used to replace nuclear power plants near earthquake fault lines to prevent half a dozen Fukushimas. They also probably have a Universal Vaccine that makes your body work better. And they definitely have batteries that are 20 years in advance of what is presently available.

I should explain the title of this article: The Counterfeiting Cannibals of Canal Street.

Bankers are counterfeiters because they create money out of nothing and charge us interest. Bankers are cannibals because they produce nothing but interest payments, Bubbles, Depressions, wars and mass starvation. Foundations have done studies telling us that when the Dollar Dies, half a billion people will die from starvation or in Food Riots. Bankers are worse than cannibals in some primitive society. They ought to know that what they are doing is despicable and beyond contempt. I chose the words Canal Street in the above title for two reasons. Canal Street is alliterative and sounds better than Wall Street. And I always loved New York. Canal Street and also Hester Street are places in Manhattan where vendors sell fake Prada and Gucci products. But at least these people are making something their customers want to buy.

Bankers are worse than pond scum. They are the lowest form of human life and should be forever held in contempt.

Below is a video from an IMF economist whose work on ending fractional reserve banking I wrote about before. I will cite that article below.

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The next article explains how Debt Cancellation, pension reform and healthcare reform could work:

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Looking Back At America’s Only Successful Military Coup

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Dunlap had written a warning to the US government that pushing the military into civilian affairs combined with a series of wars America could not win would lead to a coup. He won an award from General Colin Powell. But the reasons why the coup happened was a little more complex.

The U.S. military previously had to stand up to both the Bush and Obama administrations and their push to war. Literally hundreds of officers had been fired for refusing to accept Presidential orders that originated either  on Wall Street or in Tel Aviv. Some like Admiral Fox Fallon became famous but most received no publicity until after the coup had succeeded.

A second reason for the coup was Jim Rickards. He is a financial adviser and the author of Currency Wars. He had been a Pentagon consultant since 2001. He also participated in a Defense Department War Games exercise on what happens when the Dollar Dies. The results were frightening. A 50% cut in  the value of the dollar meant that prices doubled. The War Games computers spewed out numbers that were frightening. 160 million Americans would have no means of paying their bills and eating. Tens of millions wouldn’t be able to eat even if they didn’t pay their bills. All the cities in America burned to the ground in Food Riots.

The Core plan sent over from Wall Street to round up 8 million Americans on their list of people to be disappeared did not game well in the computer exercise. Neither did using FEMA and National Guard camps to imprison food rioters. No matter what figures and what plans you put into the computers, the outcome was always a disaster for the United States and the rest of the world.

A third reason for the coup was the invasion of Syria using Al Qaeda mercenaries as proxies. The military did not like training these men. They despised them and the atrocities they were committing. When the President wanted to start a bombing campaign, the Chairman Dempsey of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had to go to the White House at Midnight and tell him that there was not going to be an escalation. This was the same Joint Chiefs Chairman who had to tell the President that the US military would not attack Iran based on bogus Israeli intelligence that the Iranians were developing a nuclear bomb. American servicemen and women had already been killed on false Israeli claims about Iraq and Afghanistan.

A fourth reason for the coup was Dr Alan Sabrosky and others working through the military telling them the truth that Israel did 911. Sabrosky was a former Marine and a Director of Studies at the Army War College. He was partially of Jewish descent. There had been a constant campaign telling the truth that World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 were taken down by controlled demolitions. And more than 100 men and women at the Pentagon who were looking for the $2.3 trillion Secretary Rumsfeld had announced had gone missing were also killed.

America was being pushed to war again by the people who had consistently committed treason against the American people. It was another pointless war we could not win. There was no reason for the war but to distract the people from solving the looming economic collapse that meant at least 20 million Americans would die either from starvation or from the rioters and the Civil War. It was well known that Wall Street had friends on the ‘Inside’ waiting to release a series of plagues to kill a couple hundred million Americans and a few billion people overseas.

There is a limit to how much vile filth men willing to put up with before they will say ‘No More.’

But the actual triggering events were at the COMEX in New York and at the London Bullion Market Association. The intelligence services had learned from Rickards and others of possible advance warning signs for the dollar to collapse. The dollar was made to look good by keeping the price of gold and silver bullion down by selling paper claims for bullion totaling 100 times the amount of physical gold available. The Chinese loved to buy gold at rock bottom prices but everyone said it would all go belly up as soon as the New York and London vaults were empty. When Army Intelligence discovered that the London and New York vaults were empty, the coup leaders were forced into action. They took over communications from the American and British parties involved and told the Chinese their flight with the gold would be delayed 24 hours but that an additional ten metric tons was being added. The military began the coup immediately. The two planes were filled with Bankers guilty of serious financial fraud in China. No gold was on board because there was none left to send.

The coup was well organized and operated in multiple dimensions worldwide.

No attempt was made to interfere with the President and the First Lady who were on separate vacations though they were not allowed to return to Washington and the President lost his ability to start a nuclear war.

The Coup Leaders went on TV and announced Worldwide Debt Cancellation to be funded by the seizure of the assets of War Criminals and those Guilty of Financial Fraud. They immediately appealed to both domestic and foreign support. They explained that they were ceasing hostilities and occupation on foreign soil. The US was temporarily invading offshore Bank Havens from the Cayman Islands and elsewhere in the the Caribbean to Lichtenstein and Dubai. It was not just the assets to be seized from these banks but the names of the corporations and the secret list of bank accounts they held all over the world. All stocks, bonds, bank accounts and real estate held by the men and women on that ever growing list was to be seized to pay for Debt Cancellation.

They immediately announced that all government debts in Africa and Latin America were to be cancelled provided that the countries involved agreed to issue non-interest bearing currencies and to ban fractional reserve banking. They also announced that they would pay the 20% Value Added Tax in the European Union countries by bank wire from seized assets as soon as the retailers and shoppers agreed to stop paying the VAT. This provoked a popular rebellion and something of a recovery. The Coup Leaders waited 24 hours for the popular response throughout Europe and Great Britain. Then they announced that they would pay cash bonuses to any parliamentarian who would immediately resign. This forced elections and drove the criminals from power. As soon as parliamentarians started taking the cash and leaving town, the Coup Leaders announced that they would be asking the new parliaments to participate in the creation of national non-interest bearing currencies and the repeal of fractional reserve banking.

They also announced that $4 trillion from Chinese leaders had been seized and would be given to the people of China to compensate them for the looting by their Old Regime.

On the domestic front the Coup Leaders started campaigns to win friends. They ended the TSA practice of groping people at airports. The TSA and DHS were disbanded. The No Fly and Slow Fly Lists were ended. People on the those Lists who did not have outstanding warrants were given signed letters from the Coup Leaders deeming them not to be threats to the safety of airline passengers. Then there were the 8 million people on the Core list of individuals to be Disappeared in case the economy went south. They received signed letters saying that the government had no intentions of Disappearing them. And the Occupy Wall Street protesters all received signed letters saying the United States government no longer had any intention of taking them out with snipers at their next Occupy Wall Street event. All of the above letters were suitable for framing.

They selected the one person with the best explanation of Banking as a Crime to come forward and explain Bank Reform. Bankers transferred our money from us to them because the Federal Reserve Act gave them the right to charge us interest on money they created out of nothing. It was explained that prices are a ratio of the Money Supply to the total amount of Goods and Services available. If you increase both the Money Supply and the Goods and Services at the same rate, you will have stable prices unlike the current system. This meant that under present conditions the government could create $500 billion a year in new credits while not raising prices. This money would be spent into circulation by giving the states their share of $100 billion a year to repair infrastructure and to build new roads and schools. This was to be matched by $100 billion a year in federal spending. Since federal, state and local debt was cancelled from the asset seizures and from the assets seized from tens of thousands of government agency accounts listed at, local taxes could be reduced. The goal was to ban  property taxes on owner occupied homes. The press was given detailed hand outs from each state governor on the projects and the number of high paying jobs that were being created.

The Coup had many similarities to a political campaign because they lined up the one issue votes.

30 million Americans had Mortgage Electronics Registration System mortgages which meant they could never prove title to their homes. All 3,007 county governments were given 90 days to rewrite all MERS mortgages as old fashioned ones with clear titles. All properties in each county had to be identified as to the real owner and checked against the Coup’s growing list of people whose assets were to be seized. It was not just bank accounts, stocks and bonds but trillions of dollars in real estate that were seized. The latter were used to help pay off pensions.

The Coup leaders lined up parents who had dealt unsuccessfully with Child Protective Services. Some states were worse than others. Many states had allowed corporations with known track records to staff their CPS. Tens of thousands of children had gone missing from CPS meaning their children were either killed or sold overseas to pedophiles. Telling the parents that the Coup was wrong to stir up these investigations was not popular.

The Coup leaders also announced bans on Fluoride, Bromide, MSG, Aspartame, Bisphenol, chemtrails and dangerous additives to vaccines. Fluoride lowered IQs. The public learned that the previous regime had allowed the Bankers and their Minions to slowly poison them so they could not resist when their savings, their pensions, their investments and their paychecks were stolen. So many had lost friends to cancer or to Alzheimers that these people were permanently enraged at the old regime. And when the sterile couples were told that sterility was greatly increased by design with the help of estrogen mimickers in the Bisphenol and the polysorbate 80 in the vaccines, their rage was difficult to contain.

The Coup leaders seized the Media, the Hollywood film companies, the Foundations and the educational system.

The Coup leaders set up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission modeled after South Africa which allowed individual victims of the Old Regime to seek redress of their grievances.

The Coup was successful. People no longer longed for he return of the President, the First Lady, the Senate, the House and the Old Media.

More importantly they saved America and the world from an economic collapse that would have killed 500 million people worldwide and stopped World War III before the Bankers could launch it.

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Plans For The Day After The Government Collapses

The American government will collapse as soon as the dollar dies which should be in a matter of months. The dollar will not last until the next President takes office in January of 2017. The following are a series of ideas we need to discuss prior to the Day the Dollar Dies.

1) Eliminate the ability of the banks to charge us interest on money they created out of nothing. Take over the Federal Reserve.

2) Eliminate fractional reserve banking. Under this system banks are allowed to loan out a hundred dollars for every ten dollars they have in deposits. In the credit cycle on the way up those loans push a lot of investments into areas that people did not want. An example would be the building of over priced homes at a time when the government and Wall Street were shipping 12 million jobs overseas so nobody could make their payments. On the way down calling in loans creates the hell of the 1930s where farm and home mortgages were foreclosed starving millions to death during the Monetary Contraction.

If government through the reformed Federal Reserve is the only source of credit creation, the Treasury can spend 500 billion dollars into circulation every year without increasing prices. That is because prices are a ratio of the Money Supply to Goods and Services so if one increases at 5% the other can be increased at the same rate without the ratio or the price level changing. Of the $500 billion to be spent into circulation we could give the 50 states $100 billion a year to rebuild their infrastructure. And we could give an additional $100 billion a year in matching grants. US needs to repair the levees and dams, the bridges, the roads and water systems. I would allow them to use this money to build new schools and new roads so they can eliminate the need to sell bonds. This would create millions of high paying jobs. Another goal would be to remove property taxes on all owner occupied homes.

3) As part of Debt Cancellation, we would be giving every adult citizen not under custodial care $20,000 in credits against their debts. If they had no debts, then it would go to a retirement account under their name. I have a non-inflationary funding mechanism which I will mention in the Notes below.

4) As part of Bank and Monetary Reform, we should make government debt illegal. That would include state and local governments. It would make the goal of abolishing property taxes on owner occupied homes easier to achieve.

5) We could allow married couples to use their $40,000 in credits to make a down payment on homes that are physically and financially sound.

6) We could get the local governments to sign an agreement to allow Urban Homesteading. Homes and small businesses that had been abandoned and boarded up should be given away through a lottery to local residents. Like the original Homestead Act these homes and businesses need to be occupied by the people making the claim. No quick resale for a profit. This program will turn around neighborhoods that used to be run by drug gangs.

7) We need Voter ID cards that like a credit card  interact with an online database. Millions of votes are stolen every year. Millions of people vote multiple times. This has to stop. The government has to guarantee us that they were elected honestly.

8) We cannot pay out welfare, Food Stamp and other benefits to illegal aliens. In fact legal aliens should only be accepted if they can support themselves. No benefits for illegals without Voter ID cards. They can self-deport themselves. We can even arrange a program of incentives to help them go home.

9) We have over 30 million government workers at the federal, state and local level if you count contractors and grantees. We need to get value out of these people. Reduce the number of programs by combining several from different departments into one. Examples would be Food Stamps. Take all the money from the Earned Income Tax Credit, Food Stamps, Housing subsidies and dozens of other programs and get them into 2 easy to administer programs.

Give every citizen who makes less than $11 an hour a credit through their employer from the IRS to make up the difference between their wages and $11 an hour. So a person making $8.50 an hour for 40 hours a week would receive $2.50 an hour credit for a total of $100.

Give the custodial parent $600 a month for the first child and $400 a month for the second child. A married couple working 40 hours a week would receive $880 a week plus a thousand dollars a month for the first two children. That is $45,760 a year after taxes for a childless married couple and $57,760 a year if they have 2 or more children. These subsidies would not be available for illegal aliens and their children.

10) We need to make pensions illegal. All pensions or promises to pay you money in your retirement would be replaced by present day payments of money into your account at cooperatively owned institutions. This would shift power from Wall Street to your home town. Wall Street does not have nearly as much money as we do in our pension and retirement funds.

An IPO (Initial Public Offering) under a reformed system would be quite different than today. Instead of Wall Street taking 80% of the value for itself, corporations would sell us shares at a par value close to its actual value. Microsoft stock had a par value of $10 but sold for $50 so 80% of the stock value was stolen initially. Additionally, stock was given to Bill Gates and to Paul Allen that were far in excess of the value of their contributions to the company and to society.

We will never get control of the country until our economic power exceeds Wall Street’s. We could allow those cooperative trusts to make small loans, to issue credit cards and to sell simple insurance. These profits would go into retirement accounts.

11) Currently, the CIA is allowed to bring plane loads of cocaine and heroin into America which they sell together will illegal weapons to drug gangs. America has 1.4 million gang members. They are responsible for 80% of all violence. To reduce crime we could do the following:

A) Legalize cocaine, heroin and marijuana. This will take away more than a trillion dollars a year from criminals.

B) Punish membership in an organized criminal gang under RICO in special military courts where convictions are easy to obtain. 250,000 Foreign born criminals will flee the country rather than do ten years in prison. Street gangs will be dangerous if you legalize drugs. They will go into kidnapping and extortion. It is better to prepare now instead of waiting to figure out what to do after 150 children a day are kidnapped in Los Angeles county.

C) Use that spy gear to stop crime. Use those 1.8 gigapixel cameras to track all criminals in urban areas in real time. If someone runs out of a liquor store with their cash, you can track him all the way to his house where local police can pick him up.

D) Take all those FEMA camps and National Guard camps and turn them over to private charities with some cash grants. Give them younger gang members to educate better than our schools did. And rehabilitate them as well. We could pay for the laser treatments to remove gang tattoos.

12) America has 3,007 counties. Each county should be required to rewrite all MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) mortgages as regular ones with clear titles at a one time reduced rate. MERS was created to avoid taxes to local governments and to make the Mortgage Backed Securities fraud possible. The Bankers were selling home mortgage five times just as they did with that leased gold.

This will give 30 million plus homeowners with MERS mortgages clear titles which is something they do not presently have. At that same time we could start seizing title to all property owned by financial and war criminals. Every property owned by a corporation must reveal the names of the true owners. (See Notes.) This seized property would produce income to pay off pensions. Also to be seized would be stocks and bonds held by those same people.

14) If we end fractional reserve banking, the Treasury Department through the Federal Reserve would have to create credit to replace what the private banks had been making when they loaned out money.

We need to distinguish between new loans and existing loans. Existing loans even if rewritten would not be inflationary. Business, farm and home loans could be rewritten as combinations of credits from the Treasury and from the depositors at banks and at the cooperative trusts. The business loans could be get approval through the Small Business Administration and the farm loans from the Department of Agriculture.

America does not have enough small family owned farms. To encourage new farmers we need to loan them money at a near zero interest rate to build hothouses and aquaponics and to expand production of non-GMO crops.

15) To reduce costs of education we need to put college level courses, vocational training and grade school classes online.

16) America is facing extinction due to its reliance on nuclear power generated from plants situated on top of long overdue earthquake fault zones primarily in California and in the New Madrid area of the central states. Consider the fact that the San Francisco quake of 1906 threw a road in Marin county (just north of the city) 20 feet. America could have 8 Fukushima meltdowns over the next few years if the nuclear plants are not closed and the fuel rods removed. The current administration is closing down coal fired plants because it lists carbon dioxide as a pollutant. It is not. Open up the closed coal plants and take the nuclear power plants in the most dangerous areas down.

Nikola Tesla was a far better scientist than the more publicized Albert Einstein. Tesla invented alternating current electricity amongst other things. When he died more than 7 decades ago, the US government seized 155 boxes and crates of papers and lab equipment. There is reason to believe that the government has augmented the free energy production he mentioned.

We should take that Tesla energy method and implement it nationwide. This would cut utility bills by 2/3rds and save us from half a dozen or more Fukushimas on our soil.

17) We should take all of the scientific advances the Secret Government has and give them to new stock companies. The shares of these growth companies should be distributed to people who do not plan to retire for 15 years. There is reason to believe that the Secret Government has free or nearly free energy, a universal vaccine that improves your health, anti-gravity research, planes capable of flying 40,000 mph, material that can withstand the friction of flying 40,000 mph and a lot of other things worth billions of dollars. Give people in the right age brackets shares of stock and watch the shares split 7 times in 15 years.

Free energy would allow us to desalinate lots of water which could be used to raise the water tables in rural areas. This is critical to ending droughts.

18) In terms of health we need to do the following:

A) Remove everything in the food and water that harms our health. Fluoride lowers IQ and increases cancer by more than 700%. MSG and Aspartame make us eat more while giving us side effects we do not want. Vaccines have adjuvants that are harmful like Polysorbate 80 that sterilizes us. Bisphenol A is an estrogen mimicker that gives us cancer, makes us gain weight and reduces fertility. Chemtrails include substances that cause Alzheimers and poisons plants. Aluminum oxide is an accelerant that makes forest fires burn more intensely. It also kills plants. GMO food fed to lab animals turns them all into sterile runts within 3 generations. Stop feeding anti-biotics to farm animals. The war against us declared by Wall Street should come to an abrupt end. Ban all these things to improve our health and to reduce healthcare costs.

B) Test all drugs covered for insurance for their safety and efficacy against home remedies. Do not let Big Pharma conduct tests. Henceforth, let them supply drugs and pay for the home remedies. Test chemotherapy against DCA (Dichloroacetate) and also against sodium bicarbonate.  Or test Type II Diabetes drugs against vitamin D3 and cinnamon.

C) Require doctors, hospitals, clinics, labs and pharmacies to post a price list. You wouldn’t walk into a restaurant that had no price list and charged one man ten dollars and another $150 for the same meal.

D) Make medical records private. Make it a felony to unlawfully possess someone else’s medical records.

19) I would repeal the laws that made corporations persons. Corporations should be given 20 year charters which would need renewal. Corporations should never be allowed to donate money to candidates. I would like to make all political offices non-partisan so the voters have to evaluate each candidate on their merits. Hopefully, each candidate would receive a list of questions to be answered in detail prior to the election.

20) We need to remove all of the financial and war criminals from power. Some need prosecution. Others should just suffer asset seizure and loss of voting rights. They could have Voter ID cards but their cards would not permit them to either vote or to hold certain offices.

We would need to seize every Foundation that participated in the war against us. The media and the film industry would have to be seized. And the schools would have to be completely overhauled.

21) We would ban Dual Citizenship.


I promised to give you some references about assets seizure and funding Debt Cancellation in the above article. I have decided to write another article in my series on an American military coup. Please come back in a few days to read it. I am writing it from a different perspective than the others. America is very close to collapse. And our enemies are thinking of ways to start WW III to cover the thefts of tens of trillions of dollars.

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