Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since.

The United States has had three coups if you count the first one as being Jekyll Island in November of 1910. Those first coup plotters met at Jekyll Island and secretly wrote the law that became the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. All of the bankers who met in secret were Rothschild agents. This included Paul Warburg of the Rothschild dominated Kuhn Loeb bank. Nelson Aldrich who was a Senator married into the Rockefeller family. The Rockefellers were created by the Rothschilds as were J P Morgan, the Harrimans and the Bush family. Senator Aldrich was head of the National Monetary Commission created by President Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt had become President after the Jews had successfully assassinated President McKinley. They previously had assassinated President Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth was Jewish. But I prefer not want to count these earlier assassinations as coups. The remaining members of the Jekyll Island Six were Treasury Department employees. who did what they were told to do.

The first day of those meetings actually occurred in a private railway car on the evening of November 22, 1910. When the Jews took over America’s banking and monetary system in 1913, they took over the country. Not all coups involve tanks in the streets. It was no coincidence that President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 which was the 53rd anniversary of Israel’s earlier coup. President Kennedy had dared to attempt to take America back from the Jews.

All three of America’s coups involved Israel. I have defined an Israeli as anyone of Jewish descent who is loyal to Israel. There was no state of Israel in 1910 but there was an ongoing criminal enterprise which could be called Judaism Incorporated. Any educated person whose thoughts have not been contaminated by the Jews should view Israel as the enemy of all mankind.

Today I want to focus on the assassination of JFK as we are now facing the 51st anniversary of our President’s murder without being allowed to conduct a criminal investigation. Voltaire said you know who has power because you are not allowed to criticize them. We could rephrase that in today’s world by saying we know who owns the government by determining who has not been arrested for stealing money by the billions.

The following is from a video made by Michael Collins Piper. He has connected all the dots in the Kennedy assassination and tied them to Israel.

Mordecai Vanunu was the original whistleblower. In 1986 he told the world that Israel had nuclear weapons and published photos of the secret Dimona works in the British press. He said Prime Minister Ben Gurion ordered the assassination of JFK because the President opposed Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. Ben Gurion resigned in protest over JFK’s Israeli policies. Vanunu also wrote a letter in 1997 saying that there was even a link between the assassination of Kennedy and Israel’s launching of the 1967 war.

Michael Collins Piper wrote Final Judgement: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination. Michael Collins Piper in this book argued that the Israelis killed Kennedy. Vanunu endorsed Piper’s book.

The Oliver Stone movie JFK was the kosher version of the assassination. Piper does not dispute that Clay Shaw had connections to the CIA. But the film neglects Shaw’s connections to the heart of the Israeli nuclear program. He was also on the Board of Directors of Permindex, a Swiss assassination bureau. Permindex is  an Israeli front and was not run by the CIA as Oliver Stone had said. A primary shareholder in Permindex was the Banque De Credit International of Geneva, founded by Tibor Rosenbaum, an arms procurer and financier for the Mossad. That bank was used by Meyer Lansky to launder hot money. Permindex was owned by CMC of Rome, which was founded by a Hungarian Jew named George Mandel who had deep connections with Israel and the Mossad. Mandel was the first man to start rumors about Auschwitz being a death camp. The Chairman of the Board at Permindex was Louis Bloomfield, a Canadian Jew and close associate of Edgar Bronfman. He also had long standing connections with the Rothschilds dating back before WW II.

The Stern family funded Clay Shaw’s defense. They can be traced back to the Purple Gang of Detroit. The Stern family owned WDSU radio and TV stations in New Orleans. Prior to JFK’s assassination they ran stories on Lee Harvey Oswald denouncing him as a member the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. They did not tell the people of New Orleans that this an FBI front group. This gave Oswald the cover of being a Leftist while spying on American liberals. The Stern family was heavily invested in the NUMEC nuclear plant in Pennsylvania, which was the source of Israel’s first nuclear bomb. NUMEC also dumped nuclear waste in Pennsylvania.

Piper said Clay Shaw might have had more to do with CIA-Mossad attempts to assassinate Charles De Gaulle than he did with the assassination of President Kennedy.

Ed Asner played Guy Bannister, the private detective, in the movie JFK. Bannister was a good friend of Kent and Phoebe Courtney. Bannister and the Courtneys were active in conservative politics. But the Courtneys did frustrate the work of people on the Right that the Anti-Defamation League did not like. Joe Pesci played David Ferrie in the movie JFK. He was a pilot and a friend of Lee Harvey Oswald. Bannister, Ferrie and Oswald spied on Leftists in New Orleans. Guy Bannister also was a friend of A. I. Botnick who was the head of the New Orleans ADL office. The Courtneys, Bannister, Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald were actively spying on Leftists in New Orleans for the ADL and Botnick.

The producer of JFK was the Israeli spy Arnon Milchan who sold nuclear triggers to Israel.  A J Weberman, an Israeli citizen, was the first to say that District Attorney Jim Garrison had an unpublished manuscript that charged Israel was behind the assassination of President Kennedy.

John King offered Jim Garrison a judgeship to stop his investigation of Clay Shaw. King was a business partner of Bernie Cornfeld whose Investors Overseas Service was a 2.5 billion dollar fraud. It was a subsidiary of Permindex and was linked to Tibor Rosenbaum and the Mossad.

The London Jewish Chronicle denounced President Kennedy’s UN delegation position that displaced Palestinians had the right to return to the land that Israel had illegally taken from them during the 1948 war. The Jewish Chronicle published this in London on November 22, 1963.

Adlai Stevenson, a former Presidential candidate, was the American UN ambassador at the time. Stevenson’s son was also a Senator and opposed Israel’s excesses. He was critical of Israel sinking the USS Liberty in the 1967 war, which killed 34 American sailors.

Lyndon Johnson said he wanted the USS Liberty to sink to the bottom of the Mediterranean even while the Israelis were attacking the ship. LBJ was sleeping with a former Irgun terrorist, Mathilde Krim. Her husband was one of LBJ’s many Jewish advisers.

A JFK researcher once wrote that Piper was on to something in his research linking Israel to the assassination of President. But he said that we had to proceed with caution. Because to be accused of anti-Semitism is about the same as being accused of being a child molester.

Robert Kennedy was the Attorney General in 1963. He gave the American Zionist Council, the predecessor to AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), 72 hours to register as a foreign lobby. They formed AIPAC and waited for President Kennedy to be murdered so their legal problems would go away.

Frank Sturgis was an anti-Castro operative who was caught up in the Watergate burglary. He was an Israeli mercenary during the 1948 war. Cuban Intelligence believed Sturgis was in charge of communications for one of the JFK hit teams on November 22, 1963.

Meyer Lansky was key to the establishment of both Las Vegas and the state of Israel. The casinos launder the CIA’s Black Ops money along side Jewish mob money. The real crime boss of Chicago was Meyer Lansky’s partner Hyman Larner. Larner was closely connected with Israel and the Shah of Iran. Lucky Luciano wrote in his biography that his old friend and partner Meyer Lansky took over the mob from him. Sam (Santo) Trafficante of Tampa and Carlos Marcello of New Orleans were both lower level local bosses who were far out ranked by Lansky.

The Bronfman family bought Texas Pacific, an oil company. The Crown family of Chicago who had been part of organized crime bought General Dynamics. The late Sir Edgar Bronfman was given 240 million US dollars a year by organized crime for the right to export heroin from Canada into the US. He was allowed to write this down on his tax returns, which legitimatized his take from the heroin trade. This allowed him to at one time buy 20% of the combined assets of DuPont-Conoco. The Bronfman family has branched out into water privatization through Vivendi, which was exploited of the poor in Third World countries.

Lee Harvey Oswald tested negative for gunshot residue. Piper believes Oswald was in front of the Texas Schoolbook Depository when JFK was killed. There is a photo, which could be of Oswald standing in front of the building. Judyth Vary Baker, a medical researcher, worked with Oswald at the Riley Coffee Company of New Orleans, which was a CIA front run by a retired FBI agent. She was a child prodigy who developed cancer cells in mice that Oswald took to Dr Mary Sherman at LSU to be put in vaccines for Americans. Dr Mary Sherman died under mysterious and to date unsolved circumstances. Ed Haslam wrote a book called Dr Mary’s Monkey about this neglected part of Oswald’s life. Judyth Vary Baker also wrote about her affair with Oswald.

Jack Ruby was connected to two people who were involved in smuggling nuclear triggers to Israel. One was Lawrence Meyers. Piper had corresponded with James Earl Ray. Ray’s brother published a book saying that the Bronfmans and Israel had nothing to do with the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. A US intelligent agent helped put the book together.

Piper does not mention that JFK was assassinated on the 53rd anniversary of the first day of the meetings to found the Federal Reserve Bank. That meeting on November 22, 1910 could be considered the first Jewish coup. America’s second Jewish coup was of course the JFK assassination. And the third occurred on 9-11-2001 when Israel took down World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 with controlled demolitions.

There have been many books written that prove JFK was not killed by a lone assassin. But Michael Collins Piper the first to connect all the dots and trace them back to Israel.

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This is the link to the video of Michael Collins Piper’s JFK lecture.

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Checklist: America’s Third World Status.

1) General Smedley Butler won the Congressional Medal of Honor twice. In his book War Is a Racket, he described an election he conducted in a Third World nation in Central America. He said he had a ballot box stuffed with all the ballots to be counted already in it. He opened the polling, closed the voting a few hours later, turned the box upside down and pulled out the ballots confirming victory for Wall Street’s candidate.

Are you be sure that America’s elections are any more honest than what General Butler was doing in a Banana Boat Republic 100 years ago? If electronic voting machines tally votes, why do they have algorithms that permit a candidate’s vote to be multiplied? And why are millions of illegal aliens permitted to vote? And why are some people allowed to register and vote from several addresses?

The US cannot prove your votes are counted honestly and accurately. Put one in the Third World column for the US.

2) The United States has been assassinating political leaders in Third World countries for a very long time. But what about American politicians and their mysterious deaths? Robert Kennedy had all but won the Democratic nomination by winning the California primary in 1968. He was shot in the back as he was walking through the kitchen of a Los Angeles hotel. The man arrested was seen by more than a dozen witnesses. They all agreed he was in front of RFK not behind him. The Press and the Courts agreed that Sirhan acting alone killed Robert Kennedy but that is patently absurd. A lone assassin cannot fire bullets from in front of a candidate who is facing him and hit him in the back multiple times.

In 1963 at the first press conference held by the doctors treating President Kennedy at Parkland hospital, the news media was told the wounds came from bullets fired from in front of JFK. The second press conference reversed the direction of the bullets and said they came from the President’s rear. The only member of the press to raise an objection came from a rural Texas newspaperman who never got a job with the Mainstream Press.

Dan Rather was a local newsman of no importance in 1963 but he was willing to go on national radio and describe the Zapruder film as revealing the shots that hit Kennedy pushing his head violently forward when in reality the film showed his head going backwards. Dan Rather did get a job with the national news media.

The impunity with which the elite kills our leaders puts one more in the Third World column for the US.

3) When I was in the fourth grade, my teacher was trying to prove to the class that England was some great and wonderful country. I immediately brought up the Opium Wars. England fought two wars against China so they could sell opium to the Chinese people. In America we do not like the men who sell heroin on our streets.

America has since that time fought two of its own Opium Wars. The first was in Vietnam and the second in Afghanistan. The Nixon administration paid Turkish farmers to stop growing opium for the French mafia who were in competition with the CIA. Since then the CIA has captured control of the world opium market. The CIA flies cocaine and heroin by the plane load into the US with impunity. All American Presidents since 1989 have been former CIA assets. The Too Big To Jail Banks launder a trillion dollars a year in illegal drugs and weapons. They also launder $500 billion a year in political bribes.

This gives the elite tremendous power over global politics. It allows them to pay bribes by the billions in every nation on earth to corrupt governments everywhere. In the past drugs were only sold overseas to people who lived in Third World nations. No more. Drugs are everywhere. Government regulations through mining and through farming to favor some industries and not others has reduced job opportunities. In some rural areas the only career choices are joining the US military, getting into making illegal drugs and getting a part time job at WalMart paying a little over the minimum wage with no benefits.

The impunity with which the elite peddles drugs to American children puts one more in the Third World column for the US.

4) First rate nations have first rate infrastructure. As I travel around America, I see local news articles about crumbling infrastructure. In the Northeast I hear about multiple incidents involving rail tanker cars falling into rivers spilling tens of thousands of gallons of dangerous chemicals. In St Paul a bridge collapsed killing and injuring motorists. A documentary once compared New Orleans to Netherlands flood control. The film showed a Dutch engineer inside his control rooms controlling dams. For New Orleans there was no engineer and no dams just mud and stick levees. The US has many areas that could be lost to floods including state capitols like Sacramento and Nashville because of failure to maintain dams and levees.

The US spends billions on projects in Afghanistan which contractors pay the Taliban to blow up so they can get paid billions more to rebuild what was never needed in the first place. Yet America has fallen trillions of dollars behind in repairing its sewers, water systems, roads, bridges, dams and crumbling infrastructure.

The lack of a program to rebuild America’s infrastructure puts one more in the Third World column for the US.

5) A Banana Boat Republic earned that name because they produced one export crop that they sold to generate revenue. Question: What does America export? We used to make TVs. No more. Do we make electronics? Or do we put American labels on things made in Asia? We paid $20 billion to let foreign countries make General Motors cars for us. We used to export food. But China and a lot of other nations do not want our Genetically Modified Organisms. We do export Monsanto seeds under threat of financial retaliation to very poor nations.

Would I be wrong in saying that wars and military weapons are our greatest export? We give military aid to nations so they can buy weapons from us and from Israel. We send mercenaries all over the world to kill people and to steal their resources. At least the Chinese are there buying mines, ports, farms and other resources with US Treasury bonds as collateral for hundreds of billions of dollars in loans. Even the Italians have a website named ‘Sell it to the Chinese.’ Businessmen men all over Italy are trying to sell out to Chinese who are dumping dollars everywhere.

What happens when the dollar is devalued? On that day monetary illusion will die. Prices will increase 20% every time we increase the money supply by 10%. That is the day America will have no jobs and no future.

That day has not yet arrived but it could be here within months so I would say leave that one off the US Third World Check List for now.

6) In a Third World nation the middle class is not numerous but the poor are. But both of these classes are cruelly exploited by the elite.

We allow Bankers to charge us interest on the money they created out of nothing. This also transfers money from us to the Bankers. It also builds inflation into our currencies.

The Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned. As a part of its alleged recovery plan, the owners of the Federal Reserve loaned themselves $23 trillion dollars at 0.01% interest. This transferred wealth from us to them. We pay more for the things we buy with our declining incomes while they receive trillions from the increased value of their bonds, stocks, commodities and other investments.

Suppose you have $23 trillion in low interest loans and trillions more in real estate loans. Would it be to your benefit to double prices and cut what you owe in half? How about quadrupling prices? What would happen to a middle class family of four making $70,000 a year if prices doubled cutting their real income to $35,000? If prices quadrupled, what then?

Hyperinflation has not yet arrived but it will be here within months after the dollar being devalued so I would say leave that one off the US Third World Check List for now.

7) Education. My sister had a call from her neighbor who was a nurse. She wanted my sister to go next door to tell her kids that mom would be home an hour later than usual. My sister had to leave so she left a handwritten note on the front door for the nurse’s 14 year-old son. In days gone by this would have been easy to do. But my sister left a note written in cursive. The 14 year-old  nurse’s  son could not read it. That is how far America has fallen.

American students scored 16th in science and 24th in math against other nations. The US public is being dumbed down. One of the architects of Common Core said Obama’s  educational program was designed to overcome white privilege. Critics say that American education has been dumbed down due to pressure from Foundations which are run by oligarchs. Apparently, they do not want an educate electorate.

Finland is number one in education. All students have the same curriculum. Becoming a teacher in Finland is highly competitive. Just 10% of Finnish college graduates are accepted into the teacher training program; as a result, teaching is a high-status profession. Teacher salaries are similar to teacher salaries in the U.S., however. Only 10% of US teachers score as high quality. In Finland teachers observe other teachers in classrooms.

Canada has better schools because they do not rely on property taxes but most use state wide funding. The best system in the world is in Shanghai. They spend the same on all schools. No elitism.

The desire to dumb down the voters is so great that I am almost persuaded to put one more check in to the Third World column for the US. But not quite yet. We can turn things around as soon as we get control of the government.

8) Power Grid. Blythe Masters of J P Morgan bought ENRON’s coal fired electrical generating plants. When Obama’s EPA began shutting down hundreds of plants nationwide, they neglected to close the ones owned by J P Morgan and by General Electric. Plant closures raised electric utility rates which enhanced profits for Obama’s donors while severely harming the poor and the middle class.

Coal-powered plants currently produce nearly 40% of US electrical energy.  Artificially reducing the energy supply by eliminating coal and retiring coal-powered plants will both increase prices and create shortages.

The lowest 10% of earners spend three times as much of their incomes on electricity as do middle income earners. Distortions in energy costs will disproportionately impact certain industries and disadvantage particular states. Generating plant closures will diminish the reliability of the electrical grid.

This is going to be a cold winter in America. We ought to open all of the closed coal fired plants so we can shut down at least 8 nuclear power plants on earthquake fault lines in California and the New Madrid fault area of the central states. The world cannot survive 8 more Fukushimas.

The greed of the elite that is willing to let us freeze in the dark and to potentially suffer half a dozen Fukushimas puts one more in the Third World column for the US.

9) Healthcare. The US ranks number one in the cost of healthcare but dead last in delivering services. The US has the highest first day infant mortality rate amongst all industrialized nations. About 11,300 newborns die within 24 hours of their birth in the U.S. each year, 50 percent more first-day deaths than all other industrialized countries combined.

Americans need simple things like prenatal care for mothers and more prevention for underweight and premature babies.

Americans also need low tech things like worming tablets. Lots of People in the US are afflicted by parasites usually found in Third World nations. An estimated 330,000 US citizens carry the parasite that causes Chagas disease. It is a chronic, silent infection that leads to lethal heart or gut damage in 40 per cent of cases.

There are 300,000 people with Enterovirus D68. And there have been outbreaks of drug resistant tuberculosis.

One of the two greatest factors undermining health in the US are food and water additives. Iodine has been reduced as an additive to the US diet. But near substitutes Fluoride and Bromide have been added. They are both poisons. The food industry’s use of MSG, aspartame and Bisphenol A are harmful to human health.

The FDA  allows more radiation in America’s food than any nation that regulates it. The US allows twice as many Becquerels per kilogram in our food than does the European Union. A Becquerel equals one atomic disintegration per second. In fact when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she agreed to let Japanese fishermen sell fish from the coastal waters of Fukushima to American consumers without testing for radiation at all.

Another problem is the failure of the FDA to protect us from toxic drugs. Instead of allowing drug companies to test for safety and efficacy of their products we ought to have hospitals test them. And doctors should test them against home remedies. If their drugs are no better than Vitamin D3, then insurance ought not to cover them. This will reduce costs but it will protect our health by reducing side effects. 400,000 die from medical errors every year. And another 100,000 plus die from prescription drugs.

A first step to reforming health care would be to redesign it so we put health of patients first. What a novel concept that would be.

The impunity with which the elite intentionally harms American children puts one more in the Third World column for the US.

10) Do you live in a corrupt society with police who behave like thugs? Have your rights disappeared? You might think you lived in a Third World nation. The 21st century has seen a sharp decline in our rights. The TSA is permitted to grope our genitals at airports. We are subject to warrantless wiretaps. The government passed a law saying they had the right to incarcerate Americans without a trial, without a lawyer and no appeal. Forget Habeas Corpus. The government has the right to torture us and to even kill us.

Catherine Austin Fitts said Wall Street stole $40 trillion from us and will steal tens of trillions more. Zbignew Brzezinski said it is easier to kill a million people than to control a million people.

I knew long ago that we were headed to a National Security State because Wall Street was robbing us blind. They were stealing everything. They did not leave us enough to pay out our pensions. That meant the police had to become all powerful thugs. And they will need a series of plagues to cull the herds which is to say kill a few billion people.

Because there are a few honest men and women left in the local police, in the US military and in national security services I do not yet put this one into the Third World column.

11) Crime is about the only way poor people can make money in Third World countries. The FBI does a gang census survey every four years. The last one was taken in 2011. It revealed that the total gang population was 1.4 million and was growing at 40% every 4 years. That would mean we would expect to have 1,960,000 gang members in the US in 2015. But Obama opened the borders to professional criminals and to juveniles with Gang Tattoos so we can soon expect 2 million or more Gang Bangers.

The Mexican Drug Cartels are planning for the future. They have Death Lists of American cops who suffer from excessive honesty, courage and integrity. The Drug Cartels are not operating just in border states near Mexico. Three sheriffs in Ohio had to be notified by the FBI that they were on Mexican Cartel Death Lists.

The Drug Cartels are bringing Mexico to America. The Banks launder their drug money. The CIA flies drugs by the plane load into the country for them. The federal government sells them weapons.

If the Dollar Dies, 2 million Gang Bangers will lead the way in America’s Nationwide Food Riots. Tens of thousands of their best men will concentrate on looting gun stores, National Guard Armories, banks and other rich targets of opportunity. And the Drug Cartels will begin to assassinate the honest cops on their Death Lists.

I hesitate to put America into the Third World Column over the issue of crime but only because this nation can still be salvaged.

In conclusion I have examined America on a Checklist for 11 factors to determine if the USA has slipped into Third World Status. We are there on 6 of the 11 categories I examined. I do believe we could be there within 90 days of a Dollar Devaluation. We are not there yet but we have gone slightly more than halfway to Third World status.

We can recover. We are not yet beyond hope. These are my final words:

The Fundamental Fact of Your Existence as a modern man or woman is that the bankers of New York and London want to reduce you to Debt Slavery.

Accept that fact and move on to the solution.

That is their plan for you.

What is your plan for them?

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The Petrodollar Died. So what happens next?

The Petrodollar just died. Zero Hedge ran an obituary notice for the Petrodollar last week.

Reuters reports  energy-exporting countries are set to pull their “Petrodollars” out of world markets this year. This shift is likely to cause global market liquidity to fall: “this year the oil producers will effectively import capital amounting to $7.6 billion. By comparison, they exported $60 billion in 2013 and $248 billion in 2012. This is according to BNP Paribas calculations. Petrodollar recycling peaked at $511 billion in 2006.”

The Petrodollar began with the Arab oil embargo during the 1973 Arab-Israeli war. Henry Kissinger devised a plan that allowed the US to finance foreign wars and to force colonized nations to pay for their own occupation. The US went off the Gold Exchange standard when President Nixon said on Sunday August 15, 1971 that the dollar would no longer be converted to gold on demand by foreign nations. He had to do that because America had over populated itself and had to begin importing natural resources. Over population meant wages were supposed to be lowered so we could compete with cheap overseas labor to earn cash from exports. And then there was the problem of paying for the Vietnam war and all those troops stationed overseas from Germany to Korea.

The immediate solution was to print more dollars. The Bretton Woods agreement in 1944 had made the US dollar the international reserve currency. Dollars were to be treated as if they were gold bullion. Nixon reneged on gold convertibility but Kissinger and the Arabs rescued the American voters from the harsh reality of the real world for four decades. Americans were allowed to live inside their Petrodollar Bubble.

Henry Kissinger’s plan was called the Petrodollar. The US would protect the Saudis and the Gulf oil states. In exchange for protection, the Arabs agreed to price oil only in dollars and to buy US Treasury bonds. This enabled America to run perpetual budget deficits. The Arabs also bought stocks which made the US balance of trade deficit look better than it was. This allowed the Federal Reserve’s Printing Press to continue Wall Street’s Empire of Debt policy.

So what happens next now that the Petrodollar has died?

The US Dollar is still holding on to the reserve currency title if only for just a little longer. Oil prices have dropped significantly. The Saudis could cut oil production to firm up prices. Some think the Saudi oil production boost and price cut was designed to hurt Russian oil income. If that is true, why give lower oil prices to the US than to the rest of the world? Some say that the Saudis want to keep prices low to bankrupt shale oil production in the US so America will be even more dependent on imported oil.

But we should stop being so America centric. There are other nations in the world. The Saudis saw Alan Greenspan on TV saying that gold will protect you against Central Bank manipulation. Maybe the Saudis are smart enough to figure out that the decline in the value of  their Petrodollars can be remedied by finding new friends in Moscow and Beijing who can offer both protection and superior currency values.

Turkey, a NATO member, has accepted observer status at the Russo-Chinese Shanghai Cooperation Organization which is their version of NATO even if they seem to be far less belligerent.  Turkey is helping Iran and Russia to beat US sanctions. Iran, Pakistan and India have joined the SCO alliance. They have also joined the BRICS alliance of nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.) They have combined together to establish an alternative to Dollar Hegemony and the Bretton Woods agreement.

The BRICS nations have created their own versions of the World Bank and the IMF. They are the New Development Bank and the “Contingent Reserve Arrangement” (CRA).

The US has refused to ratify an agreement made in 2010 to lessen the favoritism given to the West at the IMF. The BRICS nations have only 11% of the votes at the IMF. At their summit in Brazil, BRICS issued a warning to the US that they would give America until the end of 2014 for the US to reform the system.

Foreign countries have to work very hard to produce products that the US will buy. But America refuses to give value for value. All they give is I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes. Their politicians are not interested in reform.

China has said they would like to participate in the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights ( SDR) program and to be given a presence in the basket of currencies used to determine exchange values.

This is the interesting part. To do that China will have to allow the IMF’s observers  to see just exactly how much gold they do have. The Chinese have said their goal is to surpass America’s gold supply which is something of a joke.  China several years ago said they had 1,054.1 metric tonnes of gold. Sun Tzu warned the Chinese many centuries ago ‘when you are many, pretend to be few. When you are near, pretend to be far.’ In other words nobody knows how much gold they have until they are ready to show us.

And according to Sun Tzu, the war should be won before the first battle has been fought.

Contrast this with the United States which is supposed to have 8,133.5 metric tonnes of gold. The US could barely scrape together 5 tons of gold that Germany had asked to be returned from their deposits in New York. The US has been letting bullion banks lease our gold reserves which they have sold five times or more as paper certificates of gold deposits. It has been alleged that Robert Rubin and Bill Clinton substituted gold plated tungsten bars for bullion. Though some say the US gold  supply was first looted during the Johnson era. America had been taken over by a coup when President Kennedy was assassinated.

We do not have to assay the bars at Fort Know or to audit the reserves at the NY FED. All we have to do is to let the Chinese open their vaults in 2015 so foreign observers count and verify their bullion supply. The lowest estimate I have seen is 4,500 metric tonnes of gold. I have seen estimates of 8,000 tonnes and even more. One financial writer has a  source who works for the Chinese in their bullion acquisition program who says the real number is a lot higher than most believe. He says over 8,0000 tonnes. If the Chinese have anywhere near 8,000 tonnes, then the world will know America has no gold and China bought it all for pennies on the dollar. at that point even the dimmest bulb will figure out that America is run by psychopathic Bankers.

Perception is everything in Bubbles and even more so when they burst. People were willing to pay one billion dollars for the stock of an IPO that went bankrupt six months later. That is perception on the upside and on the downside in half a year. That company was not around long enough for me to even remember their name. America’s Dollar was on the upside for a long time but it could drop very quickly.

The Petrodollar’s death has done great harm in the Third World. This will come back to haunt America. The Reuters article said that the oil exporting countries are net importers of money. That means the lack of liquidity will take down stock and bond markets all over the world. The US has such large markets that people fleeing one part of the world will seriously consider parking their billions in America however briefly.

The stock market crash in October 1929 did not get serious until liquidity dried up in 1931. That is what is happening now around the world. This current Depression began in 2007. There has been no recovery. If you deflate America’s cooked GDP numbers with real inflation numbers from Dr John Williams at Shadow Stats, then GDP has contracted steadily for the past six years.

Japan responded to this current Depression initially with their 2-2-2 plan. Double the money supply in 2 years and hope for a 2% increase in inflation. They have now said they will respond with an accelerated money printing program and buy all Japanese Treasury debt.

This US is in the same position as Japan now that the Petrodollar has collapsed. NAFTA sent 56,000 manufacturing plants and 12 million jobs overseas. America has been in a constant state of war. The US has no means of earning foreign cash to pay for its Treasury deficit and for the imports the country needs to survive. The only source of American liquidity is Money Printing. Once the world sees the results, they will look for the exits.

Former FED Chair Alan Greenspan said the exit is gold bullion. That is for the rich. For the middle class it is silver. When China opens its gold vaults to inspection to the IMF in 2015, the Dollar will Die. Of course it could die before the IMF ever gets to China to count their gold.

We will have, according to Jim Rickards, an 80% dollar devaluation when the Dollar Dies. This means imported goods will increase 500% in price. We can expect to enter the Hard Phase of this current Depression sooner rather than later. We have more Unpayable Debt to cancel than anytime in 500 years. That means we are entering the worst Depression in five centuries.

This need not be. Arrest the Bankers. Seize their assets. Use that money to fund worldwide Debt Cancellation. Issue a debt free, non-interest bearing currency like Lincoln’s Greenbacks. And ban fractional reserve banking.

We can either choose to resist or we can choose to die.

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The article below is Zero Hedge’s obituary for the Petrodollar.

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Debts Beyond Reason, Bubbles And Debt Cancellation.

The Federal Reserve has announced the end of Quantitative Easing 3. QE is an unconventional monetary policy in which a central bank purchases government securities or other securities from the market in order to lower interest rates and increase the money supply.

Zero Hedge reports that Quantitative Easing which by lowering interest rates and raising the asset values of bonds made the rich $9 trillion richer since 2009. Corporate managers can borrow money at near zero interest to buy their company stock. Buying their stock with borrowed money drives share prices higher. This makes them eligible for bonuses worth millions of dollars. It also allows them to unload their stock options at very high values. An example would be IBM’s “value creation”. Stock buybacks since 2012 $37.7 Billion. Debt issued since 2012 $33.6 Billion

Of course when the Bubble Busts your pensions and your investments will go way down in value. And it will be your privilege to pay the taxes needed to Bail out the wealthy when their investments go sour.

Compare the Federal Reserve to Japan. The Bank of Japan intends to buy $108 billion of Japanese government bonds per month. The BOJ will now buy all of the new bonds that the Ministry of Finance sells in the market each month. This follows Japans 2 -2 -2 policy. Double the money supply in 2 years and hope for a 2% inflation rate.

Alan Greenspan spoke to the Council on Foreign Relations recently. He said that the purchases of Treasury and mortgage-backed securities did help lift asset prices and lower borrowing costs. But it didn’t do much for the real economy. He observed that history shows central banks can only prick bubbles at great economic cost.

“It’s only by bringing the economy down can you burst the bubble,” and that was a step he wasn’t willing to take while helming the Fed, he said. “I don’t think it’s possible” for the Fed to end its easy-money policies in a trouble-free manner.” (It is possible to end a Bubble painlessly but not with his limited way of thinking.)

Mr. Greenspan said gold is a good place to put money these days given its value as a currency outside of the policies conducted by governments.

Nobody is even considering paying off the US debt. Someone recently calculated that if we raised taxes to 100% and if the government stopped spending money on everything but debt reduction, it would take 70 years to pay off the debts. But it is not likely that people could live for 70 years without spending money on food, clothes, transportation and shelter.

Total world debt is $223 trillion. $100 trillion is denominated in US dollars.

Credit Default Swaps are depending at your valuation either total $700 trillion or $2 quadrillion.

This cartoon is 100 years old. Americans have been waiting over a century for impartial justice.

View image on Twitter

Didn’t Eric Holder say, ‘Justice must be impartial, except when it might have a negative impact on the national economy.’ Eric Holder also declined to prosecute his wife and sister-in-law who owned an abortion clinic that had been caught defrauding Medicaid.

Holder might be right about putting crooks in jail destroying this economy. 31% of all new car loans are subprime. We remember Alan Greenspan and subprime home loans. It has always been illegal to make loans to people who cannot pay. And it was illegal for a pension fund to buy worthless bonds and securities. The Bankers used Credit Default Swaps to make it appear that Mortgage Backed Securities were A rated. A CDS pretends to insure a mortgage or a bond. It is not like insuring your car. Normal insurance requires the company set aside funds to pay in case there are car collisions. But CDS are not regulated. You might remember when AIG collapsed taxpayers were forced to bail them out for $187 billion and that they subsequently announced a plan to pay $165 million in bonuses.

Brooksley Born attempted to regulate CDS in 1999. She was the Chair of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission. But Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers (Samuelson) and Arthur Levitt paid her a visit and told she was not allowed to regulate CDS.

The US government borrowed $8 trillion to turn over its outstanding debt while adding $1.085 trillion to total debt last year. Gordon Long said, “a third of US GDP is now going to repay interest & principal on loans.”

So what do Bankers think of all this debt? Greenspan did say it was time to buy gold and head for the exits. Bank of America’s Chief Investment Strategist, Michael Hartnett, said that the four “canaries in the coalmine” had died: Commodities, Emerging Markets, High Yield bonds, and Small Cap stocks are four classic “canaries in the coalmine.” They are all dead so where do we go from here?

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, the chief Financial Editor of the London Telegraph, said if things do not improve that we might have to turn to the Chicago Plan which was first formulated by 8 economists at the University of Chicago in 1933. Their chief spokesman was Irving Fisher.

We have a debt based currency. That means we are not allowed to have money to spend until we go into debt to a bank. That applies to both paper notes and to checking account money. The Chicago Plan says issue a debt free currency like President Lincoln’s Greenbacks.

We have a fractional reserve system which allows a banker to loan out $100,000 or more for every $10,000 in deposits. This adds to demand which causes Bubbles. It leads businessmen to falsely believe that there is real demand for what Bankers have pumped up artificially. And, for example, it can lead home buyers to believe that the price of the home they buy today will go up 10% tomorrow. I should point out that QE was used to buy back trillions of dollars in Mortgage Backed Securities in order to keep Bankers out of jail. MBS was a major factor in forcing the FED to issue $16 trillion in 0.01% loans.

The Chicago Plan does reform the system but we will have to take separate steps to eliminate the corruption.

The Chicago Plan would also issue a non-interest bearing currency. Imagine children playing Monopoly. Suppose the rules were changed so they had to follow the same ones the Federal Reserve forces adults to play with. The kids might object when they learn they have to pay the Banker money every time they did anything. They would quickly learn two lessons. One. These rules aren’t fair. Two. The Banker set the rules up so he wins and you lose.

The question of the day is how do we painlessly prick the multiple Bubbles the Bankers created. One method is the Weimar Republic which used Hyperinflation to devalue debts but since debts are money under our system the ability to buy food was seriously diminished. A second method was 1933 America when foreclosures and bankruptcies cancelled debts but since have a debt based money system it also contracted the money supply. As a result, 3 million Americans starved to death in the 1930s. The longest Depression in American history was in the 19th century. It was called the Great Contraction because the money supply shrank.

Is there a way to cancel debt without shrinking the money supply? Yes there is. It was devised by the Babylonians thousands of years ago. It is called Debt Cancellation. The Romans copied it but abandoned it when they fell away from the Republic. The Bible writers copied it and called it a Jubilee. The plan was to eliminate debt slavery. But the prophet Jeremiah said the reason for the Babylonian captivity was the failure to actually practice the Jubilee. Debt slaves do not make good warriors.

That means  to properly cancel debts we have to first convert to debt free money like President Lincoln’s Greenbacks where credit is created without interest as a public utility.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in his interview said to a German financial reporter that if things don’t turn around within 2 years, we will have to adopt the Chicago Plan. But notice also that he said it would be inflationary. That need not be. Some think that we might have to issue currency by the railcar load to give people in exchange for their debts.

This need not be. All we have to do is to arrest the Bankers and seize their assets even if that means we have to temporarily invade Lichtenstein, the Cayman Islands and other offshore bank havens. Catherine Austin Fitts said the Bankers stole $40 trillion from us and will steal tens of trillions more. I think she is underestimating the amount of theft. We need to seize those assets including real estate, stocks, bonds and other assets to pay off Unpayable Debts and to fully fund pensions.

Let me conclude with something I have said before:

The Fundamental Fact of Your Existence as a modern man or woman is that the bankers of New York and London want to reduce you to Debt Slavery.

Accept that fact and move on to the solution.

That is their plan for you.

What is your plan for them?

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Please share the video below even if you have seen it before. I showed this to two women who cannot understand money but did understand what this 12 year-old Canadian girl was saying.


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Ebola Proves The NWO Equally Despises Whites And Africans.

Some critics of Barack Obama have taken to calling him President Obola. I will continue to call him the American Teleprompter Reader. He is a figurehead and nothing more.

Judicial Watch has uncovered evidence of a clandestine program to bring foreign nationals with Ebola into America despite the fact that we do not have sufficient facilities for more than 20 patients at a time. The two nurses in Dallas who got Ebola from Duncan worked in a hospital that did not have adequate facilities for that disease. Amber Vinson, the second nurse to get the disease, was not on the CDC Watch List of 125 people who had been exposed. This means that Ebola is more contagious than we have been told.

Defenders of the CDC have said that so far in Dallas only 2 people got Ebola from Duncan so things cannot be that bad. But we have since learned that the CDC has been clandestinely seizing patients from hospitals who had Ebola symptoms. Another case was reported of a student returning from the Ebola Zone who disappeared from the ambulance taking him to the hospital after he developed symptoms. We already knew that the CDC was seizing suspected Ebola victims from the Border Patrol. CDC agents on several occasions would arrive in vans wearing Hazmat suits to seize suspected Ebola sufferers from the Border Patrol while refusing to sign any paperwork. This operation is completely off the books.

Does it not seem strange to you that the only Americans known to have Ebola are high profile people who cannot just ‘disappear?’

So just how contagious is Ebola? An illnesses’ rate of infection is expressed as the “R-naught”, or R-0. This is the measure of how many people a single infected person will themselves infect. An R-0 of 1 means each person with the illness will infect one more person. An R-0 less than one means an illness will die out as it is unable to infect new patients as fast as existing patients are cured or die. An R-0 larger than one means an illness will naturally spread. The current Ebola strain has an R-naught of 2. To put that into perspective, Measles has an R-naught of 12-18. Smallpox and Polio are 6. Flu is between 2 and 3. So the current Ebola virus is slightly less infective than the seasonal flu, although obviously the consequences of infection are more severe. Keep that R-naught of 2 in mind when you reflect on statements from Africa that the number of Ebola patients had been doubling every 21 days which is the incubation period.

I am not the first to call Obama America’s Destroyer in Chief.

Obama has ordered 4,000 soldiers to go to the Ebola Zone of Africa with no goggles and has given them ineffective masks. He has refused to quarantine airline passengers from the Ebola Zone before they are permitted to board US bound flights. Some governors have said that they will quarantine all arrivals from West African countries with Ebola outbreaks. But that will force at risk passengers to select other airports like Dulles or Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta. Obama is now pressuring states to lift their quarantines.

Even if local officials can enact quarantines at all of our airports, it will do nothing to prevent Ebola victims from infecting other passengers, the flight crews and the airport clean up crews not to mention the people who will board the plane for its subsequent flights.

Local officials also cannot do anything about TSA spreading disease at the airports. The TSA uses rubber gloves to protect themselves but do touch dozens of passengers with each pair.

Nor will local officials be able to quarantine any of the 4,000 returning soldiers or the hundreds of others who will be using military transport to return to America. Nor can local officials quarantine Ebola carriers coming across America’s Open Borders. General John F. Kelly is in charge of Southern Command. He personally saw 5 Africans who were from Monrovia Liberia at a border in Central America preparing to cross into Mexico. Their ultimate destination was New York City. Those Open Borders are also flooding US hospitals with new cases of tuberculosis, Giardia and Enterovirus-D68. The latter might or might not be responsible for the sudden rash of deaths and paralysis. All of these diseases will strain the US at a time when the flu season and the flu shots are about to arrive.

There are several theories about the origin of this current Ebola outbreak.

One theory is that it began as a result of clinical trials of an Ebola vaccine.

There is evidence from official US websites that the Department of Defense conducted a clinical trial of an Ebola vaccine that failed. The trial was discontinued after 5 months. And it was discontinued at the same time as the current Ebola outbreak began in West Africa. The photo below is of the US Biohazard Level 4 Lab in Kenema Sierra Leone which their government shut down. A Level 4 facility is supposed to be built to very high standards to protect civilians against lethal viruses under investigation being accidentally released.

The US has 200 lab accidents a year that we know of involving deadly pathogens. The US also has Level 4 facilities in Monrovia Liberia and in Sierra Leone. Could all 3 have had accidents involving Ebola at the same time? That is mathematically unlikely so we are left to choose between a vaccine gone wrong or an act of germ warfare in the guise of a vaccination program.

Does this look like a Level 4 Biohazard facility to you? Would local officials in Connecticut or New Jersey allow you to locate a Biohazard Level 4 research lab in buildings like these?

There were reports from Africans that nurses were offering shots for an Ebola vaccine in West Africa before this latest outbreak began. The government of Sierra Leone did close down the lab at Kenema soon after the outbreak began.

The Kenema facility was staffed by biological warfare researchers from Tulane University and the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID). Biological warfare research that is illegal to conduct in the United States is carried out in remote locations in Africa. Multiple sources report that some of this research involved weaponization of Ebola. Professor Francis Boyle, a biological weapons expert, reports that the United States was experimenting with a hybrid of Ebola and the common cold, to make it more contagious.

Please note that Professor Boyle says that WHO recommends a 42 day quarantine because 98% of patients exhibit symptoms in those first 6 weeks. Nigeria had one person with Ebola arrive on a plane. They traced 900 contacts. 8 people died. But the Nigerians stopped Ebola.

There are those who do not study history and others who do not learn from what they studied. The Spanish flu epidemic after World War I killed between 50 and 100 million people worldwide. Then as now politicians tried to keep the spread of the disease out of the press. This was a fatal mistake. During the height of the Spanish flu epidemic, people practiced ‘social distancing’ to stop the spread of the plague. The epidemic most likely started in Kansas at Fort Funston now Ft Riley. It was called the Spanish flu because Spain was the only nation without wartime censorship.

The point is that the epidemic spread because politicians prevented the general public from taking sensible precautions.

The American Teleprompter Reader has taken that to an extreme by not demanding a 21 day quarantine for persons returning from the Ebola Zone prior to boarding a flight. And by refusing to end his Open Borders policy.

The question remains whether this recent Ebola outbreak was from a vaccine that went wrong or it was a deliberate attempt to kill Africans.

I think it was a deliberate attempt to kill Africans. I also believe AIDS was originally developed to enable Financiers from London, New York and Paris to more easily rob Africans of their natural resources.

There is evidence that this strain of Ebola was engineered to make it more lethal by giving it a 21 day incubation period. And it is by design more easily spread by sneezing. This factor is more relevant to its being spread in the colder winter months of the US and Europe.

It has been suggested that people select shopping carts that have been sitting in the parking lot outdoors because sunlight contains ultraviolet which kills germs and viruses. That is good advice but in the winter we have much less sunshine and it is often dark when people are going home from work.

By keeping public awareness low and allowing more Ebola patients in to the US, Obama is setting us up for a much more draconian Medical Martial Law after the elections or early in 2015. At that point, we will have many more Ebola patients than we can treat. Ebola patients are supposed to be kept in positive pressure rooms. That means the air pressure is maintained at a higher level than in the outside. Few hospitals have those facilities.

One doctor said a nightmare scene would be an Ebola patient who has a fever and thinks he has the flu going to an Emergency Ward and sitting around for hours waiting to see a doctor.

‘Social Distancing’ could be very useful. Unnecessary contacts exponentially increases your risk of getting a disease. Avoid touching common surfaces like counters. Use disposable Kleenex to touch ATM and elevator buttons. Use your pen rather than the bank’s pen.

Avoid anything that can greatly reduce your immune system response. That would include seasonal flu shots. You can increase immune response by taking Vitamin D3 and cinnamon. During the Spanish flu epidemic, people who worked at cinnamon processing factories did not die from the flu. Winter is the flu season because the lack of sunshine reduces our D3 blood levels.

The likely scenario is that Ebola will overwhelm our medical facilities early in 2015. At that point, Medical Martial Law will be accepted by the public. DHS could seize people who are not sick saying that they are being taken to quarantine. Ebola patients will be cremated so independent autopsies by consulting physicians will not be possible.

Soon after that, the Ebola vaccine will be available. Considering that this outbreak began as an Ebola vaccine campaign earlier this year, I would strongly advise that you do not take the vaccine. I would also suggest that you segregate yourself from those who just had the vaccine during the 21 day incubation period. Maybe even err on the side of caution by using the WHO recommendation of a 42 day quarantine.

After the Ebola vaccines are given, we will be prepared for the next step. My regular readers know, that I have been expecting an attempt to release a series of plagues when the Dollar Dies. This will prevent the masses from marching on New York and Washington with pitchforks. I have also spoken of the Georgia Guidestones which says we must reduce world population below 500 million. I would expect a second and even a third plague to be released by the NWO to protect the Bankers. In 6 months Ebola could evolve and become more contagious and kill at a lower rate. But because so many more are infected the total number of deaths will increase. And the survivors will be attacked by the next two plagues or so the NWO hopes.

Catherine Austin Fitts said the Bankers stole $40 trillion from us. Bankers worry that we might figure out what they have been doing. That is why they want to shut down the Internet, love NSA spying and the abrogation of the Bill of Rights.

I do not think things will work out the way the men who own Obama want. Why? Because they rely upon millions of people like you and me to do nothing. Many of us work inside the military, the police, the medical system and in state and local government. We will soon reach a point where will be compelled to choose between saying No and accepting Obama’s Pathway to Self-Destruction and Death.

You might want to bookmark this video below. It’s brief. After the one minute mark, Obama says Ebola is a ‘Trial Run’ for a Deadlier Airborne Disease. That could just be his well noted inability to speak. It could also be him saying the next plague the NWO releases will be a lot more contagious.


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Lasha Darkmoon: Tel Aviv, City of a Thousand Thrills

This was originally written by Petra Scandali and first appeared at Lasha Darkmoon’s website.

A Foreword from Vidrebel: An Israeli broadcaster told me that the Orthodox never have sex during a woman’s period. They are so observant of this that most Israeli married couples give up sex for 2 weeks every month. This oddity of Orthodoxy would seem to create a need for other sexual outlets. Most Israelis are Orthodox. A Jewish doctor told me that most Orthodox are atheists.

Israeli Jewish mobs were taken over by Russian Jews. They engage in human trafficking as their Jewish ancestors did thousands of years before them. Supposedly more than 240,000 women and children are trafficked every year internationally with many more trafficked for domestic purposes only. What I have not seen are the stories in the press of women taken from Russia, the Ukraine and other eastern European countries who have been released after serving 20 years in a brothel as an unpaid, involuntary captive. You won’t ever see those stories because those women were killed rather than released. That is hundreds of thousands of women and children every year who are taken but not returned.

The Jerusalem Post said that the average age Israeli girls enter prostitution is 14. They are prepared for their profession by being raped and beaten. That is the less glamorous side of Tel Aviv’s nightlife.

Tel Aviv, City of a Thousand Thrills

According to a new report, if you are single and looking for sex thrills, Tel Aviv is the second best place to go. But if you are looking for gay sex and illicit sex with underage girls kidnapped in Eastern Europe and Russia, Tel Aviv is top of the list.




Meet Israel’s daylight prostitutes!

“It’s just turned 10 A.M. and escort parlors, strip joints and discreet apartments have already opened their doors for business. Many of the women who work in them are mothers.” (Haaretz, here)

If you are single and looking for sex thrills,Tel Aviv is the second best place to go! So says Jewish writer Erica Morris. Though she does not tell you this, here you will find more strip clubs and brothels and underage girls kidnapped in Eastern Europe who will be prepared to give you a blow job for only a few shekels.

So why not put your moral scruples aside and forget for a moment the dead and maimed in Palestine? Head for the Promised Land where you will find the hottest hotties you are ever likely to see anywhere on earth, including the most goloptious same-sex partners for those who are drawn to “the love that dare not speak its name”.

. . . by Erica Morris Managing Editor of jspacenews

Tel Aviv is the second sexiest city on Earth, at least according to a new ranking released earlier this month.

Gan Hahashmal, an area of the White City, was given the spot on Thrillist’s Top Ten Sexiest Neighborhoods on Earth. Tel Aviv fell behind only Rio de Janiero’s Ipanema neighborhood, which took first in the ranking.

“Israel’s renowned for its gorgeous citizenry, having produced the wonders that are Bar Refaeli and Gal Gadot but Tel Aviv in particular serves as a crossroads of international and domestic hotties,” writes Thrillist


Israelis are prouder of the Beautaceous Bar
than they are of their military prowess in Gaza.
When not busy shooting fish in a barrel in Gaza,
Israelis like to drool over pics of sultry sexbomb Bar
with her poutypoo kissywissy mouth!

“Add in the fact that Tel Aviv’s population is overwhelmingly single, and you’ll start to see how a hip neighborhood like Gan Hahashmal — with its public garden, late-Ottoman-era houses, and cutting-edge boutiques — can be a hotbed of sexy people doing sexy things.”


“The beauty of a woman cheereth the countenance,
and a man loveth nothing better.”

— Ecclesiasticus, 36:22

Tel Aviv also beat out New York’s SoHo, Milan’s Quadrilatero della Moda, and Montreal’s Le Plateau-Mont Royal, which ranked third, fourth and fifth, respectively.

Other areas to make the top ten list include neighborhoods in Sydney, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Paris and Tokyo.

It’s been a good month for Tel Aviv!

(pictures and captions added)

Tel Aviv.jpg 000

“There are more bars than synagogues in Tel Aviv, God is a DJ and everyone’s body is a temple. Called the ‘city that never sleeps’ Tel Aviv offers a fantastic vacation destination for those whose purses tinkle with pink pounds.

Voted as one of the 10 sexiest cities in the world by the New York Times, some say the city rivals New York and London for its non stop action!” (See HERE)



“Forget women and save your seed!
Here you’ll find all the men you need!”
— Petra Scandali, Banned Poems

“An American Airlines survey published in the Gay Cities website hailed Tel Aviv as the best gay tourism city in the world. Adir Steiner, coordinator of gay pride events for the Tel Aviv Municipality, said that the survey reflects the warm welcome gay tourists receive in Tel Aviv.” (See HERE)


“Tired of men? Never mind!
In Tel Aviv you will find
Long slim legs and lovely tits
And a thousand juicy clits!”
— Petra Scandali, Banned Poems

PETRA SCANDALI (age 25) is an unpublished poet and freelance writer whose children’s novel, Autobiography of a Goldfish, has received 36 rejections. “If I get 40 rejections,” she says, “I will give up writing and become a Buddhist nun.”
Update by Petra Scandali
“When not busy shooting fish in a barrel in Gaza,
Israelis like to drool over pics of sultry sexbomb Bar Refaeli
with her poutypoo kissywissy mouth!”

“Not lately,” poster SPQR says in a comment below. “Lately they’ve been probably drooling over that leaked photo of her jamming a vibrator up her asshole.”

I find this comment very revealing.

Here is Israel’s most beautiful woman, lusted after by almost every single male in Israel. She can snap her fingers any time she wants and get millions of horny Israeli men to fuck her. What does she do? She chooses a vibrator instead.

A sad reflection indeed on Israeli men: that an inanimate object like a vibrator should be preferred to an erect Israeli penis.
Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman humping a dogSarah Silverman humping a dog

Another astute observer of the Jewish psyche, one “Brownhawk” by name, comments dryly: “Sarah Silverman probably inspired her.”

Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman  humping a dog

I asked my boyfriend who Sarah Silverman was. I’d never heard of her.

He replied: “Oh, she’s a Jewish American whore masquerading as a comedian. She likes humping dogs and licking dog’s anuses.”

I could hardly believe my ears when I heard this. So I decided to check out this Silverman woman.

Sure enough, I was soon to learn that this sluttish American Jewess, adored by millions of degenerate American losers, had made a couple of videos in which bestiality was normalized in that typically Jewish fashion—by making it a subject for comedy.

Get a few cheap laughs by licking a dog’s anus and lying on a sofa with a dog between your legs—and bingo!—suddenly bestiality becomes the rage of the moment, the perversion du jour!

“I hope the Jews DID kill Christ! I’d fucking do it again — in a second.”

That’s your Sarah Silverman again, attempting to make blasphemy and Christ hatred fashionable. All this with the full backing of American Jewry. With the help of the media, which they own, these American Jews have managed to canonize Sarah Silverman: a coarse and vulgar piece of human trash.

Note well, my friends, the double standards implicit here: you are allowed by the Jews of America, who monopolize and control its media, to vilify the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, but you are not allowed to say a single bad word against that Jewish icon, Anne Frank. You can make fun of the Crucifixion as much as you want, but you dare not make fun of the Holocaust.

Enough of these slimy little Jews, both American and Israeli, who give the good Jews elsewhere a bad name.

If I were a Jew, I would hate to be associated with the likes of Sarah Silverman and with the blood-spattered child killers of Gaza.

I would be thoroughly ashamed to be a Jew.

This originally appeared at Lasha Darkmoon’s website here:

I do not have any information on Petra Scandali. Petra Scandali is the title of a song by Hieronymus Bosch. Leave a comment if you have links to her other writings including poetry.

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Counterfeiting Trillions of Dollars in US Treasury Bonds And Other Crimes.

A week ago I noticed that the Treasury published our total increase in Treasury bonds for the past year. It had grown by $1,085,888,854,036.50. Some people mistakenly think that this is the Treasury deficit. Not quite. They have not accounted for the privilege certain Too Big To Jail Banks have which is that one or more of them is allowed to counterfeit US Treasury bonds and pocket the cash.

The Treasury deficit is calculated the old fashioned way. You take federal expenses and subtract revenues. The total Treasury deficit for 2013 cited by Joint Statement of Secretary Lew and OMB Director Burwell on Budget Results for Fiscal Year 2013 was $680 billion.

If you subtract the Budget deficit from the total number of Treasury bonds sold you have: $1,085,888,854,036.50 minus $680 billion which  equals $405,888,854,036.50.

So the Bankers are allowed to take more than $405 billion a year from you because they can counterfeit Treasury bonds. The Federal Reserve has 21 primary dealers who handle Treasury transactions through the New York branch of the FED.

Is there any evidence that there are large amounts of fake Treasury bonds floating around? Yes. There is. There is a rather intriguing story from June 2009 about two Japanese men headed to Switzerland who were detained in Italy with 134 billion dollars in US Treasury bonds. The bonds turned out not to be genuine according to the US Treasury. It is illegal to possess counterfeit securities, but the men were sent back to Japan without being charged. Bloomberg did a story a few days later saying this was merely bizarre news.

Dr Jim Willie said the primary dealers and the New York Federal Reserve sold $2.2 trillion in counterfeit Treasury bonds from the Clinton era and another $1.5 trillion more in bonds than the deficits required over the 45 months after 911. So far no politician has done anything to stop this organized counterfeiting.

When the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, Bankers were given the right to charge us interest on money they created out of nothing. If we had a non-interest bearing debt free currency like Lincoln’s Greenbacks, there would be no National Debt and no interest paid on that debt. There ought to be no Treasury bonds and no interest on the debt.

The Bankers have been given a license to steal from you in other areas. Some might remember the controversy of the bullion banks being allowed to lease gold at a very low interest rate and then to sell it five times as a paper certificate.  Various countries like Germany and the Netherlands have asked for the return of their gold that had been on deposit in New York and London. The US said it would take 7 years to return Germany’s gold. To date the US has returned 5 tons of gold out of 1,500 tons on deposit. Dr Jim Willie has estimated that there are at least 20,000 tons of paper certificates for gold on deposit at bullion banks for which there is no corresponding bullion.

Bankers have other means of stealing from you. Catherine Austin Fitts says they stole $40 trillion from you.

Catherine was US Housing Commissioner in the first Bush administration. She said she found one block in San Diego that had lost $20 million in HUD loan guarantees made on properties that never existed and did not even have postal street addresses.

On March 22, 2000 Susan Gaffney, Inspector General of Housing and Urban Development, testified before the US House of Representatives that she had to adjust the books 284 times and write off $77.2 billion for the fiscal years 1998 and 1999. A Congressman asked her if she did anything other than adjust the books. She said she did nothing other than adjust the books meaning she did not even bother to recover the stolen money. The Congress has rather low standards when it comes to protecting you from organized theft by Wall Street.

On September 10, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld said he could not trace $2.3 trillion in Department of Defense spending. He promised to do a better job in the future. The future is Now and DOD accounting has not improved. Rabbi Dov Zakheim was the Comptroller of the Pentagon under Rumsfeld. It was his job to find the missing trillions. On the morning of 9-11-2001 the auditors tracing the missing money died. Also on 911 the records that could prove the existence of 2.2 trillion dollars in counterfeit Treasury bonds that had been sold in the Clinton years was destroyed at Cantor Fitzgerald’s offices at One World Trade Center on the 101st to 105th floors. The Securities and Exchange Commission had an office in World Trade Center Tower 7 that had evidence against the Wall Street firms who could have been sued over their fiduciary responsibilities for the ENRON bankruptcy.  Too bad all the evidence for the $2.2 trillion in counterfeit Treasury bonds and billions in the ENRON case went up in smoke on 9-11-2001.

Two American financial reporters, Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser, reported the results of their interviews with Bankers in Dubai. The Bankers told them that American military contractors who opened bank accounts in Dubai did so with all cash deposits averaging $2.5 million.There have been consistent reports that the US Department of Defense has let out contracts for buildings, bridges and other projects that are blown up by ‘terrorists’ as soon as they are complete thus allowing the contractor to build another bridge to nowhere.

Afghanistan and the world are awash in opium. I read an interview with an American veteran who had been a sniper. He was told to take out anyone going over his assigned mountain pass except for the man transporting the opium. And you wonder why America is still in Afghanistan and is negotiating to keep a military presence there.

This opium war diplomacy has been a long standing tradition. President Nixon appropriated millions over a period of years to pay Turkish farmers to stop selling their opium illegally because their sales were to the French Corsican mobs. Those men were in competition with the CIA which was bringing heroin into the US from Vietnam and Burma. One of the three reasons for killing President Kennedy was the desire to get white Americans hooked on drugs.

Vietnam was America’s First Opium war and Afghanistan was its second. The Too Big To Jail Bankers launder a trillion dollars in illegal weapons and drug money. The Bankers also launder $500 billion a year in political bribes. The CIA flies drugs into the US by the plane loads which it sells to its favored Street Gangs. These gangs according to the FBI had been growing at 40% every four years. America’s Open Borders have increased the growth of those gangs by allowing juveniles with Gang Tattoos to enter the country along with adults who have criminal records. This should mean we will surpass the 2 million Gang Members mark some time in 2015.

The Mexican Drug Cartels, some of whom work with the CIA, have already put American cops on their Death Lists. The Cartels obviously are waiting to cross names of their Death Lists as soon as they have added sufficient numbers to their armies inside the US. No point in risking a closing of Open Borders by prematurely killing the most honest and courageous cops in America. They plan to systematically go down that List until the honest cops are either dead or retired.

The elite Bankers think America suffers from ‘Excessive Democracy.’ Two million Drug Gang members will eliminate what little remains of America’s democratic traditions. Zach Taylor, the former Border Patrol supervisor, had access to US intelligence reports. He said that the Russian gangs are working very closely with the Mexican Cartels. What he did not say was that the Russian Gangs are Jewish.

The Mexican government works very closely with the Drug Cartels and the CIA. The Mexican Drug Wars have have killed 130,000 people. The Mexican government, the CIA and the favored Drug Gangs like the Sinaloa Cartel are not willing to share the drug profits with some 300 other smaller gangs.

Americans should take a long hard look at what the Cartels are planning for America. This is known to the federal government but that has not yet convinced them to end the disastrous Open Borders policy.

Some have speculated what Wall Street will do to change the dynamic of American politics now that we can be certain that the Federal Reserve and the rampant corruption will send this current Depression into the worst one in 500 years. The Bankers dealt a serious body blow to America’s ‘Excessive Democracy’ in 2001 when they they let Israel take down World Trade Center Towers 1,  2 and 7 with controlled demolitions. This allowed them to pass the Patriot Act, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, The Military Commissions Act and the Nation Defense Authorization Act of 2012 and to militarize US domestic police.

They have already started doing what they plan to do in their Endgame. Ebola was, in my opinion and that of many others, a manufactured disease that enabled the City of London, Wall Street and Parisian Financiers to do what they have been doing for hundreds of years which is to exploit Africans. Ebola makes the governments of the Dark Continent extremely weak so Bankers can rob Africans of their immense natural resources.

90% of the ships used to transport African slaves to the New World were owned by Jews. When the working and middle class whites demanded an end to slavery, the Bankers replaced it with the even more profitable drug trade.

What white Americans have yet failed to realize is that the Bankers have no more regard for them than they do for Africans. Ebola has been reengineered to  give it a longer period of transmission. In the old days it killed people before they could spread it. Now the new and improved version of Ebola is Coming to America and to Europe. The Tory government of Britain and the Socialists in France have blocked direct flights from the Ebola infected countries since late August. Not so for America. Ebola and Enterovirus D68 seem to be doing great harm to America’s medical system. Given time they will be more devastating than Obamacare.

When the Dollar Dies and the economy crashes, Ebola will stop people from gathering in large crowds. This will prevent mobs of people with pitchforks from chasing down the Brokers and the Bankers of Manhattan. Ebola will also give a Greenlight to Disappearing the American resistance movement. I have said before that the federal government has a plan to Disappear 8 million Americans. That could only be attempted if there were a plague to cover it up. If they can give you s drug that makes you believe a false Ebola diagnosis, they can give you the real thing when you get to their concentration camps.

I do not expect a widespread plague until the US starts a mandatory Ebola vaccination program early in 2015. If you have read modern history, you would know that polio vaccinations infected more people than did the live virus. And the polio vaccination was intentionally loaded with contaminants according to the writings of Ed Haslam and Judyth Vary Baker.

I do not think this plan will work even if the elite can release another plague and successfully blame it on ISIS. Too many people know that ISIS is Al Qaeda of Iraq. It was trained, armed and funded by Obama. Edward Snowden told us that ISIS is run by the Mossad. Too many people inside the government will balk when they see engineered plagues killing their countrymen.

I would hope the military and others inside the government will say No.

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