Videos For Labor Day

Please inform politicians and the press the difference between austerity and poverty. In the former you decide to cut back on your expenses. In the latter as currently applied the politicians who voted to give 14 trillion dollars in Bailouts to the bankers and wasted trillions on foreign wars now ask you to pay for their mistakes.

In this first video the interviewer fails to ask the politician if he is giving up his pension. The former senator is asking veterans and social security recipients to take trillions of dollars in cuts.

After all, this man voted to destroy this country. He should pay his share.

In this next video a European is quoting Americans prominent in the resistance movement to explain how the fractional reserve banking scam works and why we are not responsible for the debts that were created out of thin air.

I am convinced that America will soon have food riots. This video shows a riot in Africa after bread prices were raised 30%.

Please note the Africans used text messages to create flash mobs. Americans have more weapons than Africans so it will be far worse here if we do not have reform soon.

This next video cartoon ad is part of a campaign to set up a Do Not Track Me list similar to the Do Not Call list.

It is specifically aimed at Google which was created by the Pentagon’s DARPA through SRI.

In this next video Bob Chapman reveals a coup by industrialists against bankers might happen soon in Greece. This could lead to a debt default. If that happens, I would expect all currencies and banks to fail.

The next two videos reveal that the BP Gulf oil spill has not gone away.

This video is from a local news cast. When will it get on a national news show?

If these people can find benzene in Gulf residents, why can’t BP and the federal government?


About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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