Videos: The Holohoax

When I was 9 years-old, I intellectually defeated the Holohoax indoctrinators at my school. I went through my teacher rather quickly. Then I shredded the attempts by her supervising teacher. And finally I undid the attempts of the outside consultant.

I later learned that the outside Jewish consultant had asked for the name of the child who made such arguments.

I have decided to post the Holohoax argument last today.

First up is a video showing the consequences of living in a nation willing to believe in the Holohoax.

It means that Zionist criminal bankers can rob you blind.

If the man in the above video lived in a Holohoax free zone, he would use the term Zionist media instead of mainstream media.

He would also use the term criminal Zionist bankers to describe the purchase of 6.3 trillion dollars in fraudulent loans by the Jew Bernanke to keep his banker criminal buddies out of jail.

The American employment rate is down 8% over the past 10 years. And revenues for the average American state government are down 31% since last year.

Next up is the story of a 12 year-old boy who was kidnapped by the American military and held at Guantanamo for 8 years. He was found innocent and released. But he was threatened with arrest if he meets with journalists.

This would not have happened if Israel had not taken down the WTC with controlled demolitions on 911 and we had not accepted Zionist cooked intelligence to invade Iraq.

In the next video we see anti-Austerity riots in England. Austerity is coming to America.

I keep telling you that in the last depression millions of Americans died from starvation according to the Russian demographer Borisov. They died rather than name their enemy the criminal Zionist bankers who created the Federal Reserve to transfer all wealth to them. Austerity, Collapse and the Fire Sale where the Zionists buy America for pennies on the dollar are the final phases.

Americans could fire ten billion bullets with their 400 million guns but that is not likely.

I must repeat that the most likely event is a pandemic killer flu that makes impossible any joining together to resist Evil due to fears of contagion.

This need not be. If America were a Holohoax free zone, none of these things would befall us. We would still be a free and prosperous people.

And now the Holohoax video.


About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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