Your 2012 Congressional Campaign Stump Speech

Note: I believe the dollar will crash in a few months and the government will soon afterward cease to function. I offer this sample 2012 congressional stump speech to anyone who would like to use it. It is written for a candidate running against a male incumbent in the Democratic primary in Colorado. You will have to make adjustments for your state residence and party affiliation.

Hello. I have been asked why I am running in the primary against an entrenched incumbent. My answer is this: we have no congressman representing us. In the newspapers after our alleged congressman’s name appears they say Democrat-Colorado. I can honestly say we have no congressman representing us. If they told the truth in the newspaper, they would say Democrat Goldman Sachs or Republican JP Morgan rather than Democrat or Republican Colorado.

None of these men and women represent us. Can you name one that went ballistic and tried to shut down the House of Representatives after Bloomberg News revealed the Bailouts went past 27 trillion dollars? If we had a Congressman from Colorado, he would have demanded jail for Blankfein of Goldman Sachs. He sold knowingly bad loans to investors and and bought insurance against the losses he knew would result. That is fraud in the trillions.

After we paid 180 billion dollars to AIG to cover their losses in Credit Default Swaps did our congressman even co-sponsor a bill making this CDS gambling by banks illegal? No. He did not. That is why I will also call him AIG’s man in Washington and not just Goldman Sachs’ man in Washington.

I need to explain something. It is illegal for banks to buy and sell worthless assets. That is why Wall Street invented Credit Default Swaps which are a hybrid between derivatives and insurance. A derivative is simply a bet on the future value of a bond, of gold, of oil or some other commodity. If you take a bond you know to be worthless, you can pretend it has value by also selling a CDS. For example, you sell 1,000,000 liar loans mortgages to people you know cannot make the payments. You turn them into bonds and buy CDS from someone like AIG who cannot pay off the insurance when these bonds default. After the default, you go to the Senate and the House of Representatives which are on the payroll of AIG and Goldman Sachs and have them stick it to the taxpayers for 23.7 trillion dollars.

Harry Markopolos, who tried in vain for seven years to report Bernie Madoff’s 65 billion dollar Ponzi scheme to the SEC, said we are facing a worse scandal with 600 trillion dollars in CDS. Let me put that in perspective. The total American money supply is a little over 10 trillion dollars. To pay off 600 trillion dollars all we would have to do is for everyone who has dollars to give 100% of all their dollars to Goldman Sachs, AIG and their friends on Wall Street until the total money supply turns over 60 times.

The Congress has decided not to even hold hearings about this 600 trillion dollar scam because they do not want you to get any angrier than you are.

I need to explain something else. Position limits in futures trading were eliminated by Bush and continued by Obama. Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone explained how the repeal of Position Limits was used by Goldman Sachs and other banks to raise the price of gasoline. They bought and sold every barrel of oil 27 times before it got to your local gas station. Prior to Bush a Position Limit in the futures market said no one group of banks could buy all the food or gasoline. General Mills was allowed to go into the futures market to buy enough wheat and corn to protect themselves against future price increases. Blythe Masters at JP Morgan does not need to buy half of all the corn or wheat in the world.

If Colorado had a congressman, he would have shut the Congress down until they reinstated Position Limits so increasing prices for food and gasoline would not have impoverished almost every family in Colorado.

It is one thing to borrow money from Japan to buy cars, money from China to buy everything at WalMart and money from the Mideast to buy oil. It is another thing to print money to buy Treasury bonds at auction. When you borrow money from overseas, you actually get to use their money to buy things. When you print more of your own money, all you get is higher prices and therefore lower wages and pensions in real dollars. We have no Congressman because we have not heard any Congressman from Colorado denounce Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve.

Actually Bernanke did something far worse. He created over 12 trillion dollars and used 6.3 trillion dollars to buy fraudulent loans that the New York banks had sold to the Europeans to keep his banker buddies out of jail. Bernanke needs to do jail time as an accessory after the fact to the theft of trillions of dollars.

Have I proved to you yet that the Congress is brain dead?

If our alleged congressman represented you and me, he would have done something. By doing nothing he acted to destroy your life. Let me repeat that. He consciously decided to destroy your life and the lives of everyone in Colorado.

We need a Congress that says “No” to Bailouts. But we also need need them to say “No” to Wall Street’s other abuses.

On 9-10-2001 Donald Rumsfeld admitted that he was not able to trace 2.3 trillion dollars in Department of Defense spending. Catherine Austin Fitts who was Assistant Secretary of HUD in the Bush I regime has said billions of dollars are being stolen each week from unaudited or poorly audited spending at Defense, HUD and other agencies. This theft has been ongoing for decades under Democrat and Republican administrations. Yet no Democrat or Republican Congress has done anything to protect us from being robbed of billions of dollars every week.

Catherine Austin Fitts has said that the trillions of dollars stolen from unaudited federal spending has been sent overseas and will be used to buy America for pennies on the dollar at fire sale prices after our economy hits bottom.

To the money stolen from taxpayers will be added the money they have made laundering a trillion dollars a year in drugs and about 400 billion dollars a year in illegal weapons sales. The banks also launder 500 billion dollars a year in bribes for politicians worldwide. Now you know why politicians break all of their campaign promises. And why one congressman quipped that he had two types of calls on the Bailout “No and Hell NO” but still voted for the Bailout.

The Congress does not care that drugs sold on street corners in America have systematically destroyed whole neighborhoods one family at a time until many cities are on the verge of collapse. Nor does the bought and paid for media tell us the truth about drugs and illegal weapons and gang shootings. How would the criminals destroy America without the assistance of the bankers, the Congress and the media?

Has the Congress held hearings on the billions of dollars stolen each week from unaudited federal Spending? No. Have they passed a law? No. Has the Congress held hearings on the trillions of dollars held by drug cartels and corrupt politicians in the 300 largest international banks? No. Have they passed laws? No.

The incumbent congressman got mad at me last week when someone published a flier announcing his plan to help exactly one man or woman out of the tens of thousands in Colorado who lost a job over the last year. The plan according to the flier was that he was going to hold a lottery. The winning prize was a job at Goldman Sachs where the average pay with bonuses is $773,000 a year. The flier said your congressman was good buddies with the boys at Goldman Sachs and was going to put a little extra in the next Bailout so there would be enough money to hire one person in each of the 435 congressional districts.

Of course the drawback was that to be eligible you had to write a letter to the editor of the Denver Post telling them what a wonderful congressman we have and how you can see prosperity around the corner just as soon as the they pass the Bailout and Stimulus Bill of 2011. My lawyer told me to say that I am innocent, that I never touched that flier and that I promise to never to do it again.

If you want to save yourself some hassles, just publish a flier suggesting your congressman or senator hold a lottery offering one of us a job at Goldman Sachs so we will all get behind the two trillion dollar Stimulus and Bailout bill of 2011.

If our congressman wanted money for health care, he could have saved 200 billion dollar a year by not spending money on foreign military bases. He could have saved even more money if he and Obama had stopped the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as they promised.

He also could have saved us money by requiring Big Pharma to charge us no more than they do overseas for the same medicine from the same assembly line. He could have saved us money by requiring outcomes based research so that no insurance money need be paid for any medicine that has no proven benefit. That would save us a lot of money on statin drugs which do us no good but do us a lot of harm. Instead he voted to require us to buy insurance which is nothing but a trillion dollar ten year subsidy to his benefactors at the big insurance companies.

And what savings did he propose? Half of the proposed savings were to come from cuts to the elderly on Medicare.

Did our Goldman Sachs man in Washington vote to audit the FED. No. He did not. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned bank that has never been audited since its creation in 1913. We get audited by the IRS all the time. In fact HR 3200 which AIG’s man in Washington voted for had a provision that allowed the health care bureaucrats to audit your finances and take money directly out of your bank account without your permission or even a court order if they thought you might owe them money.

Imagine the abuses on that one. Suppose they need to pass another Bailout because 27 trillion dollars was not enough for Goldman Sachs and AIG. They could pay for it by just taking $100 out of everyone’s bank account.

The real enemies of America have always been the Federal Reserve bank, Goldman Sachs, AIG, their friends on Wall Street and their criminal co-conspirators in the House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

Before I finish let me try to explain to you how the Federal Reserve system was designed to steal your money and why we need to abolish it.

The simplest way to explain the FED is to say that they have a license to print our money. It is as if they were legalized counterfeiters whose only restriction is that they cannot go into a store to pass their money. They can only loan their money into circulation and collect interest from the suckers. We now have about 12 trillion dollars in loans the government must pay interest on unnecessarily. If there were no FED, we would have no 12 trillion dollar debt and no interest to pay on that debt and no income tax either. All of the income taxes we have paid have gone to subsidize corporations, to pay for wars we did not need and to pay the banks for printing the money the Treasury should have printed for us without interest.

Imagine life if there had been no Depression of 1929-1939, no current Depression and no inflation. Imagine an America where you and your family had never paid an income tax and our lives had not been disrupted by inflation and massive job losses. What you have imagined is an America without a Federal Reserve bank and without Goldman Sachs and where we are free to live our lives without their wars and their schemes.

What you have imagined is still possible for America if we do not return to Washington any brain dead men and women who have sold their souls to the Federal Reserve, to Goldman Sachs and to everyone else on Wall Street.

I thank you for listening but your family and friends will thank you even more for just saying “No” to Washington and to Wall Street.

You can be the first to declare your candidacy. Use as much of this stump speech as you want. Remember to campaign as if you had no incumbent opponent . Surely if we had a congressman he would have done something to stop the Bailouts, jail the bankers and stop the theft of billions of dollars every week from spending that we peasants are not allowed to audit.

Please put your speech on YouTube and post it as a comment on this blog.

We need to avoid the trap of partisan politics. Both parties are to be blamed for the current state of affairs. Neither one of the two major parties will come to our rescue.

My hope is that I will inspire Americans in their hour of need to just say “NO” to both political parties, to the media and to Wall Street and all of their wars and financial shenanigans.


About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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  1. veritas6464 says:

    Hey horse237,..Bravura, excellent work, you are essential to the cause!


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