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The Great Healthcare Kill Off Begins After Election Day

The Super Congress is meeting and discussing how big the healthcare cuts will be and not whether or not they should be any at all. When the dollar, the euro and the pound die, the healthcare system will be used … Continue reading

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Are British Mercenaries in Athens Beating And Killing Demonstrators?

In a radio interview Bob Chapman said Papandreou is negotiating to hire British soldiers to break riots in Greece. The other day the police allowed 200 men through their lines to attack the demonstrators. They killed one man. The Greek … Continue reading

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Presidential Study Directive 10 To The Rescue

President Barack Obama issued Presidential Study Directive 10 on August 4th to create the Atrocities Prevention Board. The White House Press Secretary in making the announcement also said Today he is also issuing a proclamation explicitly bars entry into the … Continue reading

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Vampire Squids Attack Humans, Resistance Deemed Racist, Humans Issue Demands

The German Bundestag voted 503 to 89 to destroy their currency and their nation by approving a leveraged Bailout of the banks which in Europe like America are owned by Vampire Squids. This law change will allow the banks to … Continue reading

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A Fractional Reserve Gold Standard: The Next Big Fraud

It is easy to predict what will happen once you understand the people who own the governments of the United States, England and Europe. They are bankers so you follow their money. And they are mostly Jewish so you follow … Continue reading

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The Day The Zombies Realize America Has Neither A President Nor Any Presidential Candidates

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the last President to say NO to the bankers, the drug cartels, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers and the Zionists. It was just 25 years later that George H W Bush who was a … Continue reading

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What Would Obama Do Differently If He Planned To Destroy The World We Knew?

Ask yourself this question honestly: What would Barack Obama do differently than he is doing if he did intend to destroy the world we knew? The US spends 500 billion dollars a year on gross interest on the debt. If … Continue reading

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Conversations With Young Assimilated Jewish People

The true test of assimilation for Jewish people is marriage. Half of all American and English Jews marry outside their race. Jewish women have to compete with Gentile women who are a lot prettier. When I tell Jewish men that … Continue reading

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America: Now 12 Simultaneous Wars, Misery Index 36%, Third Lebanon War? When Will The Misery Index Hit 60%?

Things are going from bad to really, really bad. We had 5 wars until Obama attacked Libya in order to start war number 6 and unleash an open ended war against Africa. He then announced the invasion of four African … Continue reading

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What Is Obama Doing In Africa and Mexico? Is Germ Warfare On The Agenda?

Previously, I wrote that Obama was not satisfied with 6 simultaneous wars and had engaged America in 4 more wars by sending troops into South Sudan, Uganda, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It seems … Continue reading

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