Resist Tyranny Now: Buy Silver

I propose that President Ahmadinejad ask Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez to intervene with Peruvian President Ollanta Humala to allow him to buy 100% of that nation’s silver output and withhold it from the market. The name of the buyer should be not be made public. It will most likely take an act of the Peruvian Congress to declare a state of emergency suspending all silver contracts so an unnamed foreign party can buy and hold 100% of all Peru’s silver output taking it off the market until further notice. President Humala should announce that their diplomats are today consulting all silver exporting nations to form an OPEC like organization to force the New York and London banks who have been manipulating bullion prices to pay a fair price. The future of hundreds of millions of people depends upon our ability to negotiate market prices for the product of our labors. Privately the Peruvians could say that a fair price should begin at least $60 an ounce.

NATO sanctions on Iran’s banks have cut the purchasing power of the Iranian people by 30%. President Ahmadinejad needs a weapon to strike back at the banks. Doubling the price of silver will do that. And it will make him a hero in the Third World where people struggle daily to get a fair price for their goods and in the West where people struggle daily against the control bankers have over them through their governments.

2012 might be your last chance to resist peacefully. The President and the Congress passed NDAA 2012 which allows for indefinite detention without trial. The Congress has proposed two separate bills that would allow torture and removal of citizenship without trial. Americans who already had more guns than any other nation in history have been making record numbers of new purchases since November.

I only offer solutions that work because I am in this to win. Therefore I would ask everyone to buy silver and break the banks which own every government in the Western World. I would also ask you to do this. If you know someone in Iran or Peru, please save the lives of a few hundred million or even a few billion people who otherwise might die in WW III by forwarding this proposal to the Iranians and the Peruvians. I do not exaggerate. If we buy enough silver, we will break the banks and at least have a chance to take back our governments from the criminals who have sacked and looted our nations.

It does not matter if the people who help us break the Too Big To Jail banks do not like us or we do not like them. What does matter is that they are willing to buy silver and break the power of those who have robbed Americans of more than 30 trillion dollars. This same criminal cabal has robbed other nations as well. The entire world will cheer our triumph over Evil.

Elsewhere in the markets… Blackrock, one of America’s largest Hedge Funds, bought 10% of Agnico Eagle Mines whose stock had slumped last year after it had written off a failed project. Blackrock did this after Eric Sprott of Sprott Asset Management had convinced Endeavour Silver to hold liquid capital in silver bullion rather than in cash. That is a reasonable action given that silver is increasing in value while cash is declining in value. Eric Sprott had earlier announced that he would be increasing his purchases of silver bullion by a billion and a half dollars. The last time he did this silver was $18 an ounce and more than doubled. He has just made a followup announcement that the Canadian government has approved his application to expand his PSLV fund so he can now begin to acquire bullion. James Turk of is also buying silver in large quantities as are other funds and government mints.

The US government used to have 4 billion ounces of silver in its stockpile and sold 100 million ounces a year until 2005. China used to export 100 million ounces but now imports 100 million ounces. The Chinese are setting up a system which would allow any of 300 million Chinese with personal checking accounts and 2 million with business accounts to buy silver.

The amount of money spent buying bullion is equally divided between gold and silver. Yet there is far more gold than silver in vaults. Historically the price ratio of gold to silver has ranged from 10 to 16 to 20 to 1. Today that ratio fluctuates around 54 to 1. The silver market is much smaller than the gold market because silver has so many industrial uses and is being permanently taken out of circulation every day. But that is precisely why breaking the manipulation of silver is so easily accomplished. There is less of it so we need to buy just a few million ounces to make a huge difference. If Peru sold the next ten million ounces of their production to the Iranians or anyone else including Hedge Funds and Sovereign Funds, we would be one giant step closer to jailing the criminals of Wall Street and the City of London.

In yesterday’s article “Translating Zero Hedge: Your Wages Will Be Cut In Half” I said China is unloading US bonds and would be in a position to dump the dollar soon after the November 2012 elections. The Chinese want their people to load up on silver so they will have real money to buy food after the dollar, the pound and the euro collapse and hyperinflation ruins a few billion lives. Inflation has to be at least 10% in China. Their government statistics are as deceptive as America’s. The real inflation rate is 12% in America according to John Williams at Shadow Stats. If only 1% of the eligible Chinese personal bank account customers and 20% of their commercial accounts bought ten ounces of silver each, they would buy 45 times what Eric Sprott did when he doubled prices. The Chinese have a long history of buying silver to protect themselves from inflating paper currencies dating all the way back to the Mongolians. The Chinese and everyone else who can understand the basic math of currencies declining 10% to 20% a year versus silver increasing faster than any stock or commodity will go into the silver market as we approach next year’s hyperinflation.

If you read yesterday’s article, you would understand why I believe silver will sell for more than $100 an ounce within 16 months. A lot more than that if the gold to silver ratio drops to 25 to 1 or even lower.

The COMEX is one of several commodity futures trading organizations. On one day in 2011 price manipulators funded by the unlimited Federal Reserve instant fiat currency printing machine that much real bullion sold one billion ounces of paper futures without any ability to deliver real silver. Even delivering one tenth of one percent of that much physical silver was far beyond them. That is to say one of several exchanges sold 25% more paper silver in one day than all the miners in the world dug out of the ground all year. The COMEX will not last much longer doing business like that.

A related paper gold and silver scheme can be found at the Exchange Traded Funds SLV and GLD which simulate the spot price of silver and gold using derivatives which are bets on the future value of commodities. These schemes are already selling at a discount to the spot price of silver and gold. The ETFs will collapse and break the banks as soon as we force silver past the manipulative price levels where it is currently floundering.

Eric Sprott has said we are near the Tipping Point where physical bullion buyers will overwhelm the paper sellers and we will have fair and open price discovery for silver and gold.

That Tipping Point is the day the bankers go bankrupt and lose control of the government and of your life. It is also the day the people take back their government and cancel World War III.

Author’s Notes: This is that article I mentioned that explains why I believe the dollar will be dumped after the November elections.

Translating Zero Hedge: Your Wages Will Be Cut In Half

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About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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16 Responses to Resist Tyranny Now: Buy Silver

  1. Utopia Don't Exist! says:

    I’m a huge Silver fan, but I feel, based on long term charts, that Silver hasn’t bottomed. In fact it had a Death Cross on the Weekly Chart recently. I’m looking at $22 as my back up the truck moment because in the end all Empires die from debasing their currency to a worthless value. It’s not gonna happen until NY FED releases all the funds they are holding for banks which isn’t happening in the near future. You can position yourself for what must ultimately come, and use this time to your advantage, as you already know the outcome. Timing is the only question.

    • horse237 says:

      Have you seen BrotherJohnF channel on YouTube?

      • Utopia Don't Exist! says:

        I have not, and by the way, I’m sorry to hear of your earlier circumstances. We take the Horn of Plenty sitting in the middle of the table for granted, as it’s what we have always known for several generations. Much like Taleb’s turkey analogy, we assume we will always have this, and that we deserve it no matter what. You have known real hunger, and I imagine it’s very hard to describe the effects it has on the mind and body. For anyone with a sense of history, hunger is what the world has always known. This 4TH Turning like the ones that preceded it in our country’s history will be a real mother.

      • Utopia Don't Exist! says:

        I think this partial line from a Dicken’s novel, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”, describes perfectly the world we live in today. A middle class did not exist in Dicken’s world, and throughout history that has been the case with few exceptions. The elites of this world are systematically destroying every soceity on this planet by destroying each country’s middle class. They will steal the last nickel from the Treasury, and move East to feast on the toils of a whole new group of victims.

  2. Hasan Ismail says:

    This could kill bankers
    but dont you think bankers may as a result start a war like a hopeless action?
    Wont they act like a soldier that become invincible and fight with all his strength when he get trapped in death and loose hope?

  3. horse237 says:

    The military have refused orders several times to attack Iran. Admiral Mullen even went to Israel to tell them they could not attack Iran. The military once refused Cheney’s order to pretend the Iranians had started shooting at them. The military said NO.

    Bankers are like a crazy person in the back seat yelling at the driver telling him to drive over the cliff. Sane people will slam on the brakes.

    • Hasan Ismail says:

      Lets say that the government order the army to attack iran in public, so there surely be some supporters and others will refuse to attack iran, so there may be a war american vs american?

      • horse237 says:

        We have had dissent in the past. Admiral William J Fallon had criticized General Petraeus and his idea of the Surge in Iraq troop levels. The admiral was fired from his job at CENTCOM. over it. Who;e companies have refused orders. Only 35% of Americans support a war with Iran. 41% of Israelis support such a war.

  4. roy albrecht says:

    Everything seems to hinge on Ron Paul…, He must be allowed to win and govern without Talmudic assassination.

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  6. Guevera's Auntie says:

    Press TV…

    99.9% from Wiki entries only.

    1; Mohammad Sarafraz (Press TV CEO) Wiki entry..or much of anything else.

    Sarafraz explained that “our experience tells us that pictorial reflection of news and the use of images are more effective than discussion and analysis.”
    Yes, you read that correctly, “our experience tells us that pictorial reflection of news and the use of images are more effective than discussion and analysis.”

    2; Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    3; Mehdi Karroubi

    Early after the election of Barack Obama as US president, Karroubi stated that the changes from the United States have been positive. “An important step has been taken…. I will take steps forward in this relation in accordance with national interests and national pride”, he said.[12]

    Karroubi has been a critic of President Ahmadinejad’s foreign policy and his infamous remarks about the Holocaust. Karroubi said: “The Holocaust is an event which did take place.”[13] He believes that the president’s remarks cost Iran a great deal.

    4; Nick Ferrari

    Ferrari’s father ran a news agency, Ferrari Press Agency, and Ferrari was keen to make a name for himself in the same industry. Ferrari was a news reporter on the Sunday Mirror in 1981 and has had many other posts in journalism: ShowBiz Reporter at The Sun and Editor of the paper’s “Bizarre” gossip page, Features Editor of the News of the World’s Sunday Magazine and Assistant Editor of The Daily Mirror. A friend of former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie, Ferrari joined him at L!VE TV where he devised such programmes as Topless Darts, the News Bunny and the weather presented by a dwarf on a trampoline.

    In 1989, Ferrari was instrumental in setting up the Sky News channel, as the second person to be hired by Rupert Murdoch. Initially he was editor and then he was promoted to Vice President of News and Programming, of Fox TV in New York.

    5; Kourosh Ziabari

    6; Afshin Rattansi…no direct wiki entry

    Afshin is a journalist and former Lloyd’s of London global catastrophe risk analyst who has worked at the BBC Today programme, Bloomberg, CNN International, Al Jazeera Arabic, the Dubai Business Channel and Press TV. His writing has appeared in The Guardian, New Statesman, Counterpunch, The Oldie, Attitude, Gulf News, Critical Quarterly, and Flaunt magazine. Four of his novels have been published in one volume, The Dream of the Decade, available at He is CEO of Alternate Reality Productions Ltd., making television for international satellite broadcasters. Currently, he presents and executive produces Double Standards, a political satire show on Press TV. He commentates from time to time for BBC World Service, Russia Today, Fox News and Al Jazeera.

    (brother) Shihab Rattansi works for Al Jazeera English as a lead news anchor in their Washington, DC Broadcast Center.

    Before joining Al Jazeera English Shihab was a CNN International anchor based in Atlanta, Georgia. At CNN he anchored World News and regularly anchored other shows such as Insight, Your World Today, Global Challenges, CNN Today, and World News Asia. While working for CNN, Rattansi has presented the breaking news stories involving the capture of Saddam Hussein, the 2004 Tsunami, Beslan school hostage crisis, 7 July 2005 London bombings
    He was also involved in a Hollywood film entitled The Death of Salvador Dali. Rattansi is a Winner of 2006 Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award.
    His brother, novelist and Sony award-winning journalist Afshin Rattansi, has worked for CNN, Al Jazeera Arabic’s “Top Secret” strand, the BBC’s Today program, Bloomberg.

    7; Amir direct Wiki entry.

    8; Mark Levine

    Mark Levine is an American broadcast journalist who frequently appears as a pundit on FOX News, Fox Business News, MSNBC, and CNN Headline News, [1] [2]. He often debates radio host Mike Gallagher on America Live with Megyn Kelly and Laura Ingraham on the O’Reilly Factor. [3]. Levine is the host of the nationally syndicated radio/television show Mark Levine’s Inside Scoop on Washington, which began in June 2003 [4] and is currently featured on local television in Metropolitan Washington, DC and Northern Virginia. He also has regular shows on XM Satellite Radio and on Pacifica Radio in Washington DC. The Inside Scoop’s tag line is “All the News from Washington the Government Does Not Want You to Know.” [5] From July to December 2007, Levine hosted the television show The American Dream on Press TV, until, he says, Press TV tried to censor him. [6] [7]. Levine is well-known for keeping a Constitution in his pocket when he debates on air [8].

    Prior to his radio debut, Levine served three years as legislative counsel to Barney Frank, a high-ranking Democrat on the Judiciary and Homeland Security Committees. In that capacity Levine says he learned how Washington really works: from the way bills become law to political negotiations, spin, administration secrets, and dangerous lapses in American security. He was hired by on behalf of the Congressional Black Caucus to author the Congressional Challenge To Presidential Electors, “The ‘Gore Exception’: A Layman’s Guide to the United States Supreme Court Decision in Bush v. Gore”, and a section of the USA PATRIOT Act. [9]

    Levine earned an economics degree magna cum laude from Harvard University and a Juris Doctor from Yale Law School. He was a Fulbright scholar in Switzerland. He has worked as a California trial attorney, Nazi hunter, Jewish historian, and inner-city school teacher. (yes, Tony Blair) ..(member of Parliament) (Mayor of London)

    Yes, some are missing.

  7. Naeem says:

    Congratulations horse today words got out that india and china are willing to purchase iranian oil with GOLD. that mean gold price will rise and the dollar will god willing fall.

  8. Buy Silver says:

    Nice post. With this new announcement by the Fed, now is more clear than never that one should buy and keep silver.

    • horse237 says:

      I am expecting the dollar to go into hyperinflation within 16 months. Have you seen this?

      Translating Zero Hedge: Your Wages Will Be Cut In Half

      Someone forwarded the Resist Tyranny article to a friend who has contacts at the ministerial level in a foreign nation that shall remain nameless. He thought the plan was doable and liked it. If I get a positive response or I see developments in any nation that indicate my plan is being implemented, I will post a special article explaining what happened. That is after I buy silver on a credit card. I bought silver by trading in my gold and cleaning out my bank account. I see silver doubling in price very easily. I am climbing out of my current economic squeeze even though my relatives want me to sell dome silver and give the money to them.

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