Judaica And 911 Part II

This is an expanded version of a reply I made to an email from a Jewish woman. We all deal with Jewish people in our daily lives and some of us even have Jewish relatives. And a few of my readers are either Jewish or partially Jewish descent.

I have never said all Jews are either evil or insane. Nor am I at war with all Jewish people. But it is clear that the Jewish leaders have declared war on me and all Goyim. 911 was done by Israel and by Jewish leaders in America. But more importantly it was covered up by the Jewish controlled press worldwide. They were aided by every Jew who either intimidated co-workers or fired employees who talked about 911 being an Inside Job. They did nor want the truth of 911 to be an issue knowing that it would trace back to Israel. But 911 Truth is coming out and all the Jewish social capital has already been expended. What will they do next to stifle dissent? Start a war, declare martial law and throw millions of Americans into concentration camps?

I told her that Jewish people also need to distance themselves from Wall Street which stole 30 trillion dollars from her fellow Americans. The Jewish leadership partially covered it up by inflating the currency which will lead to hyperinflation and a 50% pay cut for her neighbors. In the last Depression only 3 million Americans died from starvation. I expect 9 million to die in the next one. Americans have over 300 million guns and 10 billion bullets. In less than two years I expect hyperinflation and a 30% unemployment rate. What do you think will happen when 48 million Americans on Food Stamps and 68 million other poor people have no way to buy food because Jewish leaders insisted on their right to steal every last penny from the Goyim? Even if the Goyim are willing to go without food for three days to prove they are not anti-Semitic, what is your plan as a Jewish person for surviving on the fourth day?

A sizable number of the 20 million plus Jewish people in America need to distance themselves from their self-appointed leaders. They need to stand up and tell the truth that 911 was done by Israel and by traitors inside the American government.

Jewish and Goyim bankers need to be arrested for fraud. The Federal Reserve is designed to transfer wealth from those who work for a living to the bankers who won the right to create our dollars when they passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The Israelis and American Jewish leaders joined forces to kill President Kennedy on the 53rd anniversary of the secret meeting that created the Federal Reserve. JFK was also murdered because Israel wanted nuclear weapons so nobody could stop them whenever they feel the need to commit genocide. There are 300 million Arabs living in the area from the Nile to the Euphrates. The land the Zionists all claim as Greater Israel. Israel’s goal is to dispossess or kill most of those people.

I need to mention the assassination of Martin Luther King who was murdered because he opposed the war in Vietnam and was going to organize an effective opposition. Martin was a Goy so he wanted an effective movement that would change things as opposed to all the phony Jewish anti-war socialist types who took over after his assassination. Like Kennedy King was assassinated on an important anniversary which was a message to you. MLK was killed one year to the day of his April 4th anti-war speech at the Riverside church in New York. The messages of the JFK and MLK assassinations are that you are not allowed to say No either to senseless wars or to the looting of your nation. In case you have not guessed it. This country for the time being is theirs and not yours. That was the third message of the assassinations of JFK. RFK and MLK.

Jewish people know how their self-appointed leaders rise to the top. The Goyim need to know how it works too. The Jewish bankers compete for the trade in laundering trillion dollars a year in drug money. They also launder 400 billion dollars a year in illegal weapons. And don’t forget the 500 billion dollars a year in political bribes. The banker who hires the most assassins wins. The rest of the Jews must obey the dictates of this network of psychopaths. Because the 20th century was a Jewish century the Goyim had to accept whatever the dictates of the Zionist Criminal Family. If the Jewish leaders say Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction, then we must believe the lie and go to war spending a trillion dollars we don’t have and killing lots of people we will never get to know.

Please remember all the famines, Depressions, Inflations, revolutions, Gulags and wars of the last century were done when the Jews were in charge. The 21st century is shaping up to be even worse. The next Depression will give us worldwide famine, food riots, hyperinflation, wars and – I think – killer plagues.

I can categorically state that the Jews will not be in charge of anything by the end of the 21st century. There might not be a planet left. But whatever is here will not be run by Jews. Jews know the majority of their people are unfit to run a government because they cannot see a non-Jew as a real human being.

Do you really want to live in a nation where as a Jewish person you are required to spy on your neighbors and co-workers reporting any incidents of clear thinking to the secret police? How does it benefit you as a Jewish person to make honesty and integrity fatal diseases? A friend of mine from Kiev told me that during the 1930s the Jews used to call the secret police to report their neighbors for being Christians and other such capital offenses. The Stalinist regime was killing millions of Goyim every year. The Jews of Russia had killed 350,000 priests when they first took over. As payment for their loyalty, they allowed the criminals in the secret police to rape more than half a million Goyim women to death. Stalin starved 10 million Ukrainians to death so he knew he had to keep a firm grip on the situation. 9 million America will starve to death if we do not recognize the cancer that passes for leadership in America. The easy way to change our future is for the Jewish people to help the Goyim by telling the truth about 911 and the Holohoax. The hard way would be for the Jews in their local community to go to the nearest WalMart and say, “WalMart is a Jewish company. Food riots are anti-Semitic. You won’t get anything to eat except over our dead bodies.”

I met a Jewish woman whose son died of a drug overdose. How did it benefit her as a Jewish mother to give her government over to drug dealers? I think she would just rather have her son back.

Jewish leaders and their Goyim allies are allowed to steal 4 billion dollars a week from federal spending. The common folk are not allowed to audit the books. In June of 2010 the federal deficit was 68 billion dollars. But the Jewish leaders and their Goyim allies sold 211 billion dollars in Treasury bonds allowing the Lords of Wall Street to pocket the 143 billion dollar difference. This can only happen because a majority of Jewish people let it happen. How does the destruction of America by criminals make the average Jewish person better off?

A young Jewish woman speaking of the intelligent Goyim once said to me, “Only the worst people love us. The really nice ones do not like us.” She was referring to what Jewish people allow to happen in their name.

Sheikh Imran Hosein tells us that Muslim prophecy says Arabs will be wiped out by a plague at the end of history. The Foundations and the think tanks funded by Wall Street and the City of London all say we must reduce the population from 7 billion to a billion or fewer people. This is academic speak for ‘Let’s kill 6 billion human beings.’ I think Jewish leaders want Jews to be 10% of the world’s population. The Jewish people have already won the title as the greatest mass murderers in human history. How does killing 6 billion enrich the average Jewish person’s life?

I have been analyzing exit paths from the current situation for the Bilderberg-Zionist criminal elite. There is no way out for them but to surrender peacefully. In a few days I will write an essay explaining their available exit strategies. Everything they are planning will lead to their death. Peace is the only solution that makes sense.

The war the Jews declared against us will end soon. One way or another. It will all be over very, very soon.

PS. Please do not post inflammatory comments. I am trying to get an open dialogue going. You might want to copy your favorite essays from this blog and others as well. The Police State is rapidly approaching. Blogs and people will soon be disappearing. You might want to check back into this blog to see if it is still here. It might be banned from sites that have advertisers.

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About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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60 Responses to Judaica And 911 Part II

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  2. Al Cabal says:

    There are only about 6,000,000 Jews in the USA.

    • horse237 says:

      I lived in Boston for 8 years when I went to school. There are more than 6 million Jews within 100 miles of New York City. Are you saying there are o Jews anywhere else in America?

      I was told of the national census Jews take of their people every year. The figures I go for 1980 was 40 million Jews in America but Jewish friends told me that was an inflated number which counted people of mixed Jewish descent that did not think of themselves as Jews.

    • wallaceduffy says:

      How many name-changers & crypto-Jews are there in the USA?

      • horse237 says:

        No way of knowing but that previously mentioned 1980 Jewish census came up with a figure of 40 million which included people of mixed parentage. In all fairness they also reported that the average Jew was 47 years-old. Jewish women are the primary beneficiaries of affirmative action. Jewish people have a 50% out marriage rate. And Jewish women are at a a disadvantage as they are not as pretty as white women. And many Jewish men prefer Asian women.

        I think that many Jewish people are not reproducing themselves is because they do not want to be Jewish anymore with all that implies.

  3. John says:

    We should not forget that some of those people on food stamps are Jews too. There is no monolithic Jewish “people” just as there is no monolithic “Catholic” people or “Protestant” people etc. Jewish “leaders” speak for regional groups who may not support them 100% just as the Pastor from a local church does not speak for the “Lutheran” people. We are all individuals and have our own thoughts and identity. The are different socio-economic strata for all groups and many Jews are middle class and poor and suffering just as much as the others. I can attest to that and you can take it or leave it. If we are targeting elites the Jews are just a segment of those elites who revel in their domination and exploitation just as much as the non-Jew. And the elites including Jewish ones are all too happy to have the “Jew” take the fall while elite rule and tyranny continues unabated. In the Holocaust it was mainly the poor Jews who were sacrificed while those with means escaped.

    It is an easy and simplistic world view to blame a group for the crimes of a few (1%). I don’t expect you to change your view since it comforts you and provides a method to try to understand that which is complex and threatening. However, I cannot stand idly by when I see this divide and conquer mentality espoused which actually discourages unity of the exploited classes and strengthens the power elite and their structures of dominance through misdirection. The bastions of the power elite are all around us. Yet we still wait for those with courage to storm the “Bastille.”

    The police state is indeed approaching and we need to fight it as a united front. Not by marginalizing or attacking groups at the fringe.Together we have a chance at victory. Divided we fall. We shall either hang together. Or we all shall hang separately. We have to put aside our prejudices and pre-conceived notions and get beyond irrational race hatred to take on the real evil that is before our very eyes. We all need to fight for liberty. Every race, creed, color and religion. If an innocent man is in chains we are not free. Let us not devour our own.

    • iansaysamerica1st says:

      You’re in that there is no “monolithic Jewish people” but there IS a monolithic Jewish identity – Jewish-ness. And THAT is the problem, not “Jews” in an ethnic sense, but Judaism and Jewish-ness. In short, being Jew-ish is a CHOICE. These people can stop being Jews anytime they want all they have to do is admit that they are human beings just like the rest of us.

    • horse237 says:

      I am saying that Jews who are poor or dissent from the views of their self-appointed leaders need to practice this thing called democracy.

      If Jewish people do not step forward, America will cease to exist. All I am doing is asking that Jews demonstrate their loyalty to America by telling the truth that Israel did 911. I am expecting them to demand of Jewish criminals on Wall Street as I do of Christians.

      America will soon experience 30% unemployment and hyperinflation.

      What is your solution to the coming economic collapse?

  4. iansaysamerica1st says:

    Correction: “goyim bankers” is not right it should be “goyische bankers”

  5. M Khan says:

    It is the super rich elite Jews as well as those who are not Jews. So cannot just blame the Jews. Can we blame Jews for tyranny of Saddam or Ghadafi and other tyrants. Unfortunately it is the human nature that is the problem and this will continue till the end of history.

    • iansaysamerica1st says:

      Yes, but the SPIRIT that animates these people – Jew and non-Jew alike – is a Jewish one. Read Yuri Slezkine’s “The Jewish Century” and you will find that all Westerns – most of us anyway – are Jewish now; Jewish in spirit. At any rate, the ideologies that motivate these psychopaths – Jew and non-Jew alike – CERTAINLY isn’t Pagan, Christian or Islamic.

      • horse237 says:

        If we are to survive, we will have to take over the Foundations, the media and the educational system. All Judaic influences must be removed.

        An example would be the weird alternative family theories taught in schools. The destruction of the non-Jewish family so that we could not fight back. DHS is setting up programs to have children spy on their parents.

    • horse237 says:

      It takes the approval of Jewish people for Jewish leadership to do what they are doing.

      Jewish people know their leaders are complete scum. They know their leaders are making life as we know it impossible in America. If Jewish people want to live in America they will have to demonstrate their loyalty by joining the 911 Truth movement and saying Israel did 911. They need to tell people that Ira has no nuclear weapons program. They need to demand that Jewish criminals on Wall Street do jail time.

      It is a common practice for Jewish people to advocate solutions that go nowhere.

      A warning about human nature does not give us a means of doing anything to save us.

      What is your solution for preventing hyperinflation and 30% unemployment?

      • Paul says:

        You have it right there. Jews who take no action consent to the crimes committed in the name of their identity. People say its not Judaism but Zionism that’s the problem and skirt around their fear of being branded an “anti-Semite”. That brand must be ignored as though it doesn’t exist for this conversation to move forward. All Jews may not have the blood directly on their hands, but they all cling to the profit the shedding of that blood brings them.

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  7. Brian Concannon says:

    Great stuff – yet another article exposing just how strong the zionist cartels power and control of the world
    I felt hope about you saying the Jews/zionists will ultimately lose everything

    I believe most govs of the world have horrendously let their peoples down and it’s time for peoples govs to be formed giving the people the ultimate power over gov to give the final decisions and go ahead for all new gov laws and agendas
    usury banking will be outlawed or restructured and the banksters and financial elites who have robbed us of our prosperity wil be stripped of all their assets and held accountable for their crimes
    every County/State of the world should forml their own Bank and use the assets of the elites as the source for most credit lent out
    then the Peoples of the world could start the process of de-zionizing every facet of our lives with radical changes being made to the Industrial Military Complex and covert intelligence agencies, a complete overhaul of the zio media empires by making all news reported to be of high journalistic integrity like RT, then the medical mental health vaccine GMO……etc industries could be sanitized or shut down

    Mass Peaceful protests can achieve almost anything

    • horse237 says:

      I will have to write an essay detailing what we need to do to rebuild America and the world with a de-criminalized government and society.

      I would use RICO lawsuits in a military court.

  8. horse237 says:

    There are benefits to being Jewish. But there is a penalty all Jews will pay along their fellow Americans when their leaders destroy America.

    I noticed that all of the first few comments came from Jews which indicates they were acting as Jewish people more cohesively than do white people.

    I also noticed that none of the Jews was willing to break with Israel and admit the truth that Israel did 911.

  9. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    The construction of the WTC I,II, and 7 was all jewish contractors, only a few of which had the class to get the word out about the demolition systems installed. This practice of installing demolitions in 50+ story buildings was halted(by law) half way through constructing WTC 7.. The Chicago Sears(Willis Tower)is still loaded, though the nukes may be removed from the basements by now.
    95% of congress deserves to be in prison or executed.

    • horse237 says:

      I see no evidence that there were explosives wired inside the WTC when it was built.

      This takes away from the provable fact that nanothermite was found at the WTC.

      I am not a physicist but I did take Calculus with them at school.

      Nukes decay over time. 1967 to 2001 is 34 years. A bomb would not explode after that much time. The Soviets had to maintain them every 7 years.

      • Howard T. Lewis III says:

        I am sure they cleaned out files before detonation, especially considering what type of criminal entity occupied the White Hand misused their authority. TALK WITH THE BUILDERS BEFORE THEY ALL DIE OF OLD AGE. AND THEY ARE ALMOST ALL DEAD OF OLD AGE NOW. And consult 1967-1972 construction journals. The most simple method to verify that preset(and maybe periodic updates) occured is to ask people among the builders . The pen my father used in setting up the initial preliminary contacts was a Parker T-ball jotter I gave him for Christmas. The seriousness which he dto me to get out and confirm this preset activity resulted in my doiing so. These journals exist. I moved to far flung Hawai’i in 1993. I say talk to the builders and their acquaintances and the entire internet news network is too busy. I tell them the truth that the Chicago Sears(Willis) tower is loaded like the WTCs and everyone is too busy to respond. The nukes are probably gone, but the thermitic compounds are definitely in place. NONE OF THE 9-11 TRUTH CHEMIST GROUP HAS DENIED THE PRESENCE OF THERMITE. They do emphasize the presence of nanothermate, which apparently only came into being just before 2001. Go deeper with these guys and they will tell you a thermitic material is present which was in commercial use back in the mid 1960s. I saw a training film at a certain college’s media center of spray application of the explosive.
        And besides, the only way undetectable access method could have been accomplished was for the applications to be done during construction. You can not apply thermite by dreaming. At one time, I had 116,300,000 results in the yahoo! search results. That is the ring of truth. I have been cut back several times. Did you ever talk to Dr. Ed Ward, MD or Dmitri Khalazov? Call Dr. ward upon the telephone. Dmitrimay be a ‘no planer’, but he has true experience with commercial applications and treaties. Many major net sites are run by jewish people, so they would just as soon not know. If you don’t hear these two out about the nukes, you will be lost on this forever. Find any builder of the WTCs from the engineering department and tell him about what I say. especially structural and electrical engineers. i will not run and can still remember the address of where the computer used by Skilling and associates was housed, 616 Pontius Place @ Howard S. Wright Construction.

  10. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    I believe the Bush cabal to be equally responsible in this crime and exclusively responsible with the Fukushima plant and Halliburton and the Deepwater Horizon blowout and the stock market and banking deregulation leading to this ongoing looting. I also blame their whores.

    • horse237 says:

      I agree there traitors inside the government. But Israel did 911.

      Israel created the Stuxnet virus which can only be loaded direct;y into a siemens controller. Israel did run security at Japanese nuclear plants.

      Obama was in charge when BP they poisoned the Gulf.

      Obama and Bush are both multi-generational CIA assets.

      • Howard T. Lewis III says:

        Top zionist jews pre-Israel worked hand-in-hand with the Prescott Bush crowd to get Israel going with people to inhabit it. Israel still does not do anything without first consulting Bush’s cousins, the British royal family, or the Rothschilds. Zionist jews from the U.S. built the WTCs and installed thepreset demolition system and Mossad ’employees’ came back to show up and do further mayhem with explosives and video-recording the event. The resident ‘artists’ may be a ruse since building maintenance engineers had been checking and confirming that the external aluminum was corroding and coming unfastened at this same time, which is documented world-wide, but the government and such does not mention this fact. Blogs only speak of “resident artists” building small platforms. More likely, these were building engineers refastening aluminum. From the contracts, the method Kaiser aluminum claimed they could accomplish to succeed in holding the aluminum permanently did not come to pass until long after the WTCs were completed. The WTCs I and II were put up knowing this siding was going to start falling off from aluminum metal fatigue in “30 to 35 years”. Right on schedule. The number of building and fire code violations lodged against the builders were onmatched in quantity. Shoddy work throughout. Nice main lobby, I hear. Israel did not do this. WTC 6, and probably 4 and 5 were preset just before the jets hit. The Bush cabal and Israel as the agents of the City of London did this, and there has been enough KNOWN to have a lot of the local perps jailed and foreign entities hogtied and dragged behind a truck for their parts in this. Israel is like a great big Jonestown whose presence at the WTCs for 9-11 was arranged. 9-11 was 75% domestic and 25% zionists. That does not make domestic and Israeli jew participants any less guilty of 3000 counts of first degree murder. The U.S. government had all they needed to stop this. The zionists and zionist controlled NYCPort Authority had a huge white elephant to get rid of, and Bush41 is said to have had 240 trillion of counterfeit government securities to launder. which evidence indicates his cabal did with the NYC branch of the Fed and Deutchebanc assistance.

      • Howard T. Lewis III says:

        Fukushima? You are correct. As ambassador toi the U.N. under Nixon, this international project with Japan would have had Bush41’s direct attention. No sane individual would have built this plant to self destruct and scatter such a huge amount of spent-fuel radiation, unless they aimed to economically neutralize Japan as economic competition. The scale of this stupid endeavor is similar to using a Hiroshima sized bomb to swat a fly. i worked on a nuclearplant as a supervisor and file clerk for about 7 months before the spent fuel dilemma forced me to quit. What to do with spent fuel that will be incredibly poisonous for several dozen centuries. Fukushima’s spent fuel was stored in brittle cement ponds over the reactors, waiting for a massive cooling system failure from the next major tsunami to wipe out the cooling systems, yielding near instantaneous meltdown and explosion and damaged cooling ponds and then real trouble. It was built to easily destroy or eventual self-destruct. Impossible to violate commonsense in so many ways. Not your typical Japanese engineering. More like Japan refusing to import huge American cars and Bush41 responding by throwing up all over the Japanese prime minister. A photo of the Israeli security company’s huge unwieldy camera shows a mininuke with a box around the bottom of it. The Israeli company nuked one or more reactors. One reactor supposedly exploded when the reactor itself was not even in the building. It was out for maintenance and refueling The earthquake also seems to have been a manmade one. Notice that before the tsunami hits, there is NO damage to any buildings and people do not seem disturbed. A 9.2 earthquake? I DON”T THINK SO. Look at the thousands of photos of what a 8-5 earthquake does. Do you see that at Fukushima? Nope. This is because the ‘earthquake’ had two or three phony ~5.9 epicenters just offshore which had geologic wave patterns matching nuclear detonations. The actual epicenter was 2 miles inland and was a 6.2.
        A group trying to remedy Britain and Belgiums’ 10X GDP national debts is behind this. It includes the S&Bs. If the Rothschilds foregive this debt, they are finished as the central bank, world wide. the U.S, is under attack from a number of different fronts, each deadly and very expensive to the people.

  11. kalki666 says:

    Was my other comment deleted?

  12. horse237 says:

    I deleted one comment today. It might have been from a Zionist. It insulted Jewish people and advocated violence. I do not allow racist flames. And I do not allow advocacy of violence. It had a different email address than yours.

    You can submit it again.

  13. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Or maybe along with retriggering the existing system, they refreshed the nukes with material from stolen nukes. They did out Valerie Plame, which destroyed the American monitoring of Russian suitcase nukes. The specsheets on file with the NRC would have mentioned how much fuel was required for the previously installed detonation apparatus. This is theory. What I write above in other comments about the presets is history and not open for argument.

  14. kaycee says:

    This review is from: Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit (Hardcover)
    A Review of the book “Judaism Discovered”
    by Michael A. Hoffman II.

    Review by Lance Owen 08/10 […]

    The author of this book, Michael A. Hoffman II, is one of my favorite writers. He has written several other books including; Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, The Great Holocaust Trial (about Ernst Zundel), and Judaism’s Strange Gods. He has also written numerous tracts on Freemasonry, and other occult topics. I consider him an expert in these areas. I don’t know how to characterize him or his work. It seems like he’s a Christian scholar, revisionist historian, and occult expert, all rolled into one! But I’ll bet he doesn’t like to labeled, so I’ll just call him a truth seeker, like myself.

    This book is over 1000 pages with nearly 1200 footnotes. He uses quotes from famous Rabbis to make his case, which is, that Judaism is not the Old Testament religion that many believe. It’s a mishmash of various pagan superstitions that go back to Babylonian times. It is a religion of racial self-worship. The purpose of this “religion” is to replace Calvary with a lie known as Auschwitz. It must have taken many years to put this book together and it is an astounding achievement. He is very thorough and uses quotes from many older little known texts.

    The Talmud

    I used to think that the most important book of the Rabbis was the Old Testament. Some would call the Jews, the “People of The Book”. This is not true. The Talmud is the book to be studied, along with the Cabala, by orthodox Jews. The Old Testament is relegated to minor status. Why? Well, the Rabbis worship themselves, not Yahweh, the God of the Old Testament. The Pharisees, who were the early Rabbis, murdered the prophets as Jesus told us. The Talmud tells us that the prophet Isaiah was sawn in half! In the Talmud it is said that a Rabbi won a debate with God! The Judaic people are God! Only Jews are human. Gentiles are animals.

    The Talmud consists of two parts, the Mishnah and the Gemara. The Mishnah is the codified “Oral Law” passed on by the Pharisees, who were the early Rabbis. With this “Oral Law”, the Rabbis can make up anything they want. The Gemara is commentary on the Mishnah.

    The Talmud is a book (many volumes) of rules which orthodox Jews should follow. It is full of all kinds of arcane rules which will drive one insane. Like, meat and dairy products should be kept in separate refrigerators. There are toilet rules, and rules with dealing with menstruating women (they should be shunned) and so on.

    The Cabala

    The Cabala is a book on witchcraft. It is used for cursing people and invoking demons. According to Hoffman, it contains some seventy volumes. I realize that many people will have a problem with that.

    The Rabbis routinely curse Christian graves, churches, and the Cross. Orthodox Jews spit on Christians. They won’t deny this. But we are not privy to the witchcraft that the Rabbis practice behind closed doors. But thanks to God, they let things slip out. Yitzhak Rabin was cursed by a Rabbi and was dead in a month. That was for signing the Oslo peace agreement. The Rabbis curse countries too.

    Treatment of Gentiles

    The Talmud clearly states, that gentiles caught reading it should be killed. That has got to be a shocker! When it comes to the Gospels, don’t they say, “Spread the good word.”? But the hate directed toward gentiles and Christians in particular, permeates this work. It is repeatedly stated that, it is OK to steal from gentiles, as long as Jews are not harmed by doing so. If a gentile strikes a Jew, he deserves death. The gentiles are inferior (a different species) and are not to be treated as equals. Having sex (including rape and sodomy) with children is OK according to the Talmud. Although, it is unclear whether this includes Jewish children. The famous Rabbi, Maimonides, said that Christians should be killed (or not treated by Jewish doctors) when Jews are dominant, and that the Christians are idol worshippers. One Rabbi said that, “Even the best of gentiles should be killed”.

    Treatment of Jews

    Women should sit in the back of the bus, according to orthodox Jews. The Rabbis hate their own people and use them for their own ends. The Rabbis encouraged segregation (ghettos) so that they could control their Jews.


    In the book, there is a picture of an orthodox Jew holding a chicken over his head, in a ceremony to transfer sins to the chicken! There is also info on the propitiation of the moon goddess Shekhinah (remember Shock and Awe). Rabbis sell lucky amulets to ward off evil. Like, perhaps, the demons that they summon on occasion! They take astrology and Gematria (number/letter combinations important) very seriously.

    The Sacred Six Million Number

    No, no, no. Not THAT six million number! The other six million number! Didn’t you know? Six million Jews were threatened by Germany during and after World War One! I had a problem with that number ever since I learned about it in high school. Too precise. I mean, if the numbers of the dead were really known, precisely, wouldn’t the number be more like five million eight hundred thousand, or six million one hundred thousand? Why six million?

    That number has Cabalistic significance. It is ten times six hundred thousand. Six hundred thousand is the number of letters in the Torah (supposedly). That’s where the Rabbis got the number (my opinion). The six million number is surely an exaggeration, as many researchers say. But exaggeration is OK, according to the Talmud. For example, didn’t Hadrian slaughter 800,000,000 Jews? It’s in Talmud! The Holocaust should be debated. But it is not, because the Rabbis would lose. The authorities have reduced the number of dead (mostly Jews supposedly) at Auschwitz by several millions. The current figure is about 1.5 million. But where are the bodies?


    It is said in the Talmud that Jesus deserved what he got. There was no resurrection. He is burning in Hell in boiling hot feces. The Talmud mocks Jesus and the hatred of Him is incessant. Those who read the Gospels go to hell. Mary was promiscuous and Jesus was a bastard. The New Testament was burned recently in Israel.

    Rules for Lying

    The Talmud has many rules for lying. God rewards clever liars. The overriding rule is, don’t get caught lying.

    The Kosher Tax

    This is a racket. I can buy Kosher aluminum foil from my grocery store. The Kosher symbol has nothing to do with quality. Even junk food is sometimes kosher. Why should we pay this tax? The Rabbis are probably cursing the food for Gentiles at the same time that they bless it for their fellow Jews.

    Noahide Laws

    Now this is cause for concern. These laws are for Gentiles. There are seven of them. One of the Noahide Laws says that Idolatry is to be punished by death. Does that mean that those possessing a Christian Cross should be killed? The Rabbis made up the Noahide Laws. They have nothing to do with Noah. One of those laws says that homosexuals should be killed. Perhaps someone should tell the homosexual lobby this bit of info. As far as I know, the homosexual lobby is allied with the Jewish lobby to fight hate. Aren’t the Noahide laws hate?

    Owen comments on Hoffman’s book

    Wow! Buy this book. It is one of the best books I have ever read. I started taking notes from the beginning, and ended up with nearly thirty pages! This review is the most important thing that I have ever written. Hope it gets out there, to make a difference.

    Hoffman seems to be one of the few out there in this fight against the Talmudists. Why? The Talmud is full of FILTH and HATE. Why aren’t more people talking about it? The mainstream media pretends that Muslims are the problem, not the Rabbis. The laws of our land are slowly being Talmudized.

    It’s OK to lie to, swear false oaths to (see Kol Nidre), cheat from, and steal from Gentiles. This is clear and spelled out at length in the Talmud. Now the reader can understand why a bunch of Jewish banksters on Wall Street have no problem with looting the USA. Leo Strauss, an orthodox Jew spoke of the “noble lie”. Like for example, the Holocaust? A student of his (Wolfowitz) lied to get the US into a war in Iraq. What happens when we believe these lies or don’t challenge these liars? Well, do we end up like the US? Everyone reading this must think that something has gone horribly wrong with America. But, the same thing is happening in Canada and Europe. Jesus said that Satan was the father of lies.

    Murdering Gentiles is acceptable too. One can now understand how an IDF soldier, or perhaps a settler, can shoot an unarmed Palestinian child and “harvest” their organs to sell on the black market. We know that these things happen. A Rabbi was caught in New Jersey with organs. The Palestinians are considered sub-humans.

    I wonder about the obsession with filth in the Talmud. Perhaps this can partly explain the “potty humor” of Jewish “so-called” comedians, like the filthy Larry David who urinated on a picture of Jesus recently on TV. Or, how about the sickening Joan Rivers. After all of these decades she is still around making with the potty humor. She was never funny decades ago and she’s not funny now. I don’t suppose that Mel Gibson thought she was funny when she said that he should be killed for making anti-semitic comments.

    Now we have the trashy Sarah Silverman (heir-apparent to Rivers?). How long are we going to have to put up with her? She was on video making some disparaging remarks about Jesus while pretending to wipe her bottom. Hilarious!! As I write this, there is a pic of her on the net with her pants down sitting on a toilet.

    Hoffman says that the Rabbis encourage segregation. Or used to. I have heard this before. In all of my net reading, some things are hard to forget. I remember reading a Yiddish proverb. It went something like this, “Our own Jews are going to destroy us”. I did not understand this at the time. But I do now. The Rabbis hate the ordinary rank and file Jew.

    I thought that I would mention one more thing. The Rabbis are obsessed with numbers and symbols. This goes back to Pythagoras. Today, his theorem is revered by Freemasons.

    Pythagoras and his followers believed that numbers guide the universe. He found out how to construct a five-pointed star using a compass and straight edge. The pagans and the Rabbis attach great importance to this symbol. We now see five pointed stars on the flags of many countries.

    After reading this far, the reader must agree, that there is no such thing as Judeo-Christianity. Judaism is the antithesis of Christianity. The Old Testament belongs to Christians, not Jews. The God given laws of Moses have been negated by Judaism. And what about Christian-Zionists? Perhaps they have been brainwashed by the Scofield bible. I hope that the reader will send some of these people a link to this review.

    And that leads me to this. I agree with Hoffman, that Judaism is a religion based on deceit. To his credit, it is an ideology which he fights, not a racial group. The Talmud is a book full of extreme hate and filth. However I wouldn’t ban it. I just think that we should discuss it.

    Thank you Mr. Hoffman. You are very courageous.

    • kaycee,

      That does sound like a good book… a very good summary of the secretive Talmudic perfidy. This book would be a good gift for any deluded ‘Judeo-Christians’ one may know.

      These things I had to learn the old-fashioned way; the hard way… Hoffman’s book would have saved me some effort!

      One of the most important points is that “Judaism is not the Old Testament religion”.

      This is very hard for people to grasp because we here in ‘the West’ have been brainwashed since birth; Judaized thoroughly without even realizing it! The truth is that what is know known as ‘Judaism’ is actually Pharisaism, as in the continuation of the man-made doctrines (the so-called ‘Oral Laws’) of the New Testament Pharisees whom Jesus the Christ called hypocrites repeatedly, a “brood of vipers” and sons of the Devil (Matthew 12, John 8).

      The Old Testament belongs to the Church… The so-called ‘Jews’ are the enemies of the Church. Old Testament Israel were not ‘Jews’. All of the Old Testament faithful looked ahead to Christ’s coming and are all members of the Church. The prophets foretold Christ’s coming and all of the Old Testament faithful were freed from Hades (Sheol) and rejoiced to see their Savior, the Messiah when He defeated death by death, for death could not hold Him. The Church is Israel.

      ‘Jews’ are not Israel… They have usurped the title from the Church!

      Re: ‘The Six Million’… It comes from the 600,000 Hebrew characters, as well as the number of 600,000 Israelites led by Moses out of captivity; out of Egypt. The number ten (10) represents perfection and according to the Jews – ten is also the number of the Sephiroth, the divine emanations of God as seen in the Kaballah…. 600,000 x 10 = 6,000,000.

      “…Rabbi Blech’s book ‘The Secrets of Hebrew Words’ in the last, very brief, Prophecies and Predictions: The Final Redemption. This page is headed with the Hebrew phrase TaShuVU meaning ‘you shall return.’

      In the third paragraph, he says, ‘The Hebrew word for ‘ye shall return,’ (TaShuVU),
      seems to be spelled incorrectly. Grammatically it requires another w (vav). He continues:

      Why is it lacking the letter w (vav), which stands for 6? The word (without the ‘vav’) is a prediction to the Jewish people of ultimate return to their homeland. The word in numbers adds up to 708: t (tav) = 400, #& (shin) = 300, b (vet) = 2, w (vav) = 6. When we write the year, we ignore the millennia. In 1948 on the secular calendar, we witnessed the miracle of Jewish return to Israel.

      On the Hebrew calendar it was the year 5708. That was the year predicted by the incomplete word (TaShuVU), ‘you shall return.’ We did return, lacking 6 — an all-important 6 million of our people who perished during the Holocaust.”

      “Didn’t Hadrian slaughter 800,000,000 Jews?”

      Actually, according to the Talmudic writings it was at least 4,064,000,000 (four BILLION, and sixty-four million). See:

      The (First) First Holocaust?

      More on the ‘Kosher Tax’:

      Kosher? Does That Cost Extra?

      More on ‘The Seven Noahide Laws’:

      Were the United States, Civilized Society Founded on ‘The Seven Noahide Laws’?

      Lance Owen writes:

      Judaism is the antithesis of Christianity. The Old Testament belongs to Christians, not Jews. The God given laws of Moses have been negated by Judaism.

      Exactly! From the New Testament, Jesus speaking to the Pharisees:

      “Thus you have made the commandment of God of no effect by your tradition. Hypocrites!”
      – Matthew 15

      “And in vain they worship Me, Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.’ “For laying aside the commandment of God, you hold the tradition of men…
      All too well you reject the commandment of God, that you may keep your tradition.”
      – Mark 7

  15. jameslaffrey says:

    Very strong and true, parts 1 and 2.

    You repeatedly ask, “What’s your solution…?”

    The nonviolent solution is for us NONJEWS to get the reins of our government. I offer the plan to do it on the Equal Party USA website. After we spread the word and have millions of people ready to vote for us, some of those millions will enforce a proper vote count of our Write-In Ballots in all of our voting locations across the country.

    If we don’t have control of our own government, then we can’t solve the problems of conspiring-jewry’s control of our government, money system, big corporations, media, education system, immigration, etc.

    Don’t let them tell us what we can and can’t do. It’s OUR country. They are the liars. They are the criminals. They want us to spew defeatism. REJECT all of that. WE are the Great Majority. We only have to act like it. Together.

    How about an article on SOLUTIONs?

  16. mikael says:

    The ultimat lie.

    They are using religion as a tool, whilst they them selfs are highly religious, the reson for beliving in Numbers. Stupidity in motion and I have read the talmuic and found nothing of intress or at best, most of it is better writen in other arkaic religions, sutch as Shamanism.
    Its a colection of half way knowledge, the rest is forgotten a long time ago.
    Like the Hiram Abif drivel they serve, I belive thats just a theater, because the ones that could manage that is gone for centurys ago.
    What we are stuck with is a bunch of Robberbarons and their henghemen.
    War is the only option they have left.
    The David start is older than the Talmuic lore, like the cross, both are ancient, far more ancient than our present religions.
    The old testamnet is basicliy forgerys and “cut and paste” of older regional religions, like the followers of Azhura Mazda, Fteaured in the Aryan Avesta, and their folowers named them selfs after this religion, the Aryans. In present Iran, a name derived from Aryan.
    Ancient Sumer.
    Moses “miracolus” birth and sailing down a river a.s.o. is also copied from others, and so on, even “virgin birth”.

    Bibel is control, because fear is control, its easy.
    Wipped for so long that humans have becomed numb. We dont even feel the wipp anymore.
    People have becomed Living dead.

    I dont blame the Majorety of Israeli people, they are and is been draged and fooled into something far above their heads, threads that goen centurys back.
    Peace is the only option, everything els is just pushing everything furter into the future.
    End the wars and the corrent finnancial robbing of our wealth and we will be free.
    Thats it.


  17. The American Solution http://equalpartyusa.wordpress.com/ can work. It only requires decent folk brave enough to put their names up for election, and a mass effort (via the internet) to reach all Americans with truthful propaganda about Jewish treachery/ 9-11Truth, and encourage them to get out and vote! Granted, the Jews can shut down the internet and arrest the candidates, but this might happen anyway, with or without an Equal Party campaign. Why not give the criminal Jews a fight in 2012? If the campaign and the names of the candidates are known internationally, if will make it harder for the criminal Jews to crush the organized dissent that the Equal Party will offer. The effectiveness of a Write-In vote/ Internet campaign has never been tried. 2012 will probably be the last chance for a peaceful, democratic, constitutional revolution. If the campaign fails or they illegally obstruct the candidates from taking office then it cannot be said that a legal peaceful attempt was not made to regain power. Plan B will then be required.

    • jameslaffrey says:

      Isn’t it interesting, Robert, that even such a writer as whomever the Horse is will not touch this subject. And the Horse replies to other people, but not to us.

      We are just about alone in urging an actual, practical Solution.

      Signed: James Laffrey, real name. True American patriot working to overthrow and expel conspiring-jewry.

      • horse237 says:

        I do not reply to all comments. Not that much time. I am not being paid for this.

        I do believe and have said Americans need to be armed.

        I do believe that either a military coup or a revolt AFTER the dollar dies is most likely.

        A ballot victory is unlikely with he Jews counting the votes and owning the media. But I am all for it.

        PS. I have already announced that in my latest series No Exit For Bilderbergers my article one will be devoted to solutions.

      • jameslaffrey says:

        Thank you. I appreciate your reply, and I will now count the Horse as a good guy.

        In regard to discussing Solutions, I’m looking forward to your doing that. My impression thus far comes from statements you’ve made recently such as the following:

        “I will outline the political solutions available to the Bilderbergers in the next few essays and explain why every plan to kill us en masse will fail. Since we will win, I will detail a workable plan for rapid economic recovery.”

        That says you will talk about solutions for the Bilderbergers to try. It does NOT say you will talk about how we “will win.” It does NOT say you will talk about an American Solution for us nonjews to get our government and country back. By the way, “economic recovery” is easy after we overthrow jew control.

        Another “by the way”: Why say “Bilderbergers”? JEWS. It’s JEWS. Not Bilderbergers, who are owned by jews. From Rothschilds, to Schiffs, Sassoons, Greenspan, Volcker, Bernanke, Lloyd Blankfein (at Goldman Sachs), etc., etc. etc. It’s JEWS. Israel was created by Rothschilds. The Balfour Declaration was addressed to a Rothschild. Why confuse readers by using the term “Bilderbergers”? (That’s an M.O. of traitors such as Alex Jones.) For those of us who know it’s the jews, we ought to be clear and consistent.

        founder, EqualPartyUSA

      • horse237 says:

        There are many things that cannot be said in public. Please do not ask public figures to respond in public.
        I get more hits to Bilderberger titles than to titles with Jews. But people catch on pretty quick once they read my works.
        And many of the Bilderbergers are not Jewish.
        Recovery is not guaranteed. Wait until you read my solutions. You will be amazed.

  18. Mad Angel on FB says:

    great discussion !

  19. Gabriel Jones says:

    Close encounter with Beatricks the President of the Bilderbergers.
    After posting comments on TUT 25 january at The Ugly Truth on the subject: Imran Hosein on Economic Slavery in the 21st century I walk in the windy grey weather in The Hague that morning. Enter a church to silence the mindmachine and listen to God. On coming out, the next scene: a policeofficer in yellow, blue outfit, who had parked his motorbike at the crossroad to stop the traffIc, beside a couple of community gardeners working in flashy orange rainsuits and this writer there was no other mortal at all. Then sudenly the dark blue car with the small orange blue flag in front with fellow mortal Beatrix sitting in the backseat. She is btw the President of the Bilderbergers- a bunch of psychos certainly not living in tent city who are in the process of genociding 5 billion other humans- founded by her Nazifather Bernhard. She sure has something to explain in her yearly Christmas speech to the Dutch people.

  20. Gabriel Jones says:

    Bilderberg is a front of the NWO=JWO. They have taken out Christ of Xmas in the USA instead a giant Menorah is installed in front of the White House. Btw I am not into any organised religion but to me no doubt: only God exists.

    But a tip for every all unjewification blogs/sites as long as the internet is still free: Emphasize
    the point that Muslims have JC in high regard, They hail Him is a Prophet. While in the for Jews authoritative Talmud JC hangs for eternity upside down in boiling excreement.

    @prodigal son@kaycee also the OT is filled with licence to kill, steal, lie texts for the- not my choice- choosened ones.

  21. Gabriel Jones says:

    Sorry, chosen….But this mistake illustrates the whole story all atoms or whatever particle is Chosen.

    CIA O

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  23. Hasan Ismail says:

    if there are so many jews in US then surely their will be a civil war if the army refuse a direct order to attack iran

    • horse237 says:

      The average age of American Jews is probably still over 40 so they are declining in number.

      But the majority of Israelis are against an attack on Iran. It would destroy Israel.

      American Jews do not join the US military in large numbers. American Jews do not own many guns. American non-Jews own more than 300 million guns and 10 billion bullets.

      Living next door to a Jew in America is nothing like living next door to a Jew in Palestine.

      • You wrote:

        American Jews do not own many guns.

        Don’t be so sure!

        JDL Ordering US Jews – Buy Weapons or Flee to Israel

        Jewish Militia Groups Training in US Forests to Protect Themselves (From Muslims?)

        And Jews Can be ganster… Murder Inc… Bugsy Seagal, Meyer Lansky, etc…

    • Howard T. Lewis III says:

      There is a reasonable short term goal. Get the U.S. Army to refuse to attack Iran, since there is no logical reason, unless Obama is trying to impress Jodie Foster like David Hinkley was.

    • jameslaffrey says:

      On one point I need to express another view. I think the jew population of the USA is NOT declining. Jews got the U.S. Census to NOT count them as an ethnicity, so they are hiding in the “White” category. There are a few other important reasons why the jew count in the USA is far short of the true number. My educated guess is that the jew population is double or triple the official numbers.

      I’ve written on this subject several times, including here:

      I should add that when I wrote that article, I wasn’t as clear on jews being a race/ethnicity as I am now. jews see themselves as a race/ethnicity, and the rest of us are mere cattle. Their so-called “religion” is not a religion at all. They don’t have a god: they see themselves as god. They are the worst kind of supremacists-racists. Most adult jews (nearly all) conspire to acquire American assets and keep them forever within jewry. Most jews in the USA are secret jews — crypto-jews. I have known many of them, though I only began to realize it two years ago. I’ve known journalists, doctors, newspaper owners, a travel agency owner, professors — all of whom would not reveal their jewness.

      Every town has secret jews, in banking, jewelry, clothing, media. No doubt. And then there’s the intermarrying — for strategic purposes, not because they are diluting themselves and “assimilating.”

      Here’s another very helpful article:


  24. horse237 says:

    To Prodigal Son,

    I have met thousands of Jews in America. I have met a few Jewish immigrants from Russia. They are nasty but few in number. I never met anyone in the JDL. And Israel is the last place to go to be safe. Jewish men never talk about hunting. White men do. I have never heard Jewish women talking about their men going hunting.

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  27. darrell says:

    Overcoming the great evil powers which are bent on destroying us both spiritually (through moral corruption and atheistic and naturalistic ideologies) and temporally (through endless thieving and endless wars of aggression) requires both spiritual and temporal opposition and action.

    Re- the spiritual, which is primary, the Message of Fatima is the key, I strongly believe, to both understanding our present dire situation as well as overcoming it. It is arguably the most important private revelation in history, authenticated by the “Miracle of the Sun” on Oct 13, 1917 as well as the fulfillment of several crucial prophesies already, involving World Wars I and II, the spread of atheism, the persecution of Christians, and widespread apostasy in the Catholic Church beginning with its leaders, especially bishops and priests. Our Lady of Fatima said that unless her requests were heeded even “various nations will be annihilated”.

    So the battle against the dominant forces of evil require spiritual weapons above all, and the Blessed Virgin asked specifically that we pray the rosary daily for not only the graces needed to spiritually and morally survive the great evils of today, but also for world peace. For, as she said, “War is the consequence of sin.” War is a punishment for sin.

    For more on this all-important message and how to respond to it as the spiritual warriors we are all called to be, esp. in these critical times when we are on the brink of economic collapse, World War III, and the spiritual and moral collapse which is the root of these and all of the other serious problems we face, see http://www.knightsoftheholyrosary.com

    • horse237 says:

      It might interest you to know that Sheikh Imran Hosein like all Muslims believes in Mary, the Virgin birth and awaits the return of Jesus as Messiah. That is more than most Christians do.

      You have more fellow workers against Evil than you imagine.

      I delete all Muslim bashing comments as I see us joining forces to save the world.

  28. darrell says:

    After watching the video, “The Promised Land of Organized Crime” above, I’m reminded of Mary’s words at Fatima that “If My requests are heeded, Russia will be converted and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated….”

    Almost everyone who talks about Fatima says this spreading of errors refers to just the spread of communism, but as this video and some of the books it mentions show clearly, what came out of Russia – or actually the Soviet Union since Our Lady’s revelation was in 1917 just before the Bolshevik Revolution – was not just communism but Jewish Organized Crime and the modern unleashing of “the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” (see E Michael Jones’s masterful work under that title, available at http://www.culturewars.com). This fact needs to be made known, despite the persecution that accompanies the articulating and sharing of such politically incorrect truth. Only the truth will make us free. We may suffer for it, but it is better to suffer and even die for the truth than to live without it.

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  32. It’s very effortless to find out any matter on net as compared to books, as I found
    this paragraph at this web site.

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