Video: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer Speaks 10 years after 9-11

The Jewish question is whether or not Jewish people can choose to defend America if Israel is the nation that has been attacking the US and the world since 911.

Susan Lindauer is the daughter of a Republican candidate for Governor of Alaska and a cousin of Andy Card, Bush’s Chief of Staff. She was a CIA asset who was asked to work as a back channel to Iraq and to Libya. She also worked for the DIA. She was active in the anti-sanctions movement. Two million Iraqis died from those sanctions prior to the war. She was under indictment and a gag order thanks to the Patriot Act. She was convicted under the Patriot Act in 2008 and held for a year to keep her under wraps during the elections. She was never paid for the work she did. The only evidence at her trial was that she was on assignment in New York and met with the Iraqi UN ambassador. She was convicted under the Patriot Act because she went to lunch on orders from the CIA and allowed the Iraqi ambassador to buy her a cheeseburger. The free lunch cost her a year in a military prison.

The most important story she told was that on the morning of 911 Dr Richard Fuisz, her boss at the CIA, saw a video the Israelis sent to the CIA and the President showing the first plane hitting the World Trade Center North Tower. This must be the video of the first plane hitting the WTC George Bush saw in the morning of 911 prior to entering that classroom in Florida. The second plane did not hit the South Tower until after President Bush was inside the classroom.

Lindauer and Fuisz thought this video was conclusive proof that Israel did 911. After getting out of prison, Susan Lindauer wrote her book Extreme Prejudice. Richard Fuisz took a different path. He took 13 million dollars from the 911 investigation. He did not have to pay taxes on CIA money because for some reason the CIA trumps the IRS code.

Recently Lindauer was interviewed. She said she went to Senate Democrats on the Intelligence committee to help them dig up some dirt on the Republicans and 911. As soon as I heard the list of names she contacted, I knew she was wasting her time.

She contacted Dianne Feinstein and Ron Wyden who are Jewish. She met with their staff, gave them a copy of her book and a letter requesting a meeting with the their chief of staff. Both of these people are Jewish. Can we expect them to side with America against Israel?

She also met with Mark Udall’s staff. Excuse me but he is a 4th generation politician. And she met with Barbara Mikulski who has a mother whose maiden name Kutz is Jewish though she is an enrolled Catholic. After meeting with Mikulski’s staff, Lindauer received a call one hour later from the Capitol police saying she was not supposed to be agitating at the Senate office building.

The economy is near collapse. We do not have much time left. We need to concentrate our time and resources on 911 and the theft of tens of trillions of dollars form the taxpayers by the bankers who are aided and abetted by the politicians and the mainstream media. I do not fault Lindauer for taking a less risky path. She has spent time in jail in under the Patriot Act. She has done more than most.

But I am in this to win. I want to go for the enemy’s weakest points which are 911 and the sacking and looting of the economy of the entire world.

This is her latest video and includes new information. Who knew that Attorney General Mukasey and Larry Silverstein attended the same synagogue. She also says that the pilot who shot down Flight 93 is still in prison in Florida. I have included old information which she revealed in earlier interviews that proved beyond a doubt Israel did 911. Amy Goodman refused to help her case after she was arrested under the Patriot Act.

The following has the older information that is missing from her present story. I had posted a wonderful YouTube video but that was pulled. Google was created by DARPA, SRI and the CIA and given to two very special Zionists who became multi-billionaires. I have posted below the URL to a Mark Glenn podcast interview with Susan Lindauer upon which the video was based.

The following video has been pulled and posted again on YouTube. It contains an interview with Dr Alan Sabrosky, a former Director of Studies at the Army War College.

Susan Lindauer is from Alaska and is not related to Sarah Palin. She has written a book Extreme Prejudice. She has articles on her blog. You can buy her book there too:

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About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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29 Responses to Video: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer Speaks 10 years after 9-11

  1. They're like locusts says:

    Anybody smell some variation of Nuremberg
    Bullshit part 2 coming?
    Notice how Scheuer pointedly keeps calling the shill “Judge”?
    They don’t have those
    super computers running for nothing looking at

  2. Michael says:

    Sounds like a birthday party compared to my life.The choices are there for you to make.We waste too much time protecting the state of Israel.Let them reap what they sow.A Veteran of all this sh*t.

  3. Greg Burton says:

    “Fast & Furious” is not “just another sting”. It is a deliberate attempt at destabilizing the US southern border, sowing “al Qaeda”-like violence to be used as a pretext for more police, more militarization, and the eventual destabilization of US political integrity. Ron Paul had it right: “Fast & Furious” is a false-flag.

  4. kaycee says:

    The one thing that i remember the most clearly over the past 39-40 years of my school days at Brandeis University in1970’s are my student adviser’s words that when he was growing up that his grand parents and parents used the term “‘goyishe kup,’” meaning that the “Non-Jews are Stupid”

    Later in life I learned that the exact translation of “GOYISHE KUP” means that the “Cattle are STUPID”..

    I remember him recalling whatt his father told him when he was growing up in Eastern Europe. One of them being that when his father was in high school he and a group of friends would skip school early on Fridays and go over to his friend’s father’s butcher shop. That they would buy at cost any cows , that had not been butchered by the end of the day on Friday before the begining of shabat . They would take the cow home and wash it and then the boys would procede to “beat the udders of the cows so that they would swell up and turn pink” so as to sell them to the “GOYISHE KUP” as milk producing cows.

    The part that I remember him asking me if the East Europeans are so naive, so gullible and so stupid to buy old “non milk producing cows” from a bunch of young Jewish Boys.

    So thinking of it now I agree with the Jewish saying that the “GOYISHE KUP” are indeed” Stupid” as they believe that a Bunch of Arab Muslim Kids who were not able to Fly a Cessna Airplane took it upon themselves to FLY a Boing Jumbo Jet outwitting the US Military and Civilian authorities. The “Jewish Lightning Insurance Scam” of the 1960’s is still alive and well has been put to good use by Larry Silverstein with the help of his sayanim jews made a financial killing in imploding wtc by putting 15 million down and comming out with 7 billion dollars for buidings that no one wanted to buy because it would have cost a billion dollars to remove the asbestos from. Then on top of that the people in America actually believe that they actually decide who is elected President or for that that actual VOTE is really counted and makes a difference in deciding who represents them in the White House and congress.

    Yeh I agree that the AmericanNon-Jews are indeed American “GOYISHE KUP” or “STUPID CATTLE”!

    The Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies The Iowa Caucus
    By Christopher Bollyn

    The Iowa caucus is only a few days away and the nation’s attention will be directed to the results, which signify the beginning of the U.S. presidential race. But does anyone watch who tallies the results of the Iowa caucus?

    The Iowa caucus results were tallied in 2004 by a company that is headed by a man whose company was bought by Elron Electronics, the Israeli defense firm. I suspect that it will be the same this year. Don’t expect to see any grassroots political activists doing the tally in Iowa. The Israeli defense establishment takes care of that part of the American “democratic” election process.


    In the summer of 2004, I first learned that a foreign and out-of-state company using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology tallied the Iowa caucus results.

    The system used to tally the 2004 Iowa caucus results was provided by a company called Voxeo, which was apparently based in Orlando, Florida. (Yellow flag goes up in the mind of those familiar with Orlando and electronic vote fraud history

    • Your focus is on JEWS. And I agree. That’s where our focus should be.

      The Common Enemy of all nonjews is JEWS, starting with all of those in government and corporations, and including the millions of jews across the country who are complicit. (For the sake of accuracy and justice, we must hold that jew children are innocent. But nearly every adult is at least silently complicit and serves jewry when called.)

      9/11 is a useful focus ONLY IF it is made clear that JEWS, conspiring JEWS, did it. Otherwise, most people will just shrug off what they perceive as a tiresome, repetitious call for analysis and re-analysis of 9/11.

      JEWS. Let’s all say it: “JEWS” — nearly all adult jews — are the enemy of all of us. That’s the simple Truth. All nonjews can unite the quickest on that simple truth.

  5. bmwahlen says:

    I trIed tO watch the vIdeo bUt. MY internet was cut Off teN mInutes in

  6. john says:

    why would anyone listen to this zionist Amy Goodman , she is a traitor,

  7. horse237 says:

    Amy Goodman receives money from CIA related Foundations. She is Jewish. I do not expect much from. Susan Lindauer is of Jewish descent but she grew up in Anchorage far from the Jewish Ghetto.

    Amy did say one time that MLK was killed one year to the day of his famous anti-war speech ay the Riverside church. That set off an alarm in me. I checked Eustace Mullins’ book The Federal Reserve. Sure enough. JFK was killed on the anniversary of the secret meeting to create FED on 11-22-1910 held in a Pullman rail car en route to Jekyll Island.

  8. jennifer Chen says:

    Money is the mark of the beast, Mystery Babylon is Capitalism. While on earth we should help other people. This world is so insane and evil that they nicest thing you can do for other people is let them continue to seek money and power-to lie and not love one another-until they do destroy all life on this planet-and they will. The thing I would never do-in the best interest of life itself-would be to try and stop them. Satan exists for a reason, and he will take out all the garbage soon-they go so willingly-it is right-all is well. There is a plan-evil destroys itself in the end-we all meet our mirror image-we all face our truth. The worst sin is to lie. Every evil that exists begins with the lie that money has value-the lie that capitalism is not satanism-those lies will put you all in Hell where all liars do belong. Hail Satan, clean up this mess-flush the toilet on all human lying crap. God, I pity you that the human race that you created is such crap, maybe next time you can do better.

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  10. Hi, I’m the Susan Lindauer in question. And I am NOT of Jewish descent. Sorry!

    • horse237 says:

      I will immediately correct it. I was told by someone that you were of Jewish descent. I try to find examples of people like Alan Sabrosky who are of Jewish descent and to admit Israel did 911.

      I am thinking we are being prepared for a real clamp down on the Internet on March 8th by the FBI.

      I will add a plug for your blog at the bottom of the article.

    • horse237 says:

      I just checked with Google. If you put the title “Video: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer Speaks 10 years after 9-11” in quotes, you will get 5,920 links to this story.

      You have your own autofill at Google. cia asset susan lindauer blows the whistle on 9 11. It has 12,400 hits.

      I just did an Advanced Google search in your name alone for the past week time period. It would seem that mist of the activity of the past week is associated with my article and that Google drops a lot of your references.

      You might want to go on the radio and YouTube warning about a false flag event that could lead to war. This will make you current and enable you to get your original story told. It will generate hits to your blog.

      My most popular articles are about money. My most popular essay of all time had over 47,000 links at one time.

      25 Reasons To Absolutely Despise Bankers And Their Minions.

      You might warn people that a war would send us into a hyperinflationary Depression as I do.

    • horse237 says:

      Advanced Google now has the number of links to this article about you up to
      Search About 16,800 results

      This is good news. It means your life expectancy has been increased.

      Please seriously consider going on some alternative sites with exclusive interviews warning of a false flag attacks like the Gulf of Tonkin and 911.

      People like you. They listen to you. We need every voice to be raised.

  11. The mass murderers of 911 are still walking among us, hungry for other preemptive wars, war crimes and more…..

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  13. Ana says:

    Susan was at Libya and did interviews and lectures about what is really happening.
    Some journalists were threatened to death by CNN because they were reporting what was happening.
    Susan did an interview:

    She is a great woman and something has to be done.

    • horse237 says:

      CNN targeted alternative media for assassination by giving out room numbers to men firing artillery. CNN is a CIA front and Al-Jazeera works for Mi-6.

      I have heard that Susan Lindauer needs financial assistance.

    • Mario Stjepanovic says:

      Journalists were threatened to death by CNN?
      Are you feeling ok!?

      • horse237 says:

        I moved to a small town way off the map of the ruling classes. However, I was told that when martial law comes to America that I would not survive. You might want to read some of my more recent articles.

      • horse237 says:

        Israel and Jewish and Gentile Zionist supporters are the only ones capable of doing 911. There were no Arabs on any of the passenger and crew lists of the 4 airliners. There was no Arab DNA found on Flight 77 according to the US military pathologists. There is no American mainstream media. It is also Jewish owned and operated. That is why there is so little truth in the press either about 911 or Israeli atrocities against Palestinians. The IDF sentenced a soldier to 45 says in jail for killing an unarmed mother and daughter who were holding a white flag.

        You might want to take a look at this.

        911: Short And Powerful Questions

  14. The folks at Stratfor are obviously on the side of the mass murderers of 911. Otherwise, they would address the following articles which beg the question “Cui Bono?” Related articles are located in the left column.

    Based upon the information in these time tested articles, the governments own conspiracy theory has not withstood the test of time to the extent it cannot even hold up as an axiom. We all except the theory that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Not seeing holes in the Pentagon caused by Titanium Steel engines which would have been there if a 757 was flown into the building, is a good place to start what an inquiring mind would love to address. Inquiries about the lack of discovery and recovery of the engines and the Titanium Steel wheel assemblies would naturally follow since that never happened either. These intel guys at Strafor are not fools; they are shills and facilitators. And the Emperor is not wearing any clothes.

    Unfortunately, “Looking forward not backward” re reopening the 911 investigation has placed the current administration as an accessory after the fact to the mass murder of 911 and violated the Presidents’s Oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of The United States. Additionally, this long slippery slope has been enhanced by the NDAA of 2012 re indefinite detention, without charges, (mere suspicion of any crime) without bail, without an attorney which guts the Bill of Rights for all US citizens as the icing on the cake to the Patriot Act
    which is virtually verbatim to the German Enabling Act of 1933 when the German Constitution was obliterated because of “terror” at the Reichstag Fire in Berlin.

    History repeats.I will add three more URLs to that posted on the Daily Bell. This encompasses what the government inside the government has been up to for at least 47 years. It may also be considered bleak but the documents don’t lie and the truth is free! Had my friend Larry O’Daniel not found these documents on the Web, declassified from top secret unilaterally by the State Department in 2000, much to the chagrin of the CIA, we would not have the precedence setting of the government classifying a crime (a crime in itself) of treason on the part of the National Security Council who had the temerity to blatantly defy Presidential Directives issued during NSC meetings, during wartime, with far reaching effects. I do believe this information dovetails with your article on the Federal Judge setting precedence in the matter of demanding the release (or declassification) of the document in question. LBJ announced in March 1968, that he “…..would not seek nor accept my parties nomination for reelection as your president”. LBJ had just been made aware of my top secret general court-martial and realized the treachery of his closest advisors.

    The above letters remain unanswered. Follow up phone calls and face to face meetings with the administrative offices of the recipients proved fruitless. Note that failure to notify a Federal Judge, or the President, of a charge of treason is a felony; misprision, and carries a five year penalty prison sentence.

    The solution, IMO, is to expose the government inside the government for what has been the history of the US foreign policy and unilateral war making decisions outside the realm of those responsible for such activities. All of our proclamations of integrity in government with democratic ideals is a lie. Our allies and enemies should be aware. I am certain this issue is uncomfortable to some who claim patriotism as one of their ideals but this issue has not been rectified and effects the sacrifice of millions of dedicated Veterans of the lies that has led us to wage wars.

  15. Mario Stjepanovic says:

    I watched a part of the Israel did 911… I believe that the “evidence” in this video is false. Reason for that and a prime example is that the “print screens” of various online newspapers aren’t real. Names mentioned in these screen captures most have a red squiggly line under them. This means that they were typed and a screenshot of this was used instead of “real” footage, which of course doesn’t exist. I looked it up, specifically to a name Kerik, a police commissioner who was meant to have gone to Israel prior to 911. Those “news” we’re not printed in relevant media sites. Fake, fake, fake…

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  17. Brenda says:

    She is my hero. So are all of you who have sought the truth. There is no comfort in reality. It’s horrifying. Susan tried and so do others. When we have Americans who are willing to take 13 million dollars at the expense of the rest of us, it is way beyond your worst nightmare.

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  19. fromawaysite says:

    Reblogged this on Today,s Thought.

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