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Wall Street Won’t Let Democracy Work Here Anymore.

The people who think they rule over us and try to run our lives will not let us lawfully change the government they installed after their  coups of 11-22-1963 and 9-11-2001. I intend to reveal several possible exit paths from … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Fraying The Tight Rope America Is Walking On

America is walking on an old fashioned circus high wire tight rope with no net below while balancing a pole with Petrodollars and escalating gas prices on one end and a Hyperinflationary Depression on the other. Hillary Clinton is fraying … Continue reading

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Revisiting Mohammed Merah

Mohammed Merah legally owned 8 guns including an Uzi, a pump shotgun and a 45 caliber Colt. To register any gun in France is difficult. To register 8 guns including an Uzi and a pump shotgun if you have 15 … Continue reading

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Video: Israel Killed President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

I have two videos today. One is from the Jewish actor Richard Belzer and the second is from Michael Collins Piper who wrote Confessions of an Anti-Semite. First up is a short video from Richard Belzer who says why the … Continue reading

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The 2012 Elections. America’s Last Hurrah

  Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.   John F. Kennedy An entire generation of Americans had great hopes for President Kennedy. He was murdered on the 53rd anniversary of the first day of the meetings … Continue reading

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Incoming Missiles Will Not Harm You And Other Amusing Zionist Tales

The US just completed a two week long war game called Internal Look which simulated an Israeli attack on Iran. It would have been quite humorous if it were not for the potential tragedies involved. Several outright lies were told.  … Continue reading

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From Greenspan To Bernanke To Perdition

Perdition Prediction: There are many who believe Perdition (Hell on earth) will begin this coming week as Greek bonds are sold and CDS (Credit Default Swaps) are triggered. A lot of Nervous Nellies are fretting over a few hundred trillion … Continue reading

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Correction Please Mr Obama

Mr Obama, you recently said the President of the United States cannot control gas prices. What you meant to say was: Any President who accepts a billion dollars from the Too Big To Jail Banks, Big Oil, the Military Industrial Complex … Continue reading

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Steve Keen: Predicting A London Credit Crisis As An Introduction To Modern Economics

An army sergeant used to preface map instruction with these words, “You better pay attention because the most dangerous thing in this man’s army is a second lieutenant with a map.” In this modern world accepting anything you hear as … Continue reading

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Exercises In Terror Generation And Futility Since 9-11-2001

At a press conference held to answer questions about the killing of 16 unarmed  Afghan civilians, Secretary of State Hillary  Clinton said,  “This is not who we are.” But it is who you are.  It was announced on the same day that … Continue reading

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