Will A Mutiny In The Gulf Lead To An American Military Coup?

The US military will likely Mutiny rather than commit suicide by attacking Iran. This Mutiny can take one of two forms. They can just quietly inform the Pentagon and the President that if an order is given to launch the opening salvo of World War III not one shot will be fired. The US military can point to international law which makes a preemptive strike for no reason a war crime. The second form of a Mutiny would be a more overt refusal to follow orders at the time they are given.

Whatever form this coming Mutiny takes it will be supported by all men and women of Good Will everywhere in the world. That includes Israel where 80% of the population does not approve of war against Iranians who do not have a nuclear weapons program. A Mutiny will also completely eliminate the favored exit path the bankers have taken in the past from the Financial Panics and Depressions they had created. World War I was used in part to take us out of the Panic of 1907 but also to issue an elastic currency, the Federal Reserve Note, which would cover up Wall Street’s many frauds and to use inflation to pay for wars. The bankers refused to allow even a discussion of the reforms that could have easily ended the Great Depression.  Instead of reform the bankers let three million Americans die from starvation. World War II ended the Depression but that cost us 58 million lives.

We need to consider what would happen if the US military mutinies and cancels World War III.

Previously, I synthesized the works on the credit cycle of the Austrian School (Ludwig von Mises and Ron Paul) and of the successors to Hyman Minsky (Steve Keen and Michael Hudson), If there is no debt cancellation, the whole world will very soon be going into a Hyperinflationary Depression. Wall Street knows what they are doing to us. They have made the conscious decision to let 9 million Americans die of starvation rather than permit bank reform. That is why they have repealed Habeas Corpus, protections against illegal searches and seizures, the right to a trial by jury and access to a lawyer. They made it a federal felony to assemble to petition our government to grievances. They have set up the TSA at train and bus stations and at roadblocks on our highways and even at sporting events to restrict our ability to travel. They are equipping themselves for bulletproof checkpoints. Wall Street has assassinated our leaders including President Kennedy and blew up buildings on Oklahoma City in 1995 and the World Trade Center on 911.

The bankers passed all of these laws and staged coups on 11-22-1963 and 9-11-2001 because they knew decades ago that the fractional reserve banking system combined with an interest bearing currency would inevitably bring us to the point where MIT said 90% or more of the people in the world will die from food shortages, plagues and economic problems. That is why their Teleprompter Reader told us it is now perfectly lawful to summarily execute Americans based on secret evidence without a trial.

This is the question of the day for bankers and politicians.

Do you really believe the US military will go door to door seizing 350 million weapons and 12 billion bullets from 300 million Americans ten days after nationwide food riots and race riots have burned every city to the ground? Wouldn’t it be far easier and far more popular for the American military to just arrest every criminal on Wall Street?

Notes: This is the first article in this series.

An American Mutiny In The Persian Gulf


I would greatly appreciate it if someone would make a video of this first article as I have requested.

A Role Playing Exercise: ‘Let’s Attack Iran’


This next article will tell the military what the bankers plan to do to their pensions, paychecks and country before the end of next year.

Translating Zero Hedge: Your Wages Will Be Cut In Half


This next article will tell the military what the bankers have been doing to us.

The Federal Reserve From Creation in 1913 To Destruction in 2013


The last article today will tell everyone inside and outside the military who has so much power that they can kill the President and walk away.

Video: Israel Killed President John Fitzgerald Kennedy


You might consider this video about one man’s plan for the military when martial law comes to America. Warning. This man (Greg Evenson) is a Christian and is xenophobic.


About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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34 Responses to Will A Mutiny In The Gulf Lead To An American Military Coup?

  1. R3zn8D says:

    Reblogged this on The ResoNation and commented:
    Great question at the end, I hope they answer it correctly.

  2. karen says:

    To be perfectly honest here… We have been at War for some time now, it just hasn’t been announced, and you can bet the media won’t tell when it is full blown war!!!

  3. heroay says:

    my research figures are these: 141 Million PISSED Americans own guns, more than one, total, some 315 Million of them all calibers, except nukes. AND, some 3 Billion (not your figure) of bullets. Whichever, it is also estimated that it will take 5 Million live, dead, or crawling Americans to STOP DEAD any invasion (or treason by US Military), while there would still be some 136 MILLION even MORE PISSED Americans, to get rid of scraps. Besides, prior and after israHell’s 9-11, 80% of the military told traitor Dubya they would NOT shoot Americans, and even further back, 2 ‘Rebels’ in disguise, voices distorted, told 60 Minutes that if ordered by their commander to shoot Americans, they in turn would blow the bastard flat. Therefore, all and all, if they make the bleeding mistake of their lives and order Martian Low on America, the shoot-out should last a week or two, given the odds, then revenge would prevent the Law of the land to protect any and all the scumbags who have caused the ruin of this country, and the world at large. And may the Devil show some mercy on them in Hell, coz Americans WON’T.

    • horse237 says:

      Only one person might have registered guns. But many more have access. There are very few real men available to go door to door. Most Army and Marines are overseas in 130 countries.

      I do not think the resistance will be as great in total numbers as you do. Bur rhy cannot take out a million men who go on the offensive.

      250,000 Americans a year are buying Sidefire stocks which allow the owner to fore 750 bullets a minute. Those TSA perverts will fly away as soon as they see real resistance. Just taking out half a million men with Sidefire AK-47s and AR-15s would wile pit the US army. Some might go on the offensive and attack IRS agents and their offices

      You left out the fact that there will be nationwide food riots and race riots which will strain local and state police beyond their resources. Gun shops will be raided.

      The FEDS might think they can control the National Guard but local commanders have the keys and hence access to heavy weapons.

      The stock market, the bond market and the dollar would collapse within the first few days of nationwide chaos. The government will collapse with the dollar. They will have no money to pay their bills.

      It will as I say in the essay be far easier for the military to arrest Wall Street criminals than to go door to door seizing guns.

      People in rural areas can cut power food and water to cities like Washington and New York to force what few actual fighters they have out into the open to attack defended positions.

      We do not have to win. All we have to do is to last one week in the field.

    • miley says:

      Has any US citizen made a stand?
      Guns for Armageddon and shooting blacks?
      Not one lone nut has made a stand.
      In Vietnam monks burned themselves alive.
      Ireland they fasted to death.
      The US…..drank beer and voted for Bush and Obama.
      You are a cowardly people,slaughtering children from drones.civilians in Germany and nuclear bombs in Japan.
      Then you honour your Veterans and troops….for what?
      They and you will answer on the final day.
      Do you fancy your chances?
      Do you think that you are one of the Lost Tribes?
      Sleep Well.

      • Jamie !@#$ing TINE, miley. that's who I am. says:

        I want you to know my name, cause if the !@#$ ever hits the fan, and it’s me who comes to your aid, I want you to know you instituted a blanket condemnation over the man who would grab you by the arm and lift you up out of the muck.

        You can go to hell miley, and stick your judgmental self-righteous attitude up your arse if you think this only afflicts Americans, this is worldwide so your feeble attempt to distance yourself, declare yourself angelic, and condemn your fellow human beings based on imaginary borders is beyond insulting.
        There are Plenty of US citizens making a stand:
        Walter Jones
        Rand Paul
        Ted Cruz
        and many more are joining their ranks.
        Voices were raised 499 to 1 against war in Syria.
        9% approval rating for war, THAT IS AN AWAKENING.

        We still have a voice and that voice matters. We can still Non-violently turn this around, and Americans are hearing the wake up call. So you can go to hell with your call to violence, and sacrifice. In my view, you are no better than the global corporate raiders who demand death and sacrifice as well.


      • horse237 says:

        The men and women who work for the police and the military will likely support a coup. They have relatives who would otherwise die from starvation in the coming Depression. The alternative is to die in WW III. MIT said at least half a billion people will die from starvation and rebellions around the world as soon as the dollar collapses.

        The coup in addition to debt cancellation and pension restoration would make sure veterans in need of healthcare received what was promised them. They can pay for it by cutting healthcare costs for everyone.

        There are Jewish veterans and police who might get angry if Jewish bankers were arrested.

  4. jadez says:

    shouldn’t what you write be at least POSSIBLE?

    the military will never act against orders no matter what those orders are and if you think ALL the americans firing their guns at the SAME time could actually stop a single tank or even a few attack copters you are all out of your minds.

    actually i am hoping that is a prerequisite to even be here.

    • horse237 says:

      Take a look at the Let’s Attack Iran article in the Notes to this article. If the US attacks Iran, the Persian Gulf fleet and Central Command troops will cease to exist.

      If American citizens are attacked, they can take over all the weapons at their local National Guard.

      The US military will not have sufficient manpower inside the US to occupy America.

      Only 500,000 Americans have Sidefire stocks which permit the user to fore an AK-47 or AR-15 at 750 rounds per minute. The entire police force of the US would cease to exist if they were foolish enough to disarm and arrest them. The police will be busy dealing with nationwide food riots and race riots. Take a look at Cutting Your Wages in Half in the Notes to this article.

      If the revolt lasted one week, the dollar would collapse. The government would collapse. People in rural areas would cut off electricity, water and food to New York and Washington. This could force a collapse of those cities in 3 days. After 2 days without water, the sewers will back up and become a health hazard.

    • hp says:

      Opening day of deer season in Pa. there are 800,000 men and women out and about armed with high powered rifles and pistols. One state..

      The Russians, not exactly milk toast types, with an enormous Air Force, Army, Special Forces, etc., etc., etc., could barely (?) handle Chechnya, a nation the size of Rhode Island.
      The Feds better pack a whole lotta lunches.

    • miley says:

      I agree.Some of you are under an illusion about “Our Troops”.
      They are murdering and raping their way across the globe, stealing natural resources and sourcing opium and cocaine for the last forty years.
      No one with any honour would volunteer to join such a despicable evil gang.
      The idiots will die a slow horrible death from DU,may the faces of the millions of innocents haunt them.
      As regards the rest of you,supporting your boys….The US must worship a very sick Jesus.How you can sit on your hands and allow this to happen…..for some food stamps?
      The US military will use you for target practice,rape you..men and women,torture and dismember your children///who will come to your aid?

      • miley says:

        I am a White Christian who has always admired and defended the US.
        Bush.Clinton,Bush,Obama….Have you lost your senses?
        You would find better on any street corner.
        What is wrong with you?
        Turn off the Super Bowl and look at what you are doing.
        Has there ever been a state that can match the evil record of the US?
        British Empire maybe,the Nazi’s were altar boys compared to you.
        You financed Hitler and Stalin,engineered the slaughters of the Twentieth Century….You are a cursed people.
        Bibles and raptures and saved……
        Not for Jesus…..maybe it is time that the US was wiped from the face of the earth..not the country just its people,
        Would the world not be a better place?

    • Jamie says:

      US army couldn’t hold Baghdad, what makes you think they could hold a whole country where the citizens are armed. You are grossly mis-informed or do not appreciate the logistics of what you speak of. BTW, One unarmed man stopped over 24 tanks, and there are pics of it. A pretty famous pic too.

      • horse237 says:

        The choice will be to accept a coup that will end poverty and the Depression that will starve 10 million Americans to death. They will need to outline what they plant to do up front. Promising $20,000 in personal debt cancellation. Ending government debt. Arresting the bankers who stole tens of trillions of dollars from us. And seizing their assets to restore our plundered pensions.

        Your argument is a good one against a Banker imposed martial law that does let millions die from starvation.

        They key to the present government or any government’s success is to get popular support.

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  6. Albero says:

    If Field Marshal McCain and Field Marshal Lieberman go to far in Syria will Russia ‘nuke’ Saudi Arabia?

    Would anyone care?

  7. Charles Burns says:

    The media has been playing up the “race” card recently. If Americans “buy-in” to their propaganda whether it be racial civil war or those “patriotic” Americans who blindly obey orders from the Federal Government and do as they’re told and believe the mainstream media vs. the tea-party/sovreign/ows protesters , and we had a civil war, THEN China & Russsian subs off of
    2our coasts would carry out a first-strike on our major cities and bases and occupy our country, with a 200 million man standing army ready to do the clean-up from China alone.

    • horse237 says:

      Obama told the Russian President he would cut American nuclear weapons 90$ after the elections. I think that was a lie because he wants to confront Iran before the elections.

      I think Obama ordered Florida to try Zimmerman for 2nd degree murder which no jury can vote to convict. He wants nationwide Rodney King riots to divert attention from rising prices and unemployment. A lot of those rioters will be looting food stores.

      I told my friends when I left a major university lab in 1982 that we would have a black President whose job it would be to start a race riot so we can’t go after the bankers.

      This won’t work.

  8. jo says:

    I don’t believe that the US military has the balls, or the gall to resist orders from above. You are right however in believing that the Transport Sex Attackers will run for their pathetic lives when its their turn to get shot at.
    The military will kill millions of US civilians before nature takes its course and push back kicks their teeth out (HUUHGHA)
    Please recall that all US citizens have huge karmic burdens (as do all whites worldwide)which will end in millions suffering starvation etc.
    Some good may come out of this however in that the whites realize the absolute disgusting way they have treated others and the planet in general, and decide to start acting like they are equals instead of arrogant superiors.
    Talking of superiors. You can expect the top brass and the elites to run for the hills as soon as the karmic juggernaut comes calling. Not soon enough if you ask me.

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  10. Mikie Chess Facebook says:

    Continuity I.R.A. http://www.rsfkerry.com

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  12. Ed Troyer says:

    We can only wish the American Military would commit mutiny and arrest the bulk of the Congress. Unfortunately, our discredited military leadership has followed orders issued by israel and fought every illegal ‘war’ beginning with Vietnam. When RADM Geis recalled his planes on 6/8/1967 it was clear our military leaders are completely scared of rebelling against israel.

    • horse237 says:

      I wrote this article some months ago. Since then we have had more examples of the military saying No. I do not like General Dempsey but even he has talked to his Russian counterpart to guarantee there will be no war. Israel tried to get an accidental war going between the US and Russia by firing an unannounced missile in the midst of high tensions between nations armed with nuclear weapons. They could try that again. At this point if Obama tried to start a war I seriously think he would be arrested.

      Take a look at some of my other writings. I do not believe we will have a war. The current lead article on Janet Yellen does not mention derivatives but they will unwind when interest rates on the ten year US Treasury hits 4%. We will face defaults from several governments which will trigger CDS in the hundreds of trillions.

      We will face an economic crisis in a few years or a few months. In the Great Depression more than 3 million Americans died from starvation. I expect 10 million or more to die from starvation in the next Depression if we do not reform now. That coming Great Famine will require martial law.

      The military will face a choice at that point. Side with the bankers and let plagues kill 6 billion people.

      Or side with the American people and institute Debt Cancellation worldwide. The Babylonians had a formula that told them when the economy sucked and they had to cancel debts. This was copied by the Romans who used it in ancient times. It was copied by the Bible writers but Israel never to my knowledge did cancel debts to set the debt slaves free.

      I support a non-interest bearing currency to eliminate government debts. I support ending fractional reserve banking which would free us from excessive private debts.

      I do advocate funding our pensions from war criminals.

      I think I have many first time readers here today so I might recommend one of two articles.

      The first is a less complicated view of banking and walks through a debt cancellation scenario with one black man who gets released from prison for possessing marijuana. He is counseled about his new opportunities under Debt Cancellation after a military coup in the very near future.

      Eddie Reborn Into A World With Debt Cancellation


      And this one gives more details.

      What Real Debt Cancellation Combined With Pension And Health Care Reform Looks Like Part I


  13. Norma says:

    Go ahead! Go right ahead and give all the steps to the Feds, Obomber, CIA, FBI, NSA and the Pentagon, and the demon horde, so that they will take steps to stop our kid soldiers!

    • horse237 says:

      More people than you and me need to know their options. As I just wrote previously in my comments, during the last Depression more than 3 million Americans died from starvation in the Great Depression. I expect 10 million Americans to die in the next Depression which could be called the Great Famine. Our soldiers will be asked to participate in martial law to defend the bankers.

      When the dollar collapses and Wall Street demands protection and the suspension of democracy, the officers from captain and major to colonel and maybe one star general and admiral will lead the way out.

      A military coup with a reform program will be unstoppable. The bankers have tens of thousands of assassins but the military knows who they are and can arrest them with the support of local police.

      After the coup, they will need someone to advise them about banking reform. Otherwise they can ask Janet Yellen at the FED to print more money. Hint: When a currency unwinds, if you increase the money supply another 10% but get a 50 to 100% increase in prices due to the phenomenon known as increasing velocity or turnover of money.

      • Kit Holz says:

        …to many whens. Yes, the rest of the civilized World once those ‘whens’ to happen, but I fear when the ‘whens’ are happen it will be to late.

  14. Kit Holz says:

    What are you people talking about? Iran doesn’t have the capabilities to endure a US slaughter attack. Russia does not equip them with meaningful air defense and Iran can’t build this by its own.

    There will be just another US led genocide – for the profits of Judea’s institution in America: Wall Street.

    • horse237 says:

      Debka Files which is tied to the Israeli intelligence says that Iran, Syria and Hezbollah has 175,000 rockets they can fire if attacked. I prefer to use the more conservative figure of 150,000 rockets. Iran makes its own Mach 3 missiles. They can sink the US Mediterranean and Persian Gulf fleets. They can blow up all 35 of the US bases circling Iran.

      Iran can shut down all oil coming out of the Straits of Hormuz. 7.5% of all exported oil goes through either the Suez canal or that pipeline from the Red Sea through Egypt to the Mediterranean. Both will be cut. Oil will be $500 a barrel. China and Japan can pay for it with their US Treasury bonds. Russia will love higher prices. Americans will starve.

      Iran also has the HQ 9 Chinese anti-aircraft missile. Israel took the US Patriot missile and added their advanced electronics but sold it to China. The Chinese added Russian technology from the S-300. Then they sold the final product – the HQ-9 – to Iran.

      Iran also has Russian rocket artillery which has a range of 130 miles and delivers a 1,300 pound warhead. American politicians like McCain are willing to let sailors get pounded by 1,300 pound artillery shells in the Gulf. That is why the US military is opposed to war with Iran.

      After 5 minutes the US will have no bases or carriers apart from Diego Garcia from which they can launch air strikes.

      The Israeli military is also opposed to war. The former head of the IDF and the Mossad both have said attacking Iran is Stupid. If there is a war, Israel will be hit by 150,000 incoming missiles. They will not survive. That reactor at Dimona will meltdown. Israel will respond by starting a thermonuclear war.

  15. Dave says:

    Don’t bother hoping for our military to refrain from firing a shot, that devious parasite that masquerades as an ally called Israel will sink one of our carriers in order to get the show going.

    • Kit Holz says:

      …after all – the US military is an disgusting entity of Judea.

      • horse237 says:

        The US government, media, Hollywood, Wall Street, the Foundations and the politicians are owned by the Jews. But there are few Jews in the military. They do have quite a few in the USAF at the officer level.

        But the military is Gentile. The Jews decided to side with Israel against America. The next step is for the Jews of America to take sides when the Jews of Wall Street and the City of London decide to kill 6 billion people. If the US military is asked, they will side with us against the bankers.

        But that assumes Israel does not start WW III.

    • horse237 says:

      Israel tried that already by firing that missile and claiming it was an unannounced test. The Russian and US military are wise to the Israelis. I have heard speculation that some wealthy Jews might approve killing Netanyahu because he is getting in the way. But that is just speculation at this point.

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