Holy Holohoax. My Government Wouldn’t Lie To Me.

The Red Cross had unrestricted access each month to every German concentration camp including Auschwitz. They had inside men who reported to them in detail the activities at the camps.

In a Nov. 22, 1944 letter to U.S. State Department officials, the Red Cross said: “We had not been able to discover any trace of installations for exterminating civilian prisoners. This corroborates a report which we had already received from other sources …”

The Germans captured 150,000 British soldiers. 150 of those men were engineers who worked at Auschwitz-Birkenau to maintain the manufacturing plants that processed Silesian coal to make gasoline for the German Army. The Germans were using a coal gasification formula developed in 1915 in Russia. These 150 men obviously had daily access throughout the camps but to date neither a Nuremberg prosecutor nor a Holohoax researcher has cited their testimony. I wonder why.

Evidence of Nazis making soap and lampshades from Jews  used to convict Germans at Nuremberg has been withdrawn from the Holohoax museums at Auschwitz  and Jerusalem.

Dr. Charles Larson headed a team of forensic pathologists sent into the camps at the end of the war to document war crimes. They conducted hundreds of autopsies at more than twenty camps, they did not find a single body showing signs of gas poisoning. None have been found since, at any camp.

No Zyklon B was found in the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Treblinka when tests were conducted in 1991 by the Polish government under the close supervision of the Jewish museum curator. The Nazis supposedly tossed Zyklon, a commercial insecticide used for disinfection into the camps, to kill the Jews. The problem with this scenario is that a surreptitious video interview with the Director of the Auschwitz Museum revealed to the world that the chutes were installed by the Russians after the war.

The Encyclopedia Britannica in its 1963 edition states that 2,000,000 people, mostly Jews, were exterminated by the Nazis in Mauthausen, a concentration camp in Austria. This absurd figure has been officially revised quite a lot. Now it is claimed that only 95,000 people died in Mauthausen, of which only 14,000 were Jews. An exaggeration of 1,905,000! After WW II a plague memorialized the deaths of 4,000,000 at Auschwitz. The plaque was replaced by one that reduced the total number of deaths to 1,500,000. But the six million total for Jewish victims of the Holohoax was not affected. A 1,905,000 reduction from Mauthausen plus a 2,500,000 reduction from Auschwitz did not change the total of 6 million. In 1990 the Auschwitz State Museum officially revised the death toll from 4,000,000 down to 1.1 million, of which 960,000 are claimed to be Jews. Russia released old Soviet files taken from Auschwitz further reduced the total deaths at that camp to 69,000. A report from the International Red Cross Tracing Service that tallied a total of 262,077 German concentration camp victims. Main cause of death: Typhus.

Obviously, the 6 million figure has mythic significance. The same figure was used in WW I against the Kaiser and against the czar prior to the war claiming in both cases that 6 million Jews were in peril. In 1897 a “Science of Religion” American magazine, claims nearly six million Jews were killed in the Bar Kokhba revolt 132-136 AD. Wikipedia says that act of  war against Rome led to half a million Jewish deaths.

The Jews need to set the record straight about why they were in peril throughout history. In ancient Cyrene (modern Libya) the Jews massacred 220,000 innocent civilians. On the island of Cyprus there was no large Roman garrison so the Jews were able to kill 240,000 unarmed men, women and children. They drank their blood, ate their flesh and made belts from their intestines. Clearly their behavior taught the ancient world to hate the Jews long before the Catholic church became the established religion of the Roman Empire. In fact whenever the Jews poisoned a well or ritually murdered a young boy and drank his blood, the Catholic church protected the Jews.

The Donmeh cult were crypto Jews of Turkey who in name only practiced Islam. The Donmeh formed the Young Turks movement and with the help of the Rothschilds successfully revolted against the Sultan in 1908. In 1915 the Jews of Turkey massacred 1.5 million Armenians plus 250,000 Greek and Syrian Christians.

After the Jews took over Russia, they killed 350,000 priests. They also allowed their secret police to rape over half a million young Russian girls to death. They killed over 60,000,000 in their concentration camps. The Jews starved 10,000,000 to death in the Ukraine.

During the African slave trade the Jews killed millions of Africans. When Americans gave refuge to the Jews, the Jewish distillers and traders sold liquor to the Indians who routinely killed white settlers while drunk. Then the soldiers and the settlers would  kill the Indians. This went on for almost 2 centuries.  In the Opium wars the Jews killed millions of Chinese if you count the heroin related deaths. And even today Russian Jewish criminals traffick most of the 250,000 women and children kidnapped each year for the sex slave trade, Many of those women and children are killed in snuff films.

In 1942 a Jewish woman in Palestine asked an Arab neighbor to hide her 12 year-old daughter if the Germans took over their village. Her Arab neighbor said yes. Compare this behavior to Jewish Irgun terrorists who ruthlessly slaughtered Arab women and babies, then mutilated their corpses in the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin. In the course of two years Zionist Jews obliterated 419 Arab villages and built Jewish settlements in their place. This process of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their own homeland by Jews continues to this very day.

Contrast the above proven and known atrocities committed by Jews to the Holohoax. There was never any physical evidence of the Holohoax. No bodies, no murder weapons (‘gas chambers’), no documents, no  photographs, no intercepted communications. The Russians originally charged the Germans with using steam chambers to kill Jews at Auschwitz. The Russians also falsely charged that the Nazis were responsible for the massacre of Polish officers and intellectuals  at Katyn which was a Soviet crime. So where did all of the Holohoax evidence originate?

Soviet propagandists Ilya Ehrenburg and Vassily Grossman wrote The ‘Black Book’. The original book, published in the 40’s, had an appropriately all black cover. The current edition is 579 pages of pure phantasmagoria. Four bodies with hacked-off extremities, could be placed in the furnace at a time. It took fifteen minutes to burn four bodies (550 degrees Fahrenheit or 287.8 Celsius), and so with all furnaces working round the clock it was possible to burn 1,920 bodies in twenty-four hours. Taking into account the great quantities of bones discovered all over the camp, the committee of experts believes that bones were taken out of the furnaces before they could be completely consumed, and therefore, in fact, many more than 1,920 bodies were burned in twenty-four hours.”

Even school children had problems making sense of these Soviet Jewish tales. 4 million bodies could not have been cremated even if it were possible to dispose of 1,920 bodies a day for 1,400 days. Elie Wiesel in his book Night and Miklos Nyiszli in Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account claimed that 5,000 Jews a day were burned in an outdoor open pit at Auschwitz. When the CIA released OSS aerial photos of Auschwitz with neither open pit fires nor smoke coming from the crematoria chimneys, Elie Wiesel said on ABC TV News that the Nazis must have burned bodies only at night with no mention of open pit burning. The US Department of Homeland Security has bought industrial size incinerators to burn million of American bodies just in case ‘someone’ releases a plague to kill us.

David Irving told us he bothered to check the operating manuals published by the manufacturer of the crematoria at Auschwitz. Each body would require 60 kilograms of coke and coal to cremate it. The Holohoaxers allege that at the end of the war 450,000 Hungarian Jews were gassed and cremated at Auschwitz. That would have required (60 X 450,000) or 27,000,000 kilograms of coke and coal. That and the smoke from the ovens should have been visible to those US Army Air Corp reconnaissance photos. But neither were visible.  Remember that Wiesel had been asked why there was no smoke in the air recon photos. He told ABC TV News that the Nazis probably only burned bodies at night. But night burning to be true the coke and coal had to be delivered after dark as well. This gets harder and harder to believe.

Please also remember that the inmates were working converting coal into gas for the German Army.

Elie Wiesel testified in a court of law in San Francisco that he still had the tattoo number A7713 on his left arm. Yet I have seen photos of him in short sleeves with no tattoo at all. Mr Wiesel is obviously a liar.

I recently received a letter from a Jew who tried to lower the number killed in gas chambers but raise the number found in mass graves of Jews killed by the 1,500 members of the Einstatzgruppen. Mass graves of Christians killed by Jewish Communists have been found but few Jewish bodies were ever found. The Jewish Virtual Library has an explanation. They said the Nazis poured gasoline (which in WW II was a scarce item on the Russian front) on the bodies of the Jews which made the ashes, bones, bullets and other artifacts disappear. Bones are not evaporated by gasoline fires. And fires create ashes. None of these Holohoax stories make a lot of sense. It is only the threat of ostracism that allows them to be sold.

I had a Russian Jewish friend who told me that in the 1930s the Jews used to call the secret police and inform on Christian neighbors telling the police they had evidence of them having Bibles and saying prayers. They knew such accusations would get their neighbors killed.  My Jewish friend told me the police would laugh and tell them they knew about those people. They explained that they had simply run past their quota and would get those Christians in a month or two. Apparently, real genocides take time and effort and do not occur as a result of magic.

Many critics have examined Jewish population figures from before and after the war. The World Almanac says there were 8,939,608 Jews in Europe before  the war and   9,372,666 after the Holohoax. These figures do not reflect the millions of Jews who fled to America and to Israel after the war.

The  Luxembourg Agreement forced the West German government to pay reparations to Jewish “Holocaust survivors” who died before the West German compensation law (BEG) was enacted in 1953 or before it really became effective in 1956 did not include Jews living in the Soviet Union. And the Atlanta Journal and Constitution stated in 1985 that about half of the Jewish “survivors” in the world have never received reparations money number of successful claims was 4,344,378 80 percent, or 3.5 million, of the 4.344 million claims were from Jews. Not much evidence of a Jewish population loss.

Churchill’s Second World War does not mention Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war. Ditto for Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War total 4,448 pages; and de Gaulle’s three-volume Memoirs is 2,054 pages.  In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages there is no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.”

Contrast the Holohoax to Eisenhower’s treatment of the Germans after WW II. Ike who was Jewish put German POWs and others ranging in age from 13 to their 80s into camps. They had no tents or buildings. The Germans were kept inside fences with no shelter from the cold, the wind, the rain, the snow, the heat and the sun with little or no food. Eisenhower ordered anyone who fed the starving men shot. A million men died in a year. 58 million people died in World War II. To only remember the Jewish dead and to claim their suffering was ‘special’ is to say that we are not real human and that only Jews are human.

Edmund  Husserl who was Jewish said that a paranoid only feels his pain and never feels the pain he inflicted on others. I always felt he was describing self-appointed Jewish leaders. Jewish people know their leaders are insane. Gentiles must learn that fact too. I have met many Jewish people who told me they do not believe in the Holohoax. Many Jewish people have told us they believe 911 was an Inside Job. But few have said Israel did 911.  Think of the pure insanity of a small nation that would attack the world’s last Super Power. Israeli leaders and the Jewish bankers of New York and London want America to attack Iran so there will be a world war and the United States will lose. These men are insane. Do not believe their lies. They will destroy the world. They are too hate filled to survive.

Lessons Learned From The Holohoax. On 911 we believed the Jewish media, the Zionists and the Israelis when they said the Muslims did it. Jewish lies were used to convince America and NATO to wage war against Iraq and Afghanistan killing millions of innocent people while wasting trillions of dollars for Jewish whims and fantasies.

No one group of men should have so much power that they can force tens of millions of people if not billions to die for their fantasies.

The Holohoax is still being used to justify war with Iran and the continuing occupation of Palestine. If you think World War III is a Really Bad Idea, you have no choice but to expose the lies of the Holohoax and 911. If denying the Holohoax is a crime in your country, then concentrate on 911. We are gathering new converts every day. We have friends in the military and the police. We will win. They will lose.

Notes: Please consider: Go Beyond Left And Right To An Anti-Banker Party Part II


Mr Wiesel, I Would Like To Ask You A Few Questions.


References: I became involved in this after listening to Carolyn Yeager speak on the radio. I went to her website here first:


You can listen to podcasts of Carolyn’s radio show here:


If you would like to trace the documents on Lazar Wiesel who has tatoo number A7713, please go here:


To see the aerial photo evidence or lack thereof please go here:


The above website’s photos reveal many other discrepancies with the testimony of Holohoax perpetrators.

These are  great websites for research:




Holohoax Survivors who Tell the Truth

About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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143 Responses to Holy Holohoax. My Government Wouldn’t Lie To Me.

  1. jadez says:

    no wonder its a crime to speak about the concentration camps of ww2.

    and we all know what happens to truth tellers in this country.

  2. jeff says:

    another brilliant post.
    keep the light burning bright, friends.

  3. sazzylilsmartazz says:

    Just found your blog. Rather odd questioning a historical event would be grounds to murder or imprison anyone. Yet, that’s exactly what happens in some countries. Truth doesn’t fear investigation but apparently some people fear the truth.

    • heroay says:

      Just found you again. From Lasha’s. While women should be allowed most any capricious thing, spoiled rotten, even, they should be warned though that the Net is not a walk in the park. It’s filled with hateful, spiteful, criminal kosher minds, who would like to (censored list) little shiksa girls like you. And DO. If your pic is real, including location, that was a risky, bad move you made. Don’t make it easy for these lowly beasts to accomplish their sayanim ordinances, at first opportunity. THEY own the waves, you know?… The kosher pigs who “fear the truth”.

    • annebeck58 says:

      I’ve always wondered who it was the regular fools, in youtube, were having a go at with their different channels with name(s) quite similar to yours. I guess the gang of “CoCo and his Gorillas” (Coder, Cohen[s], Pinchas, etc..) must despise you as much as they do me, Sazzy. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself, as we’ve dealt with and probably will deal with (however, I deal with them only on my terms these days), until youtube wizens up and gets rid of the likes of TheJIDF, JIDFWarrior, JackDoodle multiple numbers, Sonny, and all of the others, including their ADL.
      Interesting to find you here. Don’t let the Zidiots get to you.

  4. A problem says:

    What you wrote in the article “When Americans gave refuge to the Jews, the Jewish distillers and traders sold liquor to the Indians who routinely killed white settlers while drunk. Then the soldiers and the settlers would kill the Indians. This went on for almost 2 centuries”. You just whitewashed the native american genocide , well were the 100 million blacks brought to usa drunk? were the indigenous ppl of canada, carribean, south america, austrailia new zealand diego garcia drunk when their communtites were wiped out by the europeans. Yes i admit jews were leading players but white europeans were willing accessories in the mass murder and genocides and guess what they loved it even til today. Ask an american about the million dead iraqi’s and afghans see if they care the europeans mindset is confused they need to find their humanity or their jewish master will destroy them and if we look at history then this is their karma.

    • horse237 says:

      I did not whitewash anything. I was talking about the Jewish role in history. Jews always seems to wind up owning the mines and the oil wells while the whites get to die in the wars. A case in point would be South Africa. I have not studied Australia but I see it is run by Jews and their Global Warming tax will be sending money off to Jewish banks ib Europe.

      In America from what I understand the Indians killed soldiers in a 2 to 1 ratio in combat so they obviously were not drunk at all times. I just wanted to point out the relationship between Jews and Indians and whites. Most of the Indians died from exposure to white man’s diseases. I am not sure why we were not infected by New World diseases as our soldiers were exposed to Asian diseases in Vietnam.

      • PB says:

        As an Australian, I can tell you you are spot-on with your description of the Jewish Global Warming tax. Our current government is the most blatant, pro-Zio, compromised and corrupted government we have yet had.

      • horse237 says:

        Americans are dreaming if running away to safe countries. The list includes Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Canada and Chile.

        I think we are better off here.

      • heroay says:

        Sometimes we write ‘the wrong – even though well intended – way’. While American Natives were quite ‘savage’ in their retaliation (after their massacres by ‘whites’), we must always look for CAUSES, not EFFECTS.

        If Europeans hadn’t been influenced-controlled by ashkenazi-khazar parasite genocidal leeches (‘jew’-my-foot), and had come in harmony, honesty, and respect (plenty empty spaces to fill), nothing wrong could have happened, but quite the opposite.

        When we expose, we must be constant and direct, else we confuse and distort. It’s the N.T. condemned Edumean-Pharisees (and today their proxy imposter cousins, the ashkenazi-khazar rapine vandals), the infection and cancer of this planet. And it must dealt with, permanently. End of story.

      • pj says:

        Jews made the rum in New England used to purchase slaves in Africa with. This can be proven by financial records from back then. Rum to Africa, slaves to the West Indies, sugar to New England, rum to Africa etc. Great business, classic parlay trade, and the Schwartzers blame the goyim. Not bad.

      • horse237 says:

        The Jews had a fourth leg on the rum trade. They sold rum and guns to Indians on the American frontier. This was good for Jews but bad for Gentiles of all races.

    • DaftAida says:

      This is the prevalent view amongst the jewish-idoctrinated myth that ordinary peasant whites (who were slaves no less than the later, blacks) were responsible for and supported Black Slavery. An impossibility. Blacks have been convinced by the Jews, (Alex Haily ‘roots’ to boot) that ‘whites’ landed on their shores, hunting, rounding up and torturing blacks as the start of the history of Western Slavery. In fact, it was the captive population of peasants who first and foremost felt the wrath of their lofty overlords. Millions were kidnapped, rounded up and deported for slave camps in Virgina, Barbados and Jamaica. Only very late in the day, did negros become tradeable as commodities in the US. This, organised by the usual suspects. African warlords had been trading their captives for centuries with their Arab and Jewish merchants. They simply continued the path of all Empire buiilders in populating America, Australia and the Carribean with their ‘useless poor’. At the time Wilberforce was campaiging for the abolition of black slavery in the Southern States (pre-empting civil war backed by London) children and their parents were still dying in workhouses, satanic mills and mines owned by the same culprits and were still working 18 hours a day when abolition was ratified. This equalised all slaves, white and black to state control as taxable ‘resources’, rather than allowing revenue to remain in private hands. To get a fix on this, the price of a white irish slave was around $5 whilst a black fetched a priced of $50.

      As ‘holocaust survivors’ can’t possibly live forever either in myth or human embodiment, the usual suspects have set up the Silver Award race for victimhood: Black Slaves. Putting things into perspective, over 100 million whites died by Jewish Elite devices during part of the last century and many alive today have memories of what they suffered in ‘real time’. It seems particularly callous, yet typical of honoured victim status groups, to completely ignore the suffering of others, holding them accountable in some way, for events which actually have little or nothing to do with their experience.

      • DaftAida says:

        or for that matter, Karma. Those of the Black Race who hold the Karma are those of the Black Race colluding in their trade; then as now.

    • heroay says:

      the problem with the problem. You forget, that only until recently the Internet exposed the criminal kosher rapine mafia to the world. Back then, it was EASY to fool uneducated European masses about the reality of other humans (‘savages’) in other parts of the planet, for the convenience and rapine of kosher ashkenazi banksters. But even today, how many mercenaries join the ju-Merikan Army to kill other humans in their own lands?

      Human nature, dumb til proven otherwise, BUT, if these leeches from hell, the motivators, were not monkeeing around, did NOT exist, this world would be a lot different than has been, for the last 6 thousand years, most likely. Behead the Beast, the RAT$childs, and its tendrils will starve and DIE, since WORK is a sin they won’t commit.

    • Joe Hnot says:

      Are you speaking of those wise peaceful indigenous ppl of canada, south america ect who routinely genocided other tribes as part of their warfare ?
      Are you speaking of those wise peaceful indigenous who destroy any evidence suggesting they were johnny come latelys and genocided the previous peoples like kinnewick man, red haired peoples of Arizona ect. ?

    • PJ London says:

      “were the 100 million blacks brought to usa” ?

      The Census Bureau estimates that in 1776, the entire population of the United States was about 2.5 million.Jan 23, 2013

      Oy vey, are you Jewish?

      How many African slaves were brought to America?
      A total of about 600,000 slaves were imported into the Thirteen Colonies and the U.S, constituting 5% of the twelve million slaves brought from Africa to the Americas. The great majority of African slaves were transported to sugar colonies in the Caribbean and to Brazil.
      How many slaves were there in total?
      Between 1525 and 1866, in the entire history of the slave trade to the New World, according to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, 12.5 million Africans were shipped to the New World. 10.7 million survived the dreaded Middle Passage, disembarking in North America, the Caribbean and South America.

      There was probably not even 100 million people in Africa, in the 1700s.

      But don’t let facts distress you.

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  6. bill says:

    You holocaust deniers are either blind or nuts or both.
    Anti-Semitism is rampant.
    So are alien abductions
    The difference is THERE IS UNDENIABLE PROOF of one.
    Not one scintilla of evidence of the other.
    No holocaust? What is your word for it, then?
    Millions of “undesirables” were slaughtered by the Nazis for one reason or another. Yes, the majority committed the crime of being Jewish.
    My grandfather, a former guest of the Nazis at Birkenau, cannot even believe people like you exist.
    Jews will always be hated for being Jews, whether or not they are part of the “worldwide economic oppression” fostered by the likes of authors of articles like this.
    Take your Jew baiting and place it where the sun don’t shine.
    Haters gotta hate, I guess.

    • jeff says:

      bill, you are the one spewing the hate.
      you hate us for insisting on truth rather than fiction.
      for instance, the truth is that the majority of those killed in Germany during the 2nd World War were NOT jews. They were GERMANS. Most murdered by “Allied” bombings of civilian trade and industry centers, and the vast majority of them CIVILIAN.
      the truth is that the letters NAZI are 1/2 “ZIonist.”
      you want to hate someone for what happened in Germany, mostly to the GERMANS, then you had better cast that spiteful glance where the light of truth is not allowed to shine – ZIONISM.
      jews are NOT hated by anyone here, certainly.
      and no one is hated for being a JEW.
      ZIONISTS are not revered because they are bigoted, tribalist psychopaths who take it as “God’s” word that they are the “chosen” and all others – being most of the rest of us including especially GERMANS but also JAPANESE – live and die only in their service.
      you want to defend this madness?
      i will take your silence as a “no.”

    • DaftAida says:

      Bill I think that the term ‘holocaust’ was coined by the Jews. I also think that given the carnage of christians in their tens of millions deserves respect and priority over the Jewish issue of ‘six million’ which is a ludicrous fiction, given the population stats of the time.

    • PhilDeGrave says:

      Anyone who uses the term “anti-Semitic” is a douche bag….

    • Joe Hnot says:

      1- no gassed bodies
      2- no gas chambers
      3- no orders or plans
      Oh I forgot, there are all those eye witnesses who can’t stand up to a cross examination who wrote hilarious books leaving you with the mantra “I know it is impossible but it’s true.
      They can all be found in the FICTION section of any book store.

      • Jen says:

        Speaking of fiction, Schindler’s List was a fiction book yet they made it into a movie as if it were a true documentary. They showed this to children in classrooms and it has nudity and violence, something the Jews revel in.

      • PJ London says:

        “Some events do take place but are not true; others are, although they never occurred.”— Elie Wiesel, World’s Most Famous Holocaust Survivor

    • Robert Barker says:

      Bill, as an example, look how the number has been adjusted at Auschwitz-Birkenau (see: https://www.auschwitz.org/en/), it is now, officially, at 1.1 million people that were supposedly killed in the camp.

      Previously, the death toll was listed as 3.2m+. The fact that the caretakers of Auschwitz-Birkenau were forced to adjust the numbers should be an indicator that history of the Holocaust might be a bit different from what has been, historically, presented.

      Let’s call the difference 2 million, even. That would mean that the total number of Jews allegedly murdered would drop by 2 million for a total of 4 million. Just stating this simple math formula would get me arrested in several countries, even though it is factually and mathematically correct.

      People did die in the camps, but after decades of research, I’ve come to the conclusion that it was from typhus, not Zyklon-B. Just like the Japanese and Germans who were in US concentration camps died from disease, so, too, did the prisoners in Germany.

      Even if YOU believe that 6 million Jews died, the Jews who run the camp museums do not (again, see the link above).

  7. Jacob says:

    Growing up in the Netherlands just after WW II, I never heard the number 6 million.

  8. Jay says:

    My neighbour is German. He was born after WW2. He gets a little uncomfortable about the whole thing, but did offer me this little snippet: His mother, after the war, worked for a Government agency, responsible for issuing “reparation” cheques (or some such) to German Jews who’d survived the camps. The numbers were huge – some were downright fraudulent claims, which when she questioned, was just told: “Pay them anyway – don’t investigate the claims, it will just look bad for us Germans.” He told me that eventually the scam caught on – teenagers who weren’t even born before WW2 were coming in, declaring themselves Jewish Holocaust survivors, and walking out with money. “Don’t ask, just pay them, otherwise it’ll only look bad…”
    Time to reinvestigate the whole thing, IMO…

    • DaftAida says:

      oh yes! The German people have been falsely carrying the burden of their hospitality to this vermin in their midst. Blackmail.

      • Jen says:

        And the Germans continue to pay reparations to this day! They are still an occupied country after 70 years. It’s time for Germany to rise up and reclaim their independence.

      • PJ London says:

        The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso in the year 2000: 

’The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of “living Holocaust survivors” at nearly a million.’ (page 83)

  9. Bart B says:

    just reading this article can land me in jail (Belgium)
    you will believe !!!!

  10. PJ London says:

    Another interesting web-page : http://www.veteranstoday.com/2010/08/24/israeli-control-of-america-a-veterans-today-reader-comments/

    Someday I may be energetic enough to write the recent history od South Africa.

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  12. Khan says:

    this is a brilliant article, .. no doubt there will have been Jewish people who were hurt by the war but the way they played with that 6 million figure & still are amazes !

    thanks for posting this, God Bless

    • horse237 says:

      When I worked at an Ivy League medical research lab when I was in college, 11 of the 12 Jewish doctors and researchers told me they do not believe in the Holohoax. They were not allowed to say that on TV. The Jews have assassins to prevent that.

      Please take a look at some of the other articles in the Notes section. I write a lot about banking and politics as crimes.

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  16. Cesare Bonventre says:

    World Almanac, 1940, pg. 129:
    World Jewish Population- 15,319,359

    World Almanac, 1949, pg. 289:
    World Jewish Population- 15,713,638

    World Almanac, 1996, pg. 646:
    World Jewish Population- 14,117,000

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  18. horse237 says:

    my apologies. my eyesight is rather poor. I do get lots of weird comments unrelated to anything I wrote quite often.

  19. Joe Hnot says:

    Since I do not speak Yiddish, I was wondering what the hell is a “Nazi” ???
    I have read many books and papers on the Third Reich and have never ever heard nor read the Germans or National Socialist German Workers’ Party refer to themselves as “Nazis”.

    • horse237 says:

      I have defined Nazi as a word used by Jews to describe anyone who opposes fractional reserve banking, wars without end for Israel and does not cheer when the Israelis kill Palestinians and steal more of their land.

    • pj says:

      National Socialist Democratic Worker’s Party.
      Sounds like Bernie Sanders.

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  24. Mevashir says:

    please write to my email and i will send you a fascinating study of the Holocaust, Zionism, and Nazism.

    please see 5′ into this clip and explain why this man’s testimony is not credible?

    based on this book:

    • horse237 says:

      The clip you posted had a funny opening line. The British are still pushing the line that the SS threw pellets of Zyklon B through the hatch in the roof and that Jewish workers had to pull the bodies out. Zyklon B is good at killing lice but was never used in American gas chambers as they were designed to replace electrocution so they had to actually be lethal.

      America had gas chambers in the states of California and Maryland until the early 1960s. They had to use a chemical agent to neutralize the cyanide. They waited 16 to 24 hours to complete the neutralization before the doctor entered the gas chamber to officially pronounce death. It seems that American doctors are smarter than the fiction writers who gave those Jewish witnesses their lines. I assume you knew that Jews from Hollywood worked in Germany after the war to make the Holocaust into a good story.

      Did you know that the Germans captured 150,000 British POWs and that 150 then worked at Auschwitz, They never saw a Holocaust. The Red Cross had monthly visits to every camp and had inside men at every camp who gave them reports. None saw a Holocaust.

      The prison at San Quentin used to get a lot of calls about their gas chamber. They got rid of it. A lot of people asked about the precautions in handling bodies. Cyanide sticks to the body especially between the floor and the body where the neutralizing chemical could not have reached. Those Jewish witnesses would have died if they touched the dead as cyanide kills on contact with the skin. The original stories said they waited 5 minutes and went into the chambers without gas masks and gloves. All liars. Same for that German government worker. He would lose his job if he did not say what he did. And he could be arrested and tried with ‘new evidence’ if he did not cooperate.

      How do you explain the lack of demographic evidence for a Jewish population loss in the period? In fact their population gained 800,000 or so. Or the International Red Cross Tracing Commission report that put the total death at the camps at less than 250,000 with most of those not being Jewish.

      Did you know that those German rockets dropped on London during the war were built inside a mountain by prisoners from nearby Dachau? Did you know that the German soldiers relied on gasoline manufactured from Silesian coal by the prisoners at Auschwitz? Now you know why those British POWs were there. They were engineers used as maintenance men to maintain the chemical plant that kept the German Army on the move. Now you know why the media never interviewed those British POWs.

      I think you better give up peddling the Holohoax. Try convincing me that Israel did not do 911 so America would kill millions of innocent people all over the Mideast.

      Here is your chance to make millions and to become a celebrity. Just answer the questions posed in this article and the world is yours.

      911: Short And Powerful Questions

      Please do not waste my time until you have answered all of my above questions.

      • Mevashir says:

        Thanks for responding. So all the thousands of survivors who saw gas chambers and crematoria are lying?

        As for the Red Cross, why do you think the Germans would divulge their war crimes to them? LOL. The RC did a whitewash on Terezin camp too. Sanctimonious BS.

        And why would the West German govt. agree to pay reparations for crimes it never committed? Just out of the goodness of their sauerkrauten herzen?

        As for British POWs, why would they have seen gas chambers or crematoria? Auschwitz Birkenau was enormous. The POWs would have had virtually zero interaction with the Jewish prisoner untermenschen.

        So far as your other claims, they are eminently believable. Yes, Auschwitz provided slave laborers for the synthetic oil plant nearby. And the Brits may well have been engineers there.

        And concerning 9-11, I have been a Truther since 9-12. So you don’t need to convince me on that one either. Just be careful to recognize that the Israelis had a lot of help in America and Britain to mastermind their plot. In fact, the entire power elite is in bed with them.

        Finally, HItler’s greatest mistake was failing to recognize that his own Catholic mother church was beholden to the international Jewish financiers Hitler so reviled. The Vatican was sustained by Jewish money, and still is today. Hitler tried to get the Jews to leave Germany for Palestine in the 1930s (cf. Transfer Agreement) but the British thwarted that. Hitler was a good Zionist himself. He would have been proud of the 9-11 false flag attack:


      • “why would the West German govt. agree to pay reparations for crimes it never committed? Just out of the goodness of their sauerkrauten herzen?”

        There’s a fine question Mevashir. Why did the “West German” government agree to pay reparations when, INDEED, “it never committed”? ‘They’ never committed any crimes, if, indeed, crimes were committed and why do the number of ‘victims’ receiving compensation exceed the number of jewish folks processed through the labor camp system?

        How about doing the math relating to the alleged number of victims and the number of crematoria stations available within the camp (say Auschwitz) and take into account just how long it takes to cremate a body. Then do the math on what remains and you arrive a a figure of metric tons of unburned material and bones. Where are the piles (in metric tons) of bones and ash Mevashir (hint: there were none). Considering the fact the water table at Auschwitz lies a mere 18 inches below the surface (a minor detail if you think they ‘buried’ the ash) where would you ‘hide’ almost 8 million pounds of human remains?

      • annebeck58 says:

        I know you didn’t ask me, but regarding those who “saw” gas-chambers (de-lousing shower) and crematoriums (there were some as people did die from different diseases), being liars or not??
        I actually believe this is what some thought they saw. And I think a lot of what they believe(d) they saw was based on some people saying that was what was going on.
        I would not say they are all liars but I do believe, based on factual evidence, they furthered rumors without thinking how the lies could not be true. Sure, there would be some who did lie for the sake of getting one over on others. Some lied, in letters to the USA in particular, to get America involved in the war. Others simply believed what the liars told them.

        But mass-graves and mass-cremations did not happen. If they had, there would have been factual evidence to bolster that truth. And there has not been that found, as has been the case in the Armenian holocaust, perpetrated by Turks and certain Jews against a huge population.

        Yet, when we hear holocaust, we are supposed to think Jewish holocaust, and forget about every other peoples who suffered? Crazy.

    • Talmudvision History ?
      Is that it ?

  25. Mevashir says:


    Tried to respond to you on Whores237 blog, but he deleted everything.

    If you write to me at mevashir5773@yahoo.com I have an excellent reply for your thoughtful comments.

  26. Bolshevictim says:

    Is this the part where we give our email addresses to the Hasbara agent to be tracked down for future arrests on laws that haven’t been passed yet?

  27. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    A total of 262,077 German concentration camp victims…

  28. horse237 says:

    Hitler as racist was invented by the Allies. The three Allied leaders you mentioned were all of Jewish descent. Veronica Clark wrote of black men who lived in Germany at the time and were treated better there than in America. One man was a black musician in Berlin and serves in the SS. He worked with a German SS spy in Africa. The black American was not the only black man to serve in the SS. He was never prosecuted by the Akkies because it did not fit the history the Allies were creating along with the myths of the Holohoax.

    • horse237 says:

      I do not believe any of the Allied propaganda about Hitler.

      Muslims believe that anti-Christ or Daijal is the Jewish banking system. These are the people who run your government and your schools and most of your churches especially those with a Scofield Bible.

  29. Michael says:

    Horse, I don’t know if you are a Christian or not. You seem to be a truth seeker, and you have some really good information here.

    But one thing you might want to consider if you are a Christian is that Hitler most likely is the anti-Christ. HItler opposed the printing of the Old Testament in Germany and was totally opposed by the Catholic Church (Pope Pius XI) over this.

    Anti-Christ means both a false substitute for Christ and an evil opponent of Christ. In one and the same person.

    HItler had to have had many positive qualities to be the anti-Christ. There is no disputing that. But those who support anti-Christ face God’s severest wrath and judgment.

    You seem like a really sincere person and I don’t want to see you face God’s burning wrath.

    So please consider my words.

    Concerned for your eternal salvation.

  30. Bolshevictim says:

    The criminal, racist, psychopathic enigma that is organized world Jewry has projected every evil, treasonous, and morally bankrupt act that they themselves are guilty of onto Adolf Hitler. They’ve propagated just about every wild myth about Hitler and the “evil Nazis”, then turn around and do many of the very same things they’ve accused National Socialist Germany of committing. All while wearing a mask of deception as they play the role of the poor little victim.
    This Anti-Christian, Ashkenazi opposition has further demonized Hitler as being some sort of an “anti-Christ”. What Hitler opposed was the Judaic influence that corrupted the original ‘gospel’ of Christianity. The [i]juseful idiot[/i] Christians, brainwashed with a Judaic vandalization of their theology fail to realize that Judaism by it’s own admission is based on the Pharisee traditions. The notion of Hitler being the Anti-Christ is once again a self-projection by the same Pharisees who crucified and killed Jesus. They are the “Antichrist”.

  31. Guderian says:

    Well, I couldn’t say that ‘all’ Jews are bad; that’s like saying all Germans were evil Nazis. I believe that either the mass Jewish population, like us, are being massively deceived, or that there is that 1-10% of Jews who knows the truth and actually cares. Either way, very awesome post here! I’m just concerned about the attitude toward the Jewish population. Like I said above, either the mass is being deceived like us, or there is that 10% that actually cares. But we can still blame the government, the leaders, and the deceivers.

    • horse237 says:

      Jews never adapted to democracy. They allow their leaders to commit one criminal act after another. But they do share in the loot. Brits fought the Boer war to make the Jews of London wealthy which made the Jews of England wealthier as the money and jobs trickled down. The Vietnam and Afghan wars were America’s Opium wars which enriched the Jewish bankers by trillions of dollars.

      That a lot of Gentiles died is of no concern to the Jews. Read the Talmud.

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  47. ticktock says:

    Perhaps you can make mention of the fact that Jews are known cowards. Throughout the ages, documents record people killing themselves when situations become too dire or evident of death. Does any holohoax documentation mention the suicide of the Jews? People supposedly kill themselves in prisons or jails when experiencing horrific situations or conditions, yet no mention of these Jews killing themselves in the holohoax.

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  68. Fake holocaust to steal US $$, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.
    They violate the 1st Amendment by banning books like “America Deceived III”.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by banning guns.
    Both parties are lawless.
    Last link of “America Deceived III” before it is completely banned:

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  76. Flush says:

    They are revealing their hand more and more as they sense they may be nearing their final global rule “triumph”. The truthseekers red pill takers have the internet to push back with. But while truth is light and the way, it is soul twisting and heart scorching. Once the hidden hand behind the events which previously made no sense is revealed, the depth of the destruction of western civilization they have been able to achieve is satanic. The exact same methods time after wrought in the exact way Henry Ford/the protocols outlined. The sped up white genocide/destruction of all Euro/Christian/Western countries through racial and political displacement by hostile third world races which to speak of is hate speech punishable with prison or with black on white or fascist antifa violence. The complete shutdown of critical thought by controlled media and common core and radical professors. A government mandated orthodoxy on association business housing admissions speech and thought about races. The relentless drive for civilian disarmament and the surveillance state in through false flags. The evidence is overwhelming but must be taken to heart. They will not stop til they force Gods hand in Jerusalem.
    Do we white people want to live in Christian western civilization and do we want our white children to? They Only want diversity for white countries. And they knew to use our wish to be open minded against us. The great white race who made western civilization and elevated the individual to his rightful place as Gods creation in self governed nations under rule of law brought to destruction by the fear of a word –racist.
    Russia threw off the chains after the never mentioned ACTUAL genocide of 60 million of her Christian white Russians. U.s. Congress voted 503-4 to permanently sanction Russia forbidding trade permenently usurping presidents powers over international diplomacy and revealibg how many in government work for them not us. Because Russia could tell us how to get them out example forbid entry to Soros and other ngos working to undermine and overthrow your nation. They dont want that the white civiluzation saved. No better to turn the last two big western nations against eachother to make a final world war in whoch all the white Christians of europe/america/commonwealth fight the white Christians of russia. Jesus wept. The tragedy of all the lost uplifting of the world lost already to their machinations and the tragedy of what is about to be lost unless—- whites defend our western civilization.

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  82. THX1138 says:

    This thread is years old. Now, with the stolen US Presidential election, (((they))) do seem to be winning.

  83. horse237 says:

    This was written in August of 2012. Let me share some problems the Biden-Harris puppet regime faces.
    1) Unpayable Debts to be cancelled en masse will give us the greatest Depression in 500 years as under our interest bearing fractional reserve banking system debts can be cancelled in bankruptcy court and in foreclosure as we did in 1933 America or Hyperinflation as we did 1923 Germany.
    2) We are over-populated. America had to start importing natural resources when the population went over 150 million which is why wages have lagged behind labor productivity.
    3) The FED printed money by the trillion to buy free stuff from overseas so nobody would realize how poor America until the day in the near future (before election day 2024) when you would have to pay $10,000 an ounce to buy gold so you could purchase things from overseas. On that day your wages and pensions will be cut 60%.
    4) We just entered a Grand Solar Minimum just like the Maunder Minimum. Reduced solar magnetism means cooler weather. Wheat prices spiked 400% in the Maunder Minimum in some years. Reduced solar magnetism will allow more cosmic rays (nuclear particles from distant stars) to strike the earth causing more cloud cover, more rain and snow, cooler temps and energizing both earthquakes and volcanoes. I have warned people in the US that living either on the West Coast or on the Mew Madrid fault zone from Memphis to St Louis is a very bad idea. Volcanic eruptions release ash into the upper atmosphere which block sunlight. In 1815 there was one volcano in Indonesia that caused “1816 year without a summer” that was during the Dalton Minimum. During the Maunder Minimum there was a Big Freeze of 1709 in France which was caused by the eruption of 3 volcanoes in Europe. The top 40 inches of the ground froze. There were nearly 7.5 billion billion at that time. (Please note the Chinese under report their population by 250 million or so.) So if we had similar volcanic eruptions today, we could expect a few billion people to starve to death worldwide and maybe 175 million in the US after Biden is through bringing in illegal aliens and granting citizenship to everyone with a Green Card and to their spouses and families. Of course they will not all starve to death. Most will kill themselves or others due to a lack of food. In the US non-whites will kill whites and whites will kill non-whites until there is enough food for everyone. It would take the form of a Civil War so a lot of the killing will be of leftists killing conservatives and conservatives returning the favor. 20 million Asian Americans will try to hide.
    We will need a few years to rebuild after the earthquakes, the volcanoes, the mob violence, the burning down of every city and the Civil War. But we might be able to build a better America and a better world.

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