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Musings On The End Of The Zionist States Of America

I am not an event driven writer. I am just chronicling the destruction of the America we knew. It is not for me to say what will replace the world we loved. That is for those who survive. I am … Continue reading

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Video: Michael Hudson, Fictitious Capital And Debt Cancellation

Dr Michael Hudson defined fictitious capital as a loan that cannot be repaid because the collateral is not there. He cited real estate fraud where ratings agencies intentionally gave false AAA ratings to Mortgage Backed Securities that in reality had … Continue reading

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Paul Craig Roberts: From NAFTA To The Collapse Of The Bubble Economy

Paul Craig Roberts has explained what a disaster the passage of the North American Free Trade Act was for Democratic party fundraisers. Because the Democrats and the Republicans voted to send 12 million jobs overseas they no longer had union … Continue reading

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Numbers 2012. America At Home And Abroad

21 Vs 1. The US economy is growing at 1.1% and debts are growing at 21% annually. 85,000 is the number of people applying for Social Security disability every month. 80,000 is the number of jobs created every month. 10,000 … Continue reading

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Time Is Running Out For The Israeli Empire

‘Syria is do or die for Israel.’ There are lies, great lies and then there is 911.’ Sheikh Imran Hosein Dr Alan Sabrosky is a ten year veteran of the United States Marine Corps and has a PhD from the … Continue reading

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The Guns, The Scandals, The Bank Holidays, The Gold Runs And The Rumors Of August

Zero Hedge reported that US GDP is growing at an annualized rate of 1.1% while the debt is growing at 21% though John Williams of Shadow Stats has said the US economy is actually contracting in real terms after discounting … Continue reading

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Money Junkie Ways Are Not My Ways. Money Junkie Thoughts Are Not My Thoughts.

A Jewish medical student told me what he loved about America was that it had no culture. By that he meant other nations had restrictions on what Jews could do. We did get our language from England but we created … Continue reading

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Michele Thomas: Bank Fraud, Vote Fraud 2008 and 2012

Michele Thomas volunteered for Hillary in 2008 and Ron Paul 2012. She was concerned about massive bank fraud in 2007 and has been trying ever since to support a candidate who would actually put criminals in jail. In 2008 she … Continue reading

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Impossible Situations Will Not Last.

‘Debts that cannot be paid will not be paid.’ Michael Hudson The average American works 7 months a year before being allowed to keep any of the money they work for. But that figure is deceptive. The occupation government gives … Continue reading

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What Real Debt Cancellation Combined With Pension And Health Care Reform Looks Like Part II

I previously said we will have to demand 20 trillion plus dollars in restitution from the bankers and their friends. That money plus the money held in government accounts hidden from us (see should be used to retire all … Continue reading

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