What Real Debt Cancellation Combined With Pension And Health Care Reform Looks Like Part II

I previously said we will have to demand 20 trillion plus dollars in restitution from the bankers and their friends. That money plus the money held in government accounts hidden from us (see http://www.CAFR1.com) should be used to retire all federal, state and local debts. I want to make all government debts illegal. Also gone will be fractional reserve banking. I also want to issue a non-interest bearing currency. And finally I would fully fund all pensions paying the share owed to young people into cooperatively owned trusts.

Pensions should be made illegal. A pension is a promise to pay you money in 30 years but who trusts politicians and corporate executives to pay us in Bernanke bucks which I guarantee will have zero value long before young people celebrate New Years Eve 2020. Instead of empty promises employers will pay the cash value of future benefits today into an account in your name at a cooperatively owned trust.

These cooperatively owned trusts would also act as credit unions making small loans and issuing credit cards. I would also allow them to sell fire, auto, life and health insurance with all profits to be paid into your retirement accounts. Young people would not have to pay Social Security taxes but their employers would still pay. But in the future those payments will go into your account in your name and under your control at a local trust association.

The important point for healthcare reform is that your health insurance would never be cut off by a nameless clerk at an insurance company. Nor would government death panels have the right to pull the plug on you. In the UK 130,000 people a year are killed by the National Health Service. Obamacare has death panels. There will be no death panels in your local cooperatively owned trust unless you want one. In the Netherlands they do allow physician assisted suicide but the majority of those who die are involuntarily suicided so the hospital can free up a hospital bed. I should warn younger people that reasons for doing away people with a poor quality of life increasingly including poverty as part of their protocols.

The weakest point of Obamacare is that it requires people to buy insurance they cannot afford. It is, as Ryan Dawson said, like solving the homeless problem by telling them to buy a house they cannot afford. Obamacare does not allow us to import drugs from Canada to lower costs. Foreigners will not understand that in 2010, the United States spent $2.6 trillion on health care, over $8,000 per American. My regular readers know that cancer doctors can buy chemotherapy drugs for a given price and sell it to their patients  for four to ten times as much. We also need to stop hospitals from charging $400 for something they paid less than ten dollars. That and drug imports can be remedied with legislation.

However, my main focus on healthcare would be to reform the FDA which used to be known as the Food and Drug Administration but has earned the nickname Fatal Drugs Allowed.  Cancer rates are up 2,000% depending on the type you are discussing. Autism used to be rare. Neurological disorders, ADD, ADHD, and bipolar disorders are exploding. If these things are genetic, why didn’t our grandparents get them? I previously mentioned Ed Haslam’s Dr Mary’s Monkey and the companion volume on Lee Harvey Oswald by Judyth Vary Baker. Baker was a high school whiz kid who was better at inducing cancer in lab mice than the National Cancer Institute. She was sent from Florida to a university in the North to New Orleans to work in association with Dr Mary Sherman. She was assigned a protector on this clandestine government operation who was an ex-Marine. His name was Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald and Baker worked for a coffee company owned by a former FBI agent. Oswald was to take the results of Baker’s cancer ridden mice and give them secretly to Dr Mary Sherman. David Ferrie was an active CIA asset and is to this day of interest to JFK assassination researchers. He was a friend of Dr Sherman. His hobby was inducing cancer into mice using monkey viruses. His neighbors once complained that he had 2,000 mice in his house. Oswald obviously died in November of 1963. Jack Ruby died in 1964 from a cancer that could have been induced in him. Dr Mary Sherman was murdered in 1964 so she will never tell.

Hint: Do you remember being  told AIDS originated in African monkeys?

What is interesting for healthcare researchers in this regard is SIV-40. It received its name from the fact that it was the 40th monkey virus to be found in polio vaccines.. Ir was a virus that originated in the kidney cells of monkeys. It has been shown to cause cancer in people who never smoked or engaged in other risky health behavior. The greatest risk to their health Americans face is their government which has been deliberately trying to kill them for at least since the 1950s.

Bisphenol-A is a plastic coating can liner used in some canned foods. It is an estrogen mimicker known to cause cancer. It has been banned in many nations. The FDA forbade a soup manufacturer to advertise that their cans were BPA free. The FDA is acting in a way that would lead us to conclude that they are trying to kill us.

Fluoride has been known since 1893 to be a poison that destroys human enzymes.  Enzymes  are proteins that make repeated actions like the heart’s rhythmic beatings happen in the human body. You have 4,000  enzymes in your body.  EPA scientists have said that Fluoride causes breast and bone cancer. Yet it is promoted in America despite being banned in Japan and France. It was used by Joe Stalin in his concentration camps to subdue his prisoners.

Other things on the list most healthcare researchers have of items to be banned are MSG, aspartame, Genetically Modified Organisms, melamine  and chlorine. Lab mice fed GMO food are sterile in 3 generations. High fructose corn syrup in infant formula has got to go. It does not allow infant brains to develop as well as they should.

After we stop the government from poisoning us, the next step is to make the medical establishment and Big Pharma scientifically prove that what they prescribe to us actually works. I hope you did not think modern American medicine bore some relationship to science. A real scientist would test chemotherapy against other proposed treatments to determine which is best for the patient. Not so in America where the cancer doctors can easily turn up bills in excess of $500,000 for just one patient. Chemotherapy and radiation have been statistically proven to be worse than doing nothing.

I would test 10,000 volunteers with DCA (Dichlorolacetic acid). The approximate $150 cost for  the  DCA in the study would be paid for by the chemo manufacturers. Recently, a drug maker knowingly forged their data to get approval for 3 drugs that did not work but did enrich themselves to the tune of 27 billion dollars. Drug companies say they need to charge us a lot to recover the costs of approving a drug which can be as high as one billion dollars. Presumably, this does include bribes to researchers to fudge on the results. I would not allow the drug companies anywhere near the tests. They would supply the drugs to be tested and pay for the alternative treatments like DCA. Doctors willing to run trials would receive the drugs and advise their patients  that the drugs are free because they are experimental. Epidemiologists would follow up and report on lessons learned. Does it work with certain cancers rather than others? Does it work better alone or in combination with other treatments?

The result I would expect is that most cancer and chemotherapy treatments would not be paid for by basic health insurance because they do not work. DCA might be approved. Patients who want the current cancer treatment can always pay for it out of pocket or buy a supplemental insurance policy that covers everything that basic insurance  does not. I want to be clear that this would be two separate and simultaneous insurance policies. The doctor’s clerk would bill your basic policy and then your second policy leaving you with the co-pays if there are any. A better alternative would be to get a much cheaper second policy that covers alternative therapies which over time could be covered by basic insurance as they prove their worthiness.

I would also like to test anti-diabetes medications against  vitamin D-3 (50,000 units a week) and cinnamon 2 or 3 times a day to control blood sugar rushes.  After 3 months the drugs will do no better than the above home remedy. The side effects of the drugs are horrendous. The side effects of  vitamin D-3 are that you reduce your number of colds and flus and cut your incidence of a dozen cancers by 75%. All drugs need to be tested. I would start with tranquilizers.

We might want a governmental campaign to educate the public to prevent diseases.  Most diseases are caused by deficiencies of essential fatty acids, vitamins C, D-3 and B complex as well as minerals like magnesium, selenium, copper, zinc and the trace elements. The latter being the most neglected.

Reducing health care costs is critical to America’s survival. The first step is to make the government stop killing us. The second step is to stop the medical establishment from robbing us. Then we need to make them prove that what they are doing actually works.

All of our problems can easily be solved as soon as we have honest and intelligent politicians and we  fire the news media.

Notes: This is the second concluding part to

What Real Debt Cancellation Combined With Pension And Health Care Reform Looks Like Part I


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