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How long Before America Becomes One Big FEMA Camp?

Let us consider the following facts of modern American life: The Occupation Group in Washington has passed a law to have 30,000 drones most of which will be armed to surveil the skies over the American inmates These drones were … Continue reading

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3 Out Of 4 NAZIS Support Obama But 4 Out Of 4 Prefer Vladimir Putin.

I should define the term Nazi. I am using the term in the Jewish sense of the word which is to say that any man or woman who thinks Jews have too much power and oppose their excesses on Wall … Continue reading

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Come. Let Us Reason Through Unreasonable Economic Theories.

Professor Steve Keen told us that as total private and public debt increases the unemployment rate goes up and wages go down. I believe that because I have seen that happening in America since 1970. But what I refuse to … Continue reading

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I Do Not Think Most People Will Like This Post But I Do Not Care.

The one part of this essay that should be accepted by everyone is the final part  of the longer video. The elite are trying to dehydrate you so your brain will not work. That is why coffee, tea and fizzy … Continue reading

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There Is A Lot Of Ruin In A Nation But None Left In America And Its NATO Partners

“There is a lot of ruin in a nation.” Adam Smith made the above quote in a letter to a young man who was worried that the defeat of the British Army in its latest overseas military adventure would ruin … Continue reading

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Did Bernanke, The Rothschilds And Hillary Endorse Romney?

Ben Bernanke endorsed Mitt Romney long ago. He will be more responsible for the election of America’s first Mormon President than Sheldon Adelson’s millions in campaign contributions. Why? For the same reason Alan Greenspan made George Bush President in 2000. … Continue reading

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IMF Economists: ‘We Were Wrong.’ Will Someone Please Tell The Press And The Politicians.

Two economists at the International Monetary Fund published a paper (The Chicago Plan Revisited) saying that fractional reserve banking causes most of our economic woes and that removing it would increase our GDP by 10%. This is according to the … Continue reading

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Let’s Game Play An Attack on Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

The US and NATO both of which are under the control of Israel and the New York and London banks have pushed Iran to the brink of mass starvation. The Iranians have no way of importing the food they need to … Continue reading

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Adolf Hitler Would Never Have Done That.

I once carried the Pax Christi banner at an anti-war rally. (No, I am not a Catholic.) At the time the religious people who opposed war asked the question:’What would Jesus do?’ We are a secular nation and should set … Continue reading

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If A Virus Shuts Down All Of The Banks, You Have 72 Hours Til Martial Law

Susanne Posel has burst onto the scene of late with startling claims. She says informants from Deutsche Bank and the US military told her that if a computer virus does shut down all banks everywhere, then you have 72 hours … Continue reading

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