Weighing The Options. Everything Else Is Worse Than A US Military Coup

The Teleprompter Reader in Chief has been frantically urging the Europeans to keep Greece in the euro until after the elections so the people back home do not know how bad things really are. The US military’s field commanders know our real fighting strength is a lot worse then either the press or any of the two potential Commanders-in-Chief for 2013 imagine. US Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey who is ten times more Globalist than Patriot had to go to Israel and tell Netanyahu No-No-No.

Dempsey did say No to war with Iran but he did not state the obvious. America is not capable of fighting a war with Iran. A soldier committed suicide recently. He had served 9 tours of combat duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. He had lost lots of friends, had been injured himself and did not want to serve a tenth tour. The Army used what they call Stop Loss and ordered him to serve one more tour. He killed himself rather than go. Men who have died have had their GI insurance which they paid for stolen since 1999 when an agreement was made between the Clinton administration and the insurance companies to let them steal the survivor benefits of widows and orphans. Mitt Romney could run a campaign ad against Obama for this despicable practice but will not because he cannot. If the fraud were taken away, the American economy would instantly collapse.

But that brings me to the main point of my argument. This country is near collapse. Our current 2012 debt level is twice what it was in the Great Depression of 1929-39  so we have twice as much Debt Cancellation to do. We cannot go through Debt Cancellation by bankruptcy again. At least 3 million Americans died of starvation in the last Depression and I estimate 10 million or more will die in the next.

We must have a systematic and scientific worldwide Debt Cancellation to be accomplished in ten days and not 10 or 20 years of deleveraging through bankruptcies, wars, Hyperinflation and starving children.

Neither Romney nor Obama will step forward and act like a responsible adult to solve our problems. Nor will it be Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi or any of those clowns in the GOP House leadership.

I nominate the US military as the only institution in America with the support of the people though few Jewish Americans have relatives in the Armed Forces. I once saw a Filipino family next door to me in Silicon Valley put up a 30 foot wide banner welcoming home their son who was a US Navy Seal. If there were a US military coup, that family would listen to the military announcements. They would eventually talk to their son. But one thing I would not expect them to do is to start a riot or a revolution demanding the coup leaders release the thousands of bankers and other traitors that the military had thrown in prison. I have talked to lots of black people and Hispanics, I have talked to lots of whites including liberal lawyers. I have not had one objection to an American military coup from any Gentiles. They all agree that it would be a good idea if the US military seized tens of trillions of dollars in assets the bankers had stolen from them. Jews object because the Talmud tells them it is unlawful for them to put a Jew in jail for any crime including murdering a Goy. And the Talmud does tell them it is perfectly legal to rob the Gentiles as soon as the Jews get control of the government which does describe America since Israel killed President Kennedy and especially since they did 911.

I mentioned options. Actually the American people and the US military have no realistic options in which they survive as a free and prosperous people other than a coup. Their leaders have been trying to destroy them at least since 1913 with their wars for Israel. WW I was for Israel and the establishment of a bloodthirsty Zio-Communist regime in the Soviet Union. In WW II 58 million human beings died after the German military tried to surrender in London in March of 1939. All that dying was so that Zio-Communism could be advanced and  the state of Israel would become the center of conflict. North Korea was given to Joe Stalin because the ruling elite loves to see Americans die in wars.  One of the reasons for the assassination of President Kennedy was so that we could lose the Vietnam war. The other reasons being that he had published a non-interest bearing currency and wanted to stop the Israeli nuclear weapons program. They were behind the passage of the North American Free Trade Act which sent 53,000 manufacturing plants and 12 million jobs overseas. The whole point of NAFTA was to make darn sure that Americans would lose World Wat III. And then Israel did 911 and invaded Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya to make sure we got close to launching WW III by threatening Iran over nuclear weapons that do not exist and by angering 1.3 billion Muslims with senseless drone strikes on civilians.

In short Israel wants you D–E-A-D (Dead). Why? Logically because they do not want you to be able to demand the return of the tens of trillions of dollars they stole from you. But you know the real reason is that they are addicted to mass murder and to the unreasoning destruction of all nations including America.

Most people do not comprehend the cost of Wall Street. In addition to Debt Cancellation I favor a debt-free currency and also a law that would make federal, state and local government debts illegal. That would save American taxpayers one trillion dollars a year in federal taxes and more than 130 billion in state and local taxes. But Dr Margrit Kennedy has studied usury in the German economy and says that interest charges transfer wealth from the poor to the richest 1% to the tune of a billion euros a day. An American supporter of hers says usury tacks another trillion dollars a year onto carrying charges and higher prices to the bottom 99%.

It is time we all said No to Wall Street.

Life in America will soon become intolerable. The military have relatives who are in the process of losing everything. They see veterans who cannot find jobs not just due to the deliberate de-industrialization of America and to the massive thefts by banksters but also the  democratization of returning vets. Brandon Raub was thrown into a psychiatric hospital and threatened with chemical lobotomization because he did not like the President. The military knows the Israelis and Wall Street despise them. People who care about you would not have sent you into No Win wars ever since 1950. Even the Israeli Army had to say No to war with Syria.

The American military has said No to Wall Street’s demand that 10 million Americans die from starvation and 300 million accept permanent Debt Slavery. War with Iran will be the least of our worries. If the US military does not say No to Wall Street, America will die. Wall Street wants martial law and gun confiscation. They know that will kill civilians and the local police as well as the US military. Do you really think that 25 million Americans will willingly go to FEMA’s concentration camps knowing they have giant industrial size incinerators at every camp each one capable of incinerating tens of thousands of people every week?

Wall Street owns the media and both political parties. Time is short. We can expect nationwide food riots and the destruction of every city in America if the US military does not step forward.

Notes: Please note that I have never advocated a violent through of Wall Street’s puppets in Washington. I have merely discussed the options and a military coup seems the best one.

I would like to suggest the following as the most feasible means of seizing the tens of trillions of dollars stolen from us by the bankers:

Memo To Pentagon: Compare The Invasion Of Lichtenstein And The Cayman Islands To War With Iran And Syria


If your friends think the Jews do not run the American government and the media, please ask them why Israel has been allowed to get away with killing 3,000 Americans on 911.

911: Short And Powerful Questions


This is my background research on the Bilderberg Society.

Annotated Bilderberg 2012 Member List


The Mathematics Of Austerity: Proving Austerity Never Was Even Intended To Work


Professor Keen, The 11th Marble, Debt Based Money And Fractional Reserve Banking


IMF Economists: ‘We Were Wrong.’ Will Someone Please Tell The Press And The Politicians.



About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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26 Responses to Weighing The Options. Everything Else Is Worse Than A US Military Coup

  1. Chris says:

    Interesting idea but consider that most of the US military leadership is under the thumb of zionists and it becomes difficult to know just WHO would lead said military dictatorship(and thats what it would be). Things are bad now. Under a military dictatorship led by American traitors loyal to Israel it would be even worse.

    • horse237 says:

      There are not many Jews in the US military outside the Air Force.

      To seize control they would have to hold on to power.

      To do that they will need to seize the assets of the bankers which will put them on a death list as will Debt Cancellation. Please read the first article in the Notes to this article.

      • Chris says:

        It hardly matters if they are jews or not. It matters who they are loyal to. And sadly most US politicians and a great deal of the US military are loyal to Israel and loyal to the banking elite. We would not have gotten the Iraq war if enough of the military leadership were loyal to America and not Israel. So when/if there is a military coup be careful what you wish for, because the “leadership” could be just as bad as it is now, except they would then be empowered to conduct a more oppressive police state than we already have.

      • Chris says:

        I would say the focus should be on taking back the media first. They really do own that completely, and as long as they do they’ll own much of the military and political establishment. Ask a military man about most of his superiors and they’ll tell you they are singing the neocon/zionist gospel. You do not want these guys in charge. More of the same on steroids.

  2. horse237 says:

    Have you read history? Have you trad that first article in the Notes for this essay? The one that compares the advantages of invading Lichtenstein over Iran.

    Jew once said if I ever met a billionaire I would have to bow.

    I told him that if he read history he would know that when the Catholic church no longer had an army to defend them that they lost their property.

    The US military could seize all of their assets in ten days. Without the money they stole from us they control nothing.
    In every system there is a pecking order but when the system collapses so does Yes Sir.

    If you do want to do something about the media before the military seizes the media. the Foundations and tens of trillions in assets, then read this:

    Hit The Media At Their Weak Point: Pull Their FCC Licenses

    I would prefer that you read both articles before commenting again.

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  4. NobodysaysBOO says:

    What a load of Horse Crap! Can you EVER IMAGINE the people who gave you the HORROR that was Vietnam running the affairs of and being in control of the USA?

    • horse237 says:

      Did you read what I wrote?

      The people who killed JFK so we could go into the Vietnam war and lose are in charge of your government.

      The people who did 911 (ie Israel) is in charge of your government.What I am proposing is that the military revolt when they are told either to start WW III by attacking Iran and/or sending 25 million Americans into concentration camps.

      You will soon realize that you will have few options. We have twice as much debt to cancel in this Depression as we did in the last one from 1929-39.

      Did you read the first article in the Notes about invading Lichtenstein?

      That plus ending fractional reserve banking will solve the world’s economic problems and sever all bridges between the plutocrats and humanity.

  5. Aelfric says:

    you really should go experience living in a nation where a military coup has taken place after years of blissful prosperity before advocating what a great idea it is….obviously, you have never been to such a place, given your fawning obsequiousness of the military and the casualness with which you toss out the idea, as if you yourself had just recently “discovered” the joy of military coups.

  6. later says:

    There just are no good answers, and we have to be so careful to keep our speech so nothing can be twisted in a courtroom to sounds unlawful.

    I think ‘we’ need to create an aid group, that provides food and assistance to americans. An aid group by americans for americans, which will be 100% legal. Organizational framework is important to have when troubles come.

    • horse237 says:

      You will need to have an up and running network of friends to survive.

      You will need a safe place to assemble as the will collapse.

      Cash in hand is better than digital credits in a bank on a Bank Holiday.

      This collapse could happen next week or in the next 90 days or definitely within 12 months.##Saving everyone will be beyond your abilities.

      • horse237 says:

        There are cultural differences between military dictatorships in Africa, Asia and Latin America and the US where Ron Paul got more donations than any other candidate.

        Wall Street wants martial law. If there is martial law, I think you would prefer a military coup to avoid sending 25 million Americans to FEMA camps.

        You have fewer options than you think.

  7. Frank says:

    I’m the son of an officer. You do not want a military coup. We were warned against a large standing military by the founders. Do you really want the worlds most prolific mass murderers to run the country directly! Are you INSANE! or just on the payroll!

    • horse237 says:

      What is your plan to stop Debt Deleveraging from killing 10 million Americans form starvation?

      What is your plan to stop the current government from throwing 25 million people into FEMA camps?

      What is your plan to have open and honest elections in America?

      • Robert says:

        “What is your plan to have open and honest elections in America”

        Why we will just have a military coup and then we wouldn’t have to worry about silly elections. We would be rule by a group of generals. What could be better. Life would be wonderful again.

      • horse237 says:

        Ron Paul had more donations from the military than all of the other candidates combined.

        I trust the US military more than I do the Congress.

        Americans have no other means of getting control of their government.

        If you can, write this question down and ask both yourself and me again on New Years Day 2013.

  8. smallpeeps says:

    I agree with your analysis, and it is refreshing to see such salient truths. Yes, it is a 100 year entrancement of fractionalized money which has been transmuted into corporate assets (held by the corporate boards and municipalities) and debt (held by the actual humans who are not on corporate boards or connected muncipally). You are brave for suggesting that the trance state of 100 year fake money can be so easily broken. But its kinda like telling people that there is no Santa Claus. I think they’d rather die. The responses here show that most people would rather argue than correctly analyze their position. As you say, we have few choices. This is a centuries-long strategy the cause war and deatha dn collapses and then profit from it. How can one worship the Phoenix if one does not worship its total conflagration and ashes? How can one have the concept of a Phoenix unless one is constantly mentally orbitting that idea of destruction being an irreducable component of so-called ‘advanced of humanity’? Encyclopedia Judaica will be read into the record when Superjury(tm) comes to be, and even then, some key people got left out of EJ on purpose, so we will have to subpeona Rabbi Antelman as well.

  9. East-LA says:

    Great article man. Don’t let the doubters get to you. A military coup is the ONLY option. Check out:
    I don’t agree with everything Campbell says about the military, but he’s reasoned out the scenario better than anyone out there in the “truth” or “patriot” movements. My opinion is that the only mass murders in the military are shabbos goy colin powell types who will flee the sinking ship with their rat-masters. Anyone who thinks they will stick around to face off against their own grunts is clearly not aware of the mentality of the enlisted men. I come from a long line of service men on both sides of my family and can say that the attitude of an enlisted man is the polar opposite of a politically connected hack coming out of officer’s academy. This WILL happen whether you advocate for it or not, simply because the military KNOWS that many of the hollow points recently ordered by the jews in the DHS, and other fed depts, have THEIR names on them. A shadow army of mercs has probably already been hired for just such an event. Better get ready to rock n roll.

  10. Smarter than you says:

    We can trust our military, remember Kent state? All you have to do is tell the meat heads that the fellow Americans about to be slaughtered are those ‘other guys’ we dont like….hippies, whatever…and they have no problem killing.
    I think its dumb to trust a military that is ok with torture kidnapping and assassinations.

    • horse237 says:

      I have ecplained myself in the comments I made to others. Show me a better solution. We are close to a Depression which has twice as much debt to cancel as we did in the last one. ‘What is your plan/?

      We will soon have nationwide food riots and race riots. What is your plan to stop them?

      We will have martial law. I prefer the police and the military to side with us and to arrest the bankers.

      Have you read the article in the Notes about invading Lichtenstein?

  11. pfsoto says:

    no thanks, horse237;” no military for me – unless it’s foreign and very short-lived. 🙂 Unless, re the US, you’re talking about the “boots” – and only the ones who have awoken. Not the macho boys, looking for a rumble.
    Certainly no generals or other orchestrators of perpetual war.
    How about marshalling all our fire departments – across the country; they can hose down the traitorous police while we have our revolution [like they did in Europe].
    As for the generals, tell em: “stand back!”

    • horse237 says:

      America gas 3,144 counties, England has 46 or 104 for the entire UK.

      How would you propose fetting more than 3,000 fore depart,emts together?

      Yhe US military represents all races but Jews.

      Look at my latest article. The world is headed into the worst financial collapse in 500 years according to Professor Steve Keen.

      It will be here in months.

      What is your plan to save millions of Americans from dying from starvation? We lost 3 million Americans in the last Depression. And that was with 200 million fewer people. Plus we used to live closer to the food.

      You must get through the media and the Congress and the President. And all of then are owned by the Jewish Lobby.

  12. Pf Soto says:

    is THIS the military you’re talking about?

    “Military Murder Charges Reveal Terror Groups Inside Army

    This investigation finds that violent crimes committed by active-duty soldiers rose 31 percent between 2006 and 2011. The year 2006 also marked a 30 percent decrease in the discharge rate for soldier misconduct and poor performance, amid other indications that the U.S. Army has loosened standards when it comes to active soldiers with criminal records.”


    • horse237 says:

      Are you going to rely on the civilian politicians and news media that lied us into these wars and to this day promote the lies of 811?

      There is no other option. Read ny latest essay. We are headed into the Gretest Depression in 500 years. We should loce 10 million Americans from starvation.

      The title indicates that I believe this is our only solution.

      If they had not been sent there by the politicians and the News media, there would have been no atrocities.

      Please name your solution to the Greatest Starvation which will begin within months of election day.

  13. Aelfric says:

    you are probably not going to like or appreciate a lasting solution that i have found. it would solve the entire problem of debt cancellation in one fell swoop, and would free up the lead vest that strangle all economies and the terrifying specter of starvation would vanish in a moment. alas, it would also mean giving up total control of the world’s population, therefore i remain convinced that although is a real solution, it will probably stay in the realm of idealism. the solution?
    Leviticus 25:10 , where it commands all people to cancel all debts every fiftieth year.
    the fact that it has not been done does not attest to its failure. it has NEVER been tried.
    little wonder, but so what? all other choices proposed thus far, will lead our nation into traps within traps. forgiveness of all debts is extremely radical, but not unworkable.

    • horse237 says:

      I have given up on politics. I hope that a military coup will stop WW III and self-destruction of the human race by implementing Debt Cancellation. If we have a non interest hearing currency and repeal fractional reserve banking, we won’t need debt cancellation as often as every 50 years.

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