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So Many Black Swans I Can’t See The Sun

Nassim Taleb popularized the theory of the Black Swan in his 2004 book Fooled By Randomness as an unexpected event that is not seen until it arrives. What I want to do here is to make people understand they are … Continue reading

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Bad Signs On The NWO Highway Of Death

In 2001 Epicyte Corporation isolated a protein that causes sterility and spliced its gene into corn so that men and women eating the corn would become sterile. They sold that technology to Monsanto and to DuPont. To date No Congressman, … Continue reading

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There Is No National Debt Unless You Want It

The US federal debt is 16 trillion dollars – 20 trillion if you add in state and local¬†government debts – but it could just as easily be zero dollars if we had the monetary system Benjamin Franklin described to the … Continue reading

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Timing. Thy Name Is Bilderberg

On August 21st I asked if Bernanke and the Rothschilds endorsed Romney. I also said America’s choice on November 6th will be between Obama and martial law or Romney¬† and martial law. This continuing drop in the DOW and NASDAQ … Continue reading

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Why And What I Would Do If I Were President Of Iran

America is attracting and training every malcontent in the Mideast. Quoted from a retired Marine Corps Commandant to Congressman Walter Jones The US has been training and arming Afghans who have turned their weapons against American soldiers and Marines. The … Continue reading

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The List Of Israeli Prime Ministers Who Were Good For America

The Complete list of Israeli Prime Ministers who were good for America is rather thin despite the assurances of our corporate controlled media. There have been 12 Prime Ministers of Israel. 13 if you count Yigal Allon who served as … Continue reading

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They Dance To Daijal’s (Anti-Christ’s) Tune

Muslims believe that Daijal or the anti-Christ would control the world prior to Armageddon and will rule most of the world. Many modern Muslim scholars say that Daijal and the Beast that men must obey is the Central banking system … Continue reading

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