So What Is Iran’s Best Option Now That Sanctions Collapsed The Iranian Economy.

Iran is a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.whose most prominent members of are Russia and China. The Syrians and Hezbollah are Iran’s most important regional allies as they are the ones who will definitely pull the trigger if push comes to shove. Iran will have to consult with their allies both in the SCO and in the region who actually border Israel. to develop a proper response to the unreasonable sanctions America has used to cripple their economy.

The greatest threat to Iran is the economic blockade. The Iranians do not have a nuclear weapons program. Israel, Obama, Hillary, Cameron and Hollande know that.  The American dollar is near death’s door. All that props it up is the Petrodollar trade scheme where the Saudis, Qatar, Bahrain and others sell oil in dollars and invest those Federal Reserve Notes in US Treasury bonds which are approaching zero value. Michael Hudson explained his book Super Imperialism in person to the generals in the Pentagon. He told them that they were paying for their wars by printing dollars forcing people overseas to pay for their subjugation and occupation.

China and Russia are theoretically opposed to this Dollar Imperialism but both of those nations have very strong ties to the Rothschild network so their help is doubtful;. China could make NATO pull their navies out of the Persian Gulf and even immediately end their sanctions against Iran. If I were the President of China, I would demand and get a conference call with the Federal Reserve Chairman, the US Treasury Secretary and the President plus whoever they wanted to invite. I would explain to them that I have decided to end the sanctions against Iran and to  pull their Navy and their other forces out of the Persian Gulf. I would tell them that I have begun selling a billion dollars in Treasury bonds every two minutes. I will be buying commodities including oil, food, gold and silver. They have 90 seconds to either accept or to reject my demands. If they delay their decision, I am perfectly willing to sell a billion dollars every two minutes until the US markets are closed at which  point I will sell ten billion dollars in Treasury bonds overseas until they accept my demands. That will never happen. The Chinese worry too much about their money and like the Russians are too closely tied to the Rothschild network.

But the principle governing Iran’s choice of its most viable option is the same. As soon as America is bankrupt, it will be of no use to the Israeli Empire. The people of the Mideast will then be free to deal with Israel.  A more likely scenario: If I were Iran, I would announce that I will in three days time begin mining the Persian Gulf at the Straits of Hormuz. A retired oil trader once said years ago the mere rumor that Israel was sending jets to attack Iran sent the price of oil up $5 a barrel. Today he said the same rumor would send the price above $150. He explained the difference by saying he went to visit a friend who opened a new commodities trading  firm. He asked where the traders were. His friend said, “I don’t have any. What I have are rocket scientists and computers.” In this new trading environment with high speed computers and algorithms backed up by unlimited check books, you can get violent swings in prices very quickly. He said that if it went beyond a rumor to an actual war or shut down of Mideast oil, then the price would be unlimited. Or in reality oil could not be purchased on credit with dollars. In fact Americans could not buy anything from overseas with dollars. Americans would experience the same thing the people of Iran have over the past few weeks as sanctions strangled them their economy. Foreigners will reject their currency and prices will double as all that overseas money is redeemed by the Federal Reserve. The American Empire or  more accurately Israel’s American Empire will cease to exist.

I have written many times why neither America nor Israel dares to attack Iran, Syria or even Hezbollah. Since then Iran’s new weapons will make things even more perilous. Hezbollah has at least 50,000 rockets most of which are primitive. But they do have a sufficient number of M-600 missiles with Russian guidance systems to absolutely flatten every building in Tel Aviv. That is why Israel wants America to fight Syria and Iran for them. They cannot. Israel would be hit by a minimum of 150.000 missiles from Hezbollah, Syria and Iran. Many of these have fuel air explosive warheads. Iran has a modern version of that M-600 missile. It has Mach 3 speed. They also have Russian made N-22 Sunburn and N-26X Onyx anti-ship missiles that have Mach 2.3 and 3.0 speed. They have rocket artillery with 1,300 pound warheads and a 130 mile range (600 Kg and 210 Km) capable of hitting American ships in the Gulf. They have Intermediate range missiles that can take out all 35 US bases in the region and all 22 of the bases from which Turkey allows the US to operate. True the US can retaliate with nuclear weapons but America and Israel will have no defenses other than nuclear weapons. Half of the Israeli population will be dead or injured. Americans will be permanently destitute. That is why the US, Russian and Israeli military leaders have told their politicians there will be no war Against Iran.

Face reality. The American Empire is over. The Federal Reserve Note is dead. Get over it.

Will Iran mine the Straights of Hormuz? That is the least violent response. It is likely to happen if Russia and China do not stabilize the Iranian currency. China could buy oil with US Treasury bonds for about a week if Persian Gulf oil were cut off. After that their American paper would be worthless. It is in China’s interest to stabilize the price of oil and to prevent the mining of the Gulf. Though Iran could spark some interest in the Chinese by threatening to mine the Straights of Hormuz. Do not forget that Iran is the chair of the 120 member Non-Aligned Movement. Many of those nations would lose 10% to 20% of their population from starvation if Mideast oil were cut off if even for only a year. At least 10 million Americans, as I have said before, will die from starvation if we do not have Debt Cancellation and monetary reform soon. Americans can no longer afford to police the world killing people by the millions all to benefit Israel.

If the Iranians did mine the Straights of Hormuz, any money you have in dollars will quickly go to zero value. If the Iranians merely threatened to mine the Straights of Hormuz, the stock market would drop like a rock. You live in dangerous times. Proceed with caution.

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