The List Of Israeli Prime Ministers Who Were Good For America

The Complete list of Israeli Prime Ministers who were good for America is rather thin despite the assurances of our corporate controlled media. There have been 12 Prime Ministers of Israel. 13 if you count Yigal Allon who served as an interim PM but was never elected  to fill the post. He served from February 1969 to March 1969. He was a first class war criminal who as a leader of the Palmach in 1948 committed enough atrocities to make Palestinians justifiably despise Americans.

David Ben Gurion had been President of the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency so he was the de facto President of Israel as early as 1946. He and Moshe Sharet, the second PM, were in office in 1954 and must both have shared knowledge of the Lavon Affair.

The Lavon Affair occurred in 1954 and was shut down when a bomb held by a Jewish plotter blew up prematurely. The Israelis had been bombing American and British targets in Egypt. The Israelis were trying to blame the Muslims so the British would not pull out of their occupation of the Suez canal. The Defense Minister Lavon was blamed for the Affair. All of the men who participated in the bombings were honored by the Israeli government in 2005. Since most Americans would not approve of bombing American installations, I think we can safely conclude that the first two Israeli Prime Ministers were not the friends of any Gentiles.

David Ben Gurion and the third Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol must have known of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Mordecai Vanunu, who revealed that Israel had nuclear weapons, said that it was David Ben Gurion who had approved the assassination of the American President even though his fellow Labor party politician Levi Eshkol  was in office when JFK was killed in November of 1963.

JFK had to go because he opposed Israel’s nuclear weapons program and had demanded the right to inspect their facilities at Dimona. JFK also had issued non-interest bearing currency to replace Federal Reserve notes. And his assassination also paved the way for America to enter the Vietnam war so Americans could lose it and a whole generation could be demoralized and get hooked on drugs. His Majesty’s Jewish government engaged in Opium wars as early as 1835 to enrich Jewish billionaires who had lost a substantial revenue source when the 90% Jewish owned African slave trade was ended in 1833.

Levi Eshkol was Israeli PM when the Israelis killed 34 American sailors on the USS Liberty during the 1967 Six Day war. The US had two warplanes armed with nuclear weapons en route to attack Egypt which was a Soviet ally. The crew of the Liberty were able to rig a radio up and tell fleet headquarters that it was the Israelis who were attacking them. The two planes headed to Cairo were recalled thus averting a nuclear war. President Johnson ordered the recall of planes sent by the fleet to protect the American sailors from Israel’s attack. President Johnson was partially of Jewish descent. His wife claimed to have two parents whose parents were both from Mexico. But despite being wealthy she did not know the family names of any of her four grandparents which is not believable to anyone who has ever spent time with Mexican families.

The fourth Israeli PM was Golda Meir who was in office from December of 1969 until June of 1974. She was in office during the Yom Kippur war. I remember seeing a documentary years ago in which she was negotiating with the Soviet Union about what weapons the Communists would give to the Arabs. Her goal was to make sure that the Arabs got the weapons that could get them killed but would be insufficient to defeat Israel. This happened again later in Afghanistan when Carter and Reagan discovered that Israel would not give the Afghans weapons sufficient to defeat the Russian invaders. Left unsaid in that documentary was the fact that Brezhnev and his predecessor Khruschev were both married to Jewish women and therefore had Jewish children. Brezhnev’s successor Yuri Andropov was of Jewish descent. Andropov was the number two man in the KGB when Pope John Paul II was shot in May of 1981 by a man who was aided by eastern European Warsaw pact intelligence agencies. Also left unsaid in that documentary was what the Israelis gave to the Soviets in exchange for favors. They were giving the Communists American military secrets. One such was a laser weapon that was designed to blind American jet and helicopter pilots. It was the Israelis who gave the neutron bomb to China as well as their first Hydrogen bomb. That North Korean nuclear device had the exact same radiation signature as did the one the Israelis sold to South Africa in the Apartheid era.

Jonathan Pollard was an American traitor who spied for Israel. Over 1,000 foreign nationals who were working for American intelligence agencies were tortured and/or killed because of what Pollard did. He was arrested and convicted when Yitzhak Rabin was PM. The Israelis traded Pollard’s secrets for increased Russian Jewish emigration quotas to prevent Israel being overwhelmed by Jews of Arab descent.

Yitzhak Rabin was also PM when the Israelis blew up the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. The Jewish controlled press and government in America worked together to keep the truth from the Gentiles. 168 Americans died in the blast including 19 children in the daycare center. Some say the Murrah building was specifically selected because it had a daycare center. It was thought to be an easier sell to the gullible Gentiles if they could be told of murdered children. The Jewish controlled  media did their job. The initial reports had news helicopters overhead telling the public that the bomb blast went from inside to outside. After a few hours the TV reporters were dutifully saying that the bomb blast had gone from the outside in. Emails revealing that Eric Holder had gone to Oklahoma City to manage the situation have been revealed. But nothing happened. Americans also did not react upon learning that Presidents Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obama have sent weapons by the truck load to drug cartels in Mexico and Central America in exchange for cocaine. This is something Americans have learned to accept as they somehow have figured out that they are an occupied nation.

All Israeli Prime Ministers from Rabin to Netanyahu were in office when the Jewish mobs from the former Soviet Union rose to prominence. The Jewish controlled press refers to them as Russian.  They traffick 250,000 Gentile women and children a year. Many are killed in snuff films. Others wind up in Israel, Saudi Arabia and other countries as sex slaves. There are hundreds of brothels in Israel which hold Gentile women against their will. All of the Israeli Prime Ministers have allowed Israelis to work with other Jews overseas to harvest organs illegally. Those involuntary organ donors includes Americans. The American FBI had been told by a Gentile anthropologist from UC Berkeley 7 years prior to their reluctant arrest of American rabbis and politicians. The FBI only acted after Jews in Brazil and other nations had been arrested. Then there is the case of Child Protective Services which has been taken over at the state level in America. CPS  kidnaps and sexually abuses thousands of American children every year. Many of these children are shipped to sexual predators overseas. This could not happen in America without the express consent of Jewish controlled organized crime, the Jewish controlled media and the Jewish controlled government. Go back and read that sentence again.

Yitzhak Rabin, Ehud Barak, Ariel Sharon and Benyamin Netanyahu were Prime Minister when the Jews of Wall Street systematically looted and destroyed the American economy with Mortgage Backed Securities and Credit Default Swaps. Israel is supposed to be  America’s best friend and strongest ally. America has gone into a Deep Depression. Millions of Americans will die of starvation before it ends. How could the Americans be expected to fight wars for Israel after the dollar dies in a few months? Maybe the Israelis do not expect America to be around after we nuke the Muslims. That is not for discussion here. But the Israelis did let their American Jewish cousins destroy the United States is an undeniable fact. The sacking and looting of America was Talmudic. Jews are taught that it is perfectly legal to rob the Gentiles as soon as they get control of their government.

Ariel Sharon was the Israeli Prime Minister when Israel attacked America on 911. Many people say 911 was an Inside Job. But in America when you say that you must mean the Israelis and American Jewish traitors did 911. How can I say that? Because you cannot get inside the American government and do anything of major consequence without the permission of the Jews and the Israelis. Look what happened to Sibel Edmonds, Susan Lindauer, Catherine Austin Fitts and Admiral Fox Fallon amongst others. I have discussed 911 in the past. I have listed an article on 911 for reference purposes. Currently, the Israelis and the American Jews in both the Democrat and Republican parties are trying to maneuver the United States into World War III by attacking Iran despite it being evident the Iranians have no program to make nuclear weapons.

Not being an American TV preacher I see no benefit to us by attacking Iran and risking World War III.

My conclusion is that at no time has any Israeli Prime Minister ever been a friend of America. Therefore the complete list of Israeli Prime Ministers who were good for America is empty.

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  2. The Prime Minister of Israel on 9/11 was Ariel Sharon, nowadays still pretending to be in a coma so he can avoid answering questions about his role in it.

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