Timing. Thy Name Is Bilderberg

On August 21st I asked if Bernanke and the Rothschilds endorsed Romney. I also said America’s choice on November 6th will be between Obama and martial law or Romney  and martial law. This continuing drop in the DOW and NASDAQ – I will argue – was part on an organized effort to transition the world from what our present circumstance to a New World Order where we are slaves to debts generated on our behalf by the Central banks and outright fraud in the trillions from Wall Street and the City of London.

I have echoed Steve Keen’s warning that we have more debt now than any time in the past 500 years and are therefore facing the worst financial crisis in 500 years. The Bilderbergers are well aware of what is coming because they engineered it. Their ancestors were responsible for the collapse of the banks in Venice in 1348 and have run the Bank of England for three hundred years. I said years ago that the bankers wanted a black man to win the election of 2008 so the American voters can focus on his race rather than on the race of the men on Wall Street and in the City of London.

I think Mitt Romney is the worst presidential candidate I have seen in my lifetime. The only reason he is doing well in the polls is because Barack Obama has been the worst President in American history. And that includes Woodrow Wilson and George Bush the Lesser. One of my guiding principles is that since Bush I each President has been worse than his predecessor. That poses a problem for the American voter. Which of these two men the Bilderbergers selected to rule over me will do more harm to my country? And just how much more harm can we take before we cease to function as a nation?

On 9-11-2012 the Israelis working in conjunction with their Saudi allies attacked the American consulate in Benghazi killing the US ambassador Chris Stevens and others. As I have said before, the Saudi royal family were installed by His Majesty’s Jewish government. They are descendants of Sabbatean Jews which is to say they were Satanists as are most of Israel’s leaders. The anti-Islamic movie trailer Innocence of Muslims had been played on Egyptian TV thanks to funding from the Koch brothers who helped it go viral. The Egyptian man listed as the maker of the film was in jail at the time it was made and is in custody not to be released until after the American elections are over. But there were no riots in Benghazi. Just an armed assault by men who knew the interior design of the consulate. That assassination played up to the voters the fact that Obama did not attend his daily morning intelligence briefings on 9-11 and the day before. It seems he skips almost half of those boring meetings. That was the beginning of the Romney upsurge in the polls. Then there was that disastrous first debate which one insider claimed was rigged to continue the Obama implosion.

On last Thursday Google accidentally leaked their poor earnings report prematurely. Balderdash. That was deliberate. Apple had already been in a slide. Google has a permanent membership in the Bilderberg Society. It was founded using technology developed by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration) and the NSA (National Security Administration). It has taken the lead in spying on users and innocent bystanders even stealing passwords. It was not an accident that poor earnings were released prematurely sending the stock’s valuation down 22 billion dollars on Day One of the Decline. Please note that there would have been a decline in any event given that Bernanke had pumped the market well above any level a sane investor would be willing to remain involved in Helicopter Ben’s Ponzi scheme. But it was timed perfectly to pull the plug on Obama.

As I said before, no matter who wins the election America is going under martial law. I am expecting nationwide food riots. We can expect several disasters after the elections. Greece, Spain and Portugal will implode taking France, Italy and the United Kingdom with them. The Global Depression will be undeniable. Gregory Mannarino has said that he expects Bernanke to print even more money to keep interest rates down starting in December when Operation Twist concludes. Jim Rogers, who was the partner and market analyst for George Soros, also says the markets are going to hell after the elections. The money supply has to circulate or change hands in order for people to have jobs. The turnover or circulation of money is also called its velocity. We are at a lowest level of velocity or rate of circulation in modern times. Lower than 1933. I remind everyone that the Russian demographer said between 3 and 7 million Americans died from starvation in the last Depression. This next one will be several orders of magnitude worse.

Of the nations in Europe I would expect Great Britain to do far worse than either Italy or France. They have the most debt to cancel. And they have more criminals in their banks than any other nation.

The press of late is full of reports that European leaders are avoiding expelling Greece, Spain and Portugal from the Eurozone until after the elections. Romney is not well liked by European leaders which would include the faux conservatives like David Cameron. Romney did not endear himself to the British public during his visit to London prior to the Olympics. If any of the nations are kicked out of the Eurozone and defaults on their national debt, then hundreds of trillions of dollars in Credit Default Swaps will be triggered. All of that is guaranteed by America’s Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation which has announced rule changes starting January 1st. Too bad your savings are not insured anymore.

The reason why the Bilderbergers want Romney to replace Obama is that Obama put there to take the blame when the dollar died. There will be severe Austerity in 2013 no matter who wins because the dollar will be devalued early next year.  And there is not much you can do after wages and pensions are cut in half. They will want a new President to give the people the false hope that at least things cannot get any worse.

I must remind you that all of this need not be.

You could learn why fractional reserve banking and interest bearing currencies are inherently evil and destructive.

You could begin a campaign for Debt Cancellation. Read my plans below. They are better than anyone else’s.

You could tell everyone there is No Financial Cliff in January unless you want it.

The bankers are behind the splicing of a gene into Genetically Modified corn by Epicyte corporation which was sold to Monsanto and DuPont. It is there to sterilize Americans. Most nations overseas have banned GMO food. GMO food causes cancer. And GMO High Fructose Corn Syrup has caused 10% of all teenagers to get an otherwise rare liver disease by the time they are 19 years-old.

You could tell people that Israel did 911.

Notes:This Is Your Final Warning: The Worst Financial Disaster In 500 Years Is Nigh


This next article is about Debt Cancellation.

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About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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13 Responses to Timing. Thy Name Is Bilderberg

  1. Dan says:

    Take a look at this:
    “Major Media Blunder
    Rigged elections? Obama announced the winner during The People’s Court on October 19”

    A few months ago, a media whistleblower told me about how the news is prepared weeks in advance and simply played when the time comes. Someone at CBS, (UPDATE, ABC DID IT TOO!) either messed up or wanted to spill the beans about the election being rigged. I believe this was a screw up, exactly in the same league as when building 7 was announced as having collapsed on the BBC, 40 minutes before it was demolished.

    They are trying to bury this now, saying it was only a test at a single affiliate. However, that is not possible if ABC did it as well, at the same time. Somehow a combined feed put it up on both at the same time.

    Link to video and source

  2. Kathleen Fillmore says:

    I continue to read your articles……..guess Canada isn’t even on your map!

    • horse237 says:

      Canada is on my family map as some of my ancestors came to America from P.E.I and their Canadian relatives all moved to Saskatchewan.

      But the last time I wrote about Canadians was an article on heroin in Afghanistan in which two Canadian soldiers were seen helping Americans load a plane full of heroin. And of course the Canadians who attended Bilderberg. That was an interesting insight into corruption.

      Canada does not seem to be a separate country. The head of the Bank of Canada is ex-Goldman Sachs and is slated as a possible replacement for Mervyn King at Bank of England.

      And of course I posted Victoria Grant’s video.

      • Kathleen Fillmore says:

        Thank you for your comment on my comment! Canada is no longer innocent in all this craziness, especially since our last Federal election. Food prices here are rising rapidly, just to name just one area of concern for me………..time for People to wake-up!!!!

  3. Berton says:

    When the credit default swaps are called in, those with bank accounts will lose all- in those banks (TBTF) which have trillions, even tens or trillions of dollars in derivatives exposure (CDS and other). The Sentinel Decision in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals established that institutional assets can be pledged by a company which also functions as a fidicuiary for account assets of individuals and the account assets of those individuals (who did not know of or give consent to management for the investment exposure) may be seized and applied to pay off that investment exposure. You say you have FDIC insurance. Well guess what. Every one of the TBTF’s has securitized their derivatives exposure ahead of any FDIC claim for your account value. If the derivatives go down, their security interest is senior to yours as an account holder.
    When the SHTF, all of your accounts may be seized and applied toward the derivatives exposure of the institution where your account is held and your FDIC insurance is pledged to those who hold the derivatives which are to be paid.
    Is fiat currency essentially worthless? Only if it’s not in your hand.
    Good luck out there.

  4. J.R. says:

    I think you’re making up an awful lot of conjecture and speculation regarding what will happen “after the election”. This sort of speculation happens after EVERY election by the way. And none of it comes true. Your assumptions will also probably prove to be false. The talk of martial law is not based upon any known facts, just speculation and conjecture. The tiny shreds of so-called “evidence” that I’ve seen do not add up to martial law, not even close.

    We are still a fair ways away from food riots too. 2012 harvests were better then they were expected to be, however we are facing some severe issues in 2013. I guess this is “after the election” if that’s how you want to read into this.

    I do not expect ANYTHING to happen after the election, regardless of who wins, other then more stupid conspiracy theory and baseless assumptions to be tossed around.

    • horse237 says:

      Keynesians have been consistently wrong in their analysis. Why? They do not abalyze total debt. Professor Steve Keen does. He says we have the greatest level of total government and private debt in 500 years. There willbe no recovery until we cancel rgose debts.

      I would not depend on American GMO crops to earn exports. People are just learning that Epicyte corp spliced a protein into the corn gene that sterilizes men and women. GMO corn causes cancer. GMO High Fructose Corn Syrup causes liver disease in 10% of all teenagers by the time they are 19.

      I do not see much of a future for GMO corn especially after dollar dies. We won’t be able to force people overseas to eat that carcinogenic non-food when we are in the poor house cannot pay the troops to kill people who sell oil in currencies other than the dollar.

      I have also predicted prices will double by the end of the summer of 2013.

      To read about GMO sterilizing us please read this.

      Video: GMO Ticking Time Bomb, The Bankers Want You Sterilized And Then Dead

  5. sluggo66 says:

    Reblogged this on Bikers For Freedom (Taking It Easy With Sluggo) and commented:
    Great blog, like to re post it on mine.

  6. Pingback: Mitt Romney Attended Bilderberg 2012 Violating The U.S. Logan Act! « Political Vel Craft

  7. oblique says:

    A new comer to your blog. I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said here. I am still confused about something. You said “Israelis working in conjunction with their Saudi allies attacked the American consulate in Benghazi killing the US ambassador Chris Stevens and others. As I have said before, the Saudi royal family were installed by His Majesty’s Jewish government…” I can’t fathom this. Weren’t the 150 + attackers loosely affiliated jihadists under Al Qaeda? Doesn’t the extremist Islamic faith drive them? Isnt the Worldwide caliphate one of Islams most coveted desires? No I’m not Jewish, but I fail to understand how a few Jews can orchestrate all this mayhem. What is their purpose? Please help me to understand your conclusions.

    • horse237 says:

      There were no 150 attackers. The riots were in Cairo. That trailer was made from a film that was hijacked. The YouTube trailer went nowhere until the Jewish Koch brothers paid to stream it globally. It drowned out our 911 protests which are increasingly pointing to Israel. The Egyptian fellow was in prison when the permits for the film were filed for.

      Al Qaeda means the Database or list of Arabs willing to work for the US and UK. Bin Laden died in December 2001 of kidney disease and said he had nothing to do with 911 before he died.

      The Saudis were Jewish followers of the Satanist Sabbatai Tsvi who claimed to be the Jewish Messiah and later converted to Islam. He had his own Islamic cult called the Donmeh. They were powerful in Turkey and also founded the Saudi royal family which was made royal by His Majesty’s Jewish government. They also created a fanatical sect of Islam called the Wahhabi.

      Israel also did Benghazi to make Romney look good.

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