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Educating A Leftist About Israel

A politically naive Leftist musician was persuaded to cancel a performance in Israel but he did go to Israel and Palestine to talk to both sides. He was told by Israelis that their Left did not survive the assassination of  … Continue reading

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Memo To Alex Jones: At No Time Was Israel An American Aircraft Carrier In The Mideast

Alex Jones actually said that it is not debatable that Israel was never anything but an American aircraft carrier in the Mideast. Correction: Israel was created by Joe Stalin and Harry Truman. President Truman was told by General George Marshall … Continue reading

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Joe Cortina, Gaza And The Limits Of The Israeli Empire

Captain Joe Cortina, a former Green Beret has worked with the CIA and the American State Department. In 1989 he was going into Gaza. He saw the burned out rubble of a Palestinian home. The sole survivor of an Israeli … Continue reading

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Tony Martin, Blacks, Self-Determination And The Jewish Onslaught

This is the story one One Brave Man who said No to the Jewish Lobby. Tony Martin is an historian who has written of the Jews and the African slaver trade. YouTube has taken down his speech on the African … Continue reading

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The Louisiana Sinkhole, The New Madrid Earthquake And The Dollar Collapse

There is a sinkhole in Louisiana’s Assumption Parish (county) that could bring America to its knees. The first video below is 15 minutes long. It uses mainstream news to give us a background on salt dome sinkholes. It neglects the … Continue reading

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Benghazi, Military Purges And Wars Civil And Foreign

The Benghazi consular office was one of at least two torture sites in that town. Chris Stevens was torturing Libyans and foreigners who had been kidnapped and brought there from outside the country. Stevens was following the orders of Hillary … Continue reading

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Benghazi Is Sinking The US Ship Of State. And That Is A Good Thing.

Dr Steve Pieczenik previously said Israel did 911.  He is now saying that the American Benghazi consulate was illegally torturing both Libyans and foreign nationals. The latter were victims of extraordinary rendition. Presidents Bush and Obama might think these are … Continue reading

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The Psychopathology Of Being Jewish And Getting Away With It

Psychopaths do not reveal themselves until they do something which requires a conscience. They can imitate the behavior of others and for example to pretend grief at a funeral. But they reveal themselves to a camera as when President Clinton … Continue reading

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The Bankers Will Be Pushing You Off That Cliff In January

The bankers declared war against America along time ago. I am certain that this January Financial Cliff will be used to crash the US and world economy. The bankers will be pushing us off that cliff. America will go splat … Continue reading

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So Just When Did Democracy Die In America?

The election riggers in America are so brazen that in 7 states last Tuesday they announced the winners even before the votes were counted. In California polls indicated that by a margin of 2 to 1 voters wanted food to … Continue reading

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