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How Gun Grabber Feinstein Stole $100s Of Billions In Gold

Diane Feinstein is Gun Grabber in Chief in the US Senate. We need to go on the offensive against her for her many acts of corruption. The alternative is unthinkable: We could go unarmed off that Fiscal Cliff into the … Continue reading

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Proposing A RICO Lawsuit To Stop Sterilization Without Informed Consent

I propose using a RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization) civil lawsuit to stop the federal government through the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)  from conspiring with Epicyte and Monsanto corporations to sterilize both Americans and foreign nationals without informed consent … Continue reading

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2013 The Year Americans Realize They Cannot Afford Any More Wars For Israel

I met a US Marine Corps colonel who had killed a lot of men up close and personal in two of America’s many wars. It did not take more than a minute for him to absorb the truth after I started … Continue reading

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The Tipping Point In Resistance To Global Banker Occupation Is Nigh

There are several events in the coming year that could push the American public over the cliff into active opposition. I think that the first of these tipping point events will be reached in weeks. I still do not believe … Continue reading

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Why We Are In Afghanistan And Bankers Want US There 12 More Years

Zbigniew Brzezinski got America involved in Afghanistan by funding Al Qaeda and other organizations to provoke the Russians into invading the country which has been aptly described as the graveyard of empires. He wanted to bankrupt the Soviet Union so … Continue reading

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Fracking Is One Excellent Way To Destroy America

The word of the week in the world of fracking is transporation which is the end stage of the water cycle process in plants. Water must be present in the leaf for photosynthesis however much of the water that enters … Continue reading

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12-21-2012 A Day That Will Live In Infamy Forever

12-21-2012 was the end of the world we knew. It was the day that we had accumulated sufficient debt that the bankers filed papers sending America, the European Union, Latin America and African governments into receivership. It all began long … Continue reading

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Video: Dr Judy Wood On 911 And Free Energy

The North Tower of the World Trade Center weighed 500.000 tons or 1,000,000,000 pounds (453,592.4 Metric Tons). The South Tower weighed the same amount. WTC 7 weighed 230,000 tons or 460,000,000 pounds (208,652.5 Metric Tons.) The three Towers weighed a … Continue reading

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Sacking, Looting And Destroying America 1994-2013

1/4th of American workers make the UK minimum wage or less. The average 2011 college graduate has $25,000 in student debt and $3,500 in credit card loans. If those college grads conscientiously make their loan payments, their after tax spendable … Continue reading

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Update On The Louisiana Sinkhole, New Madrid And California Earthquakes

I am predicting that the Louisiana sinkhole has a 50-50 chance of forcing the NFL to move the site of the February 3rd Superbowl (American football championship) away from New Orleans. I expect that Louisiana sinkhole to explode long before … Continue reading

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