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Scott Rickard: US Drug Lord Runs Defense Intelligence Agency

Scott Rickard is a trained translator and former intelligence officer for the USAF, the NSA, and the Directorate of National Intelligence (DNI).  The director of the DNI is currently James Clapper and is in charge of 17 US spy agencies. Rickard … Continue reading

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Demagogues Are Not Us

The tax increases on the US working poor of January and the Sequestration cuts of March have brought Americans almost but not quite to the level of turmoil and demagoguery of Europe. Mac Keiser and Stacy Herbert recently said Americans … Continue reading

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The Self-Appointed Jewish Leaders Are Really, Really Insane

Judaism Incorporated does not practice democracy in their internal decision making. And, since they have ruled the affairs of Europe and America at least since WW I, you do not live in a democracy. Their leaders are your leaders so … Continue reading

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