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The Zyklon B Dance Party And Other Tales From The Resistance

The International Committee of the Red Cross wrote a   three-volume Report of the  on its Activities during World War II and published in Geneva in 1948. They has inside observers in every camp including Auschwitz. There were no as chambers. … Continue reading

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How And Why An American Military Coup Could Save The World

The US military is one of the few institutions in America that draws its members from all races and religions with blood relatives in all ethnic groups except for Jews. We are under threat of extinction from our self-appointed leaders … Continue reading

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Banker Occupied Governments Reduced To Desperate Measures.

Robert Mundell is the father of the euro. When he taught at the University of Chicago, he told his students that the euro was never intended to actually work. Its purpose was to fail, impoverish the people of Europe and … Continue reading

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Videos From Family Guy And Lone Gunmen ‘Predicted’ Boston Bombing And 911

I am expecting another False Flag soon for two reasons. The dollar is about to collapse along with the yen, the pound and the euro. This bombing at the Boston Marathon seems to be unraveling rather quickly so these psychopaths … Continue reading

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DIA Man Was Pulled From Boston Marathon By Military

In the last 5 minutes of hour four of today’s show Alex Jones said Rob Dew’s brother-in-law ran the Boston marathon. Rob said he works in domestic intelligence for the US Army. AJ said he was in the DIA. He … Continue reading

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Video: Criminal Bank Cartel Attack. Sign The End Is Nigh?

On the Friday before Americans had to file their income taxes were due an Investment bank used Merrill Lynch brokerage to sell 3.4 million ounces of gold (100 tonnes). Two hours later 10 million ounces of (300 tonnes)was sold. Of … Continue reading

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From Quantitative Easing To Quantitative Looting And Beyond

Quantitative Easing is best thought of as legalized pick pocketing at a crowded train station. Technically it is defined as the Central Bank buying assets normally held by the 1/10th of 1%. It officially began in Japan in 2001. Thus … Continue reading

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I Pledge Allegiance To The One World Government

I pledge allegiance to the One World Government of, by and for the Rothschild network of privately owned Central banks issuing currencies as a loan at interest to be compounded daily for ever and ever. An indivisible government that respects … Continue reading

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Disrespecting The American, European And Soviet Dead

Boris Abramovich Berezovsky died recently under mysterious circumstances. He had converted to Orthodox Christianity from Judaism. Forbes said he made 3 billion dollars by controlling state assets under his friend Boris Yeltsin’s presidency. Yeltsin was of Jewish descent. Yeltsin allowed … Continue reading

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The Arrogant Banker Says Goodbye

I did not realize that it has been almost two years since I wrote to you. I told you that we bankers would keep you around until you had nothing left to steal. We have just about stolen everything from … Continue reading

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