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His Majesty’s Jewish Government Vs Africa

The Atlantic slave trade was run by the Jews of Portugal, Great Britain, Spain, France and the Netherlands. At leastĀ  12 million Africans were shipped across the sea though most were taken to non-British destinations. An unknown number were killed … Continue reading

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Video: Monsanto + Google + Bilderberg = End of Humanity

The Bilderberg Society is holding its annual meeting this June in Watford just north of London. The theme this year is Google which is the tip of the modern Surveillance State. The video below discusses an earlier meeting in 2005 … Continue reading

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Adam Kokesh, Judas Goats, False Flags And Benghazi

Events are rapidly spinning out of control so I expect another False Flag event between now and the 4th of July. The bond market is worrisome as ten year bond interest rates are going up. I wrote of the 40 … Continue reading

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Confirming Matt Taibbi: The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right

A few weeks ago Matt Taibbi said in a 14 page article in Rolling Stone said that the Conspiracy Theorists were right and that every market was rigged by the bankers. And that included interest rates, commodities, Credit Default Swaps … Continue reading

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Good News From Benghazi, The IRS, Syria And Obama

Netanyahu has beenĀ  to China and Russia. Both Netanyahu and Secretary of State John Kerry wanted Russia to back down from their support for Syria. And fortunately for us, they were sent home with a stern warning. The Russians have … Continue reading

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Genetic Roulette: Good News. GMO Diseases Can Be Overcome. Video

This video documents thousands of cases where ridding the diet of GMO food has reversed some chronic diseases induced by GMO in as little as 48 hours in both humans and animals. By splicing the gene from the germ Bacillus … Continue reading

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Blythe Masters Tells How The World Really Works

Blythe: Hello, I am Blythe Masters, Vice-President of Global Commodities here at J P Morgan. As you know, I am the creator of Credit Default Swaps, a 700 trillion dollar plus market. I want to welcome the two of you … Continue reading

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