An 11 Point Program to Stop This Depression And End The War Against Us

We are already in World War III and in a Global Depression. The US government admits to sending American troops as either combatants or advisers in 74 countries. Comments from Democrats Dianne Feinstein and Stenny Hoyer and Republicans John Boehner and Peter King calling Edward Snowden a traitor reveals the nature of this war.

The war is against you because by declaring Snowden a traitor they are admitting that anyone defending the public is siding with the enemy of the government at a time when war is being waged against us.

We are in a Depression. The currency, oil, commodity, gold, silver, Credit Default Swaps, interest rates markets are all rigged to make the economy look good. Similarly, the G8 meeting in Ireland included a Potemkin village. It seems the villagers at their demonstration small Irish town do not have enough cash income to maintain a main street butcher’s shop. The G8 solution was to create a picture of food and put it in store windows.

The Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich studied 40,000 international corporations. They found 1.319 to be significant. And of these there were 147 that ran the world economy. That study also revealed that these 147 companies had interlocking Boards of Directors so in reality we are talking about one corporate entity that runs the world economy, the media and all of our governments.

The key to understanding when these rigged markets will collapse so this current Global Depression can no longer be denied is interest rates. They are going up and this means the ability of the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank to rig our markets will soon crash along with the dollar, the yen, the pound and the euro. When the dollar no longer serves as the world reserve currency, prices will double and America will have to cut spending by a trillion or two dollars a year by savaging benefits.

The following describes an eleven point program to undo what has been done to us by design.

I will begin by asking what a Depression is. Most answers from your friends will describe the effects, such as, unemployment, starvation and bankruptcies. But Depressions are solved by cancellation of debts either through discharge in bankruptcy court or by inflation devaluing the real value of the burden of debt.

We need to cancel debts to get the economy running. The first step will require a few enabling points to make it clear how this can be done.

1) I would offer $20,000 in debt cancellation to every adult citizen who is not institutionalized. This should be an international effort for people in monetary economies so people in foreign countries will get equivalent amounts in pounds, euros and other local currencies. This be financed by seizing the assets of what I would call war criminals in Lichtenstein, the Cayman Islands and other such offshore money laundering centers. We need to get the assets of the private banks and the account numbers of all the corporations and the trusts the criminals who declared war against us. Only this will stop both World War III and this Depression.

2) Seize the assets of war criminals. A lot of assets have been converted into real estate. In America we also have problems with mortgages. To evade taxes and to intentionally create clouded titles to homes the war criminals created the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS). I would suggest that MERS be made illegal and require all mortgages be registered at a reduced rate at the local county courthouse. I would give everyone 90 days to at register for a clear title.

I would also challenge the title to every property to show that it did not belong to a war criminal or a corporation or trust fund held by one. For example, if a shopping mall is owned by a corporation, the actual people who own the shares must identify themselves.

The World bank did a study of 213 banking scandals and found that 150 were traced bank to offshore trusts linked either to drug cartels or to the 30 or so families whose wealth has been fully invested in slave trading, drug smuggling and other crimes against humanity for centuries. All of these assets need to be seized so we can cancel debts and get the economy moving again. We also need to take away their assets not just because they were stolen from us but to reduce their ability to wage war against us to zero.

We can take the seized real estate and sell it at low interest rates over a 20 year term. All of the principal and interest from these sales should be used to fund Social Security.

The seized stock and bond assets should also be used to fund public and private pensions and to cancel government debts. I would also use the tens of trillions of dollars in government agency assets listed at to cancel debts and fund pensions.

3) All government debt should be made illegal. President Lincoln issued Greenbacks which bore no interest. The Greenbacks eliminated the need for bonds to be issued.

4) I would issue a non-interest bearing currency in America and require the same of any foreign country that would want our assistance to cancel their government and personal debts. It was the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 that allowed bankers to create money out of nothing and charge us interest. That interest was designed to transfer all wealth from us to the bankers. It created Unpayable Debts which grow at exponential rates due to the law of compound interest.

Since prices are a ratio of the Money Supply to goods and services for sale, if we increase both at the same rate, we would have price stability. We could at current rates spend 535 billion dollars a year into circulation. We could create 535 billion dollars and spend it without raising taxes to pay for it. If we increased the GDP and the Money Supply to twice our current levels, then we could spend a trillion dollars a year into circulation while maintaining stable prices.

5) I would spend 200 billion dollars a year to repair America’s infrastructure. We have spent too much money on foreign wars so our infrastructure is collapsing. I would divide up 100 billion dollars a year amongst the 50 states on a proportional basis so a state with 2% of the US population would get 2 billion dollars to spend on bridges, roads, dams, levees, sewers and school buildings. This would be matched by 100 billion dollars in federal infrastructure repair.

6) I would make pensions illegal. A pension is a promise to pay you something in 20 or 30 years. These pension funds currently attract maggots seeking to feed on your retirement funds. I would pass a law saying that your employer must pay you this year for any money that was intended to be set aside for your retirement. This money would go into a retirement account in your name at a local cooperative trust.

7) Use those cooperative trusts to over shadow the power of Wall Street and the City of London. Allow them to offer low interest credit cards and consumer loans. Let them issue simple life, fire and auto insurance. Plow the profits back into retirement funds. Commercial banks would be geared to small businesses.

8) To boost the economy release all of the secret government technology to new corporations that would receive the patents and a 5 billion dollar gift to bring cheap and abundant energy and other advances onto the market. If needed, they could trade patent rights for regions overseas in exchange for the machinery needed to produce products in America. Shares should be issued to American citizens who are too young to expect Social Security payments as that program will be discontinued in 30 or so years. If a stock valued at $50 splits 6 times in 20 years, then it will be worth $3,200 and ten shares would be valued at $32,000.

Young people would no longer contribute to Social Security. Their employer would pay into their retirement account at their cooperative trust but they would pay nothing to Social Security.

If a married couple making no more than the minimum wage were able to set aside everything they paid into Social Security into a mutual fund, they would retire at age 65 with a million dollars. That had to be said for the benefit of those who do not understand money.

9) Make fractional reserve banking illegal. In 1348 the people of Venice were on a gold standard. If you deposited one gold coin, the banker could loan 50 certificates said to be equal to 50 gold coins. The banker was allowed to collect interest on that paper note as if it were 50 gold coins. This system collapsed even though the people had a gold standard. Bankers pay people to spread false doctrines about the gold standard. The bankers have stolen most of the gold  and would love a return to the gold standard. But to function as money the medium of exchange must be plentiful enough so everyone can buy and sell. The only way a gold standard could work is if we allowed bankers to loan out 100 or more paper certificates in exchange for each gold coin. That will impoverish us with interest payments on money they created out of nothing. Sound familiar?

10) Make property taxes on a primary residence illegal. A home should be one of the primary savings plans for retirement. Taxing homes harms taxpayers. It should no longer be policy of the government to do harm to us. Property tax revenues will be more than balanced by the cancellation of state and local debts and 100 billion dollars a year in federal capital grants. And all those new workers will be paying taxes.

11) Establish an incomes policy. My goal is self-determination for the working class. The current government is breaking small businesses and the middle class while encouraging welfare dependency.

I would make the first $30,000  a year on a single person tax free or $60,000 for a married couples. I would give either the mother or the custodial father in cases of divorce $600 a month for the first child and $400 a month for the second child. Nothing for additional children except in cases of twins and triplets.

I would also change the name of the IRS to Internal Revenue and Benefits Services. I would also take away their armed agents and their police powers. A separate police force would be responsible for arresting tax cheats. The IRS has killed too many innocent Americans for them to survive without a serious overhaul.

I would also pass a negative income tax. Under this system a person making $8.50 an hour would be paid $1.50 an hour by the employer from federal sources. Under this plan a married couple both working 40 hours a week would earn a guaranteed $40,160 a year tax free. If they had 2 children, they would receive $1,000 a month or $12,000 a year for a total of  $52,160 tax free.

I would pay for this in part by ending the wars and the surveillance state. Someone said we spent 7 trillion dollars on wars we did not need after we allowed Israel to blow up the World Trade Center. I also would no longer allow bankers to steal more than 3 billion dollars a week from unaudited federal spending.

I would also eliminate a lot of federal, state and local employees and even entire departments. And I would eliminate almost all tax deductions. I would trade your interest rate deduction on a home mortgage for the elimination of property taxes on a principal residence. And I would trade your tax exemptions for children by paying you $12,000  a year for the first two children. Eliminating tax deductions would pay for a great part of the reforms we need. Any deduction that gives you a thousand dollars gives others $100,000 in tax breaks. An oil man once paid $17.95 in federal income tax on an income of $75,000,000. That was when tax rates were higher but deductions still shifted the burden to the middle class. By giving married couples $12,000 for children, we will make the flat rate tax fair for the middle class.

Author’s Notes:

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About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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13 Responses to An 11 Point Program to Stop This Depression And End The War Against Us

  1. greg bacon says:

    I was with you until #6, where you said to make pensions illegal.

    I’m living off my firefighter’s pension that I earned and paid into over 20+ years. At least living on the pension for now, until the FED completely destroys the USD, then it might be time to go into the banking business.

    Firefighting causes an immense amount of damage physically, mentally and spiritually to a person. Both my shoulders are shot to hell, most likely due to getting out of a warm bed at the firehouse at 3 am, and less than eight minutes later, be carrying around 60 pounds of bunker gear, plus helping drag several hundred pounds of charged fire hose into a burning structure when it’s 10 degrees outside. A person’s body doesn’t like that kind of rapid change without first warming up, but that’s a luxury firefighters don’t have.
    There’s other physical problems from firefighting, but I don’t want to turn this into a pity party.

    The mental and spiritual effects are just about as bad. What one adult does to another, I can accept. But what adults do to kids, even babies, will stagger the imagination. And what parents do to their offspring is even worse, some of those incidents were so horrible I wound up with nightmares that stayed with me until several years after I retired, they finally dissolved.

    But I totally agree with the rest, but I fear Americans are too dumbed down, too apathetic and too brain-washed to fight for their freedom.

    When the economy collapses and all hell starts breaking loose, with food riots and such, some people will find out why the NSA is collecting so much personal info on Americans. Along with those GPS coordinates on each home the government now has, dissidents will be treated to a Hellfire missile slamming thru their front door, to rid the USA of ‘home-grown terrorists.’

    The FED is an illegal and immoral abomination that needs to be shut down NOW and all the money it has stolen from Americans since 1914, that wealth needs to be clawed back to its rightful owners.

  2. horse237 says:

    I would fund pensions directly by putting that money into your account to pay what you are owed. I would seize funds from war criminals and from to guarantee that you do get paid. Currently, the funds backing up your pension have often been invested in fraudulent stocks and bonds.

    I have often said they are poisoning us in the water, food, air and vaccines so we do not live long enough to collect those pensions. Think of that poisoning as the first part of a binary weapon so when the germ warfare does come we will all die.

    By having pension funds in a separate fund under your control so you can get control of the country of your government away from Wall Street.

    I am not saying that you will have no retirement, I am saying that all payments will be guaranteed.

    Please read the rest of the essay.

    • greg bacon says:

      I’ve read the essay. We have control over our pension and manage it with the help of city officals and ciizen volunteers.
      No Wall Street hucksters are involved.

      • horse237 says:

        Do you really have control? Lots of pensions funds bought derivatives, CDS and MBS.

        Under my plan you would not make any less than you do now. And your relatives would inherit the fund when you pass on.

  3. Sam Adams says:

    So where do I send the campaign contribution? Seriously, you’d never live long enough to see a Primary. Nice thoughts, though.

    • horse237 says:

      We are passed the point of being allowed an honest election.

      If you look at the Related Articles at the bottom, you will see one about a US military coup.

      There is a possibility of a revolt but I think the bankers will use it to start a racial civil war.

  4. Puntar says:

    Actually 1st and foremost, National Bank or Treasury would issue each individual a debt free “legal tender” / money used mostly for a living and as a base capital for further growth. Every man and woman would be given an equal amount of it after reaching adulthood of 18 or 21 years.

    Reason is very simple and profound. When money is made “out of nothing” and is based sorely in trusting in the universal and cosmic law or existence, on which every individual is given the gift of life for self expression and self learning and is meant as it is said.

    To be what you want to be. To cultivate your negative side and emotions, to express your likeness, desires and fulfill them with positive and creative attitude, with full knowing of the rule of attraction, and how that Mind of the All works and how is man interrelated with it, with the world, with others and last with self.


    “Self interest” is the most abused and not understood principle. Every man and woman top priority should be to cultivate “self interest” in a way that actually benefit everyone and even nature. This sort of thing is written in all books about personal success, personal happiness and how the man, world and cosmos are actually interrelated.

    “All is mind!
    “We create worlds”

    • horse237 says:

      I would give each adult citizen $20,000 to be used to cancel debts and to make down payments on a first home. I would pay for that by seizing assets from war criminals. Not good to make too much money.

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