Video: Dr Judy Wood And 911 Facts

On 911 WTC Towers 1, 2 and 7 almost completely disappeared except for one small corner of the 47 story WTC 7 building. It is a fact that these buildings did turn into dust. Science must account for that fundamental fact. There exists somewhere the ability to direct energy to disrupt the bonds of matter. This technology could be used for free energy. The Towers did not collapse. Dr Wood says the Towers were turned into dust in mid air by a Directed Energy weapon. But her conclusion that Directed Energy was used is not why I am posting her latest video. I am doing this because Dr Wood is a real scientist and is demanding we answer real questions before we jump to conclusions about what happened on 911.

The 911 coverup has been maintained in part because we jump to the How It Happened before we have collected sufficient data to tell us the what and then how.

Dr Judy’s Questions: Do you know of anything that can make 1,230,000 tons of debris turn into dust in mid air so none reached the ground? If you cannot answer that question you must start over with your 911 research. She said there was a dyke built around the Towers. The Towers had been built adjacent to the Hudson river 70 feet (21.2 meters) below the water table. If  1,230,000 tons (1,115,837.2 Metric Tons) of debris had slammed onto the dyke breaking it, Manhattan would have been flooded.  That did not happen. There was not even enough force hitting the ground to rupture the pipes in the sub-basement. There was no seismic recording of two 500,000 ton buildings and one 230,000 ton building hitting the ground.

She has a clip from a BBC documentary of 14 firemen who were on the third floor stairwell of the North Tower (WTC 1). There were there when the Towers fell down. They survived because the Towers turned into dust. One of the firemen looked up and said, “Where did the Towers go?”

When the 20 story Seattle Kingdome was taken down by controlled demolition, it was recorded as a 2.3 seismic event.

Airplanes cannot turn the Towers into dust so she does not talk about them.

She says if a nuclear bomb had been used, Manhattan would have been blinded by the light. And there would have been ionizing radiation which was not there.

I do disagree with her on the point of nanothermite. I think it was used to cut steel girders. But I do agree with her that an exotic and secret weapon was used that might well have been used peacefully to give us free energy.

I do ask other questions which she does not.

A billion dollars worth of gold and silver bullion from two vaults at WTC Towers 4 and 5 on September 10, 2001.  Why was this theft not widely reported in the corporate media?

On September 10, 2001, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 trillion dollars in DOD spending could not be traced. This story has not been repeated in the mainstream media very often since 911.

On the morning of 911, 600 men and women died at the Pentagon. The majority of these people were in the DOD auditing section which was looking for that 2.3 trillion dollars that had gone missing.

The Comptroller of the Pentagon on 911 was Rabbi Dov Zakheim. He was a member of the Project for a New American Century which was the group inside American politics of mostly Jewish men who did all of the coverup for those men who actively did 911.  PNAC doctrine was similar to that of Richard Perle who earlier had written A Clean Break which was a strategy paper delivered to Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. Richard Perle has dual American and Israeli citizenship and served on The DOD Defense Policy board at the time of 911.

In the 1990’s Rabbi Zakheim had been CEO of SPC International which had a product called the Command Transmitter System. It allowed the user to remotely seize and control of up to eight passenger jets at one time. This would have been useful on the morning of 911 if you wanted to hijack planes to make sure they got to their actual targets if either there were no 19 Arab hijackers or if they did not have the piloting skills to even find the cities of New York and Washington.

I do like to emphasize the point that the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology did DNA testing on the human remains at the Pentagon site. They could find no Arab DNA. I like to joke with Christians and ask them if they think the men who hijacked the four planes of 911 were bodily resurrected after the crash as both Christians and Muslims believe in bodily resurrection.

Some of us believe the Command Transmitter System had been in use on Flight 93 which was shot down by a military missile over Shanksville Pennsylvania. We believe that the crew of Flight 93 had regained control of the plane from CTS and had to be shot down to eliminate both the evidence of the plane and the testimony of living witnesses.

I say Israel did 911 because they are the only ones capable of exerting the ability to control the news media, the administrations of Bush, Clinton and Obama and both the Republicans and the Democrats in the House and the Senate. That is why I knew on the day of November 22, 1963 that Israel had assassinated the President of the United States. Nobody else has that much power to do it and to cover up. Of course these views on the Israelis are mine so please do not ascribe them to Dr Wood.

I have written of Judy Wood before but I was unaware of this new lecture at Vimeo and at her website I like her because she is a real scientist and begins with questions rather than conclusions.

If we ever take back this government, I would recommend her and quite a few others for the highest honors.

The video below is from Vimeo. To either watch this on a full screen at Vimeo’s site or to copy the URL or the embed code just right click and select your option.

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About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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41 Responses to Video: Dr Judy Wood And 911 Facts

  1. aryangoddess says:

    VR, brilliant article and commentary. The whole thing makes sense now that you’ve put the pieces together.

    I rarely comment on your blog. Your articles are so well done, there is not much to add. I do read all of your articles and forward them to those who can see.

  2. Snowed In says:

    The towers did not turn into dust, there were piles of neatly cut steel beams already in convenient lengths to be loaded onto trucks and shipped off as scrap to be melted in Asia so that they could never be forensically examined. Dr Wood is a mockingbird poisoning the well.

    • horse237 says:

      I have said I disagree with her on several points. One is the use of nanothermite which cut the steel girders as you mentioned. But if you watch the video, she shows the clouds of dust. That was more than a million tons of debris that disappeared. Other researchers cannot account for what she does. But I do believe nanothermite was used.

  3. pomeroo says:

    No steel turned into dust. Over a period of EIGHT MONTHS, 1.8 MILLION TONS of debris, including 200,000 TONS of steel–was hauled away to Fresh Kills and other holding centers.

    Judy Wood is quite mad.

    • horse237 says:

      Did you watch the video? There was tremendous amounts of dust generated from concrete and the walls. Did you see the richter scale readings. Nothing heavy fell to the ground.

      There is a midpoint between Dr Judy and the nanothermite crowd of which I am a member.
      I see the cut girders and accept as fact that they were cut by nanothermite.

      But the concrete went somewhere. It did not hit the ground as you can see in the richter readings.

      And where was that pile of debris after the buildings collapsed?

      • pomeroo says:

        The girders were cut by workers using oxyacetylene torches during the cleanup. The Richter scale readings were comparable to small earthquakes, reflecting the FACT that two large buildings fell to the ground OVER PERIODS OF ROUGHLY TWENTY SECONDS. You see, a collapsing building does not hit the ground all at once.

        The piles of debris, 60-70 feet high near the towers, were consistent with the collapses of 1,300-ft. high buildings that consisted of 95% air by volume.

        Over a thousand workers toiling on the piles 24/7 for NINE MONTHS removed 1.5 MILLION TONS of rubble and debris from Ground Zero.

  4. BMan says:

    What happened reminds me of ultrasonic technology used in manufacturing. Ultrasonics (around 22Khz), is used to transfer energy into what is called a “horn”, which vibrates in an up/down fashion (very minute moves) which causes friction (heat) that is used to bond two plastics together. If held long enough, it makes a puddle.

    However, it won’t break down steel.

    As a matter of fact, these devices can take a piece of metal that becomes an extension of the horn and the same friction can drive that piece of metal into a thermo plastic, making a “stake”.

    This free energy stuff is very similar and I can’t help but believe that it works in a similar fashion, just billions of times more energy. It stands to reason, that enough energy could break concrete and other materials into dust while not affecting the steel.

  5. horse237 says:

    I am not lying. The seismic events on 911 were far less than the Seattle Kingdome. You are not arguing in good faith.

  6. i1 says:

    Small nuclear devices (Diamona) were placed every ten floors in the towers. USGS dust sampling confirms this.Listen to fetzer’s interview of prager. It will change your thinking on this. Woods knows this and is a shill.

  7. Red Troika says:

    Horse, still promoting Woods theories about some strange sci-fi devise used to bring down the towers??? That does not sound scientific.
    Wood says if a nuclear bomb had been used, Manhattan would have been blinded by the light. And there would have been ionizing radiation which was not there. These statements are so unscientific and incorrect that it is laughable. An underground nuclear device would produce no blinding light and no ionizing radiation. Only the power of a shock wave from a nuclear devise can produce enough energy to create a shockwave that can pulverize matter into dust. Why don’t you interview Dmitry Khalezov for a discussion on the subject??? Surely you can do it?!?!

    • Mitch says:

      But a nuke would produce a large seismic event AND flood lower Manhattan. Didn’t happen. Try again!

      • Red Troika says:

        Check out Dmitri Khalezov full length video. It did produce a seismic event and hermetically sealed ground zero below ground where detonation occurred. Was a common method of gas drilling in Russia.

    • Charles Crosby says:

      If there was an underground nuclear device, how did the basement levels of the towers and the railways remain intact? If there was a nuclear device how did the firemen hiding under the stairwell survive that level of radiation poisoning especially if they were were neutron bombs as some are claiming?

  8. horse237 says:

    I never said I promoted her theories. I said I posted her videos because she is a scientist and asks questions nobody else asks.

    A nuclear device underground would never have turned all that concrete into dust in 2 seconds.

    I have said I disagree with her about nanothermite.

    The US government seized 155 boxes of notes and lab experiments from Tesla’s estate when he died. His ideas were used to make a US Navy ship disappear in the 1940s. The US government has had unlimited money to spend to perfect what he had hidden from the public.

    There is something there in Tesla technology that we do not yet understand.

    • Red Troika says:

      Shock wave from a nuclear detonation will turn anything in it’s wave to dust.
      You maybe reaching for straws with this imagined Tesla device. YOu are speculating about a device without any facts.
      Did you check out Dmitri Khalezov’s full length video?

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  10. Verna says:

    I agree totally with Dr. Woods. First of anything about 911 that makes any sense. Brave and Brilliant person in my opinion.

  11. Charles Crosby says:

    I see there are plenty of Flat Earth Society members posting here. The thought of Star Wars DEW science is beyond their mental capability and frightens the life out of them. LOL Just think, even that ex B-movie film star who became president knew that much.

    • pomeroo says:

      Judy Wood’s fantasies are utter nonsense. There is a reason why neither she nor any of her zombies will EVER face a real scientist. NO steel turned to dust. ALL the structural steel-200,000 tons–was recovered.

  12. horse237 says:

    I have said several times that I disagree with her about the use of nanothermote.

    What did turn onto dust within seconds was 100s of thousands of tons of concrete.

  13. picpac67 says:

    Dear horse237, I’ve been a fan of Judy for a long time. As you say, she asks questions about observed phenomena that other people simply ignore (like Judy’s ‘half-toasted’ cars and trucks) – perhaps because they know they can’t explain them. I also agree that there is solid evidence of the use of nanothermite. Niels Harrit is a world expert – the suggestion that he doesn’t know the difference between nanothermite and red paint is ludicrous.
    But – like all of us maybe – you have your own blind spots. Here’s my simple question: if planes hit the towers, where are all the pieces that had to have broken off and fallen to the ground OUTSIDE the towers? A fragile plane cannot disappear into a steel-framed building like a knife going into butter – yet that is what the (obviously faked) videos show. The National Museum of American History states: “The towers were clad in an aluminum alloy sheathing that gave the buildings a golden sheen at sunrise and sunset. The material covered the closely-spaced exterior steel columns”. A plane cannot cut through “closely spaced steel columns”. The FBI stated that no identifiable plane wreckage was found. The only way the videos could be true was if the planes themselves (if there were any) were given the same treatment as the concrete and all the rest of the contents that turned to dust – the videos clearly show massive clouds of dust blowing away with the wind. So don’t call Jim Fetzer an idiot. He’s doing what Judy does – ask awkward questions and suggest possible explanations.

    • pomeroo says:

      You are a “”fan” of a demented woman who gets everything wrong? You should be ashamed of yourself, no?

      Your lie about the FBI stating that no identifiable aircraft wreckage was found is silly.

      A plane weighing more 150 tons and moving over 500 mph will slice through steel perimeter columns like a hot knife through butter. You can’t read the academic papers on the subject, but you can watch Ryan Mackey’s three-part lecture on the physics of 9/11. Part two deals with the plane crashes into the twin towers.

      • horse237 says:

        Do you have proof that an airplane can go through dozens of steel columns? Each WTC Tower had 283 steel girders that went from the foundation to the 110th floor. The Towers were designed to withstand a direct hit from an airliner. And that is what they did. The Towers were taken down by a controlled demolition.

        Dr Wood asks questions nobody else asks like the half toasted cars.

        I have repeatedly said I disagree about nanothermite. I believe it was used to cut the steel. We can see the cut marks on the steel girders.

        The FBI lies. They have covered up every major crime of the past 30 years. Longer if you count JFK’s assassination. They covered up TWA flight 800 and the OKC bombing. And they hired the man who blew up the WTC in 1993.

      • picpac67 says:

        Too bad that you won’t let facts disturb your theories. The FBI has not positively identified a single piece of wreckage – not surprising, since they didn’t look for any. They said they didn’t need to because they already knew which planes were involved. But the BTS records show that two of the alleged planes didn’t fly that day – and the other two were listed as still flying four years later. The videos apparently showing a plane flying into the South Tower are faked. When blown and slowed down, the footage of the alleged first strike allegedly filmed by the Naudet brothers shows only moving “blobs” and an explosion – no plane.
        The skin of an airplane is only one-sixteenth of an inch thick. A large bird can punch a hole in the nose cone or wing. There’s just no way the wings and fuselage could have cut through the very strong – and closely-spaced – exterior columns. It would defy the laws of physics – but everything about the official account of the collapse of the towers defies the laws of physics. They obviously thought the public was too stupid to notice.
        I’m sure a lot of people still cling to the myth of Arab hijackers out of pure xenophobia and racism – especially Islamophobia. They still want to believe America was attacked by Islamic fundamentalists. It allows them to think that the war crimes of Afghanistan and Iraq and the millions of deaths they caused were somehow justified.

  14. Rob Drake says:

    WOW! Please continue!

    • pomeroo says:

      Rob, you won’t get anywhere with such lunacy. They cling to their fantasies tenaciously. If they were capable of learning, they wouldn’t be twoofers. Notice you have a totally ignorant fool raving the “laws of physics,” about which he understands NOTHING.

  15. Verna says:

    The sarcastic degrading remarks are just a distraction from truth. Dr Woods “Thank YOU”, I appreciate the many hours,days and years you have invested into what happended on Sept.11 2001.The crime of premeditated murder happened that day. What a sad state of affairs for this country and other countries as well.

  16. Woah this site is excellent i favor studying your site content. Continue being in the great work! You now know, many people are seeking around in this information and facts, you could aid them greatly.

    • pomeroo says:

      Judy Wood is quite mad. No steel turned to dust. Her imaginary beam can have no conceivable energy source. Learn some real science and don’t be misled by crackpots.

  17. CSR says:

    Great article vidrebel!

    Dr. Wood is likely the reason why the NSA ramped up their home-grown mass data collection systems in the years after 9/11 – in order to lexically data-mine global communications for link-agent-edge analysis. They wanted to know who speaks to whom and why? Was anyone spilling secrets about the secret “Big Weapon” (The Tower Cleaner?). They were checking on who knew about 9/11 and was spilling secrets on it. Hence the agreements of sharing NSA findings with Israelis who had been doing this for years on Palestinian groups via the old 8200 group.

    They likely had a home-grown Opticon – Google type of communication capture-surveillance system on the military networks and govt. networks shortly after 9/11… a system that later went global via the NSA once the tech caught up for commodity server deployment. They open-sourced Accumulo after it probably had been running for several years internally for tracking 9/11 communication leaks. They fairly recently adapted Accumulo for Hadoop type data storage.

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  20. Alia says:

    Israel? So what a out Donald Trump? A lot of people blame Bush…now what a out Trump? All working together?

    • horse237 says:

      Through Silverstein Israel had access to the Towers to plant explosives. Trump held no office until long afterwards. He is a Zionist so I would prefer another candidate other than him in 2024. I don’t believe America will be in any shape to hold elections in November of 2024.
      Trump had little power as President. A close relative of President Kennedy told me that his only mistake was that he thought he was President of the United States. We have a rotten and corrupt system in DC and on Wall Street running things We need a complete change. Too many people focus on one man.

      • pomeroo says:

        No explosives were used anywhere in the WTC complex. Explosives leave behind physical evidence–detonator cord, blasting caps, and chemical signatures on structural steel–that was not found. Explosives produce characteristic sounds that were neither heard nor recorded on 0/11.

  21. horse237 says:

    You might want to tell us if you work for either the US or Israeli government. Detonation cord was not found because it was not needed.

    Thermite was invented in 1893 in Germany. It has been used by welders for more than a 100 years to cut metal. Thermite has a metal oxide which increases the size of of the welder’s flame by releasing oxygen. Sulfur, magnesium and aluminum can be added to increase the intensity of the burn.

    Nanothermite is available only from above top secret labs in the US and Israel. It’s fine milling and high surface area relative to its nanometer size volume allows it to reach a temperature of 5,200 degrees (2871.11 Celsius) and burn through steel girders in seconds. It can be sprayed on to a target and detonated later after it dries. Nanothermite flakes were found by multiple scientists and sent to different labs for testing. How do you explain the presence of nanothermite at the WTC? Do you honestly believe Osama bin Laden could have bought nanothermite from a top secret US or Israeli military site over the phone from his cave in Afghanistan using his American Express card?

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