Syria Was The Tipping Point. The Empire Is Dead. Let’s Do Something New.

The Empire died on the road to Damascus.

My activism began as a child before the election of Kennedy. I knew who was going to assassinate him and why. When he was killed, hardly anyone was willing to listen to the truth because that would require them to get out of their comfort mode and actually risk their lives to do something. But now even the most ignorant have swung around and have learned to say No. Only 9% of Americans said they would support Obama if he attacked Syria. In Great Britain Obama only had 8% support. And that is with the corporate media not bothering to publish the Associated Press reporter who said the rebels did the gas attack.

One reason for the wild swing in public opinion is the rise of the Internet which allows us to undo the lies we are told rather quickly. Does anyone still actually believe that 19 Arabs with box cutters did 911?

Another reason for the sudden rise in resistance is that the lies are covering policies that have led us into demonstrable failures. The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya have led us all to bankruptcy. Americans are literally dying because they cannot afford to fix their infrastructure. Their money had to go to fight wars for Israel. In 2001 General Wesley Clark saw a list of 7 nations the NeoCons wanted us to invade in 5 years. We wasted trillions of dollars for Israel that could have been better spent to prevent disasters like the Katrina flood and collapsing bridges. America has a deficit of 4 trillion dollars in urgent infrastructure repairs that must be done to prevent the nation from devolving into Third World status.

But the real reason why everyone is changing their opinion is I believe because they can now see Wall Street’s vision of their future. And that future does not include us common folk being alive. Pensions for public and private workers are being stolen. Bank accounts will soon be looted in Europe and the US just as they were in Cyprus. Larry Summers (Samuelson) is being pushed forward to succeed Bernanke at the Federal Reserve. Why? Because in my opinion he is the man the bankers chose to take all of your bank accounts and your pensions and to cut your wages in half.

What will these policies mean? It means that more than half of all Americans will soon not be able to afford to eat. Consider this analogy: Suppose you were in charge of a million prisoners. You only have enough food to feed your staff but nothing to feed a million people on the other side of the fence. How long would it take you to figure out that you had to either abandon your post or to devise a plan to kill a million people?

The Banker Occupied Government in Washington will have to do a lot more than just send a few million elderly into the Death Panel process. We are talking at a minimum of killing half of the people in the US. And why should they content themselves with only killing half of us? Why not 90%?

In the United Kingdom the Liverpool protocol is used to kill 130,000 hospital patients a year by cutting off their food and water. The Death panels are not just for the old folks. This has been used against both 22 years old and infants. But even if we killed a million people a year, America’s population would grow through legal and illegal immigration. No. Wall Street needs to kill a lot more of us.

I believe they have been working on that plan since the 1920s. Stalin used fluoride in the water to control his people in the concentration camps. Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, got Americans taking fluoride. Fluoride has been known to be a poison that killed enzymes since 1893. The human body has at least 5,000 enzymes which are required for its operation. Fluoride is linked to several cancers. It also according to Harvard and EPA scientists will reduce the IQ of children.

In the 1950s the US began cultivating cancer viruses to put into polio vaccines. They have also put deadly toxins into the vaccines we are now forced to take. Children are expected to have 61 vaccinations by age 6. Toxic substances are put in our food and toxic drugs are allowed by the FDA. Americans are being forced to eat Genetically Modified Food which kills and sterilizes all lab animals in three generations. I believe we are being prepped for a mass die off by the people Who Think They Own The Government. They will release a series of plagues when the dollar collapses after they have taken all of our money.

I have some articles in the references below which you can use to convince people that the bankers want to kill you. This is important. We really have to drive home the point to the average person that the Banker Occupied Government absolutely despises them and wants them dead. They stole all of your pensions and your savings. They will soon cut your wages in half if you do not learn to say No. The Uber Rich will kill you rather than let you demand the return of what they stole from you.

The final and most important point is to start organizing a new future. The Empire died on the road to Damascus. We need to be the first ones to organize for a world without Empires. You might point out that empires do not have citizens as do Republics. Empires have emperors and slaves.

This is an Either Or Moment in history. The Empire and the dollar will soon collapse. If we do not make radical changes, we will die.

Depressions cancel debt either through hyperinflation or through debt default and deflation. To avoid the need for a few billion of us common people dying we will have to systematically and scientifically cancel debts just as the Babylonians did thousands of years ago. This is not a negotiable point.

We also need to forever end the cycle of Booms and Bust. This cycle is created by fractional reserve banking. Under a fractional reserve system a bank can take 10 dollars in deposits and loan out 100, 200 or even 300 dollars. Please note this can be done on a gold standard as the people of Venice did in 1348 and the people of America and Europe did in the 1920s. Fractional reserve banking causes Booms or Bubbles because taking out a loan creates money which adds to demand. All those loans distort the markets and lead people into bad investment like the recent Housing Bubble.

Inevitably there is a crash. If Mrs Jones deposits $10,000, her banker will pay about $100 a year in interest. Yet this same banker can loan out $100,000 and collect 10% or more interest on that money. This imbalance is a Debt Burden and slows down demand because everyone is trying to make payments on the interest that is growing at a compound rate. The result is a mountain of Unpayable Debt. At that point the only choices are Debt Cancellation or Slavery.

To fund all the pensions the bankers looted I would recommend that we seize all of their assets no matter where they are. That means every share of stock, every bond and every piece of property must be examined to prove it did not belong to the bankers and their co-conspirators. We must include the Corporate Media and the Foundations on the list of things to be seized.

Seized funds will restore our pensions and savings.

As for Debt Cancellation, I would propose we follow Professor Steve Keen’s advice and give every free adult citizen $20,000 in debt reduction. I would fund it differently than he would but his research is funded by a well known billionaire. If someone does not have that many debts, we can credit the $20,000 to his or her pension.

We need to seize the Federal Reserve and to issue a non-interest bearing currency just like President Lincoln’s Greenback.

To get the economy back into high growth I would recommend that we release all of that advanced technology that the secret government is sitting on and had planned to use after we all died in the coming plagues.

The world is indebted to the people of Syria and Iran and their allies in Russia, China and throughout the world for stopping this Empire of Evil. It is now our turn to completely undo the Tyranny that unjustly rules over us in America and Europe as well as people in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Mideast.

I will conclude with this quote from previous essays:

The Fundamental Fact of Your Existence as a modern man or woman is that the bankers of New York and London want to reduce you to Debt Slavery.

Accept that fact and move on to the solution.

That is their plan for you.

What is your plan for them?

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About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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10 Responses to Syria Was The Tipping Point. The Empire Is Dead. Let’s Do Something New.

  1. Mark R. Elsis | says:

    Homo Sapiens Population Is Crashing Culling The Herd Since 1987 by Mark R. Elsis

  2. Dublinsmick says:

    They have come a long way since poisoning water wells.

  3. greg bacon says:

    The same sick fucks that were behind the 9/11 FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB are the same ones who want most of us dead, they don’t care how, even if it means setting off a limited nuclear war.

    Which is what they will do if it means escaping punishment for their multitude of crimes.

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  6. Yes. Basically in one article you have nailed it.


  7. Silence Dogood says:

    VidReb, you said “One reason for the wild swing in public opinion is the rise of the Internet which allows us to undo the lies we are told rather quickly” I agree, that said did you see this link about Youtube and the 9/12 implementation with regards to video sharing. Very interesting times ahead.

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  9. Jeff Nguyen says:

    “Does anyone still actually believe that 19 Arabs with box cutters did 911?”…Judging from the majority of people I work and interact with including most of my non-immediate family, I would say that a lot of people believe exactly that and will never question the narrative.

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