A Letter From America Concerning Worldwide Debt Cancellation

I have taken the liberty to respond in the form of an open letter to your group discussion of how we should guarantee economic rights so no future government can ever again use either Austerity measures or personal or governmental bankruptcy to take away basic economic freedoms like food, housing and utilities. I once proved mathematically that Austerity measures cannot work in the sense of getting us out of debt. What they do is transfer wealth from us to the banks. I have a link  to that article in the references below. I am the original author of the Annotated Bilderberg 2013 members list. I also included it in the references.

The US and Russian Chiefs of Military Staff have been talking directly with one another to avoid WW III. You remember that Obama lined up a Mediterranean task force charged with hitting Syria with air and sea launched missiles. General Dempsey had to go to the White House and tell Obama to forget it. Dempsey knew he was talking to a man who had said he was really good at killing people with his Drone strikes. WW III has been cancelled by the actions of the Russian and American military.

I would approach the abolition of poverty which is what concerns you through systematic and worldwide Debt Cancellation. I must begin by saying how I will pay for that.

I would reduce military expenditures. I would end fractional reserve banking. I would publish a non-interest bearing currency. I would cancel debts to the tune of $20,000 per adult citizen in the US. You will have to establish personal debt cancellations at different levels in various countries. I would do this worldwide. I would cancel all government debt provided all participating countries issued non-interest bearing currencies and ended fractional reserve banking. There should never be any government borrowing. Our present banking system gets us and our governments into debt bondage by issuing debt as money which we have to pay a fee to use. Money and credit should be rent free and treated as a public utility.

I would reform the pension system to gain political and economic power for the people. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology did a study of international trade and found that 20% of trade was controlled by 147 large corporations that owned each other’s stock and shared Board of Director memberships.

I am a political conservative and an American so I propose solutions that are somewhat foreign to your way of thought.

I see the 147 corporations and the banks pushing for war. I see them as pushing Austerity. I also see them as loving our fractional reserve banking system and interest bearing currencies. During the last Depression (1929-1939) America lost between 3 and 7 million people due to starvation according to the demographer Boris Borisov. At that time America had 190 million fewer people and we lived closer to farms. We could easily lose three times that many in the next Depression. I cannot imagine losing 10 million people in today’s America. Immigration has changed America. Today’s American cities would be burned to the ground within a week of the poor not having any food to eat.

To avoid the all but certain destruction of America and to avoid war the US military will have to side with the American people against the banks. I see a military coup combined with invasions of offshore banking centers to seize assets as the only viable form of change. The military will want to pay special attention to all the law offices in these centers to get both personal and corporate account names to  seize all bank accounts, all stocks, all bonds, all real estate and all safe deposit box contents from an agreed upon list of corporate and individual criminals whether their crimes be related to theft or to actual war crimes. Tens of trillions of dollars have been stolen from Americas. I would assume similar amounts have been stolen from the peoples of Great Britain, Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Mideast.

America registers its deeds at the county level. We have more than 3,000 counties. I would want within 90 days to have clear titles given to all property at the county level. Half of our mortgages do not have clear titles due to Mortgage Electronic Registration. I would also demand that all property held in corporate names be checked for actual ownership against our list of corporate and individual criminals. I would estimate that several trillion dollars in real estate could be seized in America.

A lot of those seized assets will have to be used to fund debt cancellation. But some could be used to fund individual pension accounts. What I would do to counter balance the power of the 147 corporations that run the world is to set up co-operative trusts. All retirement funds would go into an account in your name at a co-operative trust. These trusts would also issue small loans, credit cards and simple insurance with all profits going into retirement accounts. These trusts would become financial power houses and would replace the centralized power of both governments and the 147 biggest corporations. Every city would have trusts so economic power would be distributed throughout the land.

I do not see the abolition of poverty the same way as my liberal brethren do. I would begin with a negative income tax. Suppose a woman is making $8.25 an hour which is the minimum wage in several of our states. The federal minimum is actually even lower. I would have the tax authorities (IRS) give her a credit of $2.75 an hour to guarantee a federal minimum wage of $11 an hour after taxes. I would then have federal child benefits paid to the custodial parent in the amount of $600 a month for the first child and $400 a month for the second. That would be a total of $12,000 a year as I would not grant money for the third or more children. To pay for this I would cancel a lot of government programs. I would like to gather a lot of different programs into one Department designed to abolish poverty. I would like to change the name of our IRS to Internal Benefits and Revenue Service.

If our young woman making $8.25 an hour were to apply for benefits at IRBS, she would have an annual income of $22,880 for herself assuming she worked 40 hours a week. If she had 2 children, her income would be $34,880 a year. If she were married, her after tax family income would be $57,760 a year. This is a minimum after tax wage that would be greater than that of our median family income. It would abolish poverty for those who do work. I would suggest curtailing immigration to keep pre-subsidy wages high and subsidies low.

I would also kick start the world economy by releasing a lot of that technology America’s has been sitting on since they seized all of Nikola Tesla’s  scientific motes and lab material in January of 1943. They have things like free energy that would liberate the world and guarantee us a better world. I would begin by replacing the nuclear power plants that are aging and leaking or built near earthquake fault lines.


The Mathematics Of Austerity: Proving Austerity Never Was Even Intended To Work


How And Why An American Military Coup Could Save The World


The Bankers Really, Really Want Us All Dead


This last article outlines how IMF economists have finally admitted that what they were doing was wrong.

IMF Economists: ‘We Were Wrong.’ Will Someone Please Tell The Press And The Politicians.


Updated 2013 Bilderberg Annotated Members List


About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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40 Responses to A Letter From America Concerning Worldwide Debt Cancellation

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  2. greg bacon says:

    Very intelligent assessment and valid plans. You’ve got a background in high finance or government, or so it seems, what caused you to rebel against your former employers?

    • horse237 says:

      I have no background in either government or High Finance. I would be afraid to even walk in the doors of the CIA or Goldman Sachs. I was just born smart for a reason. I understood the basics of non-interest bearing currencies and fractional reserve banking when I was 9 years-old. I also figured out that the Holohoax was a lie. Really? You opened a door to a roomful of cyanide that had just killed 2,000 people but you were unharmed. Tell me that one again.

  3. This plan is sound and would work to free all people IF we could get it into place
    The man who did a very similar plan eighty years ago had an organized political/military
    backing him up.
    Without such how do you envision this being done here in America which IF we could would make us the leader of the world again only this time leading into that prophesied thousand years of PEACE.
    Love your thinking Horse but whats the next step?

    • horse237 says:

      We are headed to certain destruction on a global basis. We have to wait on others to see what we see for the US military to act. Democracy is not an option. Our opponents own the media, both political parties and kill men like President Kennedy who oppose them.

    • Eileen Kuch says:

      JFK tried the same thing in his short stint in the White House. He even issued an Executive Order eliminating the “Federal Reserve”, fired CIA Director Allen Dulles, and threatened to “splinter the CIA into a million particles of dust”, following the CIA-instigated Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. What was the consequences of his actions? He was assassinated, of course, on November 22, 1963. Next week will be the 50th anniversary of that assassination.

  4. DD says:

    Our US military leaders are being purged. Perhaps you’ve heard.

    This is a good plan but who will implement it and how? Surely not the unemployed college kids who live at home with their unemployed parents.

    • horse237 says:

      The purge is of generals and admirals. Coups begin with colonels and majors. Purging a general to replace him with a liberal or a Jew only opens up promotions for man from the lower ranks. The US military wants nothing to do with war with Iran and Syria. They have talked to the Russian military about that.

      The Crisis will determine the events that will shape the military’s response. They need to know that we will lose 10 million Americans to starvation if the US military does nothing to stop this coming Depression. This will destroy America. The destruction of America was their intention all along. The bankers cannot reform the system. Reform can only begin after they are arrested and go to jail.

      Their assets must be seized. We must have Debt Cancellation. We must have worldwide Debt Cancellation. We must have a non-interest bearing currency. We must repeal fractional reserve banking.

      Let the arrest of the bankers be a litmus test for leaders along with knowing that Israel did 911 and assassinated President Kennedy.

      • SamAdams says:

        There is no such perpetual free energy. An electron told me so.

      • Eileen Kuch says:

        That’s right, Horse. You know why? JFK had a very serious row with then Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion over signing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and opening the Dimona Nuclear Facility to UN inspectors. The Zionist Entity couldn’t tolerate that; so, the Mossad was dispatched to do the job.

  5. DD writes : This is a good plan but who will implement it and how?

    Maybe this is a GOOD THING
    Maybe now some BRASS will gather and discuss how this MUST be done

    Its a great plan but it needs removal of all the toxic vines that set the destruction
    up and all their acolytes that are addicted to walking bent over like a baby elephant chain
    led to the water they cannot see due to the huge behinds in their way

    By this shaming PUBLIC shaming
    Maybe this is the very igniter to get a united flame blown into a fire that can draw millions out of hiding and into the streets where ALL revo lutions start

    Yes I am ready
    like more of us daily
    I have nothing left to lose and will die with my honor intact

    • Mark Peters says:

      It lifts my spirit to see that others are ready and willing to lay down their lives to save this world.I am asking anyone who has the ability to find the names and addresses of the stockholders of the fed and other central banks and publish them.With that info we can solve this

  6. Over the last two decades I have written some papers, The Scam of the Legal System, What is Money?, The Scam of the Financial System, The Three Magic Questions, The Logic-O-Meter being just a few of them. Please let me know if you would like to read any of them. All are quite short, usually less than 15Kb each so they print out on a single sheet of paper if it is turned over.

    • horse237 says:

      Do what I did. Open a free blog at WordPress or some other site. Then post your work with a unique title that Google will direct to you or to people referencing your works. Titles must be unique. Test for uniqueness before you publish by placing quote marks around your title. It must have zero matches before you publish.

      Feel free to place your URLs here in the comments. Please be brief in descriptions and then give the URLs.

  7. While I embrace your solutions still I ask:
    who will do this?

    ” Let the arrest of the bankers be a litmus test for leaders”
    because if any person was up for election to any post or try to assume any leadership and
    tells the people he WILL “Let the arrest of the bankers be a litmus test for leaders”
    then those bankers will never allow him to be elected or rise in leadership beyond a local
    community ala Jorge Haider and so many others.

  8. Mark Peters says:

    cancellation of debt will happen naturally when the bankers are hanging by their necks.The law enforcement best take heed as who they work for.The purpose of money is to facilitate exchange of goods or services.If you look at how Germany under the leadership of Hitler tossed out the parasitic jew bankers and turned their economy from poverty to prosperity in less then 4 years the solution becomes clear.

    • Yes to all you said but the last over seventy years of jude down breeding has not produced many people, and I must say men here as a large group will not coalesce around any woman YET so lets go with a man here, who is the caliber of AH and many of those he attracted because of the reasoned platforms of NS and not the least also due to his won character and honor.

      Growing up in pre WW2 America and since seeing the following CHANGE in radio broadcasts and news editorials, and later TV interpretations of world events, and succeding wars, I have watched in mostly silent ( until this internet ) horror as this nation was slowly at first and now on the race track in a global dash to the final total take down of America and our stiill mostly white population which in my very hopeful view DOES contain a few men of the caliber of AH and those courageous men who took on world judism.

      without this, one or a few such heroes this plan/dream is not possible.
      Organizing such honorable people is the biggest stumbling block

      this internet is fine for educating
      or was until this latest gaggle enforced social networking package that has totally disrupted online ACTIVISM,
      but this internet is a poison pill for organizing now and a weapon for preventing any such organizing

      ONLY if we can rouse some verifiable men and women who can and WILL
      do face to face conveying of info and plans can we pull off a co …
      up so finely tuned as to break this strangle hold while setting an interim
      admin in place MOST of the rest of the nation will accept and follow while
      removing all executive orders and promoting white non semitic brass who have been vetted for abhorrence to wars to all units in every military until any non white and even semites can be examined for healthy minds and loyal views.
      AND never again allow any non whites or semites above lower ranks or in any position of authority anywhere in the military of political venues.

      Think of how this can be done
      when it is done and we have to make personal choices I will be out in the streets
      educating and handing out one page flyers telling people to wake up and see our National potential that must be supported by each of us

      This sort of discussion has been taking place on a few threads under news articles here and there
      The time is ripening, smarter ones than I must have a plan to grab the ring as this merry go round passes the swift flying opportunity now approaching

      IF we fail at the TIMING we are lost as a people, a nation, and a race.


      • horse237 says:

        I remember reading an article about young British people who were heroes during WW II. In particular a teenage girl who rescued many people in London. She and others were interviewed years later when they were elderly. They all said they wondered what the war was all about. Many thought they might have been better off not getting into the war.

  9. @horse237

    Here in America most people said openly ” leave Hitler alone in Europe, he is doing what needs doing”
    This was BEFORE ” judea declares war on Germany”
    the press turned so sharply is reminds of a blogger who has recently done the same thing LOLZ

    Grandma would not allow any German be spoken when we kids were around as she didnt want us to be victimized by many who had SUDDENLY turned to HATE for all Germans
    Got to know prejudice up close early in my life.
    And yes victimization of Germans became a daily happening from beatings to taunts that got so bad some families moved and changed their names

    My homw town was near a large military camp where troops went for a couple of weeks in wait to be assigned to a unit and shipped out from there.
    Met many young men away from home first time and visiting for a Sunday meal
    but no one to speak plainly to
    A few told this then little girl what they thought and NONE of them had a clue as to whay they had to go fight in a WAR
    Also I did ask when adults were not watching me why a young man who played ball with me or pushed me on the swing wanted to go off to war

    TOO many of these kids told me quietly they did not want to go and could see NO reason for any WAR and many of us had relatives still in Germany who also did not want war
    but in Germany those in touch with Granma said they loved the freedom and prosperity Hitler had brought to Germany and did not want the Brits and Americans to destroy all that.
    Later such letters were confiscated or whole lines blacked out by the Allies censores
    before forwarding them on to us here.

    A people here who openly discussed the futility of America going into another war that had NO benefits for America but only the bankers now could not speak openly any more but in small trusted groups and among friends only.

    see whats happening here AGAIN.

    we have not known real history so the masses are moving down the chute willingly …


    • Eileen Kuch says:

      Exactly, Sophia. Just look what happened to the hero pilot Charles Lindbergh, who had made the first solo flight across the Atlantic in the 1920’s; he turned from being an adored hero to the masses to a reviled “Nazi” in December of 1941. This was simply because he lambasted FDR for violating America’s Neutrality Laws and for provocations against both Germany (failed) and Japan (succeeded, with Pearl Harbor).

      • Yes Eileen and Lucky Lindbergh was a HUGE hero when I was a little girl and all the soldiers loved him and looked up to him

        America was still predominantly a German populace then and PROUD to be Americans of German descent
        See many of those old movies made before WW2 and the messages in the scripts and the decor and family ethics they show all denoting our large German heritage in America and the core values of the masses.
        These people did not want the FIRST WW and were set against the SECOND one
        it took that fiasco on Pearl Harbor set up by the commiejude FDR to get the young men riled up to go to war and they didnt in their youthful adrenalin rush forsee the brutality of war and the murdering of their own Cousins “over there:”

        There were MANY who returned after Armistice and said with such sad and far away eyes ” we fought on the wrong side”
        My own Uncles were of this thinking as well as friends husbands and sons.
        They had not got to know what the Reich was about and grown ups yakking about politics was just not interesting. WW2 produced a generation of PTSD never heard of at that time ( the term ‘shell shocked’ was often used and we all knew to avoid those who were so suffering because they might ” GO OFF” at any moment for no discernable reason ) and an epidemic of alcoholism still reverberating in our society with all the inherited personality imbalances attendant to alcoholics has been a major harvest of that WAR.

        Over the ensuing years especially into the 60s and 70s people become ever more cautious of what they said out loud and to whom as the Hidden Hand came out into view with its controlling tactics ( job, mortgage, family , health)

        ” Wars are for Bankers not the People”..


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  15. Βαγγελης says:

    Above all we are humans .Nationalities are
    limits .Prosperity abudance for All

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    • horse237 says:

      I read at Zero Hedge a couple of years ago that 21,000 wealthy Chinese people had $4 trillion stashed in British banks in the Caribbean. I read in Asia Times magazine that 40% of the $500 billion a year in political bribes laundered every year by big international banks was from Chinese politicians. If the world economy does crash, some money is available close at hand in Hong Kong and Macao to cancel Unpayable Debts so as to provide a soft landing for the Chinese people. But if you co-operate with America, we can get you that $4 trillion. I believe the only painless way out of this coming worldwide Depression is for the US military to arrest the Bankers and to seize their assets to fund Debt Cancellation.

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