A Litmus Test: Will You Arrest The Bankers?

My litmus test for all politicians is this: Will you arrest the bankers? This one litmus test will unite all segments of society against Wall Street and the City of London in all aspects of the presently unrestrained evil they do.

Some are concerned about the theft of public funds by the bankers. On March 22, 2000 Susan Gaffney, the Housing and Urban Development Inspector General, testified before the House Governmental Affairs Committee detailing the 59.6 billion dollars that went missing from HUD during the previous two years. When asked if she did anything to recover the missing money she said ‘No.’  On 9-10-2001 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld admitted that he could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars in DOD spending. Later that night a billion dollars in gold and silver went walk about from a COMEX vault at the World Trade Center. Dr Jim Willie has estimated that the US Treasury 3.5 trillion dollars sold more  in bonds than were needed to fund the budget deficit. To Date not one Senator has asked the Treasury Secretary about this during Senate hearings.

Billions of dollars are being stolen from taxpayers every week. And we are expected to pay billions more in interest to the banks on money they created out of nothing. This need not be. If we arrested the bankers, we could then demand the right to seize their assets and pay back the people whose pensions and savings the bankers stole.

Some are concerned about 911. And others oppose the wars and are genuinely ashamed of the war crimes committed in their name by our Banker Occupied Government. On 9-11-2001 hundreds of auditors were busily at work at the Pentagon attempting to trace the 2.3 trillion dollars in taxpayer money that had gone missing when they were killed by the third 911 attack of that day. We were told that 4 planes had been hijacked by 19 Arabs and that somehow those planes flew over 8 air bases without being challenged once.

The official story is that a pilot who failed the test to rent a single engine Cessna was able to take a 270 degree turn in a power drive and guide an airliner away from a position to strike Rumsfeld’s office to the other side of the Pentagon to kill the auditors. No professional pilot to date has accomplished this amazing feat in an airline simulator let alone real life. The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology could find no traces of Arab DNA at the Pentagon crash site. And the video of the passengers boarding Flight 77 reveled no Arabs.

Also on 911, records at the Securities and Exchange Commission offices at WTC 7 were destroyed. 911 made it impossible for the SEC to pursue charges against several Wall Street banks and other firms that had violated their fiduciary responsibilities with ENRON which had gone bankrupt. The destruction of WTC 7 also terminated other SEC fraud cases saving Wall Street moneymen billions of dollars. Jim Willie said that the evidence about more US Treasury bonds being sold than required for the deficit was destroyed along with Cantor Fitzgerald’s offices on the 101st-105th floors at the WTC  North Tower. Prior to that day 25% of all Treasury bond sales went through their offices. Goldman Sachs had to stop trading when Cantor’s server went offline.

The attacks on 911 were used to justify the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq even though President Bush was telling allies he was going to invade Afghanistan months before 911. And Osama bin Laden died from kidney disease before the invasion. He denied doing 911. The FBI said they had no evidence that Osama did it. Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. And those 4 airplanes were most likely hijacked electronically by the Command Transmitter System which had been unveiled in the 1990s. It was owned by SPC International whose President rabbi Dov Zackheim became Comptroller of the DOD and was supposed to find that 2.3 trillion dollars that went missing. Another trillion dollars went missing on his watch.

If we arrested the bankers and seized their assets, what wars could they start? How many Americans would be dying for Wall Street if the bankers were in jail?

Some are concerned about the unequal distribution of power. A study at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology revealed that world trade was dominated by 147 corporations who owned each other’s stock and shared interlocking Boards of Directors. Consider America’s inability to stop Monsanto from selling GMO food. Or consider Matt Taibbi’s article in Rolling Stone in which he admits the conspiracy theorists were right. All the markets are rigged. Wall Street and the City of London are rigging the stock and bond markets, the interest rate swap market, the foreign exchange market, precious metals and others as well. These 147 corporations which include the top 16 banks are centralizing power and using government regulations to bankrupt their competitors in small businesses. Included in these 147 corporations are the big media firms and their financial partners who control debate in the mainstream press. The bankers literally do not care that bankrupting small businesses and farms slows economic growth and makes our nations poorer. They want control over growth.

If we arrested the bankers and seized their assets, imagine how easy it would be to organize campaigns against Monsanto. Or demanded that markets be free so small businesses and farms could compete with the mega corporations.

Some fear the rise of the National Security State. Who do you think demands that you lose all of your liberties so you are powerless to demand the return of the money they stole from you? Who do you think supported legislation that grants the President of the United States the right to summarily execute anyone in the world whether they be a citizen or not?

If we arrested the bankers and seized their assets, imagine how easy it would be to organize campaigns against NSA snooping, drone strikes, secret prisons and torture.

Some would like to have open, honest and fair elections. Bev Harris at Black Box Voting has demonstrated the dishonesty of vote counting. She is the one who showed the program code that multiplied the votes of selected candidates instead of adding the totals. Millions of votes are stolen every year. The 147 corporations limit speech so most voters are not even aware of the real issues. We are not free to discuss substantive issues in any depth in the Mainstream media.  Politicians are free to ignore us and even dared to pass laws making it illegal to assemble peacefully and petition the government with our grievances.

If we arrested the bankers and seized their assets, imagine how easy it would be to organize free and honest elections and to grant access to all sides in political debates in the mass media.

Most would like to greatly reduce the level of drug abuse and crime in their cities. The banks launder over a trillion dollars a year in illegal weapons and drugs . The banks also launder over 500 billion dollars in political bribes every year. A $20 bill weighs one gram. 1.5 trillion dollars in $20 bills weighs 75 billion grams or 75 million kilograms or 75,000 metric tons. Do you honestly believe that the US and British governments have not given a greenlight to money laundering? Her Majesty’s Jewish Government declared war twice in the nineteenth century against China to expand their Opium trade. And the CIA has been flying planeloads of cocaine and heroin into the US for decades.

If we arrested the bankers and seized their assets, imagine how easy it would be to save our cities from this savage crime wave which has enriched the Uber Rich for hundreds of years.

I would count myself in all of the above groups and also in those who favor the abolition of poverty. We live in societies where the economy seems for some reason to be driven by a series of Booms and Busts. The cause obviously to me is fractional reserve banking. If you deposit $10 in a bank, they can loan out $100. The bankers pay us interest on $10 but charge us interest on $100. All of that money loaned out creates a Boom because total demand equals consumer demand plus money invested from the proceeds of loans. These loans can and do cause Booms in real estate or stock markets that were unjustified which then result in Busts. When loans are either paid back or cancelled through bankruptcy, the money supply contracts. Why? Because all money starts as a loan at interest. Money supply contracts if loans are paid or cancelled. The greatest monetary contraction or Depression in American history began in 1873. It was at one time called the Great Contraction but is now called  the Long Depression. During the most recent Depression from 1929 to 1939 a minimum of three million Americans died from starvation.

If we arrested the bankers and seized their assets, imagine how easy it would be to end fractional reserve banking.

Some would like to end the unequal distribution of wealth created by the banking system. Currently we must work to pay interest to the bankers on money they created out of nothing. Imagine how rich you would be if you collected interest on all money in circulation including checking accounts and credit card balances. All unpaid balances are subject to compound interest. This further impoverishes the citizenry. If government created all money and credit as a public utility without interest, there would be no public debt and our interest payments for personal and business loans would be greatly reduced. We would end the transfer of wealth from us to the bankers.

If we arrested the bankers and seized their assets, imagine how easy it would be to create a non-interest bearing currency like President Lincoln’s Greenbacks.

Dare to imagine a world without Wall Street and the City of London. We can do it.

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About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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18 Responses to A Litmus Test: Will You Arrest The Bankers?

  1. “Dare to imagine a world without Wall Street and the City of London. We can do it.”

    Paraphrasing Shakespeare ‘ nothing is created in this world that is not first created in the mind of man’

    The MIND of man is that elusive godparticle :`)

    All manifestation must be pulled forth from the ether by mind focus so yes we can imagine
    rooting out the source of the corruption
    BUT we must also ask the Universal Mind how to accomplish this and then IMAGINE it is a done deal

    it always goes back to HOW we can do it.


    • Greg Bacon says:

      Several years ago, while investigating 9/11 mischief, I ran across a PDF file from the Army, that detailed part of the effort from the ones who gave Rumsfeld that 2.3 trillion dollar figure. They also found that another 1.8 trillion had been stolen, excuse me, was ‘missing,’ but due to the constraints on time and money put on their investigation by the government, they weren’t able to fully document that 1.8 trillion figure, so they let out the official number of money lost at 2.3 trillion.

      And that was from ONE 10 year period.

      • Horse Sense says:

        But to show you how absolutely screwed up our political system and control by the bankers/wall Street/City of London/Israel is, Rabbi Dov Zakheim (an Israeli dual citizen), comptroller of the Pentagon during the period of theft, was named as Romney’s principal National Security Advisor during the 2012 campaign.

  2. Mark R. Elsis | Lovearth.net says:


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  4. @Greg Bacon

    “stolen, excuse me, was ‘missing,’ ”
    Over the 14 years I have been an avid net surfer for info on many topics there have been articles here and there but I never saved any as I was learning how to use the internet
    and had no clue yet as to filing stuff
    but there have been many “missing money” crises and the rare mention of it somehow
    being sent to that tiny illegal sliver of land on the Med shore

    Sure wish we had some real insiders who could place many of these missing money crises in ONE collection so we could realize to constant magnitude of the suckers of the life of Americans

    One does tire of the old saw, all that money goes to black ops
    by now there must be resort spas on every planet with secret weekly commuter transport for the elite to get away when needing a bit of R&R’
    and a special escape route when the climate becomes too cataclysmic to live on Earth for a few hundred years

    all built and paid for by the slaves here who work at minimal pay long hours to be beld dry behind closed bank doors so we dont see master taking all that cash out the side door to be used for the speeecial ones interests while we did of ‘diseases’ that kill us off before we can live long enough to grasp the patterns of our slavery

    dont pay any attention to what I write
    I an jus an old lady who fantasizes we are being used en mass.

    • Greg Bacon says:

      Sure wish we had some real insiders who could place many of these missing money crises in ONE collection so we could realize to constant magnitude of the suckers of the life of Americans

      There were some others tracking down all sorts of money that had went ‘poof.’ Unfortunately, as “Video Rebel” pointed out, many of those files were in WTC 7 where the SEC was chasing down the culprits. Many of those files were so sensitive, or so we’re told, that only ONE copy was available and that went ‘poof’ too on 9/11 when WTC 7 came crashing down.

      There’s another money angle to the WTC attacks, involving Cantor Fitzgerald and 240 BILLION in bonds due on 9/12/2001. But since the bond paperwork also went ‘poof,’ the money trail disappeared, which was good news to Goldman Sachs.

      CF was located in WTC 1 and the plane or whatever made a beeline for their office, vaporizing all sorts of paperwork that made those ‘Too Big to Fail’ Wall Street banks breathe a lot easier.

      Cantor Fitzgerald is also one of the 21 bullion banks that is authorized to play footsies with the Federal Reserve, which is another bottomless viper pit.


      Do you believe in multiple coincidences?

      • HA! Actually Greg, I do not believe an any coincidences.

        As the system kills us off so young we cannot develops long sight so we do not SEE
        that multiples are simply showing PATTERNS

        Patterns the system does not want us to realize.
        So multiples are signs we need to delve into .


  5. lightsigns says:

    People would be amazed to learn about just how many of the current problems on our planet can be traced back to the banking cartel. Without those psychos, Earth could be paradise. Good article.

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  7. @lightsigns

    “..many of the current problems on our planet can be traced back to the banking cartel..”

    before there was a small SMALL group of invaders, even possibly from off planet,
    which possibility I am still educating and intuiting my way thru, this whole planet was the GARDEN

    This WHOLE planet

    just IMAGINE
    there are OLD descriptions of the Golden Age when one merely thought of supper and LO it appeared in front of you and feeling tired a bed of silk cushions rolled out before you
    We humans were all so used to our MAGICK and its constant way of life we knew of no
    crisis or stress
    Development of Spirit . intelligence and body were what we did
    what we did
    no occupation or work needed

    due to a huge trauma
    it may have been the violent attack and huge destruction of Marduks arrival
    most humans were so traumatized we could only look for bits of food and a seemingly safe place to hide from the constant bombardment of radiations frying our loved ones in front of our eyes.

    Over time and being abused we were forgetting who we were and actually still were deprivation and FEAR can make our mind sink into self hate which is exactly where the conquerors keep us

    We are STILL those magnificent beings who populated this whole planet building monoliths and great institutions of learning in a variety of lands upon which there are artifacts and ruins still visible
    but much more has been ploughed under or hidden in museum basements so we dont get any guidance to help us REMEMBER

    Our Ancestors were giants who were so evolved intellectually scientifically AND
    Spiritually our whole agenda was designed to maintain a clear Spiritual base and keep evolving UP by teaching golden thoughts and mental processes

    either a rouge planet came here and usurped this GARDEN
    which theory is supported by the Sumerian translations around the WAR GOD Marduks attack, destruction of our protector and take over of Earth
    which theory I 90% accept as I have read all of those tablets several times

    or a slight possibility that some of our own kind began to slide down a dark spiral as Cayce said he did in a life that cause his fall back to a mundane life here as a very gifted psychic remembering parts of many of his own lives and others as part of his giving healing advises

    It is ONLY by breeding up and teaching the younger ones to sit quietly and go within to
    where the Spirit rests so as to reconnect strong lines with conscious and sub conscious mind/body/Soul one.

    This is a project for the next fifty years and we have not time to do it and the resistance would be too great due to the damage to each generations thinking and the masses of people who live on electronic devices entranced by degrading and Spirit dulling trash.

    It is not pleasant to think of but I have long concluded we must have that great culling
    but before our kind are deleted we have to teach golden thinking again so who chooses to return here to work to build a New NATURAL Order for humans and the whole planet are Spiritually and mentally prepared for the duty/joy.

    Go on with this current desolation process because the invaders whether from off planet or raised here by spiraling down into dark thinking, what is prepared will be the creators of that Thousand Years of Peace as prophesied by AH

    Not for everyone’s taste but have a look here:

    //thirdreichocculthistory. blogspot. co. uk/2013/02/atlantis-und-das-dritte-reich. html

    ENJOY !


    • lightsigns says:

      For now, it will suffice to make people realize that the banksters are behind basically every war, control almost all governments and that they destroy our economies with their fiat currency scam. While this is even just the tip of the iceberg, the whole scope of what they have done to us can be learned later after we removed the dark ones from power. Many of us already know, but for some it might be just too much to wrap their heads around.

  8. “…after we removed the dark ones from power…”

    And that is where I meet a stone wall
    HOW do we remove the culprits from power?

    and even if we do there will be many who will still be unable to grasp what has been done


    • lightsigns says:

      First of all, We The People are making great progress. We keep exposing the dark ones on all fronts, and in effect, more and more people are waking up. This also affects people in offices and powerful positions who also often knew little about the scale of the problem as well as who is behind all of this. Once awake, people will never go back to sleep in the old matrix. Not gonna happen. So our numbers can only grow.
      Second, many nations around the world are attacking the banksters on many more fronts, diminishing their influence. The Fed is almost done, they have no strategy left to hold their system together. It won’t matter what Janet Yellen will try or not try. It won’t work. Their latest desperate attempt to silence us, i.e., somehow ‘contain’ the internet, keeps failing. All the recent “fear porn” is simply a sign of desperation on their part. Their attempts to militarily conquer the Middle-East is coming to a screeching halt, and there’s nothing they can do except causing some chaos by sending brainwashed jihadists. Meanwhile, Russia and others are already putting the brakes on. Obamacare goes down in flames. Scandals of all sorts & calibers are erupting in an ever-increasing pace. More & more states in the US are nullifying federal dictates. Sherrifs are standing up. The entire system is out of control and the ‘controllers’ are in a state of panic. Their corporate media empires are dying. Noone believes them anymore as they have to get more and more ridiculous to somehow hold on to their manufactured fantasy. The internet is exploding with sane solutions for solving all our problems. Guess why the UK desperately tries to ban esotheric websites? It’s not that our world can’t be fixed. It’s all there. And we won’t be stopped.

    • lightsigns says:

      Addendum: about those who will “still be unable to grasp”:
      Once the media is back in our hands, the truth will be aired everywhere for the first time. When that happens, the truth will sink in. For those still in complete denial it will be ultra-hard to learn all these things we had years of time to learn piece-by-piece. But those living in cognitive dissonance will eventually come to accept the truth if everybody around them is telling them the same thing, especially if they’re told on TV as well. This is the moment when denial becomes impossible. Humanity also used to firmly believe that Earth was flat, but eventually had to accept that this ain’t the case.

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