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2014: Bank Runs, Depressions, Austerity and Food Riots

A Depression is a period of time when Unpayable Debts are canceled. There are three ways to cancel Unpayable Debts. The first is through a Weimar Republic style Hyperinflation. The second  is through a 1930s style wave of farm foreclosures … Continue reading

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Video: Translating Dieudonne, The Quenelle And Up Yours To The Jewish 1%.

I want the French comedian Dieudonne to become famous in the English speaking world. He is noted for inventing the Quenelle. The Jews of France and their politicians have taken to calling the Quenelle a Nazi salute. It is not. … Continue reading

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Ryan Dawson And Michael Collins Piper: Israel And JFK

Please note that I use the word Israeli to refer to anyone of Jewish descent who supports Israel over the US. They are willing to defend the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel and the controlled demolition of the … Continue reading

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The Russo-Chinese Pincer Movement Against The US Treasury and The FED

The Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned by member banks. If those member banks have either sold out to China or are bought for pennies on the dollar by them when the dollar crashes, then Beijing will own the American … Continue reading

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2014: The Year The Lies Stop Working?

To be allowed into polite society you must believe certain Lies your Banker Occupied Government deems to be as adequate signs of your submission to their authority to control your thoughts. The underlying Lie is that if you believe their … Continue reading

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Preventing Genocide In America And Europe Requires Pension Reform

If we do not get Pension Reform done right, we will be losing tens of millions of Canadians, Americans and Europeans over 40 years of age to starvation and healthcare Death Panels.  Depressions are caused by the accumulation of Unpayable … Continue reading

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Automation Is The Best Argument Against Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants

The best argument against anything is the one that people listen to. The core supporters of the Democratic party which favors unlimited legal immigration and Amnesty for illegal aliens can be motivated by fear of automation  to say No to … Continue reading

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TPP + TAFTA = TPA = Treason

The Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) would combine the European Union with the North American Union of Canada, the United States and Mexico into one gigantic trade union where you will have absolutely no rights at all. Obama combined TAFTA … Continue reading

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2014. Defending The Bill Of Rights From Wall Street.

The people who own the Too Big To Jail Banks hope that they can create an invincible army of drones and killer robots that in the future will eliminate your ability to defend yourself so there will be NO Bill … Continue reading

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2014: Earthquakes. California And New Madrid?

Enrico Caruso performed the opera Carmen on Tuesday, April 17, 1906 in San Francisco.  In the morning his hotel, the Palace, was destroyed along with the homes of at least 227,000 of 410,000 people. The city had been the 9th … Continue reading

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