So Are All Jewish Leaders Criminally Insane?

However, in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes.

Deuteronomy 20:16

There never was a unified Kingdom of Israel and Judah. There were 1,600 people living in Jerusalem at the time of David who was never a king. There was no Temple of Solomon. The Jews were Canaanites who lived in the hills of Judah. They started their religion in 622 B.C. which was long after the separate Kingdom of Israel to the north had fallen into captivity.

To understand Jewish leaders we must first look at what is involved in massacring a neighboring village whether it be 2,500 years ago or today in modern Palestine. It goes beyond just killing the elderly, the babies, the children, the women and the men.

Obviously, there is a clear message being sent from those who brutally kill unarmed people to their surviving relatives and friends who lived nearby. The message is that the killers are not like us. We can never trust them. We can never accept them as neighbors. We can never marry into their families. It teaches everyone who is not Jewish that Jews are different.

You will never understand Jewish leaders until you accept the fact that Jews must be cast out from every society that befriended them and gave them shelter. Every nation that went to war to defend them must be betrayed and then destroyed. Why, you ask? Because if the Jews ever found a home and married into the local population the Jewish leaders would have no followers to exploit.

That is the only reason for a few thousand years of grief being given and received. The need to be treated as ‘Special.’

Americans fought two world wars to benefit the Jews. They funded Israel and bought off the leadership of her neighbors at considerable expense. They paid the bill for a large military presence in the Mideast to protect Israel. What did the Israeli leaders do in return?

1) In the Lavon in the early 1950s affair the Israelis blew up American and British facilities. The Israelis later honored one of the the killers.

2) In 1963 Prime Minister David Ben Gurion gave the orders to kill President Kennedy later that year.

3) In 1967 during the Six Day War, Israel attacked the USS Liberty killing 34 American sailors. The Israelis even strafed the survivors in life boats. The US had sent two fighter bombers with nuclear weapons to attack Cairo when word was received that it was Israel that had killed the Americans in a coordinated fashion with clear skies.

4) On September 11, 2001 four airliners were electronically hijacked using the Command Transmitter System which had been developed by SPC International whose former CEO was the then current Comptroller of the Pentagon. Those hijacked planes flew directly over 8 US military bases without being intercepted. On September 10, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld announced that neither he nor rabbi Dov Zakheim, his Comptroller at the Pentagon, could not trace $2.3 trillion. Also on the night of the 10th a billion dollars in gold and silver bullion went missing from the COMEX vaults at the World Trade Center.

Donald Rumsfeld had promised on September 10th that the DOD would do a better job in the future tracing the taxpayers money. The Pentagon has since admitted they cannot trace $8.5 trillion spent between 1996 and 2013. That was another promise not kept.

The Rothschild owned Reuters news agency told the BBC that World Trade Center Tower 7 had collapsed. The BBC went on air and told the world that WTC 7 had collapsed 22 minutes before it was taken down by a controlled demolition. The confusion about the collapse time might have been because London had gone off Summer time but the US was still on Daylight Savings time. If you simply look at the collapse video, then you must conclude that this building was taken down by bombs placed inside in advance. Israel was the only one with access through the lease holders and through the New York Port Authority. They were the only ones with motive. Israel wanted to set up a National Security State in America to protect Wall Street from the wrath of the Gentiles whose pensions and savings had been stolen by the Jewish financial elite. And Israel also wanted America to spend a lot of money killing Muslims.

There is ample evidence that Judaism Incorporated is a criminal enterprise.  The Spire law group filed a 43 trillion dollar lawsuit against more than 1,400 bankers and federal officials. 43 trillion dollars is the amount of damage suffered estimated to have been done to the Gentiles by our Banker Occupied Government. The Talmud tells the Jews that it is perfectly legal to rob the Gentiles as soon as the Jews get control of their government.

1) 80% of all ships in the African slave trade were owned by Jews. They would sell Africans in America in exchange for rum and trinkets. The Jewish distillers also made money selling alcohol and guns to the Indians so they could get white Gentile settlers killed to make room for more Jewish immigrants.

2) His Majesty’s Jewish Government fought two Opium Wars against China to make money.

3) The Jews took over America after they got away with killing President Kennedy. They profited enormously from America’s two Opium wars which were Vietnam and Afghanistan. The banks make enormous profits laundering a trillion dollars a year in illegal drugs and weapons. The banks also launder $500 billion a year in political bribes.

4) The Jews used Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) crisis to fleece Americans of trillions of dollars.  The Federal Reserve used Quantitative Easing to buy absolutely worthless and fraudulent MBS. Sine they won’t admit their criminal guilt, the only way out is to hyperinflate the dollar destroying the paychecks and pensions of a few hundred million Gentiles.

There is a lot of money in these criminal enterprises. The Jewish leaders must be able to offer benefits for those Jews who remain loyal to the tribe. The Jews killed 60 million Gentiles after they took over the Soviet Union. The Jewish leadership sacked and looted Russia of $250 billion after their Communist enterprise went bankrupt. There are Russian Jewish refugees all over the world who received benefits from Judaism Incorporated though many US taxpayers are footing part of the bill through phony Social Security claims.

Another benefit is college admissions. Jews from Israel are given priority admission to enter the University of Michigan over Gentiles. One young woman with a straight A average had to sue because the Jewish professors at the Ann Arbor campus would not admit her. She was a Pretty blonde Gentile. They did accept 600 Israelis. It is standard practice in America to to give admissions based on race. Asians, blacks and Hispanics have quotas. But Jews are allowed separate quotas which they take from whites. At private schools like Harvard and Yale, many of the whites who are accepted have parents who donated substantial sums to their Alma Mater. This means that Jews do not have to openly compete against either the Asians or against the children of the white people who fought Israel’s wars.

I once read an account of two developers in a small town in Colorado that had Jews on the City Council. A Jewish developer was permitted by the Jewish City Council to build on a lot that legally was to small to build on. Because the lot was too small to build on it was cheap. The Gentile developer who obeyed all the laws and paid more for his larger lot was never allowed to develop. Being Jewish has its benefits.

Other benefits are in the courts. Jews who stole billions are not in jail. Jewish sex criminals are allowed to flee prosecution and accept Israeli citizenship.  The Mossad has the NSA tap all the phones in the US for them. Jewish drug dealers are warned by the Mossad when the American cops are closing in on them.

The Jewish leaders openly declared war on America on September 11, 2001. So what is their plan to follow through with their subjugation of America? They began that plan long ago probably even before they assassinated President Lincoln whose Greenbacks were anathema to the Jewish leaders who wanted everyone to become a Debt Slave. They succeed in taking over America when they created the Federal Reserve Bank which allowed them to charge the Gentiles interest on money they created out of nothing. In that same year they got the income tax and the Internal Revenue Service  which were needed to pay the usury on that fictional ‘National Debt’ which was unnecessary under the Greenback non-interest bearing currency system.

Armed IRS agents and later the FBI became the enforcers for the Jewish oligarchs who ran America. After the Jews had killed Kennedy, they decided to destroy America. They passed the North America Free Trade Act which closed 56,000 manufacturing plants and sent them overseas. The Jews de-industrialized America. Yet, they used 911 as an excuse to get the Gentiles involved in a series of wars for Israel. They even had their lackey Obama honor a soldier who had been maimed after serving ten tours of duty.

Because the Jews had sent all the jobs overseas there are none. The Jews have always encouraged legal and illegal immigration. They are empowered by mediating racial conflicts which they both exacerbate and exploit. Their plan is to let the economy die, crash the dollar and buy America for pennies on the dollar with all the tens of trillions they stole from the Gentiles.

When the dollar dies, the Jews will let blacks and Hispanics kill each other and let both of the minorities kill white Gentiles. The US military has had urban martial law drills. Their plans are designed to protect wealthy Jewish suburbs from blacks.

The Jewish leaders will probably simultaneously release a series of plagues to greatly reduce the Gentile population. Their Foundation studies have concluded that the world’s population needs to be reduced to less than a billion. That means the Jewish leaders have decided to kill 6 billion Gentiles.

Are the Jewish people likely to follow their leaders along with these psychopathic plans? They let their leaders kill JFK and blow up the World Trade Center on 911. Very few Jews have broken through to real freedom from the insane demands of their tribe by denying the Holohoax and saying Israel did 911.

We have only a few days, weeks and months remaining to resist the Insanity that is Judaism Incorporated. I do not think we Gentiles can rely upon the assimilated Jews to come to our rescue.

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I once wrote an essay on the predicament of assimilated Jews. I asked if they will be willing to stand between food and a hundred million starving Gentiles saying, ‘You are a dirty, filthy anti-Semite if you want your children to eat.’ That is what their leaders want this present generation of Jews to do as soon as the dollar, the pound and the euro crash.

You can read that essay ‘Conversations With Young Assimilated Jewish People’ below. However, since it was originally published, the American unemployment rate has risen to 37.2%. That is according to one analyst.

If you would like to verify the fact that the Jewish religion teaches that it is permissible to rob Gentiles please consider this:

Israel Shahak: The Laws Against Non-Jews In 2 Minutes

My goal is to educate the Jews and the Gentiles of the world about the true nature of Judaism. Everyone should laugh when they are told lies about either 911 or the Holohoax. Please consider this:

Holy Holohoax. My Government Wouldn’t Lie To Me.

911: Short And Powerful Questions

About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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34 Responses to So Are All Jewish Leaders Criminally Insane?

  1. World Changer says:

    Everybody bitches and moans about what Jews have done, what Jews are doing or what they will do. Snowden was no mistake he was set up by the CIA to do just what he did via his homo Jewish reporter buddies. He made the world know they are being spied on, especially members of Congress. Now they have all shut up about more sanctions on Iran because they know that Congress and AIPAC can be charged with espionage because they have the records.
    This has left Bibi with no option but to strike Iran and bring the Bear thru the Tent to force the US to join in. See here:
    This is all part of the plan to force Israel to act at the behest OF Israel.
    War is now the only option left.
    There is an option that is censored by Jews and egotistical Anti-Jews alike.
    Believe it or not censorship reigns on the Rebel site and we will know shortly if it is in play on this WordPress site as well.
    See how soon this disappears or if it is even allowed to be seen.

    • greg bacon says:

      A real World War, one involving nukes, will not be allowed by the psychotic PTB, mostly Jews and their lackey neocons, since that would ruin all the fun those crazy SOB’s currently enjoy by dominating the planet and engaging in nonstop looting, pillaging and plundering.

      What will continue are the low-grade conflicts that keep popping up all over the ME, SW Asia and Africa, to keep the sheeple scared and easy to control and to fatten the bank accounts of the lunatics in charge.

      • John Cook says:

        There is a fact of reality you are not taking into account. That is that for a long time they have had “micro nukes” these can have there output selected to range down as small a only a few tonnes of explosive power (suitable for such things as the Bali bombing) up to Hiroshima size. That means that nuclear does not any more have to be a huge and widespread devastation. These are the bombs Israel will use on Iran.
        My reply: Syria, Hezbollah and Iran have 150,000 rockets to fire at Israel if they are seriously threatened. The Iranians are mass producing mach 3 missiles built on Russian designs. The Iranians have the treaty right to have a nuclear power plant. They are not making nuclear weapons. Israel is just behaving insanely. There is no logical reason to attack Iran except that Israel wants to have the right to commit genocide against the Palestinians. Israel needs to kill people to feel Jewish. They are clearly insane.

        The target is an active nuclear power plant. Suppose the Israelis blew up a nuclear power plant in New York or Pennsylvania or Illinois or California. How do you think Americans would react? It has been estimated that blowing up that active Iranian nuclear power plant would kill 30 million people worldwide. Now add those deaths to the deaths from Fukushima. Now add the deaths from the radiation yet to be released if spent fuel pool 4 collapses. Now add that to the radiation released if one California nuclear reactor melts down after an earthquake and that a series of New Madrid quakes on the scale of 1811-12 melts down 3 more in the Midwest with at least one of them polluting the Mississippi river and the Gulf of Mexico.

        Would you not as a Jewish person admit that your people have already done enough harm to humanity? They killed 60 million human beings in the Soviet Union. They killed millions in the African slave trade.

        Why don’t you just try becoming an adult and leave the Syrians, the Lebanese, the Iranians and the Palestinians alone?


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  3. horse237 says:

    You are back. Keep changing your name. The only censorship I practice as I told you before is to delete all racist and violent nonsense. There will be no war involving the US and Russia or China. I knew when I was a child, hat nuclear weapons were there to frighten the middle class voters into accepting government lies and control.

    WW III would start with mass starvation of the poor. Famines are great weapons because the kill the poor. Nuclear weapons are bad because they kill the rich.

    Your argument above is too convoluted to be practical. You have no evidence what Netanyahu, Putin and Obama will do.

    I however do know that the Russian and US military leaders have met and jointly decided there will be no war.

    You would be better off doing what I do which is to follow the money. The money was stolen. The pieces of paper are ready to go blowing in the wind.

    The Jewish leadership is stark raving mad. Their goal has always been to train others that Jews are different and they are not to be accepted into our societies. The Jews of America are to be cast out. In their minds the Gentiles will reject the Jews as human beings but will be too powerless to do anything to the ruling class of the NWO or should I say the JWO (Jewish World Order.)

    Try again. Best of luck.

  4. Bob says:

    Brilliant summary. Can you explain about David not being a king and about the Jews being Canaanites? I thought the current lot were largely Khazars. Thanks.

    • horse237 says:

      There were only 1,600 people in Jerusalem. There was no Temple of Solomon. David was not a king. At most he was a tribal leader. Historically, the Jews (people of Judah) were Canaanites. Their descendants are the Palestinians. The majority of Jews today are not from Canaan. They are descendants of the Khazars and their Slavic allies. The two are distinctly different races. They are also a mixture of other races wherever they lived. Read The Bible Unearthed by Israel Finkelstein.

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  6. Mark R. Elsis | says:

    The US had sent two F-16s with nuclear weapons to attack Cairo when word was received that it was Israel that had killed the Americans in a coordinated fashion with clear skies.

    F-16s were not used till 1974.

    Perhaps you meant F-4s.

    …And perhaps they weren’t nuclear.

  7. Mark R. Elsis | says:

    Sine they won’t admit their criminal guilt, the only way out is to hyperinflate the dollar destroying the paychecks and pensions of a few hundred million Gentiles.


  8. World Changer says:

    You said, “I however do know that the Russian and US military leaders have met and jointly decided there will be no war.”
    Question: Was Israel and China there?

  9. Mark R. Elsis | says:

    It looks like they were A-4s. And perhaps with nuclear.

    How Israel Almost Got The U.S. To Nuke Egypt And Start World War Three With Russia!

    Interesting that James Jesus Angleton was in on it…

  10. World Changer says:

    You censored my comments about Nostradamus etc. Proof positive that Jew type censorship is in play here.

  11. horse237 says:

    I have standards. No racist comments allowed as you made in the past. And all comments have to be relevant. Nostradamus is not relevant to the subject. I have read him but would never consider bringing him into the conversation.

  12. Free Man says:

    Your living in the “projects” explains you censorship of the facts on the ground does it not?

    • horse237 says:

      I lived in housing projects and on military bases when I was a child. As I said in my short bio, my legs atrophied from starvation as a child and I do not fight their wars as an adult.

      I developed an integrated theory of consciousness and physics when I was 8 years-old. Also at age 8 I independently discovered what logicians call a contrapositive. I am an adult. I do not live in one of the most dangerous projects in my former hometown. My childhood experiences tend to make me anti-war and to hate banks. I read the difference between interest bearing and non-interest bearing currencies when I was 9. When I was 10, I had to explain to my teacher what imaginary numbers were.

      As an intelligent adult, I do not want to waste my time with idiotic trash. If you want to fill the Internet with stupidity, go open your own blog. They are free. Do not waste my time with the rantings of imbeciles.

  13. Chris B says:

    That’s a particularly interesting point Mr Horse and the logic is undeniable. Jewish leaders need their flocks to remain separate in order to be able to continue to control and exploit them. And that very separateness leaves the Jewish populations exposed, forever outsiders and therefore victims within the host cultures in which they reside. Conveniently enough, that self-generated victimisation then re-enforces the Jewish subculture, and therefore the control of its leaders over the Jewish masses… At the same time, Jewish leaders would be free to assimilate with other elites, as their “separateness” would be inconsequential to their control system. Empirical evidence tends to support this, as best I can tell, and this helps explain one of the great enigmas of the Jews: how they appear to assimilate on one level while remaining obstinately separate on another.

    The most important population of Jews continues to be in the US. As most jews are not religous, particularly those in the US, continued ‘membership’ must be based on the perceived rewards of belonging, or the threat of punishment should they relinquish their ‘faith’.

    As we know, a majority of athiest Jews still attend synagogues and observe cultural traditions (“What’s faith got to do with it?” if you know the old joke). So how do they keep them subservient to such heavily restrictive and demanding kosher ‘rules’ that, in defiance of much-touted Jewish intelligence and logic, are clearly ludicrous, serving to further alienate their community. ‘Membership’ obviously must have such a degree of benefit, or the threat of punishment or ostricisation be perceived as so undesirable, that continued subservience to the religous/cultural demands of belonging to such as restrictive cult remains more appealing than adopting the culture of the host nation.

    But this gives rise to a couple of points: 1) the Jewish heirarchy must therefore not be in control of the mainstream US/European population as is often suggested (otherwise there would be not point in keeping their flock separate); and 2) Jewish culture needs to be seen as superior to that of its host (or its ‘members’ adequately blackmailed or coerced into continued membership), otherwise Jews would quickly assimilate and abandon the burdens of ‘belonging’ to a disliked subset.

    It reminds me of the parallel barbarian invasions of China and Rome around 1500 years ago. Roman culture was sacked because it was inferior and utterly corrupt, and was quickly superceded by the barbarian and Christian cultures, while Chinese culture survived, with the invaders being assimiliated into the Chinese nation.
    Does this say more about Western culture or Jewish culture? Or perhaps it provides an answer as to why Jews have supposedly sougth to subvert Western culture … a logical strategy to ensure their ‘superior’ culture survives. Forever superior, forever separate, forever victims, forever subservient to the pharisees … and forever trying to erode and corrupt the culture of their hosts.
    Maybe seizing Palestine will prove their gravest mistake, for their true nature can’t be hidden within their own cultural homeland. There they are no longer victims reacting to oppressive external forces but rather the dominant culture. With Israel, we are finally getting to see Jewish culture as it truely is… and from where I stand, it ain’t too pretty.

    The Romans were the last culture to have experienced the unadulterated Jewish nation almost 2000 years ago before the enforced ‘disporea’ … and we all know how their reacted – not just once but twice. Not to suggest that this was warranted or justified ….
    Chris B

    • horse237 says:

      There are more than 20 million Jews in the US. 10% are Sephardic. Most Jews do not attend synagogues. Some are well assimilated. Many of those assimilated Jews attend Christian churches and are famous for attending Hindu, Buddhist and metaphysical meetings. Though some of these can be quite threatening. I have had supposedly assimilated Jews run me out of churches and threaten me over 911 Truth. And they are touchy about the Holohoax. When I worked at an Ivy League Medical school in a non-technical capacity, I met a dozen Jewish medical and scientific researchers who agreed with me that there was no Holocaust. I prefer to call that the Holohoax. I think it is disgusting that we have to believe such nonsense to operate in polite society.

      I would not count on assimilation helping us stop the insane Jewish leadership. But, if we eliminated all Jewish benefits for 200 years, the Jews might assimilate. That is provided they are not allowed anywhere near politics. There are a very few Jews who have said there was no Holohoax and that Israel did 911. These are the only Jews I would allow to retain voting rights. Of course that is provided there is a public record of their truthfulness before the revolution.

      • geoffrey says:

        what are your thoughts on the jesuits, knights of malta and other catholic orginisations? have you read the jesuit secret oath? have you noticed that anyone claiming a divine leadership as been either killed or made to renounce it-chinese emperor, japanise emperor, deli lama and pledge to be subjegated by mother church for a heafty cash kickback? do you realy believe that the talmudic jews have so much power and are not under the authority of the wholy see? what of the treaty of paris in 1763 where the pope appointed the rothschilds as guardians of the vadician treasury?

      • Chris B says:

        I doth retort … well, I doth highlight an article by Gilad Atzmon which would appear to back my contentions, at any rate. PS: In my mind, I think I’m actually agreeing with your main argument, though perhaps we have a different perspective on what the evidence actually means.
        Chris B

        February 16, 2014
        By Gilad Atzmon

        Ynet reviewed today the work of Dr. Adam Ferziger, an expert in the study of modern Jewish denominations. The Israeli academic contends that due to assimilation “the absolute majority of American Jewry won’t be Jews anymore”.

        According to Dr. Ferziger, Americans are just not anti-Semitic enough to maintain traditional Jewish identity. Jews have integrated so well “that most Americans don’t see being a Jew as a negative thing, but actually consider it an advantage”.

        Seemingly, without being hated Jews are “getting lost”.

        Ferziger continues, “Anti-Semitic phenomena are rare, especially in the upper class of the American population, and at the end of the day its open arms were what determined the assimilation trend and helped speed it up”. The take-home message is pretty clear. Jews cannot sustain their identity unless confronted by indignation in their surrounding environment. In short, it is anti-Semitism that sustains Jewish existence.

        The Christmas tree is, apparently, also a significant threat, according to Ferziger. “Surveys conducted in recent years revealed a growth in the number of Jewish families that put up a Christmas tree in their home and mark Christmas as a sort of American holiday…. Yet they do not feel a contradiction between being Jewish and using holiday symbols which they see as more universal than religious”. I guess that universalism in general poses a critical threat to the tribally oriented mind.

        But the Jewish genius once again found a solution. Instead of fighting assimilation, the American Jewish establishment actually adopted a “flexible accommodation”: “In most Reform and Conservative communities there is an acceptance of the reality of mixed marriages, and there is a desire to find solutions… In as early as 1983, the Reform recognized children as Jewish, and they are wanted in the synagogue. But the innovation is that after a great internal conflict in many places, it was decided that the non-Jewish parent would also be invited to be a full-fledged member of the community”.

        The conclusion is obvious. The Jewish community in America is actually expanding and rapidly. “The prevalent perception in America is that synagogue membership is a sort of “Jewish citizenship”. You pay taxes, visit the synagogue several times a year, and use its services when there’s a bar mitzvah or a wedding”.

        The contemporary American Jewish leadership has managed to extend the notion of Jewish ethnocentrism ~ “the synagogue affiliation is a Jewish-American statement that you belong to the Jewish collective”. And indeed, “recent studies have proved explicitly that an affiliation with a synagogue holds significant power”.

        Rather than disappearing, what we see in practice, actually, is a surge of Jewish collectivism and power.

        It may be true that traditional Jewish blood-related tradition is in decline in the USA, but Jewish spiritual collectivism is far from being defeated. It is actually expanding rapidly. Once they find a Jewish partner, every goy can join the Chosen as long as their synagogue tax duties are paid.

        This commodification and privatization of Judaism is hardly surprising. However, the thought that all these new Jews will have to be hated in order to maintain their newly acquired exceptionalist “religious” identity may entail some gross violence ahead.


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  15. witty_tongue says:

    horse237 wrote: Would you not as a Jewish person admit that your people have already done enough harm to humanity? They killed 60 million human beings in the Soviet Union. They killed millions in the African slave trade.

    my comment – Don’t forget to include millions and millions dead from both WW1 and WW2.

  16. horse237 says:

    The Jews run the show. Everything else is a side show and distraction.

  17. horse237 says:

    Chris B brought up some interesting points. Jews have so much power in America that they are not confronted by anti-Semitism in their personal lives. They marry Gentiles half of the time as I pointed out in my essay ‘Conversations With Young Assimilated Jewish People’
    The problem is that they allow their leaders to betray and destroy America. They let their leaders get away with lies about the Holohoax, the murder of JFK and 911. I do not count on them to save America. However, after the revolution they will assimilate. Of course those Jews who did not denounce the Holohoax and in public tell Gentiles that Israel did 911 should not be trusted.

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  20. Mark A Cesare says:

    Yes, they obviously are (criminally insane).

    The Talmud and Kaballah are written by Jews for Jews and {was written} to dehumanize all others for the purpose to exploit all others while selfishly enriching themselves.

    No wonder why the criminal Kharzarians converted to Judaism, and the talmudic version of it specifically too.

    This also explains why the Rothschilds and Rockefellers became the wealthiest families on the planet – employing that hate-filled teaching {in order} to pillage all nations they infect – with their bad policies and laws once they corrupt the governments they infiltrate, much less their Usery and control of currencies too. Thanks.

  21. x says:

    I just wanted to bitch about these people. I have sadly come to the conclusion that they are all criminally insane and I am sorry to say this as my ancestors, white Christian Protestants, spilled their blood saving them from (deserved) persecution.

    They have transformed the innocent, gentile United States into a mob-run thuggery. Even the “Amish” mafia was created by Jews, who bragged about it.

    They have destroyed the media. It’s not enough that they have completely destroyed free speech and a media that keeps its electorate informed, but they have transformed most of the talking heads into “synthetics,” who are reliable puppets for the agenda.

    They have no morals whatsoever. When was the last time you heard a righteously indignant Jew protest that Jews aren’t following the teachings of the synagogue? The Jewish Talmud is Machiavellian book on how to wrestle power/control from the gentile and to subjugate them. They have no morals. Instead, they appeal to Christians to adhere to their Christianity as they know that Christianity is the foundation for righteous living, proving them with good, decent trusting people to exploit and forgive their transgressions.

    They are just sick people who are fing society over. I read a story about a “serial squatter” in the New York Post who rented homes just to gas light and terrorize his landlords for giggles and shits. Jewish. Actors tires of his gentile girlfriend, and so rapes,murders,dismembers her, and drinks her blood. Jewish. Ordinary doctor goes out at night, kidnaps child, rapes, dismembers, and eats it, Jewish. Robert Durst, presented as psychopathic outlier –Jewish. Ted Bundy — father married his sister after killing the mother, leaving Ted to live a parasitic lifestyle, raping, murdering, eating the corpses of his victims. Jewish. These stories go on and on….Every Jewish attorney I have had has engaged me in bad faith, just straight out lied. Jewish organizations are intolerable — rife with bullying, sexual abuse, retaliation, financial fraud. They have transformed the great United States into a sewer. I went to HR to report misconduct of coworker who just happened to be Jewish. the Jew HR Director couldn’t see anything wrong with his ethical lapses. Every Jewish friend I have ever had has either betrayed me and/or sexually harassed me, attempted to rape me, and/or robbed me.

    Who doesn’t look at the United States now and conclude that we have lost our collective minds. The USA Is insane because it is controlled by Jews who are insane, if not outright evil. I used to think the USA was strong enough to withstand anything but now our great country is pretty much irretrievably gone.

    What’s the end game for these parasites? To run the world like a dictatorship, murder anyone who is not Jewish, enslaved to them, or useful and seize all the natural resources and wealth for themselves? They have taken over these underground bases now where they are cloning, replacing, and mind controlling our leaders, to make them complicit slaves, they are replacing celebrities to make billions off their image and keeping all the wealth for themselves while the real talent is 10 feet underground. They are promoting cannibalism, pedophilia, promiscuity, drug abuse…now also chimeras. They are fking with God’s designs and transforming life into an abomination.

    Now having conquered immortality, they are poisoning the foods of gentiles and working out how they can live together through artificial intelligence and artificial bodies as all powerful — then with universal income so they will never have to work, just preside over society like overlords.

    Then if you dare point out what they do, the accuser is called an anti-Semite and they deny. They lied about the Holocaust, even doctored the photos, created a Holocaust industry to extort billions out of people, made it a crime worthy of imprisonment to question Jews/the Holocaust/false Jewish narrative, pushed fictitious victims like Eli Weisel. They plagiarize, steal ideal of gentiles, then destroy the person who invented/created whatever and then proclaim themselves geniuses for the theft and then run to market to make all the money on what they have stolen.

    Remember when they screamed about the blood libel…oh, that’s just myth..we haven’t done that in centuries..that’s just anti-Semitism rearing its ugly head….Now Jewish Hollywood pushing cannibalism, pedophilia, satanism, whistleblowers reporting their death, murder, torture chambers where they murder and drink the blood of victims.

    They are just criminally insane….no conscience whatsoever, just pure evil. It seems like they want to murder, rape, destroy, exploit anyone who is not Jewish or a useful idiot to them. The Jesuits, who are equally complicit, are just crypto-Jews. They exist just to fuck with people — Jerry Seinfeld, worth billions over a show “about nothing.” Andy Kaufman a genius for fucking with people, being a prolific liar and getting all the goyim to believe his shitck. They are funny as they are not limited by moral restraint or self control. Everything is a joke to these arrogant clowns because the joke’s on you….

    These people are so fucked up and are unrelenting in their psychopathy…they are criminally insane and evil to the core. My ancestors defended these people. Now their descendants have turned around and marked me, my people, the white Christian, for assassination and are stripping us of our assets and our livelihood and exploiting and harming us at every turn. I wish I could go back in time and knock some sense into ancestors. We spared their blood line, now they are trying to end mine and ours because they are fucked up. Jews backstab and betray everyone without exception. They are murderous, thieving, psychopathic thugs.

    Our only salvation is the two-faced nature of the Jew. Eventually they turn on each other, like the savages they are and eat their own. In the meantime, stay away from them and ostractize them where you are. Christians need to stick together and support each other, to create our own networks, just like the Jews who are attempting to annihilate us.

    • horse237 says:

      I have had luck of late talking about Harvey Weinstein raped so many women including Uma Thurman and so far has not been arrested. And Matt Lauer who had NBC install a switch so he could electronically lock the door to his office so Gentile women could not escape his clutches. And don’t forget who was thrown off a cliff. She had been dragged into the men’s room at the Golden Globe awards and raped by a Weinstein company executive to the cheers of other men. Only the belief in the Holohoax exempts these men from their criminal actions.

  22. Who can save us from this hell ?

    • horse237 says:

      Their greed led to a banking system that must collapse as it requires us to go into debt to have money. They require us to pay interest on money they created out of nothing. A Depression is a period in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse which contracts our money supply over night. When the Dollar Dies, the Gentiles will have one brief opportunity to change their governments. They must begin by ending their Jewish Banking system which is founded on interest bearing currencies as opposed to President Lincoln’s non-interest bearing Greenback. They also should outlaw fractional reserve banking which allows the Banker to loan out from 10 (US) to 33 times (UK) of money they have odeposit. I would favor Dr Irving Fisher’s 100% Money.
      Compounding that problem is the fact that we are entering a Grand Solar Minimum. I do not know where you live, but during the Maunder Minimum (1645-1715) we had extreme weather, lots of major earthquakes and volcanoes. In the UK the price of wheat rose 400%. In the Dalton Minimum we had “1816 A year without a summer” which was caused by a volcano in Indonesia. Volcanoes and earthquakes are more numerous because of the increase in the amount of cosmic rays which strike the earth. This is caused by a reduction in the magnetosphere of the sun and of the earth. This also causes more cloud cover and at lower altitude which in turn causes more severe hail storms that kills crops. And the weakening of the magnetosphere allows the Jet Stream to wander. We will experience severe drought and rainfall. Agriculture must prepare for shorter growing seasons, for drought and flooding.
      I have been studying Climate Battery Greenhouses. I would like to move to the country with a group of people but that has not happened yet.

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