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Rad Chick: Where’s the CORIUM? Chernobyl to Fukushima

I want to emphasize what I have said before: We are very close to an Extinction Level Event. We have nuclear power reactors very close to earthquake fault lines that are long over due for major eruptions. We could have … Continue reading

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Is The American Teleprompter Reader Trying To Crash The Dollar?

Aristotle told us to observe behavior and draw conclusions. That works great for watching a rational man’s decisions. But what use is logic if the politician under our careful gaze is a blooming idiot? Mr Obama said in 2008 that … Continue reading

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The Bill Of Rights, Suggestions and Privileges

Few people noticed that government changed the First Amendment to really mean that you can assemble in a designated Free Speech Zone and sign a petition which you cannot present to an elected official without committing a felony. The Federal … Continue reading

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When Does The Resistance To Global Tyranny Begin?

Wages are down. Unemployment is up. Inflation is up. The debts owed by individuals are way up along with government debts and Austerity measures from above imposed on those below. In America homes and ranches and farms have been stolen … Continue reading

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Bilderberg 2014: Dollar Devaluation On The Agenda?

The Russians and the Chinese have been attacking the dollar with the help of nations from Asia and Latin America to Africa and the Mideast. I would describe their efforts as Chinese Water Torture with one blow falling after another … Continue reading

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Blood Moons, Quakes, Volcanoes, 20 Fukushimas And Tesla

I would like to begin by stressing the solution to the potentially catastrophic problems I will describe today. I have two audiences. Those Inside Government and those on the outside. The solution to all the problems I will be describing … Continue reading

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Fukushima Spring: 50% Genetic Damage found at Trader Joe’s

This was written by an online friend best known to her followers as Rad Chick. I posted it here because she has written something you need to know.     Perusing the floral section in the supermarket is usually the … Continue reading

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Healthcare Reform, Insurance And Self-Determination

Healthcare in America before and after Obama has been organized for the benefit of Big Pharma and Wall Street. Americans paid $3.8 trillion last year for healthcare but they get less than any industrialized nation. America has 31% of the … Continue reading

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The Counterfeiting Cannibals of Canal Street

I am writing about the Bankers who are driving 7 billion people off a cliff towards the certain destruction of our economic life. Money is a difficult subject to understand but I think it is worth the effort if it … Continue reading

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Looking Back At America’s Only Successful Military Coup

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Dunlap had written a warning to the US government that pushing the military into civilian affairs combined with a series of wars America could not win would lead to a coup. He won an award from General … Continue reading

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