Healthcare Reform, Insurance And Self-Determination

Healthcare in America before and after Obama has been organized for the benefit of Big Pharma and Wall Street. Americans paid $3.8 trillion last year for healthcare but they get less than any industrialized nation. America has 31% of the total population of the 34 most industrialized nations. The US has 38% of live births but 60% of all the infants in the 34 industrialized world who are born and die in their first 24 hours do so in the USA.

We do have talented doctors and nurses who are equipped to save lives but the cost is prohibitively high and the overall results are meager.

Before addressing how we should address healthcare reform I would like to discuss what makes Americans so unhealthy and how we can improve their general level of health.

Americans are the second most obese people in the world. Food brands with apparently identical products on store shelves in Canada, the US and Europe actually differ in their contents. American salt companies began adding Iodine to salt in 1924 when it was determined that it would increase IQ. The Communists discovered that it would be easier to control prisoners in Siberian camps if they added fluoride to their water. The practice was brought to America by Sigmund Freud’s nephew Edmund Bernays, the public relations man who convinced women to smoke. Iodine was taken from the salt after fluoride was added. Fluoride and bromide are in the same chemical family as Iodine. Bromide was added to baked goods and bread. The addition of fluoride and bromide combined with the removal of iodine lowered IQ scores and increased bone cancer, thyroid and glandular problems. Many nations have banned fluoride.

MSG does not have to  appear on American food labels. It is known to cause headaches, nausea and weight gain. Aspartame has 92 known side effects. Aspartame does cause craving for carbohydrates and thus weight gain.

More recently GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) have been added to the diet. GMO food fed to lab animals caused very large tumors in the first generation. By the third generation the few survivors were sterile and diseased runts. That is why nations like China have been sending GMO food back to America and that last returned shipment was animal feed. The Chinese won’t even feed their animals what Americans eat.

The first step in reducing the cost of healthcare would be to eliminate the things added to our food and water and vaccines that are known to make us sick. We might also consider a ban on aerial spraying known as chemtrails. This program sprays 20 million tons of aluminum oxide, barium oxide and strontium oxide on human beings, plants, trees and the water we all must drink.

The next step is fixed price lists from all doctors, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and labs. Currently, hospitals can charge you $100,000 for something they charged someone else $100. Oncologists routinely charge their patients 3 to 4 times what chemo drugs would cost at a competing pharmacy.

The next step is to increase the number of people treating patients to increase competition. I would like to increase the number of nurse practitioners. This will bring down fees. It will also allow us to more quickly get alternative treatments to patients. Nurse practitioners are the key to getting doctors to changing their practices.

Of course to offer innovative treatments to improve health and to bring down costs, we will have to know what works and what does not work. We will need an authoritative governing body to examine all medical practices. At what levels should high blood pressure and cholesterol medications be administered? Go to Australia and to Europe and to Asia. If their doctors get better results by not administering blood pressure medications at lower levels than their American counterparts, then insurance companies should not cover medication at those levels. I would let the patient take the medication if he is willing to pay for it himself out of his pocket after being warned there is no proven benefit but there are serious side effects. Go down the list of over prescribed medications. Eliminating half or more of prescription drugs will greatly improve health and reduce costs.

The next step is to never accept data from a pharmaceutical company as to the safety and efficacy of any given treatment. We should test even existing drugs against home remedies. If a Type II Diabetes medication does no better than Vitamin D3 and cinnamon, then remove that medication from insurance coverage. Give the patient the option of buying the pill with his own money after being told it is of less value than a home remedy and has serious side effects. I would also like to see tests of chemo and radiation against Sodium Bicarbonate and DCA (Dichloroacetate). The public will just about rebel when they learn that the butchery of chemo and radiation was a waste of time and effort that needlessly harmed millions of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, children, other relatives and friends.

Of course all these actions should be happening simultaneously in real time. I have not mentioned it before but we need what I would call a Council of Smart Guys who would be intelligent men and women capable of thinking outside the box. The Smart Guys need to be empowered to go through the bureaucracy making changes. Though I think we should more formally call them Presidential advisers. America has more than 30 million federal, state and local workers who will resist radical change especially when some of the things they do like spying on the public and groping our genitals at airports will no longer be allowed. We will need to reorganize government employees to deliver better services at lower costs.

The American dollar will go through a series devaluations which will end our ability to run trillion dollar budget deficits. And we will also need to balance our payments with foreign countries. Imported goods might increase 200 to 400% in price. We won’t be able to afford idiots in government. Millions of people will lose their government jobs.

I said something in my last essay that people did not understand. We can spend money into circulation without charging interest. I mentioned the need to invest in infrastructure. I would like to give the states 100 billion dollars a year to spend on infrastructure  and to match that with another 100 billion in federal spending. This is to cover schools, roads and bridges so as to eliminate state and local bond issues. The goal would be to eliminate property taxes.

I emphasized that spending 500 billion dollars on investments would produce more benefit than transferring  500 billion dollars to pay for healthcare or Social Security retirement. In economic there is something called a Multiplier Effect. If you add 500 billion to consumption, that is different than adding the same amount to investments. The Multiplier Effect will turn that $500 billion in investments into trillions of additional GDP. I would prefer to invest all of that annual increase in the Money Supply in investments rather than give it away in transfer payments which would not increase the GDP. If we add trillions to the GDP, we will increase productivity, wages and tax collections.

I would like to release all of our scientific advances to new corporations which would receive patents and billions in credits to increase investments and jobs in America. These would be growth stocks. The shares would be given to people who could benefit from owning stocks that would double 7 times in the 15 years before they retire. That is 12,800% for the benefit of California public school graduates. We absolutely must provide retirement income for the next generation of retirees. And we must have enormous economic growth to make jobs for younger generations who are not acquiring relevant work skills for the modern world.

I cannot emphasize enough that we must invest in things with tangible results for growth. We have Tesla Free energy or nearly Free Energy so we don’t nee a lot of Green Energy projects. We don’t need to build high speed rail lines. The military already spent 2 trillion dollars on underground bases with connecting rail and road lines. Just open them to the public and let the military use their atomic powered drills to complete the system. Our new transport system will open lots of jobs to veterans.

Now we are ready to talk about self-determination. Adding people to government payrolls was the favorite means of taking power from you and giving it to Wall Street. Under Obamacare everyone in the government above the level of janitor can get access to your medical records. We could pass a law making it illegal to be in possession of someone’s medical records if you are not a caregiver or have a signed release from the individual involved or from a court in case of a lawsuit. We could do that but with more than 30 million employees we have no ability presently to stop the government from walking all over us.

That is one reason why I oppose adding 2 million people to the list of government employees just so we can nationalize healthcare. Great Britain kills 130,000 patients a year by withholding food and water. We need to give you more power to determine your future not less.

I applied the principle of self-determination to retirement funds when I said we need to move economic power away from Wall Street to you. Begin by abolishing all pensions for younger people. A pension is a promise to pay someone something 20 or 30 or 40 years from now. Instead pay the present value of all future pensions into an account in your name at a cooperative trust under your control in your community.

I would allow these cooperative trusts to have credit unions so you could have a separate checking account and a low interest credit card. You could get small loans. And you could get insurance as I said before. All profits from these enterprises are to turned over to your retirement accounts.

These cooperative trusts could offer home and auto insurance and even health insurance. We might still have banks and insurance companies that would cater to businesses. Of course bankers would only be allowed to loan out depositors money. Fractional reserve banking which allowed a banker to loan out ten dollars for every dollar in deposit should be banned. Large insurance funds and banks presently control what passes for a government. The idea of self-determination is that we should have control of our assets. Most of the assets of bankers and other criminals should be seized to provide for our retirement because they stole tens of trillions of dollars from us. If we get 90% or more of the financial assets under our control, then power will permanently shift away from New York and the City of London to us.

I would recommend that your local cooperative association have reinsurance on all risks through a nationwide association of trusts so that no one local trust is bankrupted by a flood, a fire, an earthquake, a tornado or a hurricane.

The health insurance card you get locally should allow you to seek care anywhere in the country. That should be easy to arrange because all of the cooperative trusts will need a national association to provide reinsurance. You might even have a limit on accumulated insurance reserves in reinsurance set asides so excess reserves beyond a trillion or so dollars are distributed back into our retirement funds.

Individual trusts can either just insure everyone in their local group or hire doctors and nurses to provide services. Or they could compromise and just operate a few satellite clinics and a local hospital with an emergency room. Hospitals and clinics could be built without resorting to bond sales because the $200 billion in infrastructure money should be sufficient to cover it.

The principle of self-determination requires that I do not interfere in your local association’s decision as to the path they want to take. They should only be stopped if they embezzle funds or engage in other criminal activity. That is why I oppose National Health Service. They have no right to take our money and use it against us by blackmailing us with our medical records or denying us the life saving tests and treatments we need. In England a young woman with severe headaches was denied access to a specialist and to tests until it was too late to save her from a brain tumor. She did not live long enough to reach anywhere near her 30th birthday. That kind of maltreatment is cheap but does anyone really want it?

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I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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8 Responses to Healthcare Reform, Insurance And Self-Determination

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  2. BMan says:

    I don’t get it, regarding the health insurance portion (you say could be provided by a cooperative trust). Why would we need health insurance at all?

    And for some reason, it appears that you might think that a Single Payer system has to be a government run deal. Why can’t some “cooperative trust” be used to divvy out the payments for the bills? Why does your only example have to be England’s National Healthcare, when that is the very worse example out of many that you could have used?

    Taiwan’s system is far better (

    Or Panama (

    Or Canada (

    Even Venezuela has a very good system (and many other “third world” countries).

    But even if it were a government paid (not run), via a small tax similar, but costing less money than Medicare (an improved Medicare for All), that would substantially minimize outlays per person and ensure that each and every person have access to the set prices you laid forth, why would that not work?

    And IF a person wanted to opt out of that tax and take the entire financial burden on themselves, why not let them? But if the system were honestly run, with the proposed changes you lay forth, I doubt many would complain and would join in a heartbeat.

    If all these technologies are present, but unattainable to us, all these monies would be minimized down to near nothing and only accidents and certain genetic maladies would be addressed? For surely you also can believe that medically we have hidden things that could benefit mankind, just as you suggest we have Tesla energy, et al?

    I think that feeding health insurance, in any form, is a huge waste and profits people undeserving. Why have anyone making money via health insurance, which is no more than a middle man scamming money off the top?

    • horse237 says:

      Someone has to make payments for all that healthcare. A nationwide system will have a lot of administration way above you and out of your reach. What I want is a local administration without a lot of overhead. We can get purchasing prices for down for supplies by joining with other associations in the area to bring costs down.

      My goal is self-determination. As I said, I want self-determination. How can we get self-determination under a nationwide healthcare system. Local cooperatives could experiment with medical savings accounts so if you stay healthy you get to keep part of your medical savings account.

      I said we could pass a law banning the sharing of your medical records but if we add 2 million NHS employees to our 30 million government employees, we will have 32 million government employees. And we will have zero chance of protecting our medical records. We need to firmly establish self-determination or face the consequences of an overbearing government with total control over every aspect of our lives.

  3. Mark R. Elsis | says:


  4. Has C. says:

    But you need to make a revolution first, not least in peoples’ minds. One would need dictatorial powers and a lot of good will in order to do what you are talking about.
    We have in Denmark a pretty good system of health care. This is owned and operated by regions (each region comprising approx. 1 million people) and financed from taxes. Family doctors and practicing specialists are privately owned but paid from taxes too. Administration is very lean and efficient. Every citizen of Denmark is automatically covered. I am not necessarily recommending it for the US because each such system needs to develop gradually from something which existed before.
    Bast regards!

    • horse237 says:

      There might be an element of taxation or compulsion involved. Because I would make the opening of an account at a cooperative trust compulsory for every citizen. Everyone would need an account to receive their $20,000 share of the initial Debt Cancellation settlement. Those accounts would receive retirement funds. They would replace most auto, home fire insurance simple life insurance and even health insurance. These cooperative trusts will have trillions of dollars. I think we could experiment locally with government controls by county and state governments if they want.

      But all of those trillions of dollars have to be under our control and not the central government. Austerity budgets are hitting some Europeans. Doctors and nurses in Greece work for months at a time without being paid. Britain balances its budget by killing 130,000 patients a year.

      Depressions will be avoided by Debt Cancellation and seizure of assets from Banking and War Criminals, by issuing a non-interest bearing currency and banning fractional reserve banking.

      Tyranny and wars will be avoided by getting all of our pensions, savings and insurance money set asides under our control.

  5. C says:

    You get self-determination on your healthcare if you do your own research, and determine your own protocols and pay cash to the providers you choose. You get privacy if you don’t give any identifiers (numbers) to your healthcare providers. If there is any kind of a “system” that has any kind of oversight especially by government but any other such body, you will have abuse.

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