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2014 Bilderberg Annotated Members List

The Good News from Bilderberg is that they have invited back the Chinese college professors who attended Bilderberg 2012 but were snubbed in 2013. They also invited another Chinese professor who has worked on his government’s Five Year plan. Hopefully, … Continue reading

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Not Everyone Is Waiting For Bilderberg To Tell Them What To Do.

The Bilderberg Society will be meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark from Wednesday May 29 to Sunday June 1, 2014. David Rothkopf wrote Superclass in which he describes how the Thirty Families and their 6,000 minions run the world or at least … Continue reading

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Positive Money: A Letter From America

The best video or article on money is the one people understand. This short video is from England where they call a non-interest bearing currency Positive Money instead of Greenbacks. Back in the 1930s Irving Fisher had similar ideas called … Continue reading

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Message Of The Shanghai Summit: No More Dollar Imperialism Wars

There will be many messages coming from Shanghai when the Presidents of Russia, China and Iran meet. In my lifetime there has never been an American war that I liked or even thought was necessary. But to people like me … Continue reading

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Your hiding place: The effect of faraway mass murders on your ability to dream

This was originally written by John Kaminski. It’s impossible to maintain your health in a society for which you feel contempt and shame. The guilt of living in such a society ruins your life, pollutes it, taints it. You can … Continue reading

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Whither Goest The Jewish People?

The question to ask is this: Do Jewish people have any control over what their leadership does in their name? Until recently most Americans actually believed they lived in a democracy where their opinion and their vote counted. I have … Continue reading

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Reversing The Decline Of The Working And Middle Classes

Zero Hedge had an article the other day on the decline of the middle class. I would like to include in my discussion the working class because America used to have a skilled work force that was as highly paid … Continue reading

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Jim Willie: BRICS 80 Preparing To Take Down The Dollar

Dr Jim Willie has been talking about the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa) being joined by other nations to take down the dollar. He says there are now 80 nations in the BRICS alliance who have … Continue reading

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Sharing The Guilt For The Atrocities Of World War II

World War II was an atrocity. 58,000,000 people were killed. Only the the killing of the Gentiles of the Soviet Union under Communist rule and the Chinese under Mao were worse. Today I would like to specifically address the guilt … Continue reading

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America Needs Truth And Reconciliation After The Government Collapses

When, not if, the dollar collapses, we will have a brief opportunity to stop the wars, cancel Unpayable Debts and to reform the banking system. But to really change the direction of this country we will have to get along … Continue reading

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