America Needs Truth And Reconciliation After The Government Collapses

When, not if, the dollar collapses, we will have a brief opportunity to stop the wars, cancel Unpayable Debts and to reform the banking system. But to really change the direction of this country we will have to get along with people who had been oppressing us. One part of that Reconciliation process would have to be Restitution for the tens of trillions of dollars stolen from us.

Today I would like to make the case for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission which would allow those who had been abused by either federal or state and local governments to come forward and testify. These testimonies if corroborated could lead to criminal charges, fines, resignation from office or amnesty. We will need a permanent record of government abuse.

Some cases of abuse will require criminal prosecution. A few years ago the New York Daily News reported that a chemical company tested pesticides on 6 year-old black boys in Foster care. The News learned of this from black women who worked in Child Protective Services. Six young boys died from the deliberate exposure to pesticides. Under the current regime no criminal charges were filed against either the scientists or the executives involved in these experiments. The black women from Social Services were reprimanded which paved the way for more abuse in the next round of tests. There is an obvious case of murder to be made here but we also need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate the failure of social services, the police, the District Attorney and the state Attorney General to act. The Commission hearings could recommend resignations and fines for those not guilty of murder. And the hearings could open up other cases of abuse.

In Texas evidence surfaced of powerful politicians, judges and police officials sexually abusing boys and girls in the Juvenile Corrections System. The abuse was sufficiently documented to warrant inquiry but there was none. In Florida thousands of children went missing. In many states DynCorp, a company cited for human trafficking overseas, is allowed to staff CPS offices. Once a secretary to Catherine Austin Fitts was investigated for child abuse. Catherine was involved in exposing government corruption and the theft of tens billions of dollars from the Housing and Urban Development Department. She called the various states in her area and determined which one did not have DynCorp staffers. She had the secretary move. This saved her secretary from a living hell. But others have not been so fortunate.

In Florida the state ‘lost’ thousands of children in state care. In Los Angeles county a man did not like his neighbor so he made false allegations of sexual abuse against a man with two young daughters. It took the innocent man a year and thousands of dollars in legal fees to get his daughters back home. Both of the girls had been sexually abused while in custody. A Commission hearing could gather tens of thousands of cases like this. It could recommend penalties and fines in many of these cases and criminal prosecutions in others. Some have suggested that flights bringing cocaine and heroin into the country for the CIA take American children out. There can never be a true reconciliation until these allegations are either proven to be true or false. I have elsewhere recommend a Voter ID card that is interactive like a credit card so it cannot be used fraudulently to obtain welfare or to vote. This will put an end to dead people voting. I would like to extend this mandatory identification program to all minors to clear up all abductions and missing children.

Every day there are cases involving police misconduct. The Department of Justice has been offering lists of approved candidates from which cities can select a Police Chief. The federal government has been offering armored personnel carriers to even small town police. These are better designed for occupation duty overseas. Israel has been offering training to American police. Presumably, this is why US citizens are being treated like Palestinians. In Israel the police deliberately fire non-lethal rounds at close range at the head and eyes of protesters. There has also been a policy in the US of using intelligence tests to weed out police recruits who are too intelligent. I think it was in Ohio where two deputies were filmed at a traffic stop and found a woman with a copy of the Constitution in her car. They had to show the document to their sergeant to see if she was allowed to have a copy of the Constitution. In Orange county there is the famous case of the mentally disturbed young man who while handcuffed and lying on the sidewalk was beaten to death over several minutes. We have numerous cases of torture and murder of innocent civilians by police on videotape actually going unpunished. We need Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings to bring the police back to decent standards of public service.

I have written elsewhere of Debt Cancellation and that I would like to seize tens of trillions of dollars in stolen assets to fund it. As I said, I would like to give every adult citizen $20,000  to credit against debts. That is $40,000 per married couple. Tens of millions of homeowners have MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) mortgages which have no clear title registered with the local county. I would want everyone with a MERS mortgage to go to the county government and get clear title and obtain a rewritten mortgage after their credits had been applied. To complete asset seizure I would want all property to be verified as to the true owners. An offshore corporation would have to come forward to prove who they are.

This process at the county level could be aided by Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings. In many parts of the country the elderly will receive a tax bill for no more than $85.00 a few days after going to the hospital. If they have a prolonged recovery in rehabilitation after surgery, the county government will seize their homes and sell them at auction. Usually there are few bidders and the elderly victims lose their homes. This procedure should be abolished. Cases like this should have been resolved in small claims courts. Open hearings will allow the elderly and their relatives to come forward. Fines can be levied and assets seized.

Often town councils will use zoning and parking laws to force small businesses into bankruptcy so they can steal land at fire sale prices. In one case the town tore up the streets and let them remain that way for a year while they forbade parking anywhere near the shops in what had previously been a thriving commercial neighborhood. At the end of the year every local politician and the favored real estate developer had what they wanted at bargain basement prices. In Los Angeles county judges receive two salaries. One as a judge and the other as a payment from the county to guarantee that no homeowner or shopkeeper will ever win a lawsuit. Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings will uncover lots of these cases.

People of late have noticed that we have had an upright spike in the price of beef, pork, chicken and eggs. The federal government has been systematically persecuting small farmers and ranchers for decades to drive them out of business. The sharp rise in the price of pork has been attributed to a pig virus by the Corporate Owned media. Yes, there is a hog virus killing pigs. But that disease is attributed to corporate methods of animal husbandry. The federal government has used the EPA, the BLM, US Fish and Wildlife and the courts to shut down small farms and ranches. The EPA tried to tell farmers that plowing their fields was harmful to the environment. Farmers have been plowing fields for thousands of years. Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings will hopefully put an end to the collusion between Big Agriculture and the government against food producers. We do need a program to encourage small family farms because the average farmer is 57 years-old.

Small businesses have been conspired against by federal and state regulators to give Mega Corporations a competitive advantage. Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings will allow us to weed out the bad regulators and to streamline the process to make the regulatory process benefit consumers rather than campaign donors. Of particular interest to someone buying a new car or a new computer is planned obsolescence. If a car purchased for $2,000 in 1960 would last eight years and the same model today for $20,000 is expected to only last six years, then the price of the car might have gone up 1,000% but its usefulness has declined 25%. This is critical in household appliances. A noted chemist bought a blender 20 years ago. He had to buy a replacement for it two years ago. And now the new blender has failed. The usefulness of his purchase has declined 90%. Fast forward to the coming Depression. Richard Russell was a young man in 1931. He noticed that poverty took a toll on shoes. People could not afford to replace them. What would happen to us in the third year of a Depression when all of our appliances stopped working due to planned obsolescence and we had no means of replacing them? That would be grinding poverty. Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings will give consumers an opportunity to say something meaningful about planned obsolescence especially since most of the shares in major corporations will have been seized from war criminals.

Another consumer concern that will require Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings will be the safety of food, vaccines and drugs. The FDA will probably draw as much criticism as any other agency. I would like to see all drugs be proven to be safe and effective. Drug companies should not be allowed anywhere near testing. Just give us free samples of your drug and we will compare it to home remedies. If you Type II diabetes drug is no better than Vitamin D3 and cinnamon, then your drug is no longer covered by insurance. Those tests will reduce both costs and side effects. But we will need scientific investigations into vaccine adjuvants to find a safer vaccine. The hearings will allow the victims of vaccination programs to come forward to document what Gardasil and other vaccines have done to harm their health. These hearings should be extended to cover health insurance, hospital and HMO practices to become the basis of medical reform.

A violent confrontation with as many wrongdoers as we can find in federal, state and local government will probably be counter productive. We will have to weed through millions of complaints but that is better than letting hotheads shoot the entire civil service to get the one man that stole a family’s property. We have 30.7 million federal, state and local workers. Hearings will allow us to weed out the ones who cannot be trusted. And the hearings will give us ideas on streamlining government.

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About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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8 Responses to America Needs Truth And Reconciliation After The Government Collapses

  1. Mark R. Elsis | says:

    His name was Kelly Thomas…

    Graphic: The Murder Of Kelly Thomas – Surveillance Footage

    Thank you for your work. Very good as always. Mark

    • Annie Oakley says:

      I’ve often wondered if Kelly Thomas saw something or knew something he shouldn’t have. He wondered the streets at night, sometimes coherent, sometimes not. I wonder if he saw drug or human trafficking or something equally heinous. I wonder if that was the reason the cops were so vicious in their beatings, Kelly was going to out them. Worth a thought.

      • horse237 says:

        I think they wanted to torture him because he was different. He was not normal enough to be a credible witness in court.

  2. Moe says:

    If one emptied the prisons, there wouldn’t be sufficient room to warehouse the millions of those in government, justice, finance, corporations, etc., who would be convicted of criminal offenses under a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Fortunately, there ARE enough bullets.

    • horse237 says:

      You cannot kill millions of people without consequences. That is why I said the government cannot round up 8 million Americans on the Core List of people to be Disappeared when the dollar dies. I am suggesting criminal charges for murder. We need fines and asset seizures. I am also thinking of suspending voting rights for those engaged in vote fraud. The fines and assets seizures will help finance our pensions.

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  4. Mark Koernke says:

    We DEPORTED one fifth of the population at the end of the War for Independence. They were given 90 days to move to Canada, the British holdings in the Gulf or shipped BACK TO ENGLAND. It was a wise move and rid the country of those Tory/SOCIALISTs who would “long for the good ole days of being SUBJECTS and being on the dole. Vote with your wallet and buy more ammo. Liberty1775 MGK

  5. Senatssekretär FREISTAAT DANZIG says:

    Reblogged this on Aussiedlerbetreuung und Behinderten – Fragen and commented:

    Glück, Auf, meine Heimat!

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