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The BRICS Alliance Reveals Its Timeline To End American Dominance.

Dr Michael Hudson once said that America and Europe both need to go beyond the politics of Left and Right to found an anti-Banker party to arrest the Bankers. That was his answer to Too Big To Jail Banks. Dr … Continue reading

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Amnesty, The Third American Coup.

An Austin based radio talk show host said Wednesday morning that Texas state cops are already receiving death threats. So why are Mexican gang leaders so emboldened that they are willing to take out the honest cops eliminating resistance to … Continue reading

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Bakers Make Cakes. Bankers Make Debts, Depressions, Hyperinflation and Wars

Bankers make Debts just as bakers make cakes. That is what they do. Debts are the products of banks just as cars are the products of automakers. Imagine yourself in a classic movie as one of the bad guys, a … Continue reading

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FINAL – Spanish Air Controller @ Kiev Borispol Airport: Ukraine Military Shot Down Boeing #MH17

The Shoot Down of Flight 17 was a crude attempt to start World War III. If we all work together. can stop this incident from becoming another Gulf of Tonkin incident. FLASH UPDATE: Industry Outlet Confirms Carlos (@spainbuca) as ATC … Continue reading

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Resisting Obama’s Amnesty Rush

I have been warning people that their children could be at risk when they go back to school because illegal alien children have been exposing Americans at the borders and at summer schools to active TB, swine flu, lice, scabies … Continue reading

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Obama And Bush: How To Lose Friends And Get Kicked Out Of Clubs

Dale Carnegie wrote ‘How To Win Friends And Influence People’ in 1936. George W Bush and Barrack Obama are the only Presidents adults under 35 have known since turning 21. If Bush and Obama were to collaborate on a book, … Continue reading

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Google Car: You Have Arrived At Your Destination Camp FEMA.

Twenty minutes into the future Sam Jones gets into the Google Car he ordered online. It was a Driverless Car and was the cheapest way to get to where he was going. He was on a tight budget because his … Continue reading

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Vidrebel July 4th. A Warning To The Nations.

People in foreign countries cannot imagine how far and how fast America has fallen. I seriously question whether or not America will celebrate Independence Day next year and again in 2016. We all know the Bilderberg Society would love us … Continue reading

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Reflecting On Paul Craig Roberts: What If The US GDP Was Only $12 Trillion?

Paul Craig Roberts in an interview with King World News said the US economy is nowhere near the $17 trillion GDP the administration is claiming. He said the government has been lying about inflation and unemployment since 1980. In particular … Continue reading

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