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The Fifty Year Plan To Make Americans Poor

One of the reasons President Kennedy was assassinated was that the Bankers wanted to make billions of dollars every week laundering drug money. They needed the Vietnam war to last a really long time so they could demoralize young people … Continue reading

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Putin Is Chipping Away At America’s Empire.

On September 28th at the UN, Vladimir Putin asked, ‘Do you realize what you have done?’ He was referring to American Exceptionalism which is the core philosophy underlying Wall Street’s Empire of Debt. Two days later Putin began bombing ISIS, … Continue reading

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Tactical Military Advantages: Putin 9 Obama 0.

Let’s examine which nation has the most tactical advantages in case war breaks out in either the Ukraine or the Mideast. 1 Electronic Warfare is the ability to use the electromagnetic spectrum to block or impede an enemy attack. A … Continue reading

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Mideast Strategic Advantages: Putin 7 Obama 0.

One of the reasons why the US entered WW I was to bankrupt its allies. Quoted from Ferdinand Lundberg’s America’s 60 Families published in 1937. Today I want to examine Obama’s strategy in the Mideast and compare it to Putin’s. … Continue reading

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A Challenge To Use Satire To Take Down This Tyranny.

Russia started attacking ISIS and the Al Qaeda linked Jihadists less than two weeks ago. Iraq and Afghanistan have already asked for Putin’s help. The world has caught on to the fact that the US funded both Al Qaeda and … Continue reading

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Putin, The Dollar And Obama’s March To Irrelevancy.

I was still in grade school when I noticed that America was never allowed to win wars. We did have a lot of wars but they were all designed to benefit the Banks, Israel or some other power occupying our … Continue reading

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