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Happy New Year From Vidrebel Somewhere Inside Donald Trump’s America

Usually, at the holidays I post some of my popular articles and videos from the past. You would be surprised but I get new subscribers all the time. This time for New Year’s I decided to add something about Donald … Continue reading

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Refugees, Illegal Aliens And Other Burdens.

“The president’s proposal to resettle 85,000 refugees this fiscal year alone will result in a net cost of approximately $55.25 billion. More than 90 percent of recent Middle Eastern refugees who have come to America are on welfare. Those 10,000 … Continue reading

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Putin’s Options For Iraq And Turkey

Putin has been very cautious in his responses to NATO aggression in both the Ukraine and Syria. The Turkish economy has already been severely damaged since that Russian SU-24 jet was shot down. The Turkish bond and stock markets are … Continue reading

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E Michael Jones: Protecting The Goy From Judaism Incorporated

E Michael Jones is a Catholic writer and publisher  at Culture Wars magazine who does his best  to alert the world to the dangers Jewish thought processes and behavior pose to normal human beings. We cannot convert to his religion … Continue reading

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