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The World Needs Gardens This Beautiful.

Even if you’re not into gardening yourself, the plant sculptures in the international Montreal Mosaiculture Exhibition will blow your mind. As defined in the official website of the event, mosaiculture “is a refined horticultural art that involves creating and mounting … Continue reading

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George Soros, Race Wars And The End Game

Does anyone believe that the people destroying America would give up their power peacefully?  Quote from a pro-Trump video. Wall Street has been planning to use multiple  Race Wars to take down America at least since World War II when … Continue reading

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Catherine Austin Fitts: Greed And Incompetent Leadership Will Soon Crash The Economy

Catherine Austin Fitts in her latest interview said that the current level of incompetence combined with the greed of crony capitalism forces her to conclude we will have a major financial meltdown by the end of next year. Previously, she … Continue reading

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Did Mitt Romney Just Awaken The Zombie Nation?

Both Zero Hedge and Judge Jeanine Pirro think Mitt Romney made a colossal error with his recent condemnation of Donald Trump. Romney still does not get how much righteous anger is out there. Mitt took apart businesses that had been reliable … Continue reading

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