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Citizen Journalist Takes on Ted Cruz

Editor’s Note:  Anna Tomerlin has done some extensive investigation into the family line of Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz and frankly, the information is quite disturbing.  Anna has graciously allowed us to repost her article to inform the public. It is … Continue reading

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The American Empire Of Debt To Collapse Before The 2016 Elections?

Consider these 3 quotes from Canadian billionaire Rob Kirby who buys and sells gold by the ton. America is not run by Americans anymore. Historically, when banks have nothing else they can do, they take us to war. American dollars … Continue reading

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The Panama Papers Have Made Radical Change Possible.

The Panama Papers will likely become a dividing point in world history. We can divide modern world history into pre and post 911 periods. The previous dividing point in our history was the assassination of President Kennedy and the resulting … Continue reading

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Judaism Incorporated. Betraying Gentiles, It’s What They Do.

Herbert Hoover was an American Rothschild  agent and business partner. During World War I, Hoover started a charity which took donations from the Allied nations while claiming to feed and clothe the widows and orphans of Belgium. What the Rothschilds … Continue reading

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