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Take Down Hillary With One Liners

Unless you want the witch who said ‘we came, we saw, he died’ to become President, you will have to kick it into campaign mode. You might want to try some of these one liners. Catherine Austin Fitts: America is … Continue reading

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Conversations With Young Assimilated Jewish People: October 2011.

The true test of assimilation for Jewish people is marriage. Half of all American and English Jews marry outside their race. Jewish women have to compete with Gentile women who are a lot prettier. When I tell Jewish men that … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter To Hold Chump, Err Trump Rallies

Do you know why black folk do and do for the Democrats when they don’t do for you? Because yo’ is a chump. ¬† ¬†Malcolm X eight days before his death.   Violent anti-police rallies in 37 US cities are … Continue reading

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From 11-11-2013. The Uber Rich Want Us To Have A Racial Civil War.

This originally appeared in November of 2013. There are many more Gang Members today than then thanks to Obama’s Amnesty program. There are many more guns. And thanks to George Soros’ funding Black Lives Matter there is a lot more … Continue reading

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In Memoriam: Holy Holohoax! My Government Wouldn’t Lie To Me

Elie Wiesel has died. He spent his life promoting the Holohoax. He made a living and won a Nobel Peace Prize as did Barack Obama. Some day we will be allowed to ask the following questions on TV and radio. … Continue reading

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In Memoriam: Mr Wiesel, I Wanted To Ask You A Few Questions.

Elie Wiesel died. Both Mr Wiesel and Barack Obama won Nobel Peace Prizes. Five years ago I wrote down a few questions I would like to have asked Mr Wiesel. They are below: You have made a living telling the … Continue reading

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