Dr Rhonda Patrick: Can Save Your Life

The following is a non-technical introduction to the amazing biochemist Dr Rhonda Patrick. She can save your life. We will especially need her after the coming financial crisis kills the Sick Care system we presently have.

The first thing she recommends is to get a blood analysis to see your deficiencies. A Magnesium deficiency can kill you. A Calcium deficiency can kill you. A Vitamin D deficiency will shorten your lifespan. You wouldn’t treat your car like you do your body.

In the US 70% are deficient in Vitamin D, 60% in Vitamin E, Magnesium 45%, Calcium 38%, Vitamin K 35%, Vitamin A 34%, Vitamin C 24%, Zinc, Vitamin B6 and Folic Acid all at 8%. Magnesium makes the enzymes that ATP requires to energize your body. Magnesium also makes 2,000 enzymes that allows your heart to repeatedly beat. Calcium is required for every muscle contraction including your heart. Folate is a precursor to making new DNA for a stem cell. Vitamin K is required for blood clotting. But it is also needed to pull calcium from the blood and send it to the bones. Vitamin D is a steroid and is needed for the expression 1,000 genes. D also makes serotonin.    The majority of Americans are deficient in one or more of the above nutrients. She takes 4,000 IU of vitamin D-3 daily. Make sure you have adequate Iodine.

Hint from Dr Patrick: About those blood test results, physicians do not measure the size of LDL particles before they prescribe money making drugs from Big Pharma.

(When you get the results of your blood test, your doctor might think the minimum levels needed for good health are OK. But those numbers come from a government that is financially incapable of paying you a pension so the people who own the government would be far better served if you died before collecting what is owed to you. My other point is to pay no attention to anything about high blood pressure and cholesterol until you read my first article in references below. Anything in parenthesis is my opinion and not necessarily hers.)

The key to understanding Dr Patrick is her teaching on the gut. You have trillions of cells in the gut. The Probiotics in your gut interact with dietary fiber to make vitamins. Probiotics and fiber fight off bad bacteria.  They also make mucin which forms and maintains your gut barrier. A poor or non-existent gut barrier will make for a sickly life.  That gut barrier protects you from your immune system firing off responses to every bad bacteria it senses. People with low dietary fiber and poor Probiotics and who eat lots of sugar are more prone to all sorts of diseases ranging from asthma to cancer. Most Americans don’t even meet minimal fiber recommendations from the federal government.  Men should try for at least 50 grams a day. Fiber sources must be varied because different friendly bacteria prefer to interact with the various types of fiber. Most types of fiber do not make it all the way to the colon which can be damaging to human health. Doctor Patrick also takes B-complex. It helps the good bacteria interact with the probiotics to protect your health.

Exercise can force mitochondria to grow. She exercises a lot.

Fasting can be used to clear your body of senescent cells. Fasting can challenge your system and make health improvements as can heat, cold and exercise. Fasting forces lipids to use their mitochondria. Fast at night. Eat heavy in AM and at lunch. Dinner less. Circadian rhythm, cells less active at night. Mitochondria requires B complex and magnesium. Avoid refined sugars that damage Mitochondria. Need EFA Mega 3 DHA.   I would prefer you go to her website and select videos on various topics of interest, especially on the benefits of fasting.

Going to a sauna 2 or 3 times week can improve your health. 4 to 5 times a week can dramatically decrease all mortality rates except for accidents. Her website link is below her video. She does recommend that you do not take anti-oxidants like Vitamin C until after a sauna or exercise as it would relieve the body’s need to handle the stress.

Inflammation must be handled. Obese people and people with poor diets are more subject to chronic inflammation. Concentrate on her gut health formula. Reduce sugar intake. Increase fiber and B complex. Try substituting Kombucha tea for sodas. (Consider finding a good Probiotic supplement. Some of you might try fermented foods.)

Isothiocyanates are found in cruciferous vegetables like kale and broccoli sprouts. They reduce cancer risks by inhibiting bad enzymes. They do a lot more. Watch her video at the link. She really wants us all to at least try eating broccoli sprouts.

The only video I want to include for a general audience is her second Smoothie one. Who knew that celery had two anti-aging flavonoids?

I would like to make the following recommendations. Organic grapes develop a phytonutrient called resveratrol which is almost as highly rated as an apple in preventing cancer. But, if farmer Brown sprays all his crops for bugs, his plants would have had no need to make resveratrol or salvestrols to protect themselves. Eat organic where financially possible. Filter your water. Fluoride and chlorine are poisons.  America has become a Third World nation when it comes to water.

I had a heart problem caused by environmental conditions beyond my control. By taking Milk Thistle, Bilberry, Hawthorn Berry, Kyolic and Cayenne twice daily for a year, I was able to pass an echocardiogram for the first time ever.  I take a colloidal mineral supplement for trace minerals twice a day. Make sure you have good sources of EFA and vitamin D 3. Run when your doctor prescribes high blood pressure medication for blood pressure readings that would not be treated in Australia. Go to the high fiber diet, cut out the sugar and take B complex. Make sure you have plenty of food source Vitamin k.

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  1. Gabreal Jones says:

    Dr. Sebi on The Rock Newman Show.

    Doctors confirmed on july 28 2016 hiv / aids cure found by Sebi.
    Death of dr. Sebi reported on august 6, 2016

    (the y-tube comments are all about his death, yet the upload date of this interview is 23 oct. 2015)

    CIA O

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    re-posted as has been my practice on my blog; https://patriotismbydegree.blogspot.com/

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