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Soros And the Rothschilds Might Have Tipped Their 2020 Hand

One way to make an educated guess about the future is to keep a close eye on the Bankers as they have more power than any other group in the world. As David Rothkopf said in Superclass, the world is … Continue reading

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Dr Skidmore, The Kurds, Iran and The Politicians

Catherine Austin Fitts was the managing partner at Dillon Read Investment Bank when she quit her job to serve as Assistant Secretary of Housing in the first Bush administration. Once she went to San Diego where she found that HUD … Continue reading

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Why Do You Let Politicians Control Your Immune System?

These are the same politicians who lie to you, let Wall Street steal your pensions, let Bankers steal trillions of your tax dollars and get your friends and relatives to die in foreign wars America never needed. The following is … Continue reading

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