Why Do You Let Politicians Control Your Immune System?

These are the same politicians who lie to you, let Wall Street steal your pensions, let Bankers steal trillions of your tax dollars and get your friends and relatives to die in foreign wars America never needed.

The following is information gleaned from the video by Dr John Bergman: The Flu Shot , The government Control of Your Immune System

40% of all vaccines are for the flu. 60% of all vaccine injuries are for the flu shot. They start giving you that flu shot as soon as you are 6 months old and will do so for as long as you are alive. There are no long term studies of flu shots on your health.

Hint: Senator Sanders, if you want me to nationalize healthcare please show your good intentions by first getting Big Pharma out of the Health Industrial Complex.

Vaccines are not tested for their overall affects on our health, only for a specific disease. Long term studies from a pro-vaccine doctor found that decades after receiving DPT and Polio shots that there was a five fold increase in fatalities in the vaccinated over the unvaccinated.

Look at Vioxx: Out of those patients who took Vioxx, the arthritis drug may have caused approximately 140,000 heart attacks resulting in an estimated 60,000 deaths, FDA investigator Graham. Graham concluded that “fundamental problems” within the FDA led to those deaths.

Another question is race: Hispanics and blacks have a 400% increased risk for side effects from certain vaccines.

The federal government has a task force to eliminate egg based vaccines for ones to be grown in a single vat from monkey kidneys, chicken eggs, dog kidneys, caterpillar eggs and aborted human fetus cells. The CDC calls these cell based vaccines.

Americans have the highest risk for dementia on planet earth. Could that be related to all those vaccines containing aluminum? The SIV-40 virus in the polio shot increased our risk for lung and brain cancers as adults. SIV 40 earned its name because it was the 40th virus found in polio vaccines that were developed from monkeys.

Researchers discovered that babies up to 6 months of age receive 14.7 to 49 times the amount of aluminum as the FDA says is safe. The problem is that vaccines need adjuvants to trick the immune system into responding. Adjuvants are toxic. Aluminum is one. MRC-5 is another. The latter is made from aborted fetuses and presents to the body as foreign DNA and can lead to auto-immune diseases.

Dr Hugh Fudenburg found that your chances of getting Alzheimer’s increased 1,000% if you had 5 annual flu shots as opposed to 1, 2 or none.  Dr Fudenburg has 850 peer reviewed journal publications.

Flu vaccine studies do not include people over 65 even though they make up 75% of all flu related deaths. Despite raising flu vaccine coverage from 15% to 65% since 1980 there has been no reduction in flu related deaths.

Studies paid for by independent sources did not show the same pro vaccine conclusions as those paid for by Big Pharma.

In the year 2000 flu shots were only given to people over 50. In 2002 they added healthy babies from 6 to 23 months. In 2006 it was all healthy children up tp 5 years and pregnant women in any trimester.  In 2008 CDC added all healthy children up to age 18. In 2009 Homeland Security took over after the swine flu scare and said all healthy people.

Dr Julie Gerberding was Director of the CDC from 2002 to 2009. From 2009 to the present she is President of Merck’s vaccine division. She was the one who ordered all those flu shots.

A Lancet study revealed that if 10 million received the flu shot we could expect:

21.5 cases of Guillain Barre syndrome.

86.3 cases of optic neuritis within 6 weeks.

3,970 pregnant women would have a spontaneous abortion within one day of vaccination.

Flu vaccines have zero benefit for infants and for adults above age 65.

Today American children receive 72 doses of 17 vaccines.

1 in 6 children is learning disabled.

1 in 9 has asthma.

1 in 20 has ADHD.

1 in 28 boys develops autism.

Millions more suffer from severe allergies, epilepsy, anxiety and depression and other kinds of brain and immune disorders associated with chronic inflammation in the body.

Military leaders have said that 7 in 10 young Americans from age 17 to 24 are unfit for service. We have the sickest population on the planet. 60% of Americans will develop a chronic illness from which there is no expectation of recovery. 40% will develop two or more chronic incurable diseases.

If you catch certain illnesses as a child, they can protect you from some cancers and neurological diseases as an adult.

Canada suspended the flu shot in 2011 because vaccinated people were twice as likely to get the disease.

Sugar and a lack of Vitamin D 3 reduces your immune response. Vitamin K-2 must be taken with D-3. K-2 has the side effect of taking Calcium away from your arterial walls.  Fevers attack the viral invaders and defend your body. Fevers can be very good.

Tylenol dilutes Glutathione  and reduces your ability to fight disease. Acetaminophen has been linked to C.O.P.D., the condition that has been advertised on TV of late. 1.7 million Americans contracted viruses in hospital stays in one year. 100,000 died including 18,600 from the super bug MRSA. By comparison only 17,000 died from Aids.

Anti-biotics in childhood increase the risk of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Children who ran a fever in their first year were less likely to develop allergies later in life.

Replace electrolytes lost during a fever or vomiting including, Calcium, Magnesium, potassium, chlorine? and Sodium. Drink Coconut water. Eat foods with pro-biotics. 90% of serotonin is produced in the digestive system. Exercise to prevent colds.

Playing with other children and in dirt is beneficial to children’s health. Who would have thought that being human is proven way to prevent disease.

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  1. my sister the doctor, told me to never get the flu shot, not that i would have anyway, and now you provide some evidence of why she said that. i always repost your entries on my blog started mostly to avoid sending lots of emails to friends centralizing those salient items on: https://patriotismbydegree.blogspot.com/

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