Donald Trump Might Have Won the 2020 Booby Prize

The Democrats had successfully used Impeachment to drive Donald Trump’s poll numbers up so high that he seemed destined to win the November elections. But his unsteadfast support for Israel has put him in serious contention for the Booby Prize of American politics in 2020.

He used rockets to kill Iran’s Top Military Commander, Qasem Suleimani, head of IRGC. Retaliation is certain. Iran can give even more advanced missiles and drones to Hezbollah in Lebanon and to the Syrians. They will definitely upgrade the Popular Militias weapons so they can force the US out of Iraq. They can also upgrade the Syrian resistance to the theft of Syria’s oil.

{UPDATE: Round Two: US Drone Airstrikes Kill Six Pro-Iran Militia Commanders

So is Trump listening to the Deep State which spent the last two years trying to destroy him? This is Doubling Down on Insanity.}

The US has made false allegation against Iran saying they were behind the killing of hundreds of American servicemen. Nonsense. Seymour Hersh won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting the My Lai massacre in Vietnam. He told us that the US has been arming, training and funding Al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq. The US has repeatedly dropped supplies to ISIS and bombed Popular Forces who were attacking ISIS in Iraq. That is why they had been attacking US bases in minor skirmishes which resulted in the death of one American contractor.

The US was allegedly attacked by Al Qaeda on 911 so all that support for Al Qaeda should have been declared an act of treason.  I will believe Al Qaeda did 911 as soon as someone explains how World Trade Center Tower 7, a 47 story building, just sort of fell down despite never having been hit by a plane. And while you are at it, please tell me how Osama was able to call up banking officials in New York and tell them to move a billion dollars in gold and silver out of WTC vaults the night before 911? Oh, I have a few more questions.

Wikileaks told us that it was the US mercenary Jihadists who used chemical weapons to kill civilians in Syria which was the sole justification for the war we have waged against Syria since 2011.  We paid Jihadists who gouged out the eyes of Christians in Syria and to behead them. There are Christian churches in Syria who can trace their origins back to 50 and 60 A.D. But nobody in DC and in the media seems to care how many Christians die.

In 2014 the US gave 400 new trucks that met Special Forces specifications to Al Nusra which began as Al Qaeda in Syria. The next day Al Nusra gave the trucks to ISIS which began as Al Qaeda in Iraq. The Iraqis had paid for jets but the US refused to deliver them. ISIS used the 400 American made trucks to invade Anbar province and Mosul. Obama could have ordered the USAF and Navy to send jets to stop the convoy. It was as if ISIS knew they had a Greenlight to invade Iraq.

The US has spent $6.4 trillion since 911 killing people in the Mideast for no good reason other than Israel wants those people dead. It is not in our national interest to kill people 8,000 miles away.

To be fair about betraying America, Israel has been sacrificing Americans since President Wilson. Ferdinand Lundberg told us that President Wilson took us into WW I so we could make the war last beyond 1915 thus bankrupting England and France. The Balfour Declaration also gave Wilson the political support he needed for the war.  So what if  130,000 American soldiers died and 8,000 were blinded just because Bankers and Zionists needed them to die.

And don’t forget the Soviet Revolution. By making the war last longer we were able to allow Jacob Schiff, a Rothschild business partner, to finance the revolution. He sent a million gold coins on a freighter with Leon Trotsky and 400 Jewish radicals from Brooklyn to Russia in 1917.

The Canadians seized the ship. President Wilson had to pressure the Canadian government to release the freighter with the gold and the Jewish radicals. The  Canadians knew more Allied soldiers would die when Russia dropped out of the war. But treason against America, Canada and Great Britain to benefit Israel has never been discussed in the Corporate News Media. The people who run our government do not care one whit about American soldiers.

One really bad aspect of a confrontation with Iran is that we spend more in a month than Russia spends in a year on defense. We allow Wall Street Bankers to steal money by the trillions. The result is that Iran has far superior missiles. The Iranians have a Mach 14 IRBM (Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile). America doesn’t have anything half that fast. Iran also has an 800 mile range Unstoppable cruise missile.

Dr Mark Skidmore  examined the books from 1998 to 2015 for HUD and the DOD and found $21 trillion had gone missing. Americans are not allowed  have accounting systems capable of telling them when a few billion dollars or more has been stolen and by whom. In fact Republicans and Democrats have revised the law so that if a hundred million dollars was needed by a Wall Street Bank they could dip into any federal agency and take the money All they have to do is to declare this a State Secret and we are not allowed to ask where the money went. (See the article on Catherine Austin Fitts below to learn more about FASB.)

One funny story from Dr Skidmore. The US Army had a $122 billion annual budget. They had so much Missing Money that the Treasury sent over a check for $800 billion to plug up the holes. Guess what? The $800 billion went missing too.

Israel in the coming days will try to exploit this confrontation with Iran. The Democrats, if they were sensible, would say that they defend Israel 100% but that Trump has gone too far with this attack at the Baghdad airport. No telling at this point what will happen over the next few weeks. Hopefully, this will not mean WW III. America’s military is not ready for war.

To date Donald Trump is way out in front for the Booby Prize of 2020 in world politics. Democrats can still win by nominating a candidate who will lose to Trump in November. Hillary won the Booby Prize in 2016 by stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders and giving the White House to a man who never held office and has zero political experience. But the world despises politicians these days so anything can and will happen.

I mentioned Catherine Austin Fitts, the Missing $21 Trillion and FASB regulations that allow the DC Swamp Creatures to steal a few billion dollars and repeat the magical incantation “National Security’ so he can keep the money and you can do nothing to get it back. See this:

Join Catherine’s Meme War Against DC Swamp Creatures.

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It is easy to prove that Israel killed President Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr as well.

Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since.



About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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7 Responses to Donald Trump Might Have Won the 2020 Booby Prize

  1. re-posting as always on my blog;
    attempted to comment on the economic collapse blog the other day opposing their cloning of the official pov on iran with some simple history, like our overthrow of their democratic government in 1953. the comment was removed. the empire is rushing towards a war that it can not win but don’t try to tell the true believers.

  2. Aussie says:

    Excellent article. FYI, here in Oz we are being attacked by Green Arsonists, yep a record number of arsonists have been arrested and many more I guess have gotten away; most of the it turns out are Extinction Rebellion “activists” or pink haired Greenies! These fires are NOT natural fires, I am a veteran soldier that had been involved in fighting the two previously biggest Burns we have had in Oz, Ash Wednesday in South Australia and Black Friday in Victoria. The fires in the Adelaide Hills today are in an area I have worked and spent a lot of time in. We are seeing fire-balls appear out of thin air, in the middle of un-burned forests that explode like bombs and the area around immediately rages into whirling wild gale force wind, the fires are not being compelled by wind, the fire appears to be causing the wind!
    My point?
    The KJV and other bibles mistranslated the terms describing the colours of the Horses of the Apocalypse, the ancient Greek translated from Aramaic does not say Death Rides a Pale Horse – it reads “Death rides a Pale-green Horse! A PALE GREEN horse! The printing colour for written material and banners etc of the Green Party in Oz and elsewhere is…Pale Green…I believe the fires across the world are a distraction which will carry us to Armageddon – Death Rides a Pale Green Horse!

    • horse237 says:

      There are suspicious fires in California as well. I don’t live there anymore so I should not comment. But people I trust have concluded that these are set fires. But here they seem to be using more technically advanced means of starting fires.

      • Aussie says:

        Oh yes, they are using combustible dust from chemtrails here too, they are promoting the ignitions with DEWs as well; however these green f***ing muppets are patsies IMHO, over a hundred arsonists arrested in 5 days, unheard of, an army of Lee-Harveys, plausible deniability 😉 …

  3. rimilitia says:

    The Circle Theory: Present:
    Prelude: I am just a 67 year old male of American stated Goal here is to Teach A basic truth about LIFE.I discovered this TRUTH at the age of 15 and applied it to all aspects of my Life and succeed because of the Truth that is core to Everyone’s existence. I am Just a Junk yard Auto mechanic in real Life, But I could run any government or company with the Basic Truth out lined in our shared reality I post here.
    I hope Many come to know and understand the simple Truth you are about to read……..Charles
    Everything in life breaks down into an orb a globe a sphere a circle. Everything is molecules, atoms, cells. Then everything breaks down into threes with a little bit left over. The earth is a Globe, it goes around in a circle in a day. It goes back and forth on it’s axis yearly. The earth travels around the sun and the moon travels around the Earth. Then everything breaks down into Threes…
    There 360 degrees in a circle 365 days in a year. It takes a little over 30 days for the moon to circle the earth. Every month is 30 or 31 days Except February 28.This is because there is One thing that is not a circle in Life. A ray of Light, But even a Ray of light bends, curves is not a straight line.
    Time is a Circle also 24 Hours is broken down into 3 Parts and 30/60 increments. Which shift did you want to work on 1st 2nd or 3rd?
    Earth is the third rock from the sun. We are in the Third dimension There are 3 seasons winter and summer are the extremes spring and fall are the same season only in the opposite direction.
    Walking is a circle. talking, hearing, seeing, feeling, breathing, circles. A smile is a half of a circle a frown is the other half. The average human mouth has 32 teeth. The normal thing is to have 3 names Frist middle last. When you are born you are bald, toothless and urinating on your self. When you reach old age you loose your teeth, hair and you start urinating on yourself.
    Sex is one circle inside another circle completing a cycle. Women have a cycle once a month. When the Man impregnates the Woman the 3rd trimester of pregnancy occurs Boom out you come 9 months later Woman has a vagina and 2 mammary glands. She also has 2 ovaries and a womb. A man has a penis and 2 testacies. Crazy when you think about
    The number 10 is really 3 1/3 123-456-789-10 a hundred is 33 1/3 a thousand is 333 1/3 That’s what is really the count. There are 3 Primary colors, Yellow. Blue. and Red. They make up all the Colors except White and Black. They make Gray. This is how Everything works on/in our Life. It takes 3 things to make any engine run. Spark, Fuel, Air as long as the engine is Mechanically sound.
    ON January 1 2001 we entered into the 3rd millennium because there was no 0 zero A.D. We also became the 21st Century also it was 01-01-01The most basic complexes molecule found on earth is Water H2O………………………………..
    Now here’s the Conclusion: There is one Three 3 we do not have YET WW 3 but it will occur soon Freedom friends…………………………………….Prepare ………………………Charles.

  4. American zombies says:

    All of these lies have been exposed, but the facts have been kept from the vast majority of Americans. Historians such as Howard Zinn in his book, A People’s History of the United States, and Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick in their book, The Untold History of the United States, attempted to make Americans more aware of the false reality in which they live, but the small number of voices on the side of truth are simply overwhelmed by a massive propaganda machine.

    The reason for the dim future that the United States faces is that explanations are controlled by elites in the interest of their agendas. There is no independent media except on the Internet, and that media is being overwhelmed by the numerous elite-sponsored websites.

    Many Americans are too mentally and emotionally weak to come to grips with the possibility that the events of September 11, 2001, were a false flag attack orchestrated in order to serve agendas hidden from the American people. They are much more comfortable not to look at the evidence and simply dismiss it as a “conspiracy theory.”

    The families of those killed in the twin towers made a stink about the unexplained total failure of US national security. No one was held accountable for the amazing security breaches and dysfunction of the national security state. Washington tried to buy off the families with money, but only partially succeeded. The “Jersey Girls” helped to rally impacted families. After one year of stonewalling their demands for an investigation, the White House finally agreed to a political investigation and appointed the 9/11 Commission, which avoided a forensic investigation.

    In contrast to the families who lost members in the twin towers, I have never heard anything about a similar organization of families of those who died in the hijacked airliners. Perhaps they are included in the 9/11 Family Steering Committee. If so, they must have been silent members. I have not come across any sign of them demanding explanations. It is almost as if they don’t exist.

    • Joy says:

      At least one did exist. She was a widow of a paid passenger. She searched all over for other airliner victim families and was unable to locate them. So at least one person with an air ticket vanished on the day. Many of the people on the passenger list were listed as dead on the Social Security death list, with deaths months before 9/11. The widow concluded that the passenger lists were sloppy fakes and that her husband might have shown up for his flight and been killed in some fashion other than a plane crash.

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