Biden’s Perfect Storm To Cause Nationwide Food Riots

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both have strong ties to George Soros, Bill Gates and other despicable billionaires. Nobody knows who makes which decision in DC though we do know former President Obama is a frequent White House caller. He is probably just the point man for people above him.

No matter their ultimate source, the policies coming from from DC  will cause a Perfect Storm in America featuring the starvation unto death for millions of a formerly well fed people. Millions more will die from violence when Americans fight each other for dwindling food supplies.

The US is currently led by idiots who want to simultaneously militarily confront Russia, China and Iran on 3 separate fronts. Iran is the weakest of the 3 nations and even they have Mach 14 missiles which are far beyond the Pentagon’s meager capabilities. I doubt America will be capable of doing anything militarily overseas except surrender by election day 2022.

How will America become so weak so quickly? The first part of DC’s Perfect Storm will be Hyperinflation. Currently, the US M1 Money Supply is growing faster than Argentina’s. I have previously said that at the current rate of monetary expansion that the US M1 Money Supply will grow 2,000% from October 2019 to the summer of 2022.

In the 1973 movie Soylent Green Americans are presented a bleak future in 2022 when their country is over populated. The movie said 350 million people. Biden already has 333 million early in 2021 and is sending out for millions more illegals. And he wants to give citizenship to all H1-B Green Card Holders and their relatives and future spouses back in their home country.

The Deep State Democrats will get us close to Soylent Green conditions by November 2022. Their not so brilliant idea is that over populating a country beyond its ability to support its citizens with natural resources and jobs is not important because we can substitute making food, clothes, cars, electronics and other necessities with high speed printing presses. If we have twice as many people as jobs, we just need to print 20 times as much money as we did in 2019 so we can get trillions of dollars in free stuff from foreigners. The fallacy in this line of thinking is that they assume foreigners are as stupid as Democrat voters. It also assumes that Democrat voters are real people and not just printed ballots fraudulently presented as absentee voters in places like Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

When, not if, foreigners rise up and rebel against this present Dollar Tyranny, the Dollar will Die as a reserve currency and be replaced by something China will put forward that might involve gold convertibility. The victims of American sanctions will quickly join the Chinese. They will be followed by all those who object to a twenty fold increase in the American M1 Money Supply in less than 3 years. The collapse of the Dollar as an international reserve currency which had up until then been accepted in place of gold will permanently cut American wages and pension 60% over night.

Not content with launching Hyperinflation, Biden has issued his soon to be infamous 30 by 30 Executive Order. By 2030 he wants 30% of all land and water resources to be under federal protection. Currently, 12% of US lands are under federal protection. Getting to 30% would involve a massive land grab. He could push ranchers off grazing lands which would seriously reduce the supply of beef and lamb to consumers. Not a good idea for the 2022 elections after having Hyperinflated the majority of Americans into poverty.

Ask the average voter if prices were to go up 1,000%, would their boss increase their pay ten times? No pensioner will get a raise sufficient to buy food. And even if your boss would raise your pay 1,000%, you would be pushed into one of those confiscatory tax brackets Joe Biden has planned for you. If you live in states with high state income taxes like California and New York, you will be a lot poorer.

The Deep State Prima Donna Bill Gates is trying to launch a project to block sunshine. Maybe he thinks cutting back on the source of the Sunshine Vitamin D will get more people sick enough to try his vaccines. But we have entered a period of Global Cooling. And sunshine is already being blocked by 44 volcanoes spewing ash high enough into the atmosphere to have set lots of 100 year records for cold. There are another 45 or so other active volcanoes which could add to our climate woes. In 1709 there was a Big Freeze in Europe when 3 volcanoes erupted and froze the top meter (nearly 40 inches) of the soil in France sending food rices 600% higher. If you combine a scarcity of food from insane environmental rules and ash from volcanic eruptions with a 20 fold increase in the money supply, you will get Nationwide Food Riots in the US.

I need to explain why we can expect many more earthquakes and volcanoes over the next several decades. The Maunder Minimum of 1645 to 1715 was named after Edward Maunder who had noticed that there were far fewer sunspots which correlated to cooler temperatures and increased food prices. The price of wheat spiked 400% higher in some of those years in Great Britain. In the modern era Dr Valentina Zharkova has come forward with a more sophisticated theory involving measurement’s of our Sun’s declining magnetism. This reduced solar magnetism allows more cosmic rays (nuclear particles from distant stars) to strike the earth which will energize volcanoes and earthquake faults for the next several decades. Volcanic ash in the atmosphere could be so severe that crop losses would be substantial in some years with billions perishing worldwide over the next decade or two.

China’s government collapsed during the Maunder Minimum and every other Grand Solar Minimum for the past 2,000 years. China’s leaders have positioned themselves for the current GSM by stashing more than ten trillion dollars overseas and by investing in American politicians from the Bidens and Kamala Harris on down to state governors. Trump had banned the Chinese Communist party from access to America’s electrical power grid. Biden is a friend of the CCP  and granted them access. Almost all major agricultural producing nations have acted to protect their voters by limiting the CCP’s access to their food exports. Not so Biden. Nor can he in the future because he gave China the ability to shut down America’s electrical grid which would kill nearly 300 million Americans in less than a year.

Let’s get back to the economy.

Let me explain how a 10% increase in money supply in September of 2022 to buy votes could actually raise prices 30% or more after Hyperinflation had already impoverished 80% of Americans. Politicians need to learn the importance of V in the basic formula M x V = P  x  T. P is prices and T is transactions. We could consider P x T to be things we buy with our money. M is monetary stock or money supply. V is velocity or turnover. So if our M is $10 trillion, a Velocity of 1.5 means that we turn over every dollar 1. 5 times a year and have a GDP of $15 trillion. But suppose Hyperinflation rears its head and consumers expect to lose 5% of the purchasing power of their dollars by the end of the month. They will quickly catch on and buy everything they can on pay day. Or those with credit cards could spend next month’s check this month by charging their purchases. They can pay off their cards as soon as their checks are deposited without incurring either an interest charge or a loss to their purchasing power.

Flash forward to September 2022. Polls are not good. Voters are angry. Food is in short supply and prices rising every month. The DC politicians decide to go beyond a paltry $1,400 stimulus for every adult to a $3,400 check. The bill passes and the Treasury Secretary announces the checks will arrive starting Monday. The tidal wave of credit card purchases will begin as soon as the deposit date is announced or even before. Prices will rise quickly so that when people get their next pay or pension check in October, they will be shocked to see their greatly reduced purchasing power. The voters will scream and economists will attempt to lie about how fast prices are rising. Prices will rise faster than the currency is printed because people will rush out to spend any future income long before it arrives. In that M x V side of the equation a rise in Velocity from 1.5 to 3 times a year will double prices without any extra money printing.

Hint: If Velocity begins to rise, then printing more money will only reduce the purchasing power of voters no matter how much money you deposit to their accounts. That will be the end of liberalism in the modern era.

Thousands of people have joined BLM and ANTIFA protests because they want to loot stores. They travel hundreds of miles and stay in hotels and motels so they can rob the local merchants. Imagine what the criminal and welfare classes can do when inflation makes it impossible for the bottom 180 million people in America to buy food. They will loot the stores and not just of necessities like food. I am expecting Nationwide Food Riots but I am not sure whether they start before or after the elections of 2022. I do expect DC to send out some huge stimulus checks before our next election day.

The Guardian said last year that America had 493 million guns which should be over half a billion by now. They also said 7.1 million Americans owned 40 or more guns. And there are lots of first time gun buyers in areas with riots. Sounds like Civil War II is in the works. The DC Swamp Creatures will do their best to destroy America and to get you killed.

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About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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  1. will repost as always at, and will add to this essay with two comments; it ain’t president biden but actually is president harris though that doesn’t identify who is really behind all of them, and i’ve suspected in recent years that soylent green was one of those ‘warnings’ i’ve been told those in charge feel required in some way to provide, and is on its way to our near future.

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