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Things To Come Before November 2024

I am absolutely certain the US dollar will die before the November 2024 elections. I am also certain that we will have Nationwide Food Riots before the end of summer 2024. I have also said before that America might not … Continue reading

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Ukraine Da, WW III Nyet

Russia is an industrial nation and is still sending tanks into Belarus. They also sent 200 new T-90 tanks into the Donbass. They are so confident of victory in the Ukraine that they expect the Neocons in the US and … Continue reading

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So What Happens When Russia Captures 40,000 NATO Soldiers?

The Ukraine is continuing to lose both soldiers and strategic positions in the Donbass frontlines. A leak from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense a couple of months ago said 125,00 of their soldiers had died and more than twice that … Continue reading

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Robert Heinlein’s Solution To Our Economic Woes

Robert Heinlein’s first novel, “For Us, the Living” was not published until after his death. His views on war struck me as sensible. He described the War Voting Act which required  a vote of those eligible to serve in a … Continue reading

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The 12 Days of Christmas in the Ukraine

Update: Putin, his Foreign Minister Lavrov and his Defense Minister Shoigu met in Minsk on December 19th with their counterparts. Russia is moving nuclear armed missiles into Belarus that are capable of hitting London, Paris and Berlin to deter a … Continue reading

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Iran: Summer Offensive 2023?

Iran is going up the escalator while America is going down very quickly. I would not be surprised if America was incapable of holding national elections in November 2024. Iran is not normally an offensive power but I am convinced … Continue reading

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