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Bankers And Their Pandemic And Voting Scams

This first video I want to share should be titled Larry Fink and Augustin Carstens’ Excellent Pandemic. Larry Fink is the CEO of Blackrock which has $9 trillion under management. Augustin Carstens is the General Manager of the Bank for … Continue reading

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Mortgages Are Instruments Of Fraud

The word mortgage comes from the old French and quite literally means you have made a pledge that lasts until you are dead. Too bad for us that mortgages are fraudulent. I do not think our governments will be here … Continue reading

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The BRICS Bank: Next Stop On The Road To World Currency

Vidrebel’s Comments. This article was written by Anthony Migchels. Full credits and the link are below. I want to explain that I see the BRICS challenge to Wall Street Dollar hegemony as a potential liberating force because the Dollar will … Continue reading

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Counterfeiting Trillions of Dollars in US Treasury Bonds And Other Crimes.

A week ago I noticed that the Treasury published our total increase in Treasury bonds for the past year. It had grown by $1,085,888,854,036.50. Some people mistakenly think that this is the Treasury deficit. Not quite. They have not accounted … Continue reading

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Bakers Make Cakes. Bankers Make Debts, Depressions, Hyperinflation and Wars

Bankers make Debts just as bakers make cakes. That is what they do. Debts are the products of banks just as cars are the products of automakers. Imagine yourself in a classic movie as one of the bad guys, a … Continue reading

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Power Elite Set To Steal Everything And Then Kill The Dollar

Paul Volcker wants a new Bretton Woods agreement to replace the old one which Nixon broke in August of 1971 when he refused to redeem dollars for gold at $35 an ounce. Henry Kissinger took us onto the Petrodollar standard … Continue reading

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The Counterfeiting Cannibals of Canal Street

I am writing about the Bankers who are driving 7 billion people off a cliff towards the certain destruction of our economic life. Money is a difficult subject to understand but I think it is worth the effort if it … Continue reading

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Stanley Fischer To Rescue Israel A Third Time

If you want to know what Jewish men are like just ask a Jewish woman.  Years ago I read a book by rabbi Moshe Schoenfeld in which he accused the state of Israel of great immorality. He said they were … Continue reading

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Video: Bitcoin: What You’re Not Being Told

People’s Bank of China warned financial institutions not to trade in Bitcoins. Afterwards, Bitcoin dropped $370 in one day. This video comes from the StormCloudsGathering YouTube channel. I have taken the liberty to post his video on Revolution along with … Continue reading

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Monopoly Board Game Revised For Our Times

The new Federal Reserve edition of the popular board game Monopoly has been revised to fit the realities of the modern banking and real estate world. The most radical change is that the money in the game will no longer … Continue reading

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