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The Great Reset: Depopulation

The World Economic Forum at Davos has accepted the Georgia Guidestones goal to reduce world population to 500 million as part of their Great Reset which is their plan to make what was ours into theirs. The current world population … Continue reading

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What Can You And Yours Expect In A Grand Solar Minimum

William Stanley Jevons, probably the world’s first mathematical economist, observed that crop yields declined when sunspots were fewer. That makes sense as the sun’s radiance is crucial for raising plants. Piers Corbyn, one of the world’s best weathermen, has been … Continue reading

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19 Facts About American Earthquakes And The Iceland Volcanoes

1) Iceland has 130 volcanic mountains of which 89 have erupted since 900 A.D. 2) Katla volcano last erupted 96 years ago in 1918. It normally erupts every 13 to 95 years. Katla’s last major eruption was in 1918. It … Continue reading

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Blood Moons, Quakes, Volcanoes, 20 Fukushimas And Tesla

I would like to begin by stressing the solution to the potentially catastrophic problems I will describe today. I have two audiences. Those Inside Government and those on the outside. The solution to all the problems I will be describing … Continue reading

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Louisiana Sinkhole Is A 911 Style Attack In The Making

My views on the sinkhole in Assumption parish (county) Louisiana sinkhole have evolved. I still regard it as a monumental disaster in the making exacerbated by federal planning. That area has tremendous salt deposits which are commercially mined by drilling … Continue reading

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The 29% Solution: Various Scenarios

A recent poll said that 29% of Americans thought an armed rebellion might be necessary within the next few years. Another 18% declined to say yes or no so more than 29% see an armed revolt in America’s future. My … Continue reading

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Video: Latest News On The Louisiana Sinkhole Natural Gas Seepage

The Assumption Parish (county) Louisiana Police Jury has released mew information on the sinkhole. Natural gas has been found seeping into two nearby homes by the contractor Texas Brine. They announced it was natural gas but it has not been … Continue reading

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The Bankers Really, Really Want Us All Dead

I warn you that this essay and the accompanying videos will not be like any you have ever seen on this blog. The other day I wrote of five events leading to disaster. The first was the BP Horizon oil … Continue reading

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5 Minutes Until America Hits A Brick Wall

The American Teleprompter Reader in Chief said Iran could get a nuclear bomb next year and we have to stop them. The Israelis and their American sock puppets have been saying that since at least 1983. Some time ago an … Continue reading

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Video: Updating The Louisiana Sinkhole Earthquakes

Earthquakes have stopped work on the sinkhole in Assumption parish (county) Louisiana. The sinkhole had grown to 9 1/2 acres in recent weeks. A huge field of natural gas mixed with petroleum had begun to surface immediately west of the … Continue reading

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