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Another Natural Cure For Cancer. Why Haven’t You Heard About It?

Chemotherapy is very expensive. And statistically speaking, it does not cure cancers any better than doing nothing. Cancer quacks can buy chemo drugs at a reduced price and sell it to their patients at a 300 to 400% markup. Compare … Continue reading

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Rethinking Healthcare 2017

“America’s health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system.”  Walter Cronkite Americans are not only choosing a new President but they are also in the process of creating a new healthcare system. What was here at the beginning … Continue reading

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Healthcare Reform, Insurance And Self-Determination

Healthcare in America before and after Obama has been organized for the benefit of Big Pharma and Wall Street. Americans paid $3.8 trillion last year for healthcare but they get less than any industrialized nation. America has 31% of the … Continue reading

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Obamacare Deductibles Will Get Us To Mike Judge’s Idiocracy In One Generation

Mike Judge’s film Idiocracy was a satire about America 500 years in the future having turned into a nation of morons. Idiots had lots of children and intelligent people stopped reproducing. Obamacare’s deductibles could turn us into a nation of … Continue reading

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Video. The True Cost of Healthcare. Ripping Off A Nation

The following talk on runaway healthcare costs is from a lecture given by Dr David Belk. The 54 minute video is below. Example One. Amlodopine is used to treat high blood pressure. It costs the patient $10 a month to … Continue reading

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The Grand Bargain Of December 2012. Another Round Of Austerity.

There is talk that if Obama wins the elections that he will call a special session of the House and Senate to gut Social Security and other entitlement programs which already have been cut. Up for discussion is raising the retirement … Continue reading

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